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DVD title: Honeymoon in Vegas
Productgroup: DVD
Honeymoon in Vegas - movie DVD cover picture
Great Comedy

This is one of my favorite Nicholas Cage films. This movie was perfect for his style of humor. I can and have watched this film at least 35 times :-)

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Andrew Bergman
James Caan
Nicolas Cage
Sarah Jessica Parker

DVD title: Signature of God
Productgroup: DVD
Signature of God - movie DVD cover picture
All Scripture is given by inspiration of God !!!

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God"- This documentary underlines this Biblical verse. Noted Biblical expert Grant R.Jeffrey brings to light some very fascinating and astonishing discoveries which vindicate that God indeed inspired all scriptures. Probably the most groundbreaking discovery in the documentary is the mysterious Hebrew codes found in the Bible. Israeli Scientists have found Hebrew characters appearing at equal intervals revealing the name of "Yeshua" (Hebrew name of Jesus) at many places in the Hebrew text of the scriptures. The name "Yeshua" is found to be coded in various prophecies of the Old scriptures concerning the Messiah. Not only this, these mysterious Hebrew codes have also revealed the names of Hitler, Holocaust, Rabin, Arafat, PLO, Shimon Peres and Sadat - to name just a few. The most remarkable fact about these codes is that they are not found in any of the Hebrew text available today except in the Hebrew Scriptures, proving that the God must have intentionally hidden these codes underneath the Scriptures to put His signature. One can himself verify these amazing codes with the help of a Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible. Grant R.Jeffrey also argues that all the Gospels were written as an eye witness account within 30 to 40 years of crucifixion of Christ contrary to the belief of many scholars that they were written 150 years or so after crucifixion. He, in this regard, cites some of scrolls found in the famous Dead Sea scrolls dig, believed to have been written in 68 A.D., which quote the Gospels. The documentary presents overwhelming historical proof related to Christ's life, death and resurrection. The documentary also provides historical and archeological evidence supporting events described in the Scriptures such as ancient inscription found in Sinai with regard to Exodus, names of Joseph and Moses appearing on inscriptions, miraculous destruction of walls of Jericho and the tower of Babel. Grant R.Jeffrey, in addition, sheds light on the accurate scientific statements and advanced medical information recorded in the scriptures which a mere human could not have written on his own thousands of years ago. You will be suprised to know the medical reason of why circumcision was done on the eighth day of a child's birth. This documentary can be a very useful tool if you like to witness to a person that Bible is truly inspired by God. The Signature of God definitely provides convincing evidence that the scriptures can be trusted.

Studio: Questar, Inc

DVD title: Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture
Productgroup: DVD
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture - movie DVD cover picture
So great its undescribable

I caught this on the sci-fi channel a while back, and I got a nice surprise with this movie. It started off slow kind of, but it evolved into one of the best animes I've ever seen, and considering all the other mediocre anime titles inspired from video games (Street Fighter, Tekken, Toshinden), you will absolutely love this. I've never been a fan of SNK video games honestly, but I really liked this, so this proves you don't need to be a fan of the Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, or any of the other SNK games to enjoy this. This is one of the best fast action animes I've ever seen, and this is strongly recommended to any anime fan, if you were disappointed with Street Fighter and Tekken, you'll dig this, guaranteed.

Director: Masami Obari

DVD title: GoodFellas
Productgroup: DVD
GoodFellas - movie DVD cover picture
I love this movie I really do...

But I can't stand how this is 2 sided dvd. I thought it was Widescreen and Fullscreen, but yet it was side A and side B. The viedo only had 1 casset, and this just pissed me off. Getting that aside, this is one of the greatest mob movies ever made. It explains how a kid hung arounnd a cabstand, and grew up to become a made gangster. Ray Liotta(Henry Hill) did a real good job in the movie as the man, and a good job as the narrirator, Robet Deniro(Jimmy) delivers one of his greatest acts in his carrer as a man who did mob hits since he was 16. And Joe Pessi(Tommy Diveto) deserved best supporting oscar for his role as a low temperd man who wouldn't take no .... This movie shows three decades of the mafia, than began the good times, but ended in bad times. This movie will keep your eyes glues to the screen to the very end. Trust me, if you loved the godfather, there's no doubt in my mind you'll love this. But don't buy the DVD like I did. Avoid that mistake, and get the video.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Ray Liotta
Joe Pesci
Lorraine Bracco
Paul Sorvino

DVD title: Malcolm in the Middle - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Malcolm in the Middle - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Finally, a "Mel Brooks"-like Comedy Without the Raunch

