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DVD title: Futurama, Vol. 4
Productgroup: DVD
Futurama, Vol. 4 - movie DVD cover picture American Company Screwing Americans

If it were not for the Simpsons,(which appeared to be on a rebound last season)I wouldn't even give FOX the time of day.Here we have a great show like Futurama,that they never gave a fair shot,pre-empted ad-infintum,and now we're bludgeoned with garbage like (insert titile of reality show you hate the most here.) Thankfully, they've gotten these DVD sets out more quickly than the Simpsons. Though Europe had Season 4 of Futurama quite sometime ago (way to screw the Americans over,FOX!!) Okay,okay..I'll stop being grumpy now..because I WAS quite elated to see this in my recommendations!:D:D There's really not much I can say that wasn't covered in the Amazon review. You probably already know you like it,so whaddaya waitin' for? (how many other shows could actually get away with several visualizations of sh**ting a brick?) Stop reading. Buy (or pre-order) now.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Matt Groening

DVD title: Being There
Productgroup: DVD
Being There - movie DVD cover picture
"Bye Louise."

Having recently seen The Life and Death of Peter Sellers starring Geoffrey Rush, I was compelled to see Being There. In the ending of his biopic, they did an reenactment of a scene from Being There in which the maid Louise said goodbye to Chauncy Gardener(Sellers) for the last time. It was a very touching scene. He's a kind, non-judgemental, compassionate, and loving man. He's lived in the Old Man's house, and worked as the gardener. For the first time he has to embark a life outside the house. He has no real experience of the outside world, and had only seen life on TV.

Chauncy's life is changed completely when he met Eve(Shirley MacLaine) and her wealthy politician husband. His unusually down-to-earthness and fondness for gardening instantly impressed the couple, and they took him to live with them. Eventually, he's introduced to other powerful figures in the political world and managed to inspired the president, as well he attracted the mass media to interview him and go on TV. Chauncy Gardener instantly became a sensation and influence to the citizens who saw his interviews. Meanwhile, Eve was falling in love with Chauncy when her ailing husband was bed-ridden, and encouraged her to go on a date with Chauncy.....

Peter Sellers gave the performance of his career that garnered him an Oscar nomination, and this is a very different role compared to his snapstick comedies. It's an isntant comparison to Forrest Gump, but this film doesn't rely on so much unrealistic fantasy storyline or special effects to make it a captivating expeience. Shirley MacLaine was wonderful together with Sellers in the love scenes.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Hal Ashby
Peter Sellers
Shirley MacLaine

DVD title: The Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne
Productgroup: DVD
The Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne - movie DVD cover picture
The Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne

This is the most informational DVD about a group yet. As always they perform their songs and tell about themselves very honestly.

Studio: Wea Corp

DVD title: The Lover
Productgroup: DVD
The Lover - movie DVD cover picture
Search hard--you may find a memory.

As all the other reviewers have said: erotic, highly charged, and beautifully filmed. I like to also think there is some universality of theme here, details notwithstanding. Have we not, each of us, some profound memory or experience the significance of which dawns only years later? I feel that is an important lesson of the film likely to get lost amid the more salacious aspects of the film. That the primary context is a frankly--and almost exclusively--sexual relationship makes the experience that much more incontrovertible. See the film, explore your vault of experiences, people, and life happenings. You may uncover a memory of a person who helped shape your being, for better or worse. That realization can only be called a "gift." Great film, worth savoring. Like life.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Jane March
Tony Leung Ka Fai

DVD title: Boyz 'N the Hood
Productgroup: DVD
Boyz 'N the Hood - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best films of the 90's!!

At only 23 years old, John Singleton hit the ground running in this film directing debut. His work seemed as fresh as an established director. Not only was he a superb director, but he also was an excellent screenplay writer. The Academy gave him credit by nominating him in both categories. This movie also has a outstanding supporting cast as well. Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ice Cube, Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett (who would both go on to play Ike and Tina Turner in "What's love got to do with it?" and recieve Oscar nominations.) give outstanding performances. One of the most important black movies in a generation.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: John Singleton
Laurence Fishburne
Cuba Gooding Jr.

