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DVD title: Lita Ford - The Complete Video Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Lita Ford - The Complete Video Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Finally on DVD

Great DVD. It contains her 1988-1989 concert video , 5 later videos, and behind the scenes interviews during the recording of the Hungry video. I just wish there was a current interview of Lita on it

Studio: Bmg Special Products
Lita Ford

DVD title: Killing Zoe
Productgroup: DVD
Killing Zoe - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely brilliant!!!

All those who think it's just another Tarantino rip-off should know that both directors worked together in the same video store before making it big, were co-writers on Pulp Fiction and basically have helped each other out on several projects. It's just that Tarantino made his name first that everyone assumes Avary's work is copying it. Not true. This movie is amazing! The acting is superb - Jean-Hughes Anglade gives the most charismatic performance I've ever seen. It's shot brilliantly starting with neutral shades, to the blue night club scene and finally descending into the red bank scenes that symbolize Eric's own demented and violent mind. Been scapegoated for Hollywood's violence, really no more than tons of other flicks - I think the violence embedded in Eric's mind is what makes it seem so disturbing, not the actual physical violence. Julie Delpy and Eric Stoltz also give maybe their best performances to date. See this many times!!!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Roger Avary
Eric Stoltz
Julie Delpy

DVD title: My Cousin Vinny
Productgroup: DVD
My Cousin Vinny - movie DVD cover picture
The best

A thoroughly enjoyable romp as we watch the thrust and parry of the legal system way down South. Joe Pesci turns his hand (and turns it well) to a comedic role, with just enough anger still in his little body for you to half-think he'll chop someone up and place them in the trunk of his car. Tomei's acting was solid if perhaps not Oscar quality and the supporting cast was well chosen.
And so yeah ok you could pour a bucket of grits through the plot (for example, if Vinny knows Lisa can provide the correct answer vis-a-vis the car tires, Vinny must have known the answer anyway). If you are smart enough to ignore that then you'll spend an enjoyable 2 hours listening to Little Italy versus Big Alabama.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Joe Pesci
Marisa Tomei

DVD title: Eight Men Out
Productgroup: DVD
Eight Men Out - movie DVD cover picture

This is the best baseball movie ever made. I'm even a Reds fan and I felt bad for the Black Sox. Superb performances especially from John Cusack and David Strathairn. John Sayles once again proves why he is one of the greatest filmakers working today. Wonderfully written and acted.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: John Sayles
John Cusack

DVD title: Hiding Out
Productgroup: DVD
Hiding Out - movie DVD cover picture
For John Hughes Fans

if you enjoy movies such as the breakfast club, ferris bueller, and countless others, this is for you ...

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Bob Giraldi
Jon Cryer

DVD title: Late Night with Conan O'Brien - The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Productgroup: DVD
Late Night with Conan O'Brien - The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - movie DVD cover picture
You will poop watching this!

Triumph is at his insulting best in this video. It has everything he ever did on the Conan O'Brian Show from his first ever appearance. You will poop with laughter watching this.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment

DVD title: Lain - DVD Box Set
Productgroup: DVD
Lain - DVD Box Set - movie DVD cover picture
My Favorite Anime Series

Wow, I really love this series, the Main Character Lain, is incredibly captivating and your contstantly wondering what makes her *tick*, the metamorphisis she goes through to get to her "wired" self is really cool. The only thing I can think about this that could be bad, is the story might be *too* complex for some people. I've seen it 3 times, and I still don't have a complete grip on the entire story. I like that though ;)
The Animation is top notch. Although 4x3
The Sound is a Solid 2.0 DD Soundtrack.
And the DVD's are Solid discs with about 4 episodes a disc, and a few extras.
My Highest Reccomendation.

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed - Grim Reality (Vol. 1) + Limited Edition Art Box w/CD
Productgroup: DVD
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed - Grim Reality (Vol. 1) + Limited Edition Art Box w/CD - movie DVD cover picture
Gundam Seed = A awesome show

Hi I've watched both the english subtitled and the english versions of Gundam Seed and have seen all the episodes thus far up to episode 18 and I think that this Gundam series is by far the best one of probably all of the past Gundam shows. I think the animation in that show is awesome, I like the characters in the show as well.

Studio: Bandai Entertainment
Director: Mitsuo Fukuda

DVD title: Azumanga Daioh - The Animation
Productgroup: DVD
Azumanga Daioh - The Animation - movie DVD cover picture
One of the all-round best anime series out there

Even though I have grandchildren plenty old enough to watch and enjoy anime -- and, in fact, I introduced them to it -- this animated version of Kiyohiko Azuma's manga series about everyday life among a group of slightly ditzy Tokyo high school girls is terrific and I can watch and greatly enjoy the silliness all by myself. I prefer the subtitled edition so I can hear what the characters are meant to sound like: Chiyo-chan, the sweet-natured ten-year-old prodigy, whose self-reliance is a little scary even to her friends, though in many ways she's like any other kid that age; Sakaki, tall and athletic, reserved and somewhat introverted, and with a thing for small, furry asnimals (alive or stuffed); Kagura, the jock whose competitive drive Sakaki doesn't really understand; Yomi, of the glasses and black stockings, who's mature and long-suffering; Tomo, manic, bossy, yet not very talented at anything, and who drives Yomi nuts; "Osaka," the transfer student saddled with that nickname, who's quiet, shy, klutzy, and a little dumb; and, of course, Ms. Yukari, the sometimes pathological English teacher who drives her best friend, Kurosawa, to distraction with her demanding self-centeredness. The artwork is nicely done, the humor swings between sly and endearingly dopey, and I've watched adults crack up over such scenes as tossing-the-vollyball and losing-the-hiccups. I've heard it said this series is about "nothing," but that's not true (any more than it was true for "Seinfeld"); it's about the day-to-day trivial things and the relationships with peers and adults that make up most of life for adolescents. A plus for me is that, given the relatively simple vocabulary and the fact that the characters generally speak at a reasonable pace (Yukari-sensei being an exception, of course), I can follow maybe fifty percent of what is said with only an occasional glance at the subtitles. That's a much better score than I manage when listening to NHK online!

Studio: A.D. Vision
Director: Nishikiori Hiroshi

DVD title: A Walk to Remember
Productgroup: DVD
A Walk to Remember - movie DVD cover picture

this movie is the best movie i ever saw out of all the movies i saw because it touch me in a emotional way it touch my soul and i felt everything. and it inspired me so cause of how they got it to be so classic and great and i wish my boyfriend will ddo the same as what Landen Carter (Shane West) did to help his love one. my life wish is to also be in two places at once and to become a actress as great as Mandy Moore!!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Adam Shankman
Shane West
Mandy Moore (II)

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