What "Malcolm in the Middle" provides for all of us is a look at a new type of comedy we all really haven't thought about quite yet. A smart 13-year-old boy stuck in between his dimwitted and often disasterous family. The two words I can use to describe this comedy to you is "Mel Brooks", because like Mel Brooks's work, this comedy is like no other. Random and quirky, but just strange enough to belt out with laughter.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Frankie Muniz

DVD title: Grave of the Fireflies
Productgroup: DVD
Grave of the Fireflies - movie DVD cover picture
An aboslutely beautiful, yet heartbreaking film

So you think that anime is nothing but kiddie Pokemon and Sailor Moon? Then you obviously haven't seen Grave of the Fireflies. If you see this movie and don't cry, then there's something wrong with you. After I watched it, I just burst into tears, because this movie is heartbreaking. Watching 14 year old Saeda and his 4 year old sister try to live on their own after their mother is killed will simply break your heart. Overall, one of the best anime films of all time, and one that everyone should own.

Studio: Cpm/Us Manga Corps
Director: Isao Takahata
Tsutomu Tatsumi
Ayano Shiraishi
Akemi Yamaguchi

DVD title: Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A Dark Vision, Intense Score, and an Overall Amazing Ride

MOVIE: Remember the old days? Where Batman was just Superman without the super powers, where Batman felt like a comic book, where Gotham City felt like some caricature of New York City. Remember those horrible days, the days of Joel Schumacher, the days of Batman looking like some freak show circus. Well my friends, those days are gone and buried . . . at least until they release a collector's set of all the Batman films to date, then we have to relive them. Christopher Nolan brings a new and darker vision to the Batman franchise, and our new Batman couldn't have been a more perfect fit. In this film we go to the roots of the character of Bruce Wayne, and that is what is so special about this film. It manages to make a movie about Bruce Wayne, not about Batman. The movie begins (no pun intended) with Bruce Wayne somewhere in the far east, I guess to do a little soul searching. There he meets Liam Neeson's character who trains him to use his fear to fight crime. After his training, he is asked to behead a known murderer but refuses to do so. Bruce Wayne feels it's the job of the justice system to seal a fate of a criminal, not a lone enforcer. That brings us to his return to Gotham City, a place so corrput and full of crime that it is tearing itself apart. Gotham City plays a major role in the movie as the backdrop, this is the location of Bruce's home, but the poor state of the city was what lead to his parents getting killed during a mugging when he was a child. Bruce feels it was his fault for his parents' death, it was his fear of bats that led them out of the theater and into the streets where they were killed. Now his father's business is going public, his past and future don't seem to be where he wants them to be. Bruce Wayne now uses what he learned from his journey in the east to enforce justice in the west. He is aided by his good butler Alfred, and a man who works at the abandoned technology wing of his father's corporation, played by Morgan Freeman. This brings us to the antagonist of the film, well actually there is no real main nemesis for Batman in this film. No crazy Joker, or Riddler, or Two Face. Nothing of that nature, but the main person that is contributing to the corrupt justice system of Gotham City is Dr. Crane. A man who seems to get all the criminals convicted of a crime not to be charged by pleading insanity. What he does though is put on a scarecrow mask and release a toxic hallucinogen that basically causes brain damage. This leads Batman to discover a bigger plot. A plot to have Gotham City destroyed from within so that it can rebuild itself back into a civilized city. That is a major theme in this film, the theme of starting over and rebuilding. It seems like a good theme given that this is exactly what this movie is doing to the Batman franchise. This movie is not a superhero movie, but a real film with values. It introduces interesting ideas and has a continuing social commentary on society, which has been plagued by corruption from the times of monarchy up until now. What is really noteworthy of this movie is the score of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Usually when composers work on the same film it is never together, but as we all know, Hans Zimmer puts emphasis on collaboration. These two long time friends worked closely together to deliver a very dark and intense score. It's obvious that Zimmer had the greater influence on the score, but you can feel a good deal of Howard's style as well. The score compliments the new dark vision of Batman perfectly, and it really adds depth to the character of Bruce Wayne. This is the perfect action film, with an amazing cast, a dark look on society, and an intense climax.

ACTING: Christian Bale fills the shoes perfectly. This is the new Batman for this new vision. There is no way that Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer could fill the shoes with this new twist on the franchise. Those actors are better suited for the comic book version of the series. What amazes me is that Christian Bale is such a natural actor, he has never taken an acting lesson in his life yet manages to pull such interesting characters. I was also amazed at how much bodybuilding he did for the role, it put a shock on my face because the last time I saw him was in The Machinist. A role he lost 63 pounds for, was nothing but skin and bones, and basically a walking skeleton. As for the supporting cast, they were all cast perfectly. Micheal Caine makes a perfect Alfred, the old and wise Butler. Morgan Freeman shines as he always does, but he has limited screen time. Liam Neeson is great in his role, but his character always seems a mystery to the audience. I kind of felt like I wanted to know his background too. Gary Oldman plays Chief Gordon and I'm always fond of Oldman. I believe he is the most versatile actor we have. Cillian Murphy plays Dr. Crane, also known as scarecrow. I think he did a great job, but I also think maybe someone older should of played that role. Although he was able to capture the menacing feel of that character perfectly. Katie Holmes plays the long time friend and love interest of Bruce Wayne, and she does a good job as well.

