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DVD title: Beaches
Productgroup: DVD
Beaches - movie DVD cover picture

This is in my opinion the best movie. I think everyone who watches it will love it and I can promice there won't be a dry eye. It has a great plot and you shouldn't miss it. BUY THIS MOVIE!!! Cause you'll wanna watch it over and over.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Director: Garry Marshall
Bette Midler
Barbara Hershey

DVD title: Scars of Dracula
Productgroup: DVD
Scars of Dracula - movie DVD cover picture
the best in the hammer dracula series

Yet another scorching thriller where the lovely Christopher Lee is challenged with a complex and intricate script involving the most trying soliloquy since Hamlet. Yes, the Harpo Marx of horror films is back to gorge himself, through violent sucking action, the very last red blood cell from any scantilly clad female that the director sends his way. Despite the unforgivable spelling error in the closing credits( it's in the fine print, trust me), I regale this motion picture as absolutely and unequivocally the very best low-budget Hammer horror film released on November 12, 1971. With its sexual undertones and political overtones I was enthralled beyond words, thoughts, or conciousness and had to be carried out of my living room and into a crowded theater where I was promptly arrested then attacked by my own hand. The Scars of Dracula stands sentinel on my entertainment center. God bless the Prince of Darkness.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Roy Ward Baker

DVD title: Dear Frankie
Productgroup: DVD
Dear Frankie - movie DVD cover picture
Sweet & Heart-warming tale

Being an avid Gerry Butler fan, I'd been waiting for "Dear Frankie" to finally come out. After watching the 102 minute movie that felt it only lasted half an hour, I was deeply moved and smiling like an idiot. You're immediately drawn into the family and identifying with every character. "The Stranger" that Butler plays is easily accepted and believable. Beautiful setting, beautiful story and beautifully played. It wasnt the ending I was expecting, but I wouldnt have had it any other way. For any movie lover that doesnt need edge-of-the-seat action or steamy love scenes to be entertained. Loved it.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Shona Auerbach
Emily Mortimer
Jack McElhone
Gerard Butler

DVD title: Supersuckers - From the Audio/Video Dept - Live in Anaheim
Productgroup: DVD
Supersuckers - From the Audio/Video Dept - Live in Anaheim - movie DVD cover picture
the Greatest DVD in the world

If you're smart enough to be reading this, then you probably already know that this is special. This is the very first live recording by the criminally under-looked, ground-pounding, hemi-hoggin' Supersuckers and it's here on this DVD! As one of the most overwhelmingly amazing talent pools in rock history, The Supersuckers have carved a solid niche for themselves in the world of rock through their relentless touring schedule and unstoppable live shows. Finally, their hell raising, barn burning, playfully evil rock-n-roll extolling the virtues of liquor, women, drugs and killing, has been captured for your home viewing convenience. This DVD features the greatest rock-n-roll band in the world, kicking ass on stage in Anaheim, showing their country side in San Diego and has a few surprises in it as well. ??So call the neighbors and warn them about the noise, the SUPERSUCKERS are gonna rock your house!

Studio: Music Video Distribu

DVD title: Power Yoga for Every Body
Productgroup: DVD
Power Yoga for Every Body - movie DVD cover picture
Best Yoga DVD Ever

I loved this DVD, every single minute of it. Barbara Benagh's instraction is detailed so that you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing, how you should breathe, and what muscles you must concentrate on or move. Jason Gordon, the demonstrator, does the exercises beautifully with perfect form and evident focus. I have tried other power yoga DVDs and hurt my back because I was not performing the exercises correctly and the flow of the poses were too fast for me. I love this dvd because it is relatively slow (but NOT boring!!) so there is time to go into every pose consciously and really feel the muscles and joints open up while I breathe. The many different routines I can choose from is another definite bonus. I love this DVD!

Studio: Bodywisdom Media, Inc.
Barbara Benagh
Jason Gordon

DVD title: The City of Lost Children
Productgroup: DVD
The City of Lost Children - movie DVD cover picture

THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN is a film the likes of which you will see rarely in a lifetime. The reference in one of the reviews below, 'Dickens meets Dick', is an apt one -- the orphan children could be straight out of one of Charles Dickens' masterworks, and the setting itself, along with most of the other characters, could easily have sprung from the mind of sci-fi genius Philip K. Dick (who wrote the novella 'Do androids dream of electric sheep', upon which BLADE RUNNER was based).
Ron Perlman shines in his role as the gentle circus strongman who goes by the simple name of 'One', searching for his 'little brother' who has been kidnapped. The young girl who plays Miette, whom he adopts as a 'little sister', is perfect. And the villains...? There are a ton of baddies in this incredible film -- all of them played to the hilt, the twisted stuff of nightmares. Picture an evil pair of Siamese twins, a brain floating in a fish tank, a fumbling family of sub-genius clones, and an army of mechanically-augmented cyclopses -- you'll begin to see what I mean...
This film is a great example to Hollywood of what special effects should be -- they should be used to invoke a sense of place and mood, not simply to blow things up in grand scale (although there's a bit of that here, as well). The mood that pervades the film is extremely dreamlike -- the shifting unreality that accompanies hallucinogenic nightmares coupled with a palpable sense of solidity.
The director that came to my mind as I was watching this is Terry Gilliam -- his work (TIME BANDITS, THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUCHAUSEN, THE FISHER KING, &c) has stunned me in the past in the same manner that this film did. THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN is a modern masterpiece -- it's certainly not for every taste, but if you enjoy imaginitive fabulist film-making, you shouldn't allow yourself to miss it.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Ron Perlman
Daniel Emilfork

