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DVD title: Jeffrey
Productgroup: DVD
Jeffrey - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie....

While Jeffrey is not the kind of screwball comedy like those movies of Goldie Hawn, the writing and pace makes it very likeable -- even for the straight viewers. While we have been entertained by actors talking to the viewer, this film uses them as clever "asides" to brighten the pace of the film.
While, again, the issue is about relationships, it is clear that the direct approach, combined with the oftentimes "tactlessness" of the characters -- the focus is predominatly about HIV.
The freshness of the writing is clever. This makes the movie "easy to watch, hard to let go of". Of course, the fact that almost everyone in the film is a "known star," keeps you lauging and laughing. (I trully loved Sigourney Weaver! )
Anyone who buys this film will never regret it.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Christopher Ashley
Steven Weber
Michael T. Weiss

DVD title: Demolition Man
Productgroup: DVD
Demolition Man - movie DVD cover picture
Everybody sing the Armour hot dogs jingle!

This is a fan-freakin'-tastic sci-fi about a futuristic fascist government ruled by an evil despot "Big Brother" who recruits a violent gang leader from the 20th century to assassinate the leader of the resistance who lives underground where the despot cannot monitor him. The problem is that the despot cannot control the gangster who wreaks even more havok now than he did in the past. The police decide to recruit a tough 20th century cop to go after the 20th century gangster, but the cop has a hard time fitting in and following the ludicrous laws of the future. The action and the humor get really good from there.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Marco Brambilla
Sylvester Stallone
Wesley Snipes
Sandra Bullock

DVD title: Closer (Superbit Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Closer (Superbit Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
One word to describe this movie....amazing

Closer is by far one the best movies I've seen in a long time. Not only is the cast top notch, but the storyline is what makes the movie stand out the most. Closer gives the audience a harsh and realistic look into the relationships of the 4 characters. The movie isn't sugar coated, but isn't overly dramatic. Definitely a must see for someone looking for something other than a romantic comedy, and wanting to see a movie about REAL relationships and how they can mend and fall apart.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Mike Nichols
Natalie Portman
Jude Law
Julia Roberts
Clive Owen

DVD title: Strangers on a Train
Productgroup: DVD
Strangers on a Train - movie DVD cover picture
Hitchcock at his peak!

I was driven to write a review of this film because I just finished reading the book by Patricia Highsmith. I was curious about the connection because I had not seen the film in some time. I viewed it today and what a treat! This is Hitchcock at top form,with all the small details, the little one liners, the unspoken tidbits the camera silently picks up. The plot entails two men who meet in a train club car. One (Bruno) is a sicko, the other (Guy) is weak, well- intentioned but normal and no criminal. Bruno fantasizes about "exchanging murders"-Guy's troublesome wife for Bruno's hateful father. They part (Guy without his cigarette lighter!) with two very different recollections about who agreed to do what and to whom. Then the fun begins. Farley Granger as Guy and Robert Walker as Bruno are outstanding. Walker's performance deserves special praise since his character is so repulsive. Ruth Roman turns an excellent performance as Guy's strong- minded but supportive girlfriend while Laura Elliott shines as Guy's unlikeable, unattractive wife who badly needs a new pair of glasses. The director's daughter sparkles as a precocious young girl with a crush on the detective tailing Guy. The director almost always portrays police officers with respect, unlike the authoress.The supporting cast is top notch. The camera work is very quick but first rate and speeds the film to its' conclusion, pardon the pun, like a fast moving train. With the possible exception of "Spellbound", which is a very serious movie, I believe this is the great director's best work! A final word:If you have read the book, approach the movie with a wide open mind. Hitchcock may (or may not) have altered Highsmith's ending. 5 stars!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Farley Granger
Robert Walker

DVD title: Scary Movie 3 (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Scary Movie 3 (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
the funniest scary movie yet

the reason this is the funiest scary movie of them all is because of david zucker who brought use airplane, the naked gun series, and others. the first scary movie was not good, the second was a big improvement, but now the people have gotten it right. this time the movie not only jabs at horror movies but crosses over to the matrix, 8 mile, and eight days. anyway we join the ill-fated cindy as she now tries to find out about a killer video tape conected to some crop circles. the gags are extremly clever coming at the right time with good results. cody and brenda have the funniest scenes. my advice don't see the first film and check out the sequals.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: David Zucker
Charlie Sheen
Anna Faris
Regina Hall

DVD title: Best of Alfred Hitchcock Collection Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
Best of Alfred Hitchcock Collection Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Discover Why Today's Filmmakers Worship His Work

