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DVD title: My Best Friend's Wedding
Productgroup: DVD
My Best Friend's Wedding - movie DVD cover picture
Fun Romantic Comedy

MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING is a fun romantic comedy that stars Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Evert and Dermot Mulroney. The story involves Juliette (Julia Roberts), a food critic who realizes she loves her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney). Juliette finds out that Michael is getting married and decides to go to stop the wedding from happening, and to try to win him back. From the get go, Juliette is scheming to put a wedge between Michael and his fianc? Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). Her plans are often foiled and ultimately in the end, in a poignant moment, her friend George (Rupert Everett) asks her if she is chasing Michael and he is chasing Kimmy, who is chasing her? There are some real fun moments in the movie, like when Juliette pretends she is engaged to her gay friend in order to make Michael jealous. They end up singing "Say A Little Prayer" at breakfast. The movie is enriched by a great cast who have chemistry. Julia Roberts convincingly plays Juliette, who should be the enemy, but you end up rooting for her even through her hatched plans. Overall a fun romantic comedy fans of the genre should love.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: P.J. Hogan
Julia Roberts
Dermot Mulroney
Cameron Diaz
Rupert Everett

DVD title: Popeye
Productgroup: DVD
Popeye - movie DVD cover picture

I will go mad if I hear one more critic say that Popeye is a mess, or one more person laugh and look at me strange when I bring up this movie. This movie is a work of art. The songs are works of art. Shelley Duvall's Olive Oil is a work of art. The lines Robin Williams mumbles so you have to watch the movie ten times to hear them are a work of art. The set is, the plot is. Did I say the music is? You're going to tell me that Shelley Duval dancing about oddly on the deck singing he needs me, he needs me, isn't just absolutely perfect!? And that whole Fooey, fooey scene! I'm gonna do one of those twist up my arm punches to the next person that says this movie was a travesty for Williams or show boating by Altman or anything else! AUGHHHHH! thanks for listening.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Robert Altman
Robin Williams
Shelley Duvall

DVD title: Pride and Prejudice (BBC TV Miniseries)
Productgroup: DVD
Pride and Prejudice (BBC TV Miniseries) - movie DVD cover picture

I was forced to watch this movie in an English class in high school several years ago. I had never been a fan of period pieces in the past, but this novel and movie made me a big fan! The costumes, the acting -- everything was just...wonderful! Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth) is charming and perfect and the performance by Colin Firth will make you want a Mr. Darcy of your own! I've owned this set of tapes for almost two years now, and have literally watched this series over 50 times! This story and this movie have become my all-time favorite and have sparked my interest in pursuing a degree in English/Creative Writing.
I really am looking forward to the new DVD version that will be released in the U.S. in September. If this isn't "your thing" or you didn't enjoy the book -- I still encourage you to watch this at least once. I'm sure you'll become a fan...

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Simon Langton
Colin Firth
Jennifer Ehle

DVD title: Donnie Darko
Productgroup: DVD
Donnie Darko - movie DVD cover picture
donnie darko a must SEE

this film has to be one of the greatest films of all time. it has a clever story and characters you can relate to in real life, except frank the giant bunny which is a clever thing in its own way. If you don't own this film buy it NOW. it's a must see and a must own all round for everyone. The basic storyline is a boy who sleep walks and sees a giant bunny called frank telling him the world is going to end. It has a lot to do with time travel....

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Richard Kelly (II)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mary McDonnell
Jena Malone

DVD title: Saving Private Ryan
Productgroup: DVD
Saving Private Ryan - movie DVD cover picture
Spielberg's best, Tom Hanks' best, and the best war movie.

"Saving Private Ryan", along with "Schindler's List", is my personal favorite movie from director Steven Spielberg. The opening 25-minute D-Day sequence is one of moviedom's most memorable and realistic scenes ever. You feel very unsettled once it begins, and there's no letup to it. Tom Hanks gave, in my opinion, the best performance of his career as Captain John H. Miller. The screenplay is what I like best about this movie. There are only two war movies, so far, that have scared me and affected me the most: this film and "All Quiet On The Western Front". The images in both films linger on in my memory. When Steven Spielberg makes this kind of film, he does it with respect for the men who died in WW2, just like he did for the survivors of the Holocaust in "Schindler's List".

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon

DVD title: Swing Time
Productgroup: DVD
Swing Time - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Rogers/Astaire Musical Ever Made!