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 2
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 2 - movie DVD cover picture
I love this so much better than the first

I really like Quentin Tarantino's films in the first place but I thought this film was wonderful. It was better than the first although the first seemed to be more of a hard core fight movie and this one depended more on script and acting. I really love Michael Madsen and am a huge fan of his. I think the way he delivers his line and how he just saturates them with his character is amazing. His lines are just to wet and juicy, it's like you could cut them with a steak knife. He just was wonderful delivery. I'm always upset though how The Bride doesn't kill him and it's Elle that does. Speaking of Elle I love her character. She's vicious and it just seeps out of her every pore. her speach about the Black Mamba is just perfect. And of course I cannot forget about Uma Thurman or David Carradine. I think they have great chemistry. Uma's eyes in the scene where she see's her daughter for the first time is shockingly poignant.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
David Carradine
Michael Madsen
Daryl Hannah

DVD title: UHF
Productgroup: DVD
UHF - movie DVD cover picture
Awesome, and very funny! We want the DVD!!!

People take movies too seriously. This movie is fun without being raunchy, and it is entertaining without making you think. It's a perfect movie for getting a group of friends together, or it would be great for a birthday party for a kid.
The movie doesn't have a huge plot, but we all know the plot is just there to move us along from bit to bit. Think of it as one of those Saturday Night Live movies, but actually worth watching. That's what it reminds me of.
Can't wait for this one on DVD.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Jay Levey
Weird Al Yankovic

DVD title: The Civil War - A Film by Ken Burns
Productgroup: DVD
The Civil War - A Film by Ken Burns - movie DVD cover picture
Documentary Masterpiece

The film is an absolute masterpiece. Other reviewers can point out how great an influence it has had on other filmmakers. For myself, the film changed--in some surprising ways--how I see much of the world.
There's a Bugs Bunny cartoon with a nonsense song about "peeping through the knothole of Grandpa's wooden leg." After seeing this film, I knew why Grandpa had a wooden leg.
When I was younger, in the 1960s, I couldn't comprehend the bitter animosity that many Southern politicians still felt against the North. But when this film showed me the chimneys of ruined buildings in Georgia, I realized: the angry Southern senators of my day had grown up surrounded by the relics of this ruinous war. How could it fail to affect their view of the world?
I've watched it, all the way through, perhaps half a dozen times. Every time, it is profoundly moving.
The DVD is a bit of a disappointment, if only because the remastered audio track is sometimes out of sync. The original audio track is also on the DVD, and seems not to be affected. The supplemental material is interesting, but a bit thin. Buy it for the film, not the supplements.

Studio: PBS Home Video
Ken Burns

DVD title: Mixed Nuts
Productgroup: DVD
Mixed Nuts - movie DVD cover picture
A Great Feel-Good Comedy (That Makes EVERYONE Feel Normal !

This is a great old comedy!It's too good to watch just at Christmas. The late Madeline Kahn is great as the frumpy old Mrs Munchnik,and is very funny in the elevator with the music machine (Help me quick or hit me in the face!) Liev Schreiber is also good as a transvestite with a penchant for the ukelele and Adam Sandler (Now does that boy know what he is getting into?) Rita Wilson is funny in her phone call from the pervert-leaping around with her hands over her ears,and the endless bath tub self-pep talks. Juliette Lewis is lovely as the very agro and very pregnant woman with one big problem-she can't afford to give birth in a hospital. A very wacky and very black comedy. And Mrs Munchnik still knows what REALLY goes on between that old man and his dogs!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Nora Ephron
Steve Martin

DVD title: Men
Productgroup: DVD
Men - movie DVD cover picture
very smooth

I liked this movie, because here we have Stella living by her rules and feeling comfortable in her skin...she is not a pretender.. very honest..trying to make life smoother among the rough cuts and fearless to live her sexuality without the labels that men put on women for being sexual..It was a refreshing movie about a woman, singleness, and having the courage to set your own standards for living...I liked this movie.

Studio: Simitar Video
Director: Zoe Clarke-Williams
Sean Young
John Heard

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