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DVD title: Mobile Suit Gundam - The Movie Trilogy
Productgroup: DVD
Mobile Suit Gundam - The Movie Trilogy - movie DVD cover picture
Good intro into Gundam

I had to review when I saw that this has gotten some negative reviews. For shame, people, for shame.
Anyway, this is the original Mobile Suit Gundam; well, condensed into a 7 hour movie trilogy anyway. I'm going to be honest and say that sitting down and watching this for 7 hours does get pretty long, even for a diehard Gundam fan like myself. However, the animation is crisp and the voice actors are the original Japanese, as opposed to the cheap TV series and its even cheaper dub. So, whenever I want to watch MSG, not just a specific episode or moment from it, I choose the movies over the TV series.
Anyway, this anime has it all: war, politics, battles, romance, drama, even comedy. I am a teenage girl who by all rights should love Wing, but instead loves MSG. The characters are incredible; well-developed and totally realistic. And may I say that MSG's romances tend to be subtle, but they are simply awesome.
This was my first taste of the original Gundam, and after watching it I could not understand why people would say that it's good, but only a small taste of it. And after watching the TV series, I realized how right they were. Honestly, I enjoyed the TV series so much, and it covers a lot more than the movie does. So, if you want to be "hardcore" UC Gundam, I recommend watching the TV series. Try and stomach the dub.
But if you just want a nice amount of background information or even just a glimpse of what UC Gundam has to offer, this is an excellent source to tap. The animation may be from the 70's, but the story is a masterpiece.

Studio: Bandai Entertainment

DVD title: Smile
Productgroup: DVD
Smile - movie DVD cover picture
A brilliant film

Yes, as most of the earlier reviewers have stated, this is a brilliant and underappreciated film.
At first glance, this film appears to be just a satire of beauty pageants and the mentality that created and perpetuates them. And it definitely has satirical moments. But what makes the film remarkable is the way manages to be hard-edged satire while finding the humanity in its characters. And it does this without ever turning sentimental, though it does come close once or twice. What keeps it in balance is that even the most sympathetic characters have moments where just a little bit of selfishness comes through, while even the least sympathetic characters emerge with just enough humanity to keep them from becoming caricatures. Even though we cringe as the girls rehearse for the talent portion of the pageant, we cringe even more at the cruelty of the musical director mocking them. Nothing in this film is ever as simple or obvious as you might expect.
Director Michael Ritchie gives the film an almost documentarylike, cinema verit? feel, thanks to the camera work and the performances, which are extraordinary. Bruce Dern has probably never been better. Joan Prather, as the contestant whose story we follow most closely, gives a wondrous, luminous but never sappy performance. Michael Kidd as the director-choreographer hired to stage the pageant, provides the perfect blend of cynicism and underlying integrity. And Barbara Feldon, Annette O'Toole, Nicholas Pryor, Eric Shea, Titos Vandis, and many others provide perfect support.
This film is one of Hollywood's great comedies, on a level with or at least near the best of Preston Sturges and Billy Wilder. And higher praise I cannot give.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Michael Ritchie
Bruce Dern
Barbara Feldon
Michael Kidd

DVD title: Seabiscuit (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Seabiscuit (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Jeff Bridges, A Film Treasure

Take the time to view Starman, The Big Lebowski, The Contender, The Fisher King, and especially Seabiscuit, and experience the best actor working in films today. He never wins the Oscar or many other much deserved accolades, because he makes his roles looks effortless. If you get the chance, watch the scene in Seabiscuit, where he is talking with Chris Cooper's character around the campfire. His flawless acting, in a side-view, dimly lit shot reveals more than any other scene in the entire movie the heart and emotion of the story. This actor is an underrated treasure. Whether you watch Seabiscuit, The Faboulous Baker Boys, or any other of his worthy films-enjoy!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Gary Ross
Jeff Bridges
Chris Cooper

DVD title: Airplane!
Productgroup: DVD
Airplane! - movie DVD cover picture
Best Movie of All Time

Spoofs are notoriously short lived movies. Once the orginal work that the spoof is based on has been forgotten so too is the spoof. Not with Airplane. This is a movie that transcends the original work (Airport). This is a movie that successfully encompasses the three basic comedic forms: one-liners, puns, and slap-stick into a movie that has something for everyone with a funny bone to enjoy. If you've never seen Airplane, you are missing the best movie of all time.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Robert Hays
Julie Hagerty
Leslie Nielsen

DVD title: Cruel Intentions (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Cruel Intentions (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Cruel Intention rocks, love it!

Cruel intention is one of the best movies i have ever seen, it?s exciting, sexy and totally wonderful! It has it all. The actors and actresses are fantastic, and the storie and lines the same. I have nothing bad to say about it. Sebastian and Kathryn are a perfect team, loving to do bad things. Anette is the girl Sebastian has fall in love with, and Kathryn wants to get revange on her boyfriend who dumped her and decides to do it on Cecile. It all have a exciting and "sad" end. Buy it, i don?t think that you will regret it!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Roger Kumble
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Ryan Phillippe
Reese Witherspoon

DVD title: Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Sixth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Sixth Season - movie DVD cover picture
I like voyager

Voyager remains the best series ever produeced as a star trek title. Perhaps it is a personal taste, but I can't help but be drawn the the tales of the lost crew. Each of the crew seem to possess a unique passion, and by god the passions are very noble ones. The captain's obsessiveness of the caring of her crew, chakotay's unwieldly humor, tom paris's passion for flight and science fiction, the dotor's fine appreciation for music. Many parts of the episodes seem to echo a similiar passion in my own heart, and I can't help but smile profounddly as I watch the series.

