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DVD title: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Productgroup: DVD
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man - movie DVD cover picture
Fun Loving movie different from all other Biker Movies

this movie just gives off a reason for just plain going out and having fun, with a little action and adventure and love on the side, Mickey Rourke is great in this movie and Don Johnson just shows people just what it is to have fun, while getting paid doing it, these two are great together and they should do another movie together they just light up the screen with their double duo action and humor!!!I love this movie especially the part where Don has to jump off the roof, very humorous!!!it only goes to 5 stars but if I could I would rate it 10 stars just for the humor!!!

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Simon Wincer
Mickey Rourke
Don Johnson

DVD title: Pat Metheny Group - We Live Here
Productgroup: DVD
Pat Metheny Group - We Live Here - movie DVD cover picture
I Love This DVD

As a casual fan, I was surprised at how thoroughly I enjoyed this disc. I've followed Metheny's career sporadically since the mid-70s, and I've always felt that (sorry Forrest Gump) a Pat Metheny album was like a box of chocolates -- you never know what you're going to get. But I've always enjoyed the adventurous spirit inherent in the music, if not always the music itself.
Having seen "We Live Here", I'm prepared to dust off the CDs and give them a fresh listen. I didn't particularly care for the interviews edited into the concert footage -- they would have been fine were they included as an add-on feature, *after* the show. But watching Metheny perform and interact with the other excellent musicians in the group gave me a renewed appreciation for the PMG.
I went to "First Circle" with some skepticism. It seemed to me a difficult composition to successfully perform live, coupled with the fact that Pedro Aznar's vocals were replaced with those by David Blamires and Mark Ledford. But they carried it off perfectly before an enthusiastic Japanese audience. "First Circle" and "Antonia" are well worth the price of admission.
In terms of production values, sound, picture quality and content, this is one of the finer concert DVDs in my library. I can't stop playing it.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Pat Metheny Group

DVD title: Little Princess (1939)
Productgroup: DVD
Little Princess (1939) - movie DVD cover picture
i love her work

every one of her movies are great you can not go wrong with any of the

Studio: Digital Disc Entertainment
Shirley Temple

DVD title: Soul Food - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Soul Food - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
What I have been waiting for

I love this DVD!! I use to watch it when it was on Showtime but I got so busy with life I kept missing the episodes so I couldnt wait for it to come on DVD. I just want the other season to come out so if anyone knows something let me know!! So get this DVD and popcorn and 1 day of couch time!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Nicole Ari Parker

DVD title: 25th Hour
Productgroup: DVD
25th Hour - movie DVD cover picture

First i suggest everybody read the two spotlight reviews by Roland E Zwick and Mark D Burgh. What one leaves out, the other mentions.

The movie is about the day before Monty goes to jail. He goes through alot mentally in this apprehension of his dramatic life change only a few hours away. Who turned me in? Does she really love me? Will she be around when I get out? Who are my real friends? Who can I trust? Why didn't I just stop when I had the money to move and start a clean life somewhere else? How bad is prison really going to be? So much more than just this though.

All the characters are so rich. Through Monty's memories we see detail of characters. And through their dialogue with each other we see their own internal conflicts. Even the few minutes spent on the top Russian Mobster shows him with a history and understanding on the world and prison.

They're all going through something you don't really want to go through, but you're sure to identify with one of them. As far as what would you do in this situation?

Apparently some people had some issues with the fantasy bit at the end of the movie. I think this is just another thing that is bound to go through your head if you were in Monty's position, or his father's. Should I just go? Just go away, change my name...etc. All that at the very last minute. The fear of having to report to prison for a 7 year sentence when you could just as easily "say the word" and your pop will take the George Washington Bridge and drive off to the west.
No, face the consequences. Be a man. Own up to what you've done.
These are the natural thoughts anybody would have in this situation and I commend Benioff for being this real.

I must commend Spike Lee for presenting this so beautifully, and the remarkable, tasteful use of Ground Zero as a backdrop done in a way that only a New Yorker could. This really might be the best film Lee has made.

I could probably indulge in symbolism in the film, but I don't want to spoil anything. Its beautiful the way it is.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Spike Lee
Edward Norton
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Barry Pepper

DVD title: Repo Man
Productgroup: DVD
Repo Man - movie DVD cover picture
A Classic Cult Film!!!

