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DVD title: M*A*S*H - Season One (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
M*A*S*H - Season One (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Fabulous presentation of a classic series.

This DVD set of the first series is everything I could have hoped for. The packaging is a sturdy plastic three-disk case and not a card one that'll fall apart over time, and the episodes themselves are presented in screening order with the option to remove the laughter track, the much better option. Inside there's a flyer saying that season TWO should be out in May. Lets hope for some extras on coming sets, there must be some retrospectives out there, or documentaries!?

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Alan Alda

DVD title: 8 Mile (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
8 Mile (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I went to see this movie last night and it was what I expected and much more. Everyone I was with agreed that Eminem's acting was wonderful and exceeded all our expectations. The freestyling was pure genius, and I found myself captivated by the skill and the hilariously provoking rhymes. Set in the grimy Detroit ghettos, the occasional qualms of morality and the sparks of humor from Em's friends bring an authentic touch of reality. The touching sensitivity Eminem portrayed with his little sister reflects his real-life attitude, and this only furthers the originality and genuine tone of the movie. My only complaint is the...character played by Brittany Murphy who, predictably, is wearing a new miniskirt and fishnet with boots in each scene. She truly has no part in that movie; her acting is boring and thoroughly unrealistic--the most she does is dance like a... However, I fully recommend this movie to everyone, excluding children, but including any rich white kid from the suburb (like those sitting behind me in the theater making cute comments throughout). It was more than a movie; it was an experience and Eminem shows us the meaning of individuality just as he has done in his music.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Curtis Hanson
Kim Basinger
Mekhi Phifer
Brittany Murphy

DVD title: A League of Their Own
Productgroup: DVD
A League of Their Own - movie DVD cover picture
women's baseball

a story about how professional women's baseball came about.a glimps into what their live was like.tom hanks, madonna and rosie o'donnell.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Penny Marshall
Tom Hanks
Geena Davis
Lori Petty

DVD title: A Clockwork Orange
Productgroup: DVD
A Clockwork Orange - movie DVD cover picture
Kubrick at his best

I heard that Ebert didn't like this movie. It figures when you see the crap he gives a thumbs up to. This movie as with most Kubrick work his visually stunning and way beyond today's standards. It is art on screen. The music is unforgettable and fits like a glove. Add a great story and good acting and you got my kind of movie. Hey Ebert if you are reading this OK I'm not a writer but at least I know brilliance when I see it. You have cost me a lot of money with your stupid thumbs up but now I know better. I watch this movie at least twice a year (please don't tell me to get a life). After 33 yrs this movie plays as if it was made this year. Stanley Kubrick will always remain for me one of the best 5 directors of all time. Ebert please stop pushing the American garbage. I really believe you're on the take.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Malcolm McDowell
Patrick Magee

DVD title: Sling Blade
Productgroup: DVD
Sling Blade - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best movies I've ever seen

Startling film with a predictable ending, but for all its predictable conclusions, it is still gripping and sad in its inevitability. Thornton plays a mentally challenged adult being released from a hospital for the criminally insane. You learn early that he has murdered his mother and the mother's lover and is finally being released into the wider world of free people. He soon makes friends with a young boy, and this is of course when the conflict begins. The boy lives in a contentious situation with his mother and the mother's abusive, alcoholic boyfriend (Dwight Yoakum). Thornton's character, Karl Childers, does a great deal to change the boy's life, ultimately insisting in the end, "You Will Be Happy". You will just have to watch to see how. Also memorable here are the characters played by the late JT Walsh and a highly underrated John Ritter. Also look out for film director Jim Jarmusch in a small role. A wholly surprising film with a unique and fresh script written by Thornton. It took everyone by surprise.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton
Dwight Yoakam

DVD title: The Water Babies
Productgroup: DVD
The Water Babies - movie DVD cover picture
One Great Movie

I'm so glad it isn't only me that still remembers this fantastic film from my childhood. Great for kids but even better for adults re-living their childhood. If only my friends liked it as much as me!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Lionel Jeffries

DVD title: Boy 2: Boys at Play
Productgroup: DVD
Boy 2: Boys at Play - movie DVD cover picture
Erotic Fantasy

"He's one of the world's most beautiful guys. His piercing eyes can send passions soaring even before he reveals his spectacular, well muscled body. He is a god. He is Lukas Ridgeston! In Boy 2, he stars alongside seven of Slovakia's most desirable males in an erotic fantasy spectacular. It's not just hot, it's beautiful." - From Pride Video

Studio: Wolfe Video

DVD title: Eraserhead
Productgroup: DVD
Eraserhead - movie DVD cover picture
It IS on DVD

I signed up to be notified upon its release. I waited and waited and nothing. Then, on eBay, I found some Region 1's up for sale. I then found out David Lynch's website sells both Eraserhead AND a collection of his short films. They are pricey, but the transfer is UNBELIEVABLE! Visit

Director: David Lynch
Jack Nance
Charlotte Stewart

DVD title: Ray (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ray (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ray: the movie, the legacy...

