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DVD title: 100 Girls
Productgroup: DVD
100 Girls - movie DVD cover picture
Great comedy for you...

100 Girls, despite what other people say, is still a very entertaining and intellegent film. I think a lot of people look at this movie as if it's supposed to be "sophisticated" or "formal", but the truth is if you look at the movie with any of those views, you're going to miss the true heart of the film which is a very funny and romantic story of a guy trying to find a girl he's fallen in love with and doesn't know who she is. Matt (Johnathan Tucker)was in the elevator of his dorm during a blackout. In the elevator with him was a girl he didn't know (he doesn't get to see her face). When the power goes out the two fall for eachother. They end up having sex in the elevator. When Matt awakes the girl is gone, and all he has to remember her by is her underwear (not the most flattering way). Rob (James DeBello) is Matt's roomate, and by far the funniest part of the movie. Rob's a self-indulgent man, who thinks only about sex and women. He is even trying to lenghthen his penius with "Penial Power". Matt has a chore to find his dream girl when he has to look through a dorm of 100 girls (hence the title). Patty (Emmanuelle Chriqui) plays the artys "slut" in the movie, and is often there during Matt's journey. So Matt's quest finds him doing many humiliating things all in hopes of finding his dream girl. I won't ruin the movie if you haven't seen it, so the rest is up to you. I do however recommend this movie if only for it's political commentaries. There's so many views and ideas in this movie that are so true to real life like Men's idea of sex, and the power of a woman's breast. It's great. I recommend this movie because it will entertain you. It's mostly an underground thing because this movie went straight to DVD. Jaime Pressly, Katherine Heigl and Larisa Oleynik also make appearances as some of the many girls Matt encounters on his way. If you like comedy movies like Amercian Pie then you will mostly likely like this movie. It's a great buy for your comedy collection, so pick it up.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Michael Davis (II)

DVD title: Puccini - Madama Butterfly / Maazel, Hayashi, Kim, Dvorsky, Teatro Alla Scala
Productgroup: DVD
Puccini - Madama Butterfly / Maazel, Hayashi, Kim, Dvorsky, Teatro Alla Scala - movie DVD cover picture
Madama Butterfly/1955 Version

I had been stationed in Japan in the early fiftys as a young Marine. I first saw the movie at a "classics' type theatre in Honolulu in 1956. Have been trying to get VHS version of it ever since. It's scenery(on location in Japan), its cast, its direction...has not been approached or surpassed since. I have seen almost all the great operas.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Derek Bailey

DVD title: Quadrophenia (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Quadrophenia (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I'll pay now if you don't mind. Can I borrow a pen, Your Honour

Studio: Rhino Video
Director: Franc Roddam
Phil Daniels
Leslie Ash
Philip Davis
Mark Wingett

DVD title: American History X
Productgroup: DVD
American History X - movie DVD cover picture
Powerful And Important.

"American History X" is an extremely powerful and important film. It sizzles off the screen with burning intensity. Director Tony Kaye displays his talent as a filmmaker here. His cinematography, both in color and black & white, makes Venice look like a training ground for the Apocalypse. Edward Norton gives his best performance. "American History X" also studies the mechanics of racism and how it feeds into the minds of weak-spirited individuals, how evil can blind a person's thought processes and drive that person to committ horrible acts. The music here is also effective and flows with the film's mood, if not enhancing it. This is an important film, which I think, should be shown in high schools around America. It is a powerful study of hate. I just wish that the screenplay by David McKenna didn't try to cover so much in only a 24 hour period. "American History X" would have been a classic of modern cinema had it been at least a 3 hour piece. It doesn't go into the realm of masterpiece as it would have been with a genius screenwriter and director like Oliver Stone. Still, this is a powerful, important movie that everyone should watch.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Tony Kaye
Edward Norton
Edward Furlong

DVD title: Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Sling On Spidey!

