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DVD title: What the Bleep Do We Know!?
Productgroup: DVD
What the Bleep Do We Know!? - movie DVD cover picture
Fantastic Film

My wife and I watched this film with increasing amazement. It brings together science and belief in the creator in a way that we had not seen before. I think we will watch it many times to get the full value of all the deep information contained in it.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Marlee Matlin
Elaine Hendrix

DVD title: The Whole Nine Yards
Productgroup: DVD
The Whole Nine Yards - movie DVD cover picture
Please People, You're Missing the Best Part!

THE WHOLE NINE YARDS * * Story has a lot of good twists and turns, but the so-called comedy is barely there, save for a lot of Matthew Perry slapstick. Amanda Peet is amusing as the dental assistant who really wants to be a hitwoman.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Bruce Willis
Matthew Perry

DVD title: Dragonfly (Fullscreen)
Productgroup: DVD
Dragonfly (Fullscreen) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Movie I've seen! Or at least one of the best.

This was a great story. A love story/mystery - my very favorite. I highly recommend the movie to anyone who likes Kevin Costner and who likes love stories. AWESOME ending!!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Tom Shadyac
Kevin Costner

DVD title: Star Wars - Clone Wars, Vol. 1 (Animated)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars - Clone Wars, Vol. 1 (Animated) - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent episode 2.5!!

After watching these short cartoons on the Cartoon Network, I must say that they make every fan happy, well, those of us at least who have been wanting to see the clone wars since 1977! The bad thing is, though, that I, myself would have liked to have seen more of the clone wars in Episode II. Hopefully we'll get some good battles in Episode III. The animation on these cartoons is a little strange. By the way, everybody, my advice is, if you liked this, go onto ebay and buy one of the greatest films ever concieved, THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL. It is an interesting spin-off of star wars that these clone wars cartoon only wish they could have been!!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Mat Lucas
James Arnold Taylor
Jerome Beidler

DVD title: Falling Down
Productgroup: DVD
Falling Down - movie DVD cover picture
Greg Przyk's review

Well first of all this movie had touched me in a way that was very frightening and sad because Douglas was the exact character as my father in real life. this movie was like history repeating its self all over again because in the movie Michael Douglas had looked exactly the same as my father had the same name(Bill)and has the same problems as he does(similar personalities). In the beginning of the movie when he was in the car that is when Douglas had the anxiety attack and stepped out of his car and decided to go home(exactly like something my father would do!).
The part where he was talking to the worker sitting down on the road telling douglas that they were fixing the street; and Douglas told him:" there isn't anything wrong with the street!", and shortly after he told him: I'll give you something to fix", that's when I knew that this movie was exactly like my fathers own life, I was shocked...
This movie was very well done Michael Douglas did an excellent job playing the role of Bill Foster (A.K.A., my dad). this movie had real good parts and the suspense left me hanging for more. this movie maid me cry, laugh, and made me think, but I was sad at the end when he killed himself because he finally knew that he was sick and there was nothing he could do about it, so if he died his little girl would get the insurance, so it did not matter for him anyway. there is much more that I could say but which I cannot, the last thing that I want to say is that this is the best damn movie I have ever seen.
Greg Przyk

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Joel Schumacher
Michael Douglas
Robert Duvall
Barbara Hershey

DVD title: Impromptu
Productgroup: DVD
Impromptu - movie DVD cover picture
George Sand, De Musset, Delacroix, Liszt, and Chopin, oh my!

Allow me to begin this review by stating that this film is absolutely superb. It portrays the greatest artists of 19th Century France (George Sand, De Musset, Chopin, Delacroix, and Liszt), yet it does not take itself too seriously (read: it is not pretentious, in spite of the great historical and artistic characters it depicts). It is light-hearted, charming, and positively delightful. Judy Davis is sensational in the role of George Sand, the great and wonderfully unusual literary heroine of 19th Century France; she captures Sand's eccentricities and quirks with outstanding candor and grace (why didn't she receive an "Oscar" for her performance? Bah: Hollywood!). Hugh Grant is such a great actor when he adopts roles which are worthy of his talent (read: not the tepid and trivial roles which he plays in "Nine Months" or "Four Weddings and a Funeral"), and he displays his remarkable talent in portraying the fragile and finicky Chopin. All of the actors turn in outstanding performances, especially Julian Sands as Liszt, and Bernadette Peters, as his mistress and a close friend of Sand's, Marie d'Agoult, a tempestuous and difficult woman who ultimately betrays Sand. The film focuses on the romance between Sand and Chopin, two extremely different individuals (there is a scene in which Marie d'Agoult, unnerverved by the developing relationship between Sand and Chopin, on whom she has her own designs, says to Liszt: "But, darling, they couldn't be any more different!" Liszt replies, "Well, then they shall definitely fall in love. . ."). And fall in love they do, after a series of mishaps and fiascos (some of them quite humorous). . . George Sand was an extremely straightforward and impassioned woman in regard to love, and she actively pursued Chopin. This pursuit is depicted splendidly in "Impromptu." At first, Chopin is unnerved by Sand's unabashed romantic advances (for he is an individual of great delicacy and piety), but ultimately he comes to view Sand as the truly remarkable woman that she is. "Do you love me, Chopin?" she inquires of him in one scene, to which he responds, "God help me, I do. . . you are superb. . ." They are two true artistes who, though different as they are, complement one another perfectly. It is a love story, yes, but an extremely unique one. . . Chopin is frail, while Sand is fiery, and she is as much his nurse as she is his lover. . . George Sand had a penchant for taking care of those whom she loved, almost to the point of playing a maternal role, and this was especially the case in her liaison with Chopin, during which she sought to cure him of his many physical ailments with love, with care, with devotion. . . and while she was somewhat erratic in her affairs with men, she was utterly devoted to Chopin. He was the "greatest love of her life" (as biographies on Sand maintain, and indeed she says so in her own autobiography, "Story of My Life"), and she remained by his side until he succumbed to tuberculosis. "Impromptu" ends with their well-known trip to Majorca, with a memorable scene in which she opens the windows to the carriage that is carrying them away, in spite of his coughing ("Someone has to teach you how to breathe!" she says to him at an earlier point in the film). "Impromptu" is a gorgeous film, with breathtaking cinematography, and it pays remarkable homage (and again, without pretention) to the artists whose lives it portrays. It invites you so irresistibly into the realm of these 19th Century French artistic geniuses, that you can almost imagine yourself sitting at table amongst them, enchanted by their witty repartee. . . "Impromptu" is not to be missed, especially if you have an interest in the artistic and literary realm of 19th Century France, and particularly in that rare and eccentric enigma who was George Sand. . . The artistry of this film more than gives justice to the artists it portrays. . . I hope that you will be as delighted by it as I am.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: James Lapine
Judy Davis
Hugh Grant