Repo Man is THE classic cult movie. It's a real original! A wacky and complex masterpiece that defies description. Emilio Estevez, in his one and only good role, is the title character, a teenage punk who lives with his hippie parents in L.A. The always brilliant Harry Dean Stanton is the veteran repo man who takes Estevez under his wing and shows him the ropes of the trade. To reveal more would be wrong, one of the many pleasures of this movie is the wild surprises and twists that the film springs on us. Let's just say the film mixes a punk attitude with bizarro science fiction, hysterical comedy, satire, a GREAT soundtrack and much more. With this film and the brilliant Sid & Nancy (another film you should see if you have'nt)Alex Cox announced himself as a great director. Unfortunately, he seemed to want to self destruct a promising career with the release of two deeply flawed but nonetheless interesting films Walker and Straight to Hell. This is a man who needs to direct again? Where is he now??

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Alex Cox
Harry Dean Stanton
Emilio Estevez

DVD title: Zoolander
Productgroup: DVD
Zoolander - movie DVD cover picture
Best satire since Wayne's World

Ok, its completely ridiculous. Its a brainless comedy. The average person you ask wasn't all that crazy about it...or just saw it because of the cast. It's an impossible could never happen. Stopping a ninja star with good looks? I should hate this movie.
But i don't. In fact, i love it. I have seen it about 6 times and i laugh just as much every time. The complete look of confusion on Derek and Hansels face when they think bullimia is the ability to read minds. The revelation of Hansel that the files are "IN the's so simple...". Dereks rage at the center for ants. Mugatus prancing around in stereotypical gay designer fashion after he purposely scalds his assistant with the coffee he was supposed to drink. The gas station explosion that you don't know whether to laugh about or cry about. Derek's stirring "eugoogly" afterwards. This spoof can be appreciated by ANYONE...anyone who's willing to dumb themselves down enough to enjoy sheer buffoonery on display.
God bless Ben Stiller. Without this movie, pop culture would be too proud of itself.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller
Owen Wilson

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1) - movie DVD cover picture

Here's the scene: I'm a relatively sane, socially adept woman of twenty-something, sitting with a friend in a crowded (and I mean, crowded) movie theater in November 2001. I'm surrounded by toddlers, tykes, kiddies, pre-teens, etc. etc. My friend is not a child, so instantly we stick out like sore thumbs, two adults in a children's movie. For 2+ hours, I in J.K. Rowling's inspired world. I was living at Hogwart's. I was practicing my wizardry (although, at this stage, only with the popcorn). I was LIVING HARRY POTTER. Can I give this movie more than 5 stars? It was fabulous. And now, I can see it over and over and over again at home!
(And, yes, I know all about the Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter debate. Lord of the Rings was a better movie technically -- not as in special effects technical, but as in movie-making-as-an-art technical. But you know what? I wanted to BE Harry Potter after the movie. Not so with Frodo Baggins. Sorry all you Tolkein fiends!)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Daniel Radcliffe

DVD title: Koyaanisqatsi - Life Out of Balance
Productgroup: DVD
Koyaanisqatsi - Life Out of Balance - movie DVD cover picture

Some of us are too young to remember just where we were when it was first announced that President Kennedy had been shot. But if you're near my age, you may remember quite well where you were when you first heard VAN HALEN's eponymous debut album in 1978. (I was riding in Al DiMente's Cougar.)

For those of us who were members in the "Disco Sucks" Club, it was like suddenly discovering The Holy Grail of rock guitar albums. Remember your jaw dropping open while hearing ERUPTION and wondering if it was really possible that this sound was emanating from a guitar and not a synthesizer? That album revolutionized the electric guitar in the context of rock 'n' roll. (Eddie "reinvented" the guitar according to Frank Zappa.) Of course, practically every hard rock guitarist since then has "borrowed" Van Halen's technique to the point that a 20-year-old hearing that recording for the first time today might say, "What's the big deal? This is nothing special." Little does our hypothetical "kid" know that THIS is where it all began.