"Shadow of a Doubt", "Psycho" and "Rear Window" are the A+ movies in this boxed set. My absolute favorite is "Shadow of A Doubt," about Uncle Charlie who comes to stay with his sister and her family to hide out from being hunted as the serial Merry Widow killer. Joseph Cotton plays Uncle Charlie with all of the charm, grace and elegance which came naturally to him as a member of Virgina's upper class in real life. Yet the sinister undercurrent of his personality is quietly apparent throughout. "Psycho" is the film Hitchcock is now most identified with as was its star, Anthony Perkins, who played twisted Norman Bates. Janet Leigh is also best remembered as the larcenous woman who met her fate in the infamous Bates motel shower. Taking a shower was never the same after people first saw this film! I've reviewed "Rear Window" previously and that is Hitch at the top of his game as well. The other work is all roughly C+ to B+, with "Rope" being a too stagey, limp version of "Leopold and Loeb" and being the C+, the lowest, in the set. "The Man Who Knew Too Much," however, comes in at a strong B+ with Doris Day and Jimmy Stewart being the perfect Every Mr. and Mrs. America who find themselves up to their ears in an international intrigue situation, a role that they never expected or wanted in their perfect mainstream American lives. If there is a film student in your life, these Hitchcock boxed sets will make the perfect gift.

Studio: Universal Studios
Best of Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock

DVD title: Lawrence of Arabia (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Lawrence of Arabia (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A film that must be seen

I will not write what so may have written so i will just say that this is a true masterpiece.Great direction,great acting,great script..just a fantastic piece of art.This film is now immortal like so many others (ben-hur,Spartacus etc..) on dvd.Time will not fade this one away now.I'm 24...I assume many of us our in this age bracket...This film,like the others are here...We can see the greatest films ever made now..Films made before our time,Films that we owe it to ourselves to see.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: David Lean
Peter O'Toole

DVD title: Practical Magic
Productgroup: DVD
Practical Magic - movie DVD cover picture
What you're always searching for in your heart.

Back in the 30's they made "women's films", genre films where the leads were all female and the plot centred on "girl stuff." Ditzy as many of them were, they gave actresses a chance to star rather than play "romance interest" for leading men. I'd call this one their direct descendant -- along with "Waiting to Exhale" and "First Wives' Club", etc.
Add it to the short list of films in which pagans or witches get a fair shake. That lends it a little interest. I'm finally convinced that Sandra Bullock can act after seeing this one (but my reservations about Kidman are all confirmed). Stockard Channing is worth seeing at any time, in anything.
Where I have a problem is with the Kidman character; is it really necessary to the plot for her to be quite so blazingly stupid, or to present such a pouty-little-girl-sexpot? She creates such an over the top bimbo here that it's practically a misogynist caricature -- a throwback to the Sixties. (The attempt to use the Pacific NW as a location for the NE seaboard didn't work for me either, even for one minute, but hey, it's a fantasy flick, right?)
Best scene: midnight margaritas. There's some nice ensemble acting going on there, and the mood change is done a lot better than in most other places. This is a mostly-amiable (except as observed above), pretty, amusing little film. Should go over well with teenage girls.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Griffin Dunne
Sandra Bullock
Nicole Kidman

DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best sci-fi stories ever told.

I am blown away by this series. This is among the best science fiction stories that I have seen committed to film, with some of the best characters creating it. It's one of the rare stories that blends science fiction with realistic characters, and doesn't weight itself down with heavy handed technical jargon or scenarios only the hardcore sci-fi geek in us goes for; I heartily recommend it even to people who are not generally fans of science fiction.

The acting is good enough for a wide-release movie, as are the special effects. The writing is brilliant; the dialog between characters can be everything from hilarious to grave and heavy in the same episodes. There is a noticeable growth of character with each show.

The only problem with this set is that it isn't long enough at 14 shows.... it wouldn't be long enough at 100. There's an empty feeling at the end knowing there aren't more on the way.

As a life-long Star Wars fan, I think it's worth noting that I am more excited about seeing Serenity next year than Episode 3, and I'd trade that entirely for another year of Firefly. Someone really blew it cancelling this show and failing to get the word out and marketing it.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: Hamlet
Productgroup: DVD
Hamlet - movie DVD cover picture
amazon replaces defective dvd with flawless copy

Below, you will see my complaint about a defect in my copy of this DVD. amazon replaced the defective copy, and the new copy is flawless. This, along with his stage performance in Camelot, are Burton's greatest roles. If only his Camelot had been preserved on film -- but at least we have his Hamlet. Burton is an actor who was always better on the stage than on the screen.
Rick Norwood

Studio: Image Entertainment
Richard Burton
Hume Cronyn

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