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DVD title: Event Horizon
Productgroup: DVD
Event Horizon - movie DVD cover picture
Great SciFi!

This movie has everything required of good science fiction. It challenges the imagination, has great special effects, suspense, gore, and interesting characters. Highly recommended, this one's a "keeper."

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Laurence Fishburne
Sam Neill

DVD title: Deep Blue Sea
Productgroup: DVD
Deep Blue Sea - movie DVD cover picture

This is the best film I've seen this year. It's also the first but I've every confidence in it. If you liked Jaws get this film because things have moved on a bit.
When we think of shark films we imagine humans in their territory. In DBS we have sharks in human territory. This is a movie which should appeal to everyone. An credible Jurrassic Parkesque story where these biological farmed beasts take on man in his own environment. These things are far more fearful than regular sharks. These fish are killing machines with intelligence, strategy and pack instinct.
The story is also credible. The special effects and thrill support the story rather than the other way round. The special effects are amazing, and the use of animatronics is fantastic. What you see in the movie is what you really have - no computer effects. Well, OK, some but computer controlled animatronic sharks were used extensively (computer effects were used where the speed of movement of the beast presented a problem). And these things could swim and move just like the real thing.
The movie's special features are also very worthwhile. Just get it and see.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Renny Harlin
Thomas Jane
Saffron Burrows
Samuel L. Jackson
Jacqueline McKenzie

DVD title: A Raisin in the Sun
Productgroup: DVD
A Raisin in the Sun - movie DVD cover picture
A deeply affecting movie

The <i>Hollywood Citizen-News</i> dubbed this "One of the most powerful films to grace the 1961 screen." I'd say that time has proven this to be one of the most powerful films to hit the screen in any year.
The character Walter Lee is a man driven to the edge of insanity by the prospect of seeing his dream slip right through his fingers. A dream that he thinks is his only way up. Sidney Poitier, who is <i>the</i> finest, most natural actor I have ever seen, plays this part flawlessly. Ruby Dee, Diane Sands, and Claudia McNeil also strike stunning, emotional performances as the family members dealing with not only Walter Lee's downward spiral, but also with their own issues and inner turmoil.
In keeping with its origins, the cinematography of the movie retains many aspects of a play, and is thus unlike modern movies that cater to the growing attention deficit of our society. However, the content and fine performances will capture your attention, regardless of what you are now used to seeing. The turmoil will be familiar to many people. The conflicts brought up here are classic social conditions experienced by many different types of people all around the world... whether it is due to skin color, religion, money or other class distinction. For this reason, I feel this movie will strike a cord with people from many different backgrounds.
The quality of the DVD is superb. I noticed no degradation of the picture or sound quality. There are subtitle options for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
The movie's 1961 preview, which is one of the extras, begins with a "Message to Moviegoers" by the producer, David Susskind. I would like to quote his words, because they do ring absolutely true of this movie:"Here is entertainment which is rare and unique... [W]hen you see this picture you will live it. After you leave the theatre, you will talk about it, and for a long time afterward you will remember <i>A Raisin in the Sun</i>."[Submitted 5-6-03, edited 5-20-03]

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Daniel Petrie
Sidney Poitier
Claudia McNeil

DVD title: Roger Waters - The Wall (Live in Berlin) (DVD in CD Jewel Case)
Productgroup: DVD
Roger Waters - The Wall (Live in Berlin) (DVD in CD Jewel Case) - movie DVD cover picture
fabulous sound

all have been said about this historic event.This dvd is a must have.A special rating should be given for the amazing quality of the sound and the 5.1 mixing.This is a true 5.1 mixing very difficult to find on other dvd.

Studio: Universal Music & VI

DVD title: The Last Samurai (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Samurai (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Trivia note

Wow!! In his opening scene, when Tom Cruise fires his Winchester above the heads of the assembled host, he's shooting a "Rifleman's Special." I suspect that only those who grew up watching Chuck Connors will see it, but there it is. A beautiful thing to behold.

Meanwhile (speaking of beholding....), this is a first class movie. One of the all too rare "blockbusters" that transcends the cliche. The movie quite sensitively depicts both the clash of East and West and their reconciliation whilst ultimately telling the story of the End of Things, the destruction of a Way of Life.

