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DVD title: Thief in the Night
Productgroup: DVD
Thief in the Night - movie DVD cover picture
First Christian Horror Movie

I think people miss the idea behind this set of films. They were made with their knowledge of the scriptures back then. Its simply GREAT! Its the First christian B Horror Movie! It scared the (...) out of me back in the day as a kid but now its up there for me with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Evil Dead" and "70s/80s Slashers". I think the performances are typical B Movie performances and make it a classic! You can't take this film seriously NOW, but back then it made people "think" which is what it was made for! "Left Behind" is the more "informed" version of what will happen. But this film is GREAT in the fact that people run around with a visible mark on their foreheads etc! ITS AWESOME! LOL...anyway, I like the film because of the memories and its a good B Movie Horror film. But the message is still relevant and most will laugh at it now but I still think its a cool movie along with the whole set.

Studio: Pro-Active Entertain
Patty Dunning

DVD title: Doo Wop at 50, Volumes 1 & 2
Productgroup: DVD
Doo Wop at 50, Volumes 1 & 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Way beyond my expectations

The concert was absolutely top-shelf. Not only did the performers still have what it takes, some of them sounded better now than they did 40 years ago. I especially liked the "Skyliners", as "Since I don't Have You" has always been one of my favorite oldies. Other groups including the Flamingos, Spaniels, the Dell Vikings, the Passions, and many more, were outstanding. Another major ingredient in this super production was an orchestra made up of top notch musicians, including a string section and tympani drums. I don't know the name of the musician who played tenor sax, but he was fantastic. The video and audio quality is also superb. I have a large TV screen, but still appreciated viewing the DVD in full screen. Both the surround audio and picture quality was excellent. I also have Doo-Wop 51, which is another top-shelf performance.

Studio: Rhino Video
Director: George Veras

DVD title: Withnail and I - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Withnail and I - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Utterly unique, never tire of viewing and re-viewing...

This is the hysterical and darkly comical odyssey of two Londoners who "go on holiday by mistake." They meet outrageous and believable characters, get into all sorts of bizarre and believable situations. Many great one liners in the film. The kind of movie you want to keep going. Remarkable, dramatic ending reveals the continuity of the plot. Has a good beginning, middle and end--just what Aristotle required of drama. Great soundtrack too--Hendrix, Procol Harum, more. I've seen it countless times and have nearly memorized the dialogue I think. Strong Brit accent required me to rewind some parts a couple of times to get the point. END

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Bruce Robinson
Richard E. Grant
Paul McGann

DVD title: Cathouse
Productgroup: DVD
Cathouse - movie DVD cover picture
HBO's American Undercover

This documentary is amazing it has a new episode once every year on HBO. It's about this man who owns a place call the (Bunny Ranch) were people can go to have sex with the most beautiful woman that they pick. A place like that will put stripclubs out of business.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Patti Kaplan

DVD title: Band of Brothers
Productgroup: DVD
Band of Brothers - movie DVD cover picture
Get up and Buy!

Rather than tell you a summary of this series and give you the inside info, I am just going to say if you haven't bought this seies GET UP AND BUY IT! Because it is quite possibly the greatest work of film ever made!

Studio: HBO Home Video

DVD title: Cadillac Man
Productgroup: DVD
Cadillac Man - movie DVD cover picture
The Reasons They Hated It Are The Reasons I Love It

Critics (and I guess most audiences) seem to dislike this movie for looking like one kind of movie and yet turning into another and for not deciding whether it wants to be a comedy or a hostage drama. The beauty of the film the many times I have seen it is that it DOES make one both "laugh and cry," or, if not cry, "laugh and care" as though the characters are worth emoting with a little. Why is that bad? I don't know.
The other major criticism is similar, it is that the film should be either about sly carsalesman in a competition for their jobs or it should be about a hostage crisis and not spend the entire exposition setting us up for a car sales competition. Again, that the movie should pick what it is about more clearly, is the critique. This criticism seems thoroughly not to feel with the movie but impose expectations of formula unfairly on a surprising movie. The movie sets up the audience to empathize with the screwed up priorities of its screwed up protagonist (Robin Williams) only to put those priorities and all of his life in perspective with the insurgance of Tim Robbins' character into the situation.
It is a great movie about rediscovering what is important when there is a gun to one's head. AND a really funny comedy, so it is a movie that works both dramatically and comedically and genuinely turns me from a little sleazed by the beginning to feeling a little warm and gooey inside by the end. If only more films moved in that direction, daring to break with formula and introduce genuine drama while still managing to uplift the spirit by the end in a way that feels genuine, maybe we'd have more than one or two comedies worth watching every year.Plus, Tim Robbins and Robin Williams are perfect in their roles and there's always the pre-nanny Fran Drescher to get a kick out of.
A movie that is definitely worthwile and deserving of the DVD release that it likely will be unthinkingly and unjustly denied.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Roger Donaldson
Robin Williams
Tim Robbins