BOTTOM LINE: A film I really enjoyed. A darker and more disturbed vision guides this new Batman to great heights. Christopher Nolan is a director who knows how to create atmosphere. He did it with Memento, he most certainly did it with Insomnia, and now he brings an amazing atmosphere to Batman Begins. Great acting, great directing, and great music combine to make Batman Begins not only a summer blockbuster but a film with character and plot.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Ken Watanabe

DVD title: Memento (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Memento (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Didn't think it would happen. All the hyped up fluff that was offered was always a letdown. Then I saw "Memento" and my faith in the entertainment business of making movies was restored to an extent. What a refreshing, absolutely stunning great movie. I don't want to get carried away with adjectives but it lived up to all the hype I had heard on the net about it. The story is not original but the way it's told is. The movie is told backwards with the end at the beginning, but we are given a narrative that is unique in the way it's told to get to that end. Leonard Shelby, who is played exquisitely by Guy Pearce (who is always great in the movies I've seen him in, why hasn't he been up for the Oscar by the way????) is the haunting, tortured main character who's life has been destroyed in one fell sweep by two criminals who raped and murdered his wife and in defending her he suffers an injury which destroys his ability to make new memories. Even with that severe handicap he sets out on a mission to get revenge. What a great theme, and Christopher Nolan the director and screenwriter tells it to us in a way that is unforgettable. Joe Pantoliano of "The Matrix" fame is his friend (or enemy??) who sets out to help him on this quest, and Carrie-Anne Moss (also from "The Matrix" provides the femme fatale character, and the two of them complement Guy Pearce'S great performance very well. Joe Pantoliano's is able to inject humor, empathy, and charm in his character and Carrie-Anne Moss provides some good eye candy and and excellent acting as well. Even though the theme is serious it has it's funny moments too, and this helped to relieve some of the tenseness of the strong scenes that I found myself caught up in along with Leonard Shelby. Please take the time to see this movie and view it with an open mind and patience. Once you "get it", and that may take more concentration than you're used to giving a movie, I just can't see why the "getting it" will not be the most entertainment adventure you've had with movies so far this year. You won't forget it!!! BTW, Guy Pearce is pretty darned good looking in this movie too!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce
Carrie-Anne Moss
Joe Pantoliano

DVD title: Triumph of the Nerds
Productgroup: DVD
Triumph of the Nerds - movie DVD cover picture
Beginnings of the Computer Industry Revealed

People called them Nerds. But, they weren't the same as the Nerds from the Comedy Movies you may have seen. For one, these nerds were truly successful and became very rich.
As a college professor, teaching an Intro to Computers class, I found this video helpful in gaining a real insight of what it was like when the titans of the computer industry were first developing.
While, maybe too Geeky for a class of non-techies, true techies will love this video. For Non-Techie classes, check out TNT's "Pirates of Silicon Valley".

Director: Robert X. Cringely
Paul Sen
Bob Cringely
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak

DVD title: Hotel Rwanda
Productgroup: DVD
Hotel Rwanda - movie DVD cover picture
Emotionally Overwhelming

This film brings Western audiences as close as possible, or as close as they would want to get, to the travesty of African genocide. I've read books and articles on Liberia and Sudan, but those couldn't help but be distanced and removed from the horror. This film forces the viewer to confront the horrific reality and visceral experience of the Hutus' brutal butchery of the Tutsis in recent Rwandan history. Entire Tutsi families, women and small children, labeled "cockroaches" and brutally bayoneted and shot, left to rot in piles. Horrific.

In the midst of this madness, Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle), a mild-mannered hotel manager and Hutu, manages to save the lives of thousands of Tutsis, including his Tutsi wife and children, by hiding them in his five-star hotel. He begins as the Everyman, primarily concerned with his own family and his job, but as the horror increases so do his sacrifices. His bravery and ingenuity, facing down the gangsters and thugs constantly brandishing machine guns and threatening his life, make the viewer consider how far he would go if the known world collapsed into horror.

Frequently, people see altruism as a luxury of civilized societies, quickly evaporating into self-interest in the exigencies of anarchy. Rusesabagina's actions, outwitting the gun-toting Hutu murderers by playing on their petty self-interest, suggests a higher principle: sometimes altruism can be powerful.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Terry George
Don Cheadle
Sophie Okonedo

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