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DVD title: The Truman Show
Productgroup: DVD
The Truman Show - movie DVD cover picture
Fantastic Movie

Truman Burbank seemingly has it all, a loving wife, a nice home, nice car,and a good job. What he doesn't realize is that his whole life is scripted and filmed, it has been since his birth. Everyone in his life is an actor, including his wife, mother, and best friend. Even the drowning death of his father was scripted. Little things start to happen that make Truman question what is going on: a light falls from the sky, his car radio picks up someone directing the action, people he's never met know his name. He even sees his "dead" father. Truman gradually realizes what is happening, but will he be able to escape?

This is one of my favorite movies. Peter Weir does an excellent job of directing, getting fine performances from his cast, especially Jim Carrey as the unknowing Truman, Laura Linney as his "wife" and Ed Harris as Christoff, the creator of The Truman Show who seems to have forgotten that his "creation" is human. The way the actors work product placements into The Truman Show is very clever, as is the way certain scenes are shown through
the hidden cameras. The movie does bog down a bit in the middle when it pulls away from Truman's life and into an interview with Christoff, necessary to set Truman's background and to remind us that it's a TV show, but it's still a bit awkward. But the ending is very exciting.

I love this movie and recommend it to everyone.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Peter Weir
Jim Carrey

DVD title: Dazed and Confused
Productgroup: DVD
Dazed and Confused - movie DVD cover picture
My Favorite Movie!

This is my all time favorite movie! I'm only 15 and I have lived this movie. its great its funny, and its a classic! I only wish I were alive back in the 1970's. It was all about the music and having a good time and not having a care in the world. Living for the moment, See I connect so well with this movie I think that's why I like it so much! If you went to high school back in '76 then you will love this movie it is so funny and my parents told me it was true so that makes it even better! This movie is awesome cause the seniors pick on the freshmen and make them do horrible things which is great like the boys get spanked with a paddle and the chicks get covered in condiments and they have to hit the floor when ever a senior says so. A party gets cancelled so the have a beer bust and get wasted. So if you love comedies or the 70's get this.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Richard Linklater
Jason London
Rory Cochrane
Wiley Wiggins
Matthew McConaughey

DVD title: Directed By William Wyler/Love Trap
Productgroup: DVD
Directed By William Wyler/Love Trap - movie DVD cover picture
Delightful Antique!

This part-talkie from l929 is a must-see for any film buff who wants to behold that weird quasi-combination movie--"Part Talkie!"--popular back in those days.The first half of "The Love Trap" is a fast-moving silent with a pleasant musical score. Then the second half is an equally fast-moving talkie. And this is when you discover for yourself why the adorable blonde, Laura LaPlante, was such a big star back then. Her voice is musical and normal, so it's a mystery as to why she never continued far into the early talkies. She retired soon after making this movie. William Wyler let's her shine and despite all the horror stories one hears about how frozen actors were in l929 because of the microphone, you certainly don't see any of that stiffness here. Kino has done a beautiful job restoring and bringing us this unknown comedy from the great William Wyler. I'm getting ready to watch it again--and wonder anew why Laura quit the movie business only a year after "The Love trap" was released.

Studio: Kino International
Director: William Wyler

DVD title: Out of the Past
Productgroup: DVD
Out of the Past  - movie DVD cover picture
"A dame with a rod is kinda like a fella with a knittin needle"

I'm not gonna tell you the whole story of this movie, read the other reviews if you want that. What I will tell you is that this is flat out an excellant movie! Robert Mitchum is at his best here droopy eyes and all. Kirk Douglas is also suberb, The acting, directing and the story are all top notch. But the main reason to see this movie is for the dialog witch is some of the best! Several of the many one liners have been quoted as the titles of many of these reviews. Bottom line if your a fan of the "noir" genre or of Robert Mitchum, or just a fan of really good movies you must see "Out of the Past"! It does getb a little confusing towards the middle end but hey, nothing wrong with that it just gives you a reason to watch it again. Witch I think you will want to do!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Jacques Tourneur
Robert Mitchum
Jane Greer
Kirk Douglas

DVD title: Band of Brothers
Productgroup: DVD
Band of Brothers - movie DVD cover picture
The only life changing production. Ever!!