"Hit the road, Jack! And dontcha come back no more, no more, no more, no more! Hit the road, Jack! And dontcha came back no more."

Funny that no one would dare say such a line toward to a guy like Ray Charles.


Who WAS Ray Charles? What are the songs he produced? What's his profile? The only thing I knew about him is that he invented a new kind of music, and that he was an inspiration to many music artists everywhere. However, with this movie that came out, those questions should be easily explained in cinema. Not only does this movie explained the history, but it does it in soulful and energetic way that's gonna rock the Apollo theater. The movie name says it all, and says it with respect..."Ray."

Biography movies are synonymous in the movie industry, and almost each keep following the same chronologically approach that makes it seem effective: Tina Turner, Selena, Nixon, and Ed Wood, the movies that were about these people's lives follow the same device. "Ray" fortunately goes on a different direction, in that this movie isn't about the life and death of Ray Charles Robinson, but about how he became a huge success during all that turmoil. From the early 50s to late 70s, he goes from working at a lowbrow bar in the South (the bar that also had WILLOW!), to having recording deals from Atlantic and ABC, to being banned from Georgia for not playing in a segregated theater. During these events, along with other events that happened, he was crippling his life on weed and syringes, before he was arrested.

"Ray" is great with its effective use of time-shifting. Whenever there's a certain scene that plays an integral role, it shifts back to a past scenario when Ray was just young child living with a single ma' in a poverty area in Florida. Each past scenario covers the inspirations on his life, and also, unfortunately for him, his tragedies, but all are just captivating to watch. In one past scenario, Ray was just blind and when fell down in the house, he cried for his mother's help, while his mother was standing right in front of him 6 feet away, doing nothing. From then, he started to rely on his other senses, and he got up, and experimented the sound and touch, listening to the noise of a cricket and feeling the things surrounding him. He noticed mom from the sound of her weeping, crying because he had a special gift. The scene was so touching, I had trouble bottling in my emotions. The past tragedies kept robbing him out of his sanity in this movie's present and it was these devastating memories that led him to experiment drugs, damaging him in mind and body.

On the plus side, Ray is a interesting and funny fellow. He has his way of getting attention and getting the respect he deserves. It's funny how he also has his way with the ladies...let's just say it's all in the wrist (literally). What a heartthrob. Improvisation is Ray's special niche, because when he gets into a bad situation or got a problem with someone, he just turns these annoyances into song, and he made a lot of great hits improvising. Ray taught me a good lesson: it doesn't matter if you're blind, you're no different from the others; you're either act positive or act negative. With Ray, this movie show him not as a blind guy with talent, but a guy with talent.

For some reason, Jamie Foxx is having his best year. He kicked A when he's in "Collateral", and here, he's wonderful portraying as the recently-departed Ray Charles. I'm surprised how a comedian like him can do so well when transitioned into drama. He capture the stature and functionally of the icon so tightly, and he's very involved within the character's role. Another funny thing I realized is that after watching the credits, it list some of the Ray Charles songs in which Foxx actually sang, written by the man himself. Who knew Foxx had the soul of a singer in him? While I can remember their names, the remaining cast were all great too. Like every biography of its type, "Ray" includes the original songs, and Ray Charles's songs, such as "What`d I Say" and "Hit the Road Jack", really brought in some validity to this film.

THE FINAL WORD: Astonishing. I first had no interest in "Ray" since it's already been critically-acclaimed and I thought this wouldn't really leave me much of what's already been criticized. My god, how come I didn't see this sooner? Other than a few editing mistakes "Ray" was a flaw-less true-story movie: it was funny, it left me in tears, it was full of character and optimism. This is possibly the best film I've seen in 2004, and I hope this movie deserves an Oscar nomination; it's also one of those rare black drama cinemas that actually make me feel good instead of feeling depressed. If the inventor of soul was alive right now, he probably would've been amazed by this tribute.

You did good, Jack. You did good.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Taylor Hackford
Jamie Foxx
Kerry Washington
Regina King

DVD title: Another Day In Paradise
Productgroup: DVD
Another Day In Paradise - movie DVD cover picture
Paradise indeed -- DVD or not

This movie definitely has substance. The best movie not to get an Oscar nomination. Heroine use is so heavy you could add it to your pancake batter. This movie paints a grim portrait of middle America, in particular its crime network that you often don't think about, and DVD won't add any new or startling dimensions to this ultraviolent masterpiece. It'll just accentuate the lack of sugar coating in a world where paradise is always one day away.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Larry Clark

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