Season six, like five , have some of the best episodes, intertwined with some less interesting, but nevertheless worthwhile ones. The doctor has a few debuts as an opera star in 2 episodes and you can listen to him sing like a pro, "the blink of an eye" tells of a planet where an entire civilization evovles from stone age to primitive space ships right in front of your eyes, (especially good if you're an Civilizations fan). Tom paris's "Alice" is a space ship that talks and falls in love with you, and you with her, it makes you want to grab hold of a joystick and play one of your favorite fight simulation games right after you've seen the sexy space shuttle.


Studio: Paramount Home Video
Kate Mulgrew

DVD title: Anything Else
Productgroup: DVD
Anything Else - movie DVD cover picture
"There was something compelling about your apathy."

In "Anything else"--a Woody Allen film, Jason Biggs plays Jerry Falk--a comedy writer based in New York. Falk lives with Amanda (Christina Ricci), and while Falk is enthralled with Amanda, it's obvious that the couple have serious problems. Amanda is unreliable and flakey, but Falk finds excuses for Amanda's behaviour. Paula (Stockard Channing), Amanda's out-of-control mother moves in. Falk's agent is Harvey (Danny Devito)--who's as greedy as he is incompetent. Falk finds excuses for Harvey too. Falk has a pattern of absorbing outrages.
Enter... David Dobel (Woody Allen)--another comedy writer (and teacher). Dobel and Falk immediately strike up an easy friendship. With Dobel, Falk finds that he has a confidant, friend, and mentor. Finally, Falk can express himself to someone who is interested.
"Anything Else" does not compare to Woody Allen's best films "Crimes and Misdemeanors", "Purple Rose of Cairo", etc., but, nonetheless, this is vintage Woody Allen--perceptive & humorous. The film's biggest failing is in the casting of Jason Biggs as the comedy writer. He is the foil to Woody's peculiar, eccentric worldly wisdom, but the Falk character is not quite believable somehow. I kept seeing Edward Burns in this role. Christina Ricci was great as Falk's self-centered, pretentious girlfriend, and Stockard Channing ( a very talented comedienne) was amazing as Amanda's ridiculously demanding mother. Channing and Ricci made a very believable mother-and daughter team. The character of David Dobel was fascinating, and I would have to say that he is responsible for the 5 star rating. David Dobel's dialogue was always hilariously surprising. So for Woody Allen fans, I recommend "Anything Else." It's good to see Woody back again--displacedhuman.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Jason Biggs
Christina Ricci
Danny DeVito

DVD title: The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Extremely intense and very powerful film. Acting, direction, and production are all superb. Because I don't want to give anything away, I don't want to say where it begins, where it ends, how it's structured, etc. other than to say that what was done works effectively. A lot has been said about this movie by now, so if you want to avoid any giveaways, then skip the next paragraph.
My main criticism of the film would be that I would have put in more flashbacks of Jesus's ministry and more at the end at the tomb and about the Resurrection. Gibson obviously wanted to focus on the crucifixion period itself, so that's what the movie is. As far as the extent of the brutality, as bad as what is portrayed in the movie is, the real thing was probably even worse. That is something that is very easily taken for granted, and the Passion certainly succeeds in emphasizing that point. I don't mind the subtitles at all; I think they're a good vehicle to add authenticity and to bring the viewer into the setting and the story.
This comes across as the real McCoy, there's no "Hollywoodization" like there was in The Last Temptation of Christ several years ago. Very graphic, so inappropriate for kids. The Passion of the Christ is a great achievement and a blessing.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Mel Gibson
James Caviezel
Monica Bellucci

DVD title: House, M.D. - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
House, M.D. - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
House-stands alone

With the number of "doctor or hospital" shows on the air these days, I was beginning to get tired of what seemed to be "the same old thing". One episode of House and I was hooked. I love Hugh Laurie. This series is definately in my "wish list" for purchase. I could say more.....I see that others already have.
Watch an episode on TV yourself and you will see exactly what I mean.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Hugh Laurie

DVD title: Blazing Saddles
Productgroup: DVD
Blazing Saddles - movie DVD cover picture
Work,Work,Work,That's all I ever do!

When Rock Ridge needs a sheriff,they bring in a Black sheriff[There's nothing wrong with that!] On Cops Jackson is a Sheriff or a Officer. When he comes,An old guy says The Sheriff is[The Bell rings] The guy says "The Sheriff's Near" The Old Guy says No,The Sheriff is a [Censored] We give a hardy handshake to our new[Censored].You dummy,We don't need to lose any horses you dummy,Send a couple of [censored] When the pre-Sheriff hit the guy, Tell him I said Ow!! When the Congegation is swearing in the church after the song. Sheriff said,Here's my impression of Jesse Owens and Runs. The Infamous Campfire scene. The scene where the bartender spits in a glass and burps.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Mel Brooks
Cleavon Little
Gene Wilder

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