I dunno what spiderman movie the people giving it a bad review were watching but it certainly was'nt spiderman 2 cause its much better than the first and by far the best action movie ever, everything is X10 to the first movie. The movie is great, totally leading onto more spidey movies to come. With the storyline slowly leading up to villains like Vemon (Eddie Brock who was in the first Spiderman movie), Man-wolf(John Jameson, Son of J. Jonah Jameson), The Lizard (Dr. Curt Connors) and possibly Carnage (Cletus Kasady). Look out for familiar names in the movie to ones in the comic book, they just might give you a hint on the next villains. The villain this movie was great living up to what he was in the comic. Not a bad guy but someone who loved his passion (science) and would do anything for it including killing spiderman. Fight scene are unheard of and really good. Another great thing was they didnt go overboard on the love scenes! GREAT MOVIE!! anyone know how to change it to 10 stars out of 10???

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst
Alfred Molina

DVD title: The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection - movie DVD cover picture

This is THE best collection for the NOES movies. [Heck], it's the best collection of any movies. The digital quality is awesome, as with any DVD. And the Bonus Disk is awesome too. But NOES2 should just be completely forgotten in the bad horror movies land. It stunk. but anyway, I am like, the biggest Freddy Fan, so email me if you just want to talk about the series.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Robert Englund

DVD title: Michael Flatley - Lord of the Dance
Productgroup: DVD
Michael Flatley - Lord of the Dance - movie DVD cover picture
The one thing my ex and I agree on!

She saw it live, and I am forced to concur, even having seen only the video: to see it live is an experience that will make you stop breathing. So what if you can't understand Gaelic? So what if the pixie with her pennywhistle isn't perfectly in synch with the music? The machine-like precision, the furious energy of the dancers, the haunting music, and the thunderous response of the crowd get you into the spirit almost from the get-go. Pick an adjective: inspiring, sensuous, invigorating, entrancing . . . after viewing this live performance, you'll most likely come up with a few of your own. From the fiery then mournful strings of the violinists to the smooth and expressive motions of the dancers, this is one performance that, once viewed on tape, begs to be experienced live.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Mallet

DVD title: Popeye Cartoon
Productgroup: DVD
Popeye Cartoon - movie DVD cover picture

if your not a fan of popeye's you probably don't want to read this, this particular cartoon stands out because of it's weird sortta blank humor, all in all popeye is down right classic humor and look at it this way how many cartoons today can get your kid's to eat spinach like him(popeye)...NO other cartoon has a good guy like popeye and there will never be.

Studio: Platinum Disc Corp

DVD title: Barbie in The Nutcracker
Productgroup: DVD
Barbie in The Nutcracker - movie DVD cover picture
What a surprise!

Beautiful. Exquisite. Captivating. There aren't enough superlatives to describe the quality of Barbie's first, and hopefully not last, movie. I bought this for my daughter thinking that it would be fun video for her to watch (Barbie lover that she is at 2 1/2) as the holidays approach. I didn't expect to fall in love with it myself. In amazing computer animation, the Nutcracker is retold through the eyes of Barbie playing both the roles of Clara and the Sugarplum Princess. The story is strong, with lots of action and tenderness: the plotline includes, of course, Prince Eric as the Nutcracker, the Mouse King and his legions, and lots of adorable sugarplum fairies. The dance sequences will take your breath away as the graphics artists have integrated actual footage of the dancing of the New York City Ballet into their computer animated scenes. I only wish there had been more of them, but I will take quality over quantity! A few of the scenes were a little rough for my 2-year old, but really no worse than a Disney movie. Even if you're not a fan of Barbie, pick up this movie for its sheer storytelling and visual value. All in all, I have to say that this is destined to become a favorite for girls (including us moms!) of all ages.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Owen Hurley

DVD title: Dracula 2000
Productgroup: DVD
Dracula 2000 - movie DVD cover picture
Drac 2000 is good sexy fun

Other people can pick this one apart, but not me. I loved it!
I will argue with those who say it's "forgettable": NO WAY!
I'll never forget this one. Too many great twists to the legend. Too many great directorial flourishes. Too great of a Dracula!

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Patrick Lussier
Gerard Butler
Jonny Lee Miller
Justine Waddell

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