DVD title: Cinderella Man
Productgroup: DVD
Cinderella Man - movie DVD cover picture
"Cinderella Man" is impressive!

"Cinderella Man" is impressive! Russell Crowe is powerful as Jim Braddock. Renee Zellweger is excellent as Mae Braddock. Paul Giamatti is impressive as Joe Gould. Ron Howard's directing is excellent. The story by Cliff Hollingsworth and the screenplay by Hollingsworth and Akiva Goldsman is excellent. The music by Thomas Newman is excellent. The cinematography by Salvatore Totino is excellent. The film editing by Daniel P. Hanley and Mike Hill is excellent. The casting by Janet Hirshenson, Jane Jenkins, and Diane Kerbel is excellent. The production design by Wynn Thomas is excellent. The art direction by Peter Grundy and Dan Yarhi is excellent. The set decoration by Gordon Sim is excellent. The costume design by Daniel Orlandi is excellent. This is one of the year's best! An impressive reunion for Ron Howard and Russell Crowe.

Studio: Universal Studios
Russell Crowe

DVD title: Shrek (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Shrek (Two-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Not Just for Kids

Whoever said that 24-year olds and older shouldn't watch cartoons obviously hasn't seen Shrek. The comedic quad of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphey, Cameron Diaz and John Lithgow gives this high-tech modern fairy tale its charm. With plenty of "in" jokes and an "alternative"-sounding soundtrack that is a welcome relief from schmaltzy Disney music, Shrek is a movie that young kids will want to watch over and over, and the parents won't mind. They'll be laughing right along with it. Not only is this a well-made, funny, and endearing movie, the surprising ending is very affirming, especially for kids who might feel "different" from other children. I especially recommend this movie for ANY parents who have children with esteem issues, or who might just need a boost of self-confidence. One warning, though: the movie DOES contain a smattering of swear words; but given the current state of television and most movies, the words are easily explained by parents who sit down and watch the movie with their children. If I could have given this movie ten stars, I would have.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy

DVD title: Queer as Folk - The Complete First Season (Showtime)
Productgroup: DVD
Queer as Folk - The Complete First Season (Showtime) - movie DVD cover picture
Love Love Love it

If you have seen the British version and liked it you'll love Showtimes version of this once in a life time experience. If you haven't seen the Britis version and buy this you'll rush out to buy it. Queer as Folk centers around the friendships of four gay men and the people in their lives. At least that's what you're told and when you first watch it that's what you really think it is. But as the episodes go by and you become more invested in the people you realize that the show really centers on two men and how then interact and react to the people in their lives. This show is really about the abiding love and friendship of Michael and Brian. The ways in which they push one another away and in the same breath draw each other closer. The club scenes are wonderful, the sex scenes are beautifully done, and the interaction between the characters is breath taking.

Studio: Showtime Entertainment 2
Queer As Folk
Hal Sparks

DVD title: Lucky Numbers
Productgroup: DVD
Lucky Numbers - movie DVD cover picture

Nora Ephron's latest movies have been terrible, so I was bracing myself when seeing this. But it's a hilarious movie. It takes some dark turns that don't fit the rest of the movie, but that is not a fatal flaw. This movie was released at the same time as MEET THE PARENTS, which was an awful movie that was a big hit, while this was a great movie that was a flop. Go figure. I'll never lay an eye on a single frame from of MEET THE PARENTS again, but I'll be sure and see this one again.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Nora Ephron
John Travolta
Lisa Kudrow

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