Band of Brothers is the only production that has actually changed the way I live and think. This series is by far the most outstanding thing I've ever seen, period. This includes Big Screen, and television productions.Band of Brothers is a must see for everyone. This series will bring sorrow, joy and pride to every American. I give HBO two thumbs up on this one.

Studio: HBO Home Video

DVD title: Lean on Me
Productgroup: DVD
Lean on Me - movie DVD cover picture

This is a movie that the so called 'black leaders' wouldn't want inner city kids to watch. Why? Because Clark told the inner city kids that it is up to them what happens in their life. The Jesse Jacksons of this world make living by making inner city kids feel like helpless victims.
The one line Clark said to those kids summed it all up, "If you don't suceed in life, I don't want you to blame the white man. I don't want you to blame your parents. I want you to blame yourselves. The responsiblity is yours."

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: John G. Avildsen
Morgan Freeman
Beverly Todd

DVD title: The Toolbox Murders
Productgroup: DVD
The Toolbox Murders - movie DVD cover picture
Super gnarly slice of horror heaven

This film, which became widely known because of the nail gun scene, is a truly great post-Texas Chainsaw Massacre, pre-Friday The 13th slasher movie with a bit of exploitation thrown in for good measure. The death scenes are top-notch and there's nudity, too. It has every element that a great horror movie should have. I love this movie. This should be in every horror fan's collection. If it's not, you should at least rent it or borrow it from a friend so you can witness it's greatness.

Studio: Blue Underground
Director: Dennis Donnelly

DVD title: Punch-Drunk Love (Two Disc Special Edition) (Superbit Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Punch-Drunk Love (Two Disc Special Edition) (Superbit Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
I Loved It

It seems to me like people go to the cinema with a specific node in themselves that they expect this movie to open up. First off, this is not a comedy and this is not a new character from Adam Sandler. Sandler breaks things, but it's so heartbreaking to watch this time. Sandler yells at people, but he does it like a normal person would, not a manic golfer with Apollo Creed by his side.Punch Drunk Love is a movie that a person needs to see with an open mind and an open heart(got crackers?). The movie should be taken in. Do not carry expect what it will be like, just see this movie and let it hit you(no pun intended). The performances are top-notch. Sandler plays the same character but he has developed it to fit into our reality. Philip Seymour-Hoffman is excellent as always. The sisters are so evil. They evoked such pure hatred from me. The love story and the emotional consequences are totally believeable and they won me over.Granted, this movie is not for everyone. But no matter if you like the movie or not, you will remember this and you will have a good time.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Adam Sandler
Emily Watson
Philip Seymour Hoffman

DVD title: Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In Love
Productgroup: DVD
Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In Love - movie DVD cover picture
All I could is WOW.

Kains deep voice in the DVD 5.1 makes my whole room rumble

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Hiroshi Negishi

DVD title: Throne of Blood - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Throne of Blood - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Truly unique Shakespeare adaptation!

First off I would like to say that the cheap version of this film is not all that bad (despite what people are saying). I bought it on ebay for .01 and it lived up to the price I paid and then some. There were some imperfections in sound quality and the translation was not exactly scholarly (lots of profanity, in fact - which I do not think Kurosawa intended) - but given the choice between this and the $40 criterion version - my choice was simple!
The film itself is a brilliant piece of work and deserves the praise it gets - as one of Kurosawa's greatest works - many people have mentioned the striking scenes of the horses galloping through an almost mystical fog - very startling effect indeed. Kurosawa is a master of space - and his camera movements always look perfect and spontaneous at the same time!

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Toshirô Mifune
Minoru Chiaki

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