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DVD title: Life Is Beautiful
Productgroup: DVD
Life Is Beautiful - movie DVD cover picture
Fabulous, no really

To those of you who have read my other reviews, please note that this is written without a hint of irony.
Genuinley brilliant. I wasn't intending to watch this, to be honest it hardly sounded like my cup of tea. Comedy in a consentration camp? The iritating little man from the Oscars? Cute kid involved? Nah, I thought I'd leave it alone. But for some reason I watched it anyway and wow, just wow. Moving, beautifully crafted peice of direction and enough to make little old me cry my eyes out. It may have started a bit to much like a dodgy euro-farce-carry-on flick but before you noticed you really wanted to see more, the emotion that came accross was palpable. Some people have said there should be more films like this, well I disagree, the fewer films like this the better, then you can appreciate true artistic quality when it comes along

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Roberto Benigni
Roberto Benigni
Nicoletta Braschi

DVD title: Osama
Productgroup: DVD
Osama - movie DVD cover picture
Not popcorn entertainment

Make no mistake, this movie is a masterpiece, but a depressing one. The other reviewers have commented on the basic plot--a widowed family turns the teenager daughter into a boy so that she can work and earn food for the family--I will comment on the directing by Barmak. Obviously, Afghanistan is not known for cinema, yet the imagery that Barmak creates is worthy of the highest praise. This isn't some cheap student film, this is an accomplished work of art. The image of Osama skipping rope behind the bars of a jail, of her dangling in a well screaming, of the preparation for the stoning, and the final sequence--which I will not reveal, but is foreshadowed--these are better visualized than most of what Hollywood puts out when it "tries" to be "dramatic". Thankfully the film is fairly short, 82 minutes, or it might have become unbearable.

The only good thing about the film, is that after the fall of the Taliban, such treatment of women is receding into history. There are terrorist attacks still there, but 38% of the registered voters in Afghanistan today are women, a major success story compared to what women underwent earlier, as shown in this film.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Siddiq Barmak
Marina Golbahari
Zubaida Sahar
Mohamad Nader Khadjeh

DVD title: Shogun
Productgroup: DVD
Shogun - movie DVD cover picture

This film is a nice try at filming a huge book, but in trying to cover it all it is forced to leave too much out. They would have done better to only cover part of the book and do that well. You need a background in Japanese culture to understand why things happen and what it means-- which feeds the plot and sub-plots in the book. The book does a much better job of giving you the background. Also the romance angle of the TV version is far too western, to the point of almost being a romance novel, and yes I know it was made for TV and that romance sells. Too bad, it is a great book, and could have been a great set of movies.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Richard Chamberlain

DVD title: The Game
Productgroup: DVD
The Game - movie DVD cover picture
A Five Stars

It twist and turn, twist and turns. Just when you thought you got the whole thing all figure out, here comes another twist and another turn. Keep me at the edge of my seat the whole time. The ending is so surprising, it literally will change your mood in seconds. Wow, what a performance by Sean Penn and Michael Douglas. A suspence with Hitchcock like twist and turns.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: David Fincher
Michael Douglas
Sean Penn
Deborah Kara Unger

DVD title: Dune
Productgroup: DVD
Dune - movie DVD cover picture
A movie beyond your imagination

I had read and enjoyed the first 3 Dune novels and was very excited about seeing this film when it first came out. I'm not quite sure how I managed to sit through this dreadful mess. I did like some of the look of the film but too many things, like the Guild Navigator, looked so silly it made me groan. And the special effects were very poorly executed. The giant sandworms looked like glove puppets. The last scene with the totally miscast little girl lisping the final grand statement was so bad I still can't imagine what David Lynch was thinking. Lynch should have just told this story as a straight ahead adventure and dropped all the internal thoughts, they felt very awkward. Even with all its fights and battles Dune never generates any real excitment or mystery. Flashy and weird yet dull, like a ball gown on a dead horse.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Lynch
Kyle MacLachlan
Virginia Madsen

DVD title: Porco Rosso
Productgroup: DVD
Porco Rosso - movie DVD cover picture
A wonderful film for all ages

This is not just a delightful animated film, it is a spectacular film of any genre that fits on the same shelf with Casablanca, Shane, and other wonderful films about how lonely it is to be a wandering hero. I bought this for my kids, and they all love it as much as the other Miyazaki films we've collected on DVD and VHS. One of the first words of my now three year old son (who has been late getting language) was "Porco" -- a word, which, to him, meant "put the Porco Rosso video on now please Dad!!" There is something special about this film -- it is at once exciting and thrilling, and at the same time peaceful, a kind of oasis. From this perspective, for its nostalghic and evocative feel in the face of a background danger, I think it might be compared to Shane. Like Shane, Porco has something in his past that makes it difficult for him to feel fully human and integrated with others. That Miyazaki can capture this feeling and transplant it to an entirely unique setting, with resonances from his own life and experience, and tied to an even grander global scale shows once again why he is among the most remarkable, interesting and versatile of filmmakers we have (period).

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Hayao Miyazaki

DVD title: Dennis Miller - The Raw Feed
Productgroup: DVD
Dennis Miller - The Raw Feed - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD should be required viewing for all college students

This man has the testicular fortitude to actually present an honest point of view--devoid of the politically correctness and party line of hollywood. It is refreshing and he has a lot to say. He might use large words but it is worth consulting your thesaurus.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: James Yukich

DVD title: Session 9
Productgroup: DVD
Session 9 - movie DVD cover picture
I couldn't fall asleep on this one.

This movie held my attention throughout. The characters where great,the pacing was good, and the subject matter very creepy. I don't scare easily, but this movie got to me. This film is somewhat overlooked, which is a shame because it is well thought out and I found it to be a great mind blower. The mental institution in this film is real and very intimidating. Happy Hauntings!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Brad Anderson (II)
David Caruso

DVD title: Bram Stoker's Dracula
Productgroup: DVD
Bram Stoker's Dracula - movie DVD cover picture
Great adaptation of the book! Just a flat out good movie!

This movie goes right by the book, which is something I liked because I loved the book. The performances are great, the set design is wonderful, and the special effects are nice and weird. Dracula's shadow is one of the freakiest things in this movie. My friends and I had a scary movie night, watched it, and loved it! It's a horror movie and a love story all rolled into one. Buy it today. You won't be dissapointed! One of Francis Ford Copolla's greatest films!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Gary Oldman
Winona Ryder
Anthony Hopkins

DVD title: Transformers Season Two Boxed Set, Part 1
Productgroup: DVD
Transformers Season Two Boxed Set, Part 1 - movie DVD cover picture

All right you can not go wrong with this seat.It's awsome just the way that 80's children rember the series. A must buy for fans.

Studio: Warner/ Elektra/ Atlantic; Rhino Video PREORDER

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