It is a one of those very rare not-to-be-missed movies.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Edward Zwick
Ken Watanabe
Tom Cruise
Billy Connolly

DVD title: School Daze
Productgroup: DVD
School Daze - movie DVD cover picture
New DVD Edition Sparkles

When I first saw this movie, like most people, I couldn't really appreciate it. Years later, after my college days had swiftly passed, I recognize the movie's true genius.
The new DVD edition is a must (make sure you're buying the right edition on Amazon), because it includes Spike Lee's commentary throughout the movie. Watching the movie with the commentary makes for a fascinating journey into filmmaking. Without spoiling it too much, Mr. Lee discusses everything from his contentious relations with the Morehouse administration to the relationships between cast and crew members. One insight he offered stuck with me. He said that he housed the crew members of the competing factions in separate hotels (the jigaboos got the worst hotel), so that they could stay true to their roles and to foster role competition. Apparently, it worked a little too well. I'll let you buy the DVD to find out why.
In short, School Daze is a picture into a life that the large majority of us, of all backgrounds, will never get to experience directly. Its value is to take unfamiliar observers into one facet of the African-American experience and to do so with remarkable realism and insight.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Spike Lee
Laurence Fishburne
Giancarlo Esposito

DVD title: The Goonies
Productgroup: DVD
The Goonies - movie DVD cover picture
Epitome of an 80's Action Flick

Well, what can I say. This movie cracks me up everytime I watch it and always keeps me interested. Although I grew up after the movie was released, I think it is the greatest 80's movie in the world next to 'the breakfast club' and 'bill and ted's excellent adventure'. I watch it every month on the 8th as a tradition. I recomend it to everyone. It is so cool!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Richard Donner
Sean Astin
Josh Brolin

DVD title: The Dead Zone - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Dead Zone - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Simply amazing!

I've been in love with this show since the very beginning. Being a big Stephen King fan to begin with is what drew me to this but I was pleasantly surprised to find this was much different than the Stephen King novel. Every episode of the show is unbelievable and I think that Anthony Michael Hall was a perfect pick to play Johnny.
Now for the title explanation. I was pleasantly surprised to see the bounceback card in with the first season. Not because of the unaired pilot (which if you bough it when they released the pilot alone on dvd you already have) but because they offered the Sountrack to the show. I jumped at this because of the amazing Jeff Buckley song New Years Prayer. Now don't expect to get it right away... it took me about three months to get mine but now that I have it I can't complain. It seems to fit the show perfectly. It's a very nice combination of songs, all of them good, some of them even beautiful.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Anthony Michael Hall

DVD title: Natural Born Killers
Productgroup: DVD
Natural Born Killers - movie DVD cover picture
Best Cult film ever

This film is very very good, it's a must watch kind of fil

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Oliver Stone
Woody Harrelson
Juliette Lewis

DVD title: 12 Angry Men
Productgroup: DVD
12 Angry Men - movie DVD cover picture
Decisions - A reflection of who we are..

A record hot day and a man's life is at stake as he is about to be sentenced to death by 12 jurors from various backgrounds. These 12 jurors, all men, represent Caucasian America of the 1950s, and the values within the American fabric. The 12 men are all assembled in a small conference room after the trial where they should all agree upon the man's guilt or innocence. Juror No. 3 (Lee J. Cobb) spits out that it is an open and shut case as the man is obviously guilty as the jurors sit down to discuss the man's guilt. The only person that seems to disagree is Juror No. 8 (Henry Fonda), who feels that the man might not be guilty after all.

The battle of persuasion begins as the majority of the group tempts to pressure Juror No. 8 into submission as they all want to leave the hot room without a fan and return to their daily tasks. However, Juror No.8 believes that when a man's life is at stake, one should take more than a few minutes to ponder the guilt as they could be wrong. This notion is exactly what the film wants to depict as it becomes a lesson of the Constitution and people's right to a fair trial.

12 Angry Men takes place in the small conference room where the audience is to be enlightened about the characters and their values. As the story unfolds it becomes apparent that the values of the jurors' influence their decision making. The decision of sentencing a man to death will be a reflection of their own background, education, and upbringing. In essence, the decision is a reflection of each juror. This decision making is drawn into the light through lengthy discussions based on their personal notions. This means that the audience is presented with meticulously brilliant character study.

Sidney Lumet directs a brilliant post-courtroom drama, which is supported by an excellent script. The cast carries the script to higher grounds as the cast's performance is outstanding. The cast consists of talented actors such as Martin Balsam, Jack Warden, E.G. Marshall, Henry Fonda, and Lee J. Cobb.

The cinematography enhances the hot claustrophobic atmosphere in the conference room, which pushes the film to the top. For example, the camera is being held with a slight superior angle in the beginning which progressively moves to an inferior angle toward the end. This intensifies the claustrophobic atmosphere as the ceiling is being observed within the shot with constant use a closed shot. The slow movement of the camera into an inferior angle also augments the importance of the characters, which is essential as character traits are a dominant part of the film.

In the end, the audience will have received an important political story of people's rights in a democracy, which will offer much to ponder. The film also offers a terrific character study as the many jurors' decisions will reflect upon their character. Lastly, 12 Angry Men offers a solid introduction into film making as it displays brilliant use of the camera, mise-en-scene, and performances in front of a camera, which comprises a complete and brilliant cinematic experience.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Sidney Lumet
Lee J. Cobb
Henry Fonda

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