DVD title: One Hour Photo (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
One Hour Photo (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This is a superlative thriller and one of the best in the genre, with a bravura performance by Robin Williams as a somewhat unhinged photo technician. Deftly directed by Mark Romanek, who has an eye for detail and an understanding that less is sometimes more, it is simply one of the best films released in 2002.
The plot line seems simple. Sy Parrish (Robin Williams) is an exacting photo technician in a large, squeaky clean and bright, well stocked, discount mall type store. A lonely, middle-aged man, he seems to fade into the background. He is the type of person of whom others are apt to take little notice. Polite and pleasant, he is seemingly inoffensive, yet, always a beat off. He also has one little foible. He has become obsessed with the Yorkin family.
The Yorkins are customers of his for whom he develops photographs. He has been developing their photos for years and has seen most of their cherished moments, participating in them vicariously. It is as if Nina, Will, and their young son, Jake, have become his family, only the Yorkins haven't a clue about Sy's secret obsession. When Sy becomes aware that the sanctity of his secret, picture perfect family is endangered, he becomes the avenging angel, setting into motion a series of events that reveal his own deepest, darkest secret.
Robin Williams is absolutely sensational as Sy, the photo guy. He transforms himself, as if he were a chameleon. His performance is brilliant and well nuanced. As strange as Sy may seem at times, the viewer cannot help but like and pity him, even when he is at his weirdest. Sy's palpable longing to be a part of the Yorkin family is heartbreaking. Though most of his interaction is with Connie and Jake, as they are the ones who bring in the family photos to be developed, when Will comes to the store one day, Sy immediately recognizes him from the photos. Sy introduces himself to the surprised Will, asking after his family and complimenting Will on his home, a place in which Sy has never been a guest. It is all slightly creepy, adding to the mounting tension in the film. Robin Williams plays the role of Sy to great effect, making the most of each and every moment that he is on screen.
Connie Nielsen is luminous as Nina Yorkin, a woman who is always pleasant to Sy and brightens his day every time she and Jake walk in the store to have photos developed. She is a woman whose beaming countenance belies the knowledge that there is something wrong with her marriage. There is a canker taking hold of her suburban home, eating away at the core of her family, only she cannot get Will to discuss it rationally with her. She does not know what is wrong, only that there is definitely something amiss, although all will, ultimately, be made clear to her.
Michael Vartan is excellent as Will Yorkin, the good looking, though slightly unlikable, husband. Dylan Smith gives a sweet performance as Jake Yorkin. Erin Daniels is perfectly cast as Maya, a woman for whom Sy also develops photos. Eriq La Salle is very good as the sensitive Detective Van Der Zee. Gary Cole is terrific as the high energy store manager who gets on Sy's case about a number of issues that are coming to light in connection with the seemingly placid Sy. This is a solid cast that contributes to the overall success of this interesting and quirky film.
The sets are also used most effectively. The bright, almost bleached, starkness of the huge store set is a perfect setting for Sy, as he almost melds into the background, at times, as if he were disappearing. Only his bright blue store vest saves him from total obscurity. This is fraught with meaning, as it is his job that helps to keep Sy grounded. The Yorkin home is filled with earth tones, giving a homey, cozy glow, enshrouding the family in a haze of warmth. Sy's own apartment is a sterile, ugly environment. There is nothing cozy about it. The only real sign that someone may actually live there are the photographs of the Yorkins that are displayed for all the world to see.
Moreover, just when one thinks one has it all figured out, there are more surprises to come. This is simply a brilliant film on many fronts. The direction, Robin Williams' performance, the sets, the restrained, low key, tension building approach, and the twist in the ending, all contribute to making this a film to add to one's collection. Bravo!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Mark Romanek
Robin Williams
Connie Nielsen
Michael Vartan

DVD title: Star Trek - First Contact
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek - First Contact - movie DVD cover picture
And You Guys Are Astronauts On Some Sort of Star Trek?

This was the best of all the Star Trek movies ever made, the very best. The plot was superb, the characterization excellent (with one exception, discussed below), the action compelling and the visual presentation magnificent. Our TNG crew again performed with distinction, revealing humanity's entire range of characteristics from weakness to triumph. Captain Picard, the character first among equals in this film, prevailed over the Borg, extracting revenge for his assimilation years before. The Borg Queen was, in all of her grotesque-ness, peculiarly seductive -- even to a guy just watching the DVD. I hope everyone involved with this film had a great deal of fun working on it, because their results in the Star Trek genre are unsurpassed.
The only, only tiny difficulty with this movie -- small but eminently agonizing -- was that Wesley Crusher was not on hand to step in at some point, discover some problem/solution that all of the adults had completely failed to notice, and save the Federation from total annihilation (once again).

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Frakes
Patrick Stewart
Brent Spiner
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Gates McFadden
Marina Sirtis
Alfre Woodard
James Cromwell
Alice Krige

DVD title: Scarface
Productgroup: DVD
Scarface - movie DVD cover picture
Gangster movies at their best

This film is about the rise and fall of Cuban refugee Tony Montana who came to Miami in the early 80's. Pacino is great, as are all the actors. The film is shot in typical 80's style. The film keeps you interested from beginning to the end. The finish where Montana comes to his end perhaps can be considered one of the best filmed endings amongst gangster films.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Brian De Palma
Al Pacino
Michelle Pfeiffer

DVD title: The Civil War - A Film by Ken Burns
Productgroup: DVD
The Civil War - A Film by Ken Burns - movie DVD cover picture
Civil War - The best documentary on our country

This is by far the best documentary ever made. Even those with no interest in history would enjoy this series. Ken Burns and his spectacular cast actually make you feel like you are there to witness the war that defined who and what kind of country we are today.

Studio: PBS Home Video
Ken Burns

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