Although Top Hat usually is given the title of the best musical starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Swing Time is hands down, the best of all ten of the Rogers/Astaire musicals. Pick Yourself Up is the best dance number the couple ever did together, with Never Gonna Dance as a close second.
In this musical, the 6th in the series, Fred is a gambler who goes to New York to get 25,000 so he can marry his girlfriend. While in New York, he meets a dance teacher, Ginger Rogers, and falls for her. This is classic.
The stories behind Never Gonna Dance are great. Did you know that it took over 48 takes to shoot, and one take was going perfectly fine until Fred's toupee flew of his head. Also note, that while dancing, Ginger Rogers feet became so raw that they started to bleed. So as you watch her happy expression, realize that under those beautiful shoes she is wearing, blood is actually pouring out!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: George Stevens
Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers

DVD title: Blood - The Last Vampire
Productgroup: DVD
Blood - The Last Vampire - movie DVD cover picture

So much of anime today is praised for its more/sharper detail.So much of BLOOD is a big artful leap forward. It's like an independant film maker's pushing of the style envelope, with sophisticated surprises/graphic innovations in every frame. There are fewer graphic cliches in BLOOD than any anime I've seen.
Sure, the sharp detail is there; but the composition and visual flow seem years' ahead of the anime pack. Oh, and its surround audio track is supurb - very separated/articulated. Hope more like this follow!

Studio: Palm Pictures/Manga Video
Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Youki Kudoh

DVD title: Annabelle's Wish
Productgroup: DVD
Annabelle's Wish - movie DVD cover picture
Better than "It's a Wonderful Life!"

Truly the best Christmas story ever told! I'm a 32 year old father of 3 and I cry ever time I watch it. Up to this point I have enjoyed a large number of the standard Christmas favorites (Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch etc.) with my children, and nothing comes close to this in offering the real feeling of Christmas. I dare anyone to watch this animated classic and not feel wholesome and refreshed when it is through. This is my new all time favoite Christmas video.

Studio: Sony Wonder
Director: Roy Wilson (III)

DVD title: Facing Windows
Productgroup: DVD
Facing Windows - movie DVD cover picture
"Don't be content to merely survive."

Young Italian couple Giovanna (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) and Filippo (Filippo Nigro) find a well-dressed elderly man wandering in the street. Giovanna wants to leave the stranger, but Filippo insists on taking him back to their flat. The plan is to take the old man to the police station. There's no missing persons report on file, so the old man stays with the young family. The old man says his name is Simone, and a concentration camp tattoo on his left forearm reveals some clues to his tragic past. Simone's presence brings long simmering resentments to a boiling point. Giovanna sees Filippo's failure to dump Simone at the police station as just another one of his long list of failures. But when Lorenzo (Raoul Bova), a handsome neighbor begins to help, Giovanna's interest in Simone's past suddenly increases.

"Facing Windows" weaves flashbacks from Simone's past into Giovanna's efforts to track down the truth. At the beginning of the film, Giovanna is too angry and punchy to stop and pay attention to any one else's problems. She's locked into an unsatisfying marriage with a husband who's a disappointment. She longs to be a pastry chef, but instead she's shelved that idea for a more practical career--she's an accountant at a chicken packing plant. Lorenzo represents not only what she's missed, but also what she could have, and it soon becomes apparent that Giovanna is facing some difficult choices.

Giovanna's window faces Lorenzo's flat, so they can stare at each other from their respective windows. But that's just a literal translation of the title, and the film is much deeper and richer than that. "Facing Windows" is about facing one's past, and also facing the future. Simone's tragic past left him with a few treasured memories, and some unique ideas about the beauty of preserving love over time. Giovanna's chance meeting with the old man forces her to reexamine her life in a new light.

"Facing Windows" is an amazing film. I tend to find Italian film too sentimental for my tastes a great deal of the time, but "Facing Windows" is the perfect balance of nostalgia, hope, regret and loss. This is a beautiful film--one of the best I've seen all year--displacedhuman

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Ferzan Ozpetek
Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Massimo Girotti
Raoul Bova

DVD title: Singin' in the Rain
Productgroup: DVD
Singin' in the Rain - movie DVD cover picture
The best movie musical I've ever seen.

There aren't many movies I'll watch more than once, but this is an exception. Seems like every year I have to get my "Singin' in the Rain" fix. Kelly is great, but for me, Donald O'Connor steals the show, expecially in his "Make'Em Laugh" routine, which always has me in stitches.The title number is unforgettable, and "Good Morning" has a way of sticking in your subconcience. Tough to beat.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Gene Kelly
Donald O'Connor
Debbie Reynolds

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