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DVD title: Octopussy
Productgroup: DVD
Octopussy - movie DVD cover picture
Good Movie

Not only one of Roger Moore's greatest Bond films, but one of the best period. The film begins with one of the best action sequences ever, Bond outruns a heatseeker in an Acrostar jet an blows up the bad guys in return. The plots switches gear when a 009 is killed in East Germany. The death was lnked to a circus which is a coverup for a diamond smuggling ring. James Bond soon is surrounded by an island full of women, led by Octopussy( Maud Adams at her hottest) who is connected with the head villian Kamal Khan and his accomplice Russian General Orlov( Stephen Berkoff, one of films most underated villians). I don't want to spoil the film for people who have never seen it, but it is classic. I bought the film on VHS when i was 10 and still have the original cover. Other great factors about this film are: the title song , sung by Rita Coolidge. Great stunts including the climactic battle on the airplane. Not to mention many beautiful women and more great Bond toys. Octopussy is truly awesome, I consider it much better than For your Eyes, but that is just me.Octopussy is still great to watch today.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: John Glen (II)
Roger Moore
Maud Adams

DVD title: Urban Legend
Productgroup: DVD
Urban Legend - movie DVD cover picture
The movie was totally awesome!!!!!

I was a little uneasy about the differences of opinion on the reviews on here. After reading them, i chanced it and bought the DVD and kept jumping through the entire movie! The plot was awesome. There is only one small scence in the movie where someone is singing to "total eclipse of the heart" but that was it!!! Everythin else rules!!!! All that acting was pretty good and the effects were nice. The killer kinda sent chills down your spine too!!! If you dont believe me, rent it then go for it and buy it!!! It was truly in the footsteps of " scream" and " i know what you did last summer". A total party movie. If you're a fanatic, then go for it!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Jamie Blanks
Alicia Witt
Jared Leto

DVD title: Aaron Carter - Oh Aaron (Live in Concert)
Productgroup: DVD
Aaron Carter - Oh Aaron (Live in Concert) - movie DVD cover picture
Oh Aaron: Live in Concert

Aaron Carter's Pay Per View concert in Baton Rouge, Louisina on the 2001 Summer tour. Also feat. big bro, Nick. From clowning around backstage to performing in concert. Also includes music videos for "Oh Aaron" "Leave It Up To Me" and "I'm All About You". Making the "Oh Aaron" video with No Secrets and Nick, and making "Not Too Young, Not Too Old" with Nick. Other backstage footage from touring and shooting the videos. *On the DVD version, an interview is added as a feature.*

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI
Nick Carter
Aaron Carter

DVD title: The Wild One
Productgroup: DVD
The Wild One - movie DVD cover picture
Your Motorcycle Film Collection Should Start Here

Brando plays Johnny, the leader of the Blind Rebels motorcycle club, who wander into a small town with one cop. Johnny doesnt like cops by the way. A rival gang, lead by Lee Marvin, heads into town to help cause trouble, with the town and the Blind Rebels. Brando is very cool in this one but, the only really convincing tough guy is Lee Marvin. Based on a real incident that most likely was not this comedic. I doubt the real bikers were this nice either. Forget about all of that and have fun with it, because Marlon is crazy, dad!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: László Benedek
Marlon Brando

DVD title: Band of Brothers
Productgroup: DVD
Band of Brothers - movie DVD cover picture
Quickest way to be absorbed away for ten+ hours!

Some people unfortunately just don't understand that sometimes war is inevitable and, dare I say it, right. The message that you take away from Band of Brothers is that every single soldier would rather be somewhere else doing anything else, but that it is the duty of freedom-loving citizens to confront evil and sometimes that means making war against those that are evil. I would say that there's a painful but outstanding message for future generations in this movie: If you allow evil to fester (and that's what it did in Europe before America's involvement in that theatre) the consequences may indeed be greater than had it been put down sooner, when it would have been more easily achieved.
It is very clear that the reviewer from LA actually didn't watch Band of Brothers but is rather a knee-jerk goofball pacifist that probably can't make it through the day because they're always contorted into not making "moral judgments" about others. In the real world there is right and wrong, good and evil and good people that overlook others doing evil deeds (the German people during WWII) and the sooner you figure that out the better we'll all be. War does solve things when there is complete and utter victory on one side. These people that say it never solved anything are ignorant of the facts.
I liked that as the story unfolded that the soldiers were not ever held up as role models in that they were spotless in their personal lives and that they suffered from the same human flaws that we all do and how terrible the consequences of those shortcomings could be.
Band of Brothers was an extraordinary piece of work by Spielberg and Hanks and I applaud them for the attention to detail that made it a special experience. I enjoyed the interviews with the men of Easy Company almost as much as the story that the producers laid out. These men are/were truly remarkable for what they did to save Europe from itself and to cement our close relationship with the UK. I know that I am grateful for the sacrifices they made and those who survived just think of it as doing their duty when America called on them. They were so selfless in the ways that matter.

Studio: HBO Home Video

DVD title: One Million Years B.C.
Productgroup: DVD
One Million Years B.C. - movie DVD cover picture
Believe you me?

This is the most diligently researched, most acurate representation of early hominid life ever captured on film. A must for all phyisical anthropoligy professors and students.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Don Chaffey
Raquel Welch

DVD title: Dracula
Productgroup: DVD
Dracula - movie DVD cover picture

I was 13 years old when I saw this movie, I had my first orgasm right there in the movie theatre!!!
If you ever have a night where you need to look into someone eyes, choose Frank as Dracula!!! His bites look like he's giving someone hickeys!!! THIS IS THE BEST DRACULA OF THEM ALL!!!!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: John Badham
Frank Langella
Laurence Olivier
Donald Pleasence

DVD title: Liar Liar
Productgroup: DVD
Liar Liar - movie DVD cover picture
The father that could not lie.

This is a wonderful film. It is funny and sweet at the same time. The script is good, and Jim Carry makes you laugh all the way trough.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Tom Shadyac
Jim Carrey
Maura Tierney

DVD title: Alias - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Alias - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
You can't get enough Alias!

All I have to say is that this show is addicting! I saw the very first episode and haven't missed one yet. I'm not going to go to in depth about what it is about because so many of the other reviews have, but all I can say is if you are a action tv fan, this is a must. For the entire episode they have you on the edge of your seat wondering what will haappen next. And if you think that this is one of those predictable shows where you can guess what will happen on the next show, your wrong! Thats what so great about the show, they mannage to thow it through so many loops! I would recomend this DVD, along with season 2 coming out in dec.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jennifer Garner

DVD title: Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
Productgroup: DVD
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams - movie DVD cover picture
This film is a voyage of eight powerful & memorable dreams.

One of the most compelling, beautiful movies I've ever seen. I'm a Kurasowa fan for life.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Akira Terao
Mitsuko Baisho

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