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DVD title: Sharpe's Eagle
Productgroup: DVD
Sharpe's Eagle - movie DVD cover picture

Sean Bean plays Richard Sharpe - a poor common soldier raised from the ranks for saving Wellington's life. In this movie he risks all for honor and to secure a promotion. If you enjoy old fashioned adventure then you will love Sharpe's Eagle.

Studio: Bfs Entertainment & Multimedia
Director: Tom Clegg
Sean Bean
Assumpta Serna

DVD title: Sleeping Beauty (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Sleeping Beauty (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Disney's Greatest Effort

My grandmother owned movie theaters in Pittsburgh when I was a boy, and I went to the movies every weekend. I got to see all of the Disney classics, but Sleeping Beauty was, far and away, Disney's finest hour. The colors screamed off of the screen, and were at their best when the fairies were "warring" over what color to make Aroura's birthday dress. The fairies themselves were incredibly fun to watch & listen to, but the real star of the film was the most evil of all Disney's bad guys: Maleficent. When she laughs, your blood crawls. And when she turns into a dragon, the graphics are amazing.
I can only imagine what the restoration process will do to the colors in this movie, but if the restoration of "Snow White" is any indication, then the relaease on DVD of Sleeping Beauty will be the masterpiece of all animated films.
I can NOT wait until September for the release of this film. Even my kids are salavating at the thought of having this in our family DVD library.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Clyde Geronimi
Mary Costa
Bill Shirley
Eleanor Audley

DVD title: Evanescence - Anywhere But Home
Productgroup: DVD
Evanescence - Anywhere But Home - movie DVD cover picture
Paris Concert & more

I think this DVD is not for Evanescence fans only but also for the people who loves rock and rockstar live. Especially at the last part of the DVD, 1 hour video comes and showes us what is Evanescence in real life. Who they are, what they do, what they like, with goods and bads. It's a great chance for anybody who wants to learn how rock stars work seriously. I really recommend this DVD for all rock lovers.

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture

there's not really much to say, only that it is a " must see".
Tarantino has reached his absolut peak whit this movie. Excellent performance,intelligent, sharp, wise, and much, much, more.... This goes for the second volume too. GO FOR IT!

Studio: Miramax
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
Lucy Liu
Daryl Hannah
David Carradine
Michael Madsen

DVD title: Best of Alfred Hitchcock Collection Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
Best of Alfred Hitchcock Collection Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of the BEST collections of Alfred Hitchcock yet!! Featuring the #1 Hitchock film "Psycho"! Along with "Shadow of a Doubt", "Rope", "The Man Who knew Too Much","Topaz", "Family Plot" and the classic, "Rear Window".I have this collection and it is a great gift to own! Each disc comes with it's original trailer and behind the scenes documentary! Plus as a special BONUS DISC, you get three episodes from the ORIGINAL Hitchock TV SERIES!If you are a major HITCHCOCK fan like me, you will want to own this!No Hitchcock collection is complete without it! Plus get Vol 2! Which has more of Hithcock's best including, "The Birds" , "Vertigo" "Frenzy", "Sabotuer", "Torn Curtain" any many more! So don't miss out! Buy it today!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Best of Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock

DVD title: The Island of Dr. Moreau (Unrated Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
The Island of Dr. Moreau (Unrated Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
Eccentric Fun

I LOVED this movie. It was weird, eccentric, and bizzare. Some of it took me a few veiwings to figure out. But, I am NOT complaining. It's part of the fun to this movie. Everything was just so brilliantly strange.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
David Thewlis
Marlon Brando
Val Kilmer

DVD title: Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Productgroup: DVD
Sunday, Bloody Sunday - movie DVD cover picture
Location location location

This civilized movie, of autumnal sadness, is such an actors' film.Especially when those actors are Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson.It is a pleasure to watch them at their craft. John Schlesinger hasdirected Penelope Gilliatt's script with an eye for rich detail, andsuch seemingly minimal emotions of the leads that comes throughthe performances so perfectly, as delicately formed and precise assnowflakes. They feel deeply, do Daniel (Finch) and Alex(Jackson). Though they must not let on. It would be bad form to.
That they both love Bob (Murray Head) seems a conundrum. ButDaniel and Alex are of an age when there might be no one else,save Bob, who is one of those curious, mercurial people who cango from person to person, without caring one bit, beginning,during, after. He literally feels nothing, save the rudimentary ( theword is full of them) but he is perhaps seen by Daniel and Alex aswhat they want him to be. Such is love. They recreate him from his
vagueness. And of course they must not be jealous of Bob's otherlovers. Such as Bob always require that, and consider otherwise tobe so bloody selfish.
He doesn't intentionally hurt anyone. He uses people as things, so,to him, they are replaceable. When he is the replaceable one, if onlythey could see it. He is not worth their integrity, and intelligenceand complexity of heart. Yet, when one loves, one cannot think ofhim or her without making them, perhaps, mythic. To someone
else, they would be just another person, for others see them asordinary. This, the film explores with such finesse and grace.
Daniel has a monologue, told to us personally, the words of whichare beautiful and touching, that just about rips your heart out. Finchadds to the words, so seemingly somewhat matter of factly sayingthem, ( a person has to comport themselves properly after all)though from deep inside, with such thought and honesty, andsearching still in these later years, and with no apology. You see theworth and goodness of the man most especially then. You want toput your arms around Daniel and Alex and hug them, for their loveis doomed, as they know too well. They are having to deal with theloss, the void, to reconcile themselves to it, even during Bob, andlearning how to get through the day, routinely, like everyone elsepretends to.
"Sunday Bloody Sunday" is a film that one feels honored to see. Itsad line-- "This is a story about three decent people. They will breakyour heart." Indeed.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: John Schlesinger
Peter Finch
Glenda Jackson

DVD title: Lain - DVD Box Set
Productgroup: DVD
Lain - DVD Box Set - movie DVD cover picture
Love the Lain Lunchbox

Lain is one of the best sets that I have seen in a long time. The series will leave only your consciousness behind, then take you into another world, and drop you back off to reality, unknowingly. I highly recommend Lain for Anime fans because the graphic qualities are superb and the quality of the story is excellent. A must see.

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - Thomas & His Friends Get Along
Productgroup: DVD
Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - Thomas & His Friends Get Along - movie DVD cover picture
Great for all ages

My 3 year old son also has this tape and wooden choo-choo railway sets. It keeps him and his 1 year old brother busy for hours. Daddy and Mommy even enjoy watching the tapes and putting together various track layouts. Very high quality merchandise!!

Studio: Lyrick Studios
Director: David Mitton

DVD title: The Ride
Productgroup: DVD
The Ride - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely Great

This movie spoke so loudly to me. I have purchased it to show the Youth at our church. Beautiful. Touched my heart.

Studio: Tapeworm
Director: Michael O. Sajbel
Michael Biehn
Brock Pierce

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