DVD title: FahrenHYPE 9/11
Productgroup: DVD
FahrenHYPE 9/11 - movie DVD cover picture
The truth may set you free...

...but only if you're open to it.

Michael Moore is, first, last, and always a propogandist. He has an agenda, and will never make a fair, objective movie.

This DVD shows how Moore plays fast and loose with the facts. If you've always smelled a rat when listening to him, but couldn't put the finger on what was wrong, get this DVD.

Studio: Trinity Home Entertainment

DVD title: Shall We Dance (Japanese Version)
Productgroup: DVD
Shall We Dance (Japanese Version) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely entertaining!

This is not the Fred Astaire one, this is the Japanese one, and it's even better than the Astaire one (and I like Astaire). Don't miss it! Siskel & Ebert gave it two thumbs up, it should have been THREE thumbs up - Subtitles don't detract at all from the effect of the movie...

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Masayuki Suo
Kôji Yakusho
Tamiyo Kusakari
Naoto Takenaka

DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A most controversial masterpiece

Ok, before I get too far into this review, let me mention that this is one of those movies that you are either going to love or hate. Some people will love it because of its very black, sometimes cynical comedic style while others will hate it because of its "supposed" glorification of fighting and its farfetched concepts. And this is the point of the movie, to make you think rather than to make you love it. That's what makes this movie so great; there are no restrictions, no censorship, and no lies. The movies tells things in a way that is unrestricted, which makes everything more vivid and more powerful than if it had been made around the aspirations of the audience it wished to draw into the movie theater. And although people will certainly have their opinions, I believe that this illustration of the freedom of movie making puts it right up there with cult classics like Blade Runner and others.
First off, the Script is a thing of beauty. Not only is it filled with very dark images all set in a comedic tone, but it also illustrates perfectly the message that the movie is trying to portray. It also has that uniqueness to it that separates Fight Club from all other previous movies. It isn't just a rehashing of old ideas but a unification of many radical ones in order to form an original plot and idea, which translates into a genre-breaking film. Fight Club itself is part action, part black comedy, part mystery, part thriller, and part insanity. In this way it makes it difficult to compare to any previous movie because it is so different from anything that I have seen or that has been produced in the past.
The acting is also top notch. Brad Pitt is, out of all the characters, the one who holds the screen the best. His role as Tyler Durdin, the strange yet sharp alter-ego friend Jack (Norton), is one of strength, craziness, class, style, and intelligence, is hard to miss and is a classic Pitt performance, similar in style to that of his crazy portrayal of the inmate in 12 monkeys. Although Norton does a good job as Jack, the narrator, in the film, he doesn't have the same kind of flare or presence that Pitt carries throughout the film. And, at times, he sound like the little kid who's always being pressured into doing the `bad things' during recess hour. Then there is Helena Bonham Carter, who shines as the crazed and slightly neurotic love interest of Pitt and Norton. Although her presence in the movie isn't huge, her placement in certain scenes is vital to the forward motion of the plot and the entire movie in general.
Also, one reason to get the DVD rather than the VHS is that you get tons of extra, for lack of a better word, stuff on the second CD like behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, storyboards, and more. If you love to see the insides of a movie and find out more about why the director or the producer or actors did certain things then you'll love all these extras.
All in all, regardless of which one you buy, you will end up seeing a movie unlike any you have ever seen...I guarantee it. Director David Fincher's look at the underground world is both slick and startling and anyone who calls him or herself a movie buff has to give this movie a chance. Even if you're reluctant to let it grow on you, I promise that once you take the step to pop the movie in your VCR or DVD player you won't be disappointed...I know I wasn't.
RevuMan: Ground control to Major Tom...sorry, could think of any relative words of wisdom...oh well...Peace!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Terror Firmer
Productgroup: DVD
Terror Firmer - movie DVD cover picture
terror firmer

this is one of troma's best movies if you loved tromeo and juliet you'll laugh all through this one i saw this at a late night movie circut and i want to see this one again take my word for it even if your not a troma fan and want to see alot of sex and death the troma team keep it faithful to it's audience

Studio: Troll Assoc
Director: Lloyd Kaufman

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