The same could be said for Godfrey Reggio's, KOYAANISQATSI. When it first hit the theatres in 1983, it was truly a mind-blowing experience. I recall being absolutely dazzled, and dragging everybody I knew to that little theatre in West Los Angeles. In the following weeks, I must have seen it 8 times or more! The concept and the mesmerizing cinematography was as revolutionary as Eddie's guitar had been. In the ensuing 21 years, Reggio's cinematic style has been plagiarized to the point that a youngster viewing this film for the first time today might find it passe. But if "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", then KOYAANISQATSI occupies an honored position amongst the most highly regarded films in history. Of course, Reggio "remade" it a couple of times himself, but so many other filmmakers later copied his style. Not a day goes by that several commercials being shown on the boob tube don't obviously exhibit KOY's influence! But THIS was the progenitor, and it's STILL brilliant! I have often thought that one could pause this movie at any point and the image on the screen would almost always be suitable for framing and displaying.

Clips of clouds seemingly alive and on a caffeine & cayenne buzz; buildings imploding; freeway traffic taking on the appearance of blood coursing through arteries; society's underdogs lost and meandering through the metropolitan jungles; and the shot of exploded rocket residue tumbling through eternity. What did it all mean? KOYAANISQATSI has been described as everything from "socialist propaganda" to "a call for rediscovering God." It will appeal primarily to the person who is capable of comprehending symbolism and thinking abstractly. I'm not presumptuous enough to tell you how I think you ought to approach it, but as I stated in my Listmania Movie List: If KOYAANISQATSI doesn't get the gears turning up in your attic, then you, my friend, need to replace your cranial duracell!

This ain't no cartoon, folks; this is serious business! Don't expect to find yourself in a jovial mood after viewing this masterpiece of filmmaking. You should be pensive or locked-up. (Although the movie does contain a couple of humorous moments: If you don't think that a shot of endless wieners being conveyed through a meat processing plant juxtaposed with an endless stream of human beings conveyed via escalator is funny, "then you'd better not go to college.")

To this day, KOY is probably my all-time favorite film. The finest artistic achievements affect a person on both an emotional AND a cerebral level. KOY does that. Even all these years later, I cannot watch it without seeing the world differently for days or weeks afterwards. I think everybody should view this film at least once in their lifetime.

Even though Eddie Van Halen's guitar technique has been duplicated ad nauseam, he will be remembered as one of the very greatest because he did it FIRST. KOYAANISQATSI is far more meaningful to me because not only was it the first of its kind, but it packs a greater wallop than just lightning fingers tapping on a fretboard. Uh-oh! Although there is considerably more that I would like to express about this monumental film, I see that I have very nearly exhausted my allotment of letters, and so I guess I had better cut this review short now and just say goodb

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Godfrey Reggio
Philip Glass

DVD title: The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A flawed Masterpiece

I have seen this movie twice now, and twice I have been blown away! This is an absolutely POWERFULL film which is worthy of all the praise it has received. It is EXTREMELY bloody, and by no means is it a popcorn eating flick.... but an event to be experienced. It is plain to see that God has His hand in this film! No other movie has rocked the world like this one has. It has brought lost souls closer to Jesus and strengthened the faith of believers from around the globe. It has inspired people to change there lives! Hollywood can keep there oscars! The rewards for this film have been (and will be) MUCH more valuable then any prize given by man.
Pay no attention to the ones who say that this is an anti-semitic film! You will not leave the theater with a burning rage toward Jews.... but with a stronger desire to love thy neighbor. The very theme of this movie is love! God loves us so much that he went through all of that hell to save us. We should thank Mel Gibson for pushing the envelope with this film. Maybe it was too bloody, maybe it wasn't bloody enough, but His sacrifice was great either way.
Apply the things that you see in this movie to your everyday lives! When you are tempted with sin, let the blood of Jesus cover you! Put it between you and whatever it is that the devil tempts you with (i.e. pornography, drugs and etc....) and he will flee! Never forget the things that Gibson shows us in this film! Whenever we are tempted, just remember the suffering that God has endured for us! He did not go through all of that hell so we could just accept Him and then carry on with our sinful lives. He died so that we may die, and through his wounds be born again. He died so that we could live! May His mercy be praised!
Jim Caviezel, as well as the entire cast of this movie are simply magnificent! I should also note that the soundtrack goes hand-in-hand with the movie; a breath-taking score by John Debney that I highly recommend. This movie MUST be seen on the big screen!
As Jesus was being tortured, I looked around the theater and had a moment of clarity: He did it for us! Every lash that He received was for us! He loves us, and wants us to love Him! He wants us to spend all of eternity with Him. Yes, the theme of this movie is most definitely love, and I pray that it opens your hearts.
Jesus is God!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Mel Gibson
James Caviezel
Monica Bellucci

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