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DVD title: Angel - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Angel - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent series and first season

Joss Whedon wanted Angel to be a monster-of-the-week show, and this is where it fails. In the next seasons it has a season-long story, which works much better. In this season we don't get enough character development or interesting stories which results in boring villains and throw-away episodes. However, the show has some great episodes which you'll be seeing in my episode-by-episode guide below:
Please note this guide contains spoilers for all season one episodes.
EPISODE 1: City Of - 4.5/5 - A great start to the show. Loved the atmosphere and how they made Angel seem like a superhero figure for the town. Very promising.
EPISODE 2: Lonely Hearts - 3.5/5 - Some scenes are overlong and are sometimes boring, but the episode has a neat premise which works really well.
EPISODE 3: In the Dark - 4/5 - Some interesting insight into the character of Angel and the decisions he must make to seek redemption. This is a gorgeously shot episode, which also guest-stars Oz and Spike.
EPISODE 4: I Fall to Pieces - 1.5/5 - I found the episode to be lame and unnecessary to the show.
EPISODE 5: Rm W/A Vu - 3.5/5 - A cool ghost story that doesn't maintain it's interest in the second half, however it picks up in the third and fourth and has some interesting Cordelia characteristics.
EPISODE 6: Sense and Sensitivity - 4/5 - A hilarious episode that was just plain enjoyable.
EPISODE 7: The Bachelor Party - 2/5 - Had nothing to do with anything that was going on and wholly unnecessary to the plot and story-arc of the show.
EPISODE 8: I Will Remember You - 4/5 - A bit overrated by Buffy/Angel shippers but a good episode, however it isn't paced very well.
EPISODE 9: Hero - 4.5/5 - Doyle's leaving is very sad to watch but a necessary move for off-screen reasons. I loved The Scourge - I made an analogy that they were like The Nazis, which made the episode much more interesting for me.
EPISODE 10: Parting Gifts - 3/5 - The episode starts well but goes downhill in the third and fourth acts. Shame.
EPISODE 11: Somnambulist - 3.5/5 - A link to Angelus' past, but not really one we needed to see. This episode contained some cool imagery and fun scenes but it could've been written with a more interesting flair.
EPISODE 12: Expecting - 0.5/5 - This was a horrid episode with a terribly bad story. Just watch it, you'll understand what I mean.
EPISODE 13: She - 0.5/5 - Just as bad, if not worse, than the episode above. A pointless episode that is boring and plain ugly.
EPISODE 14: I've Got You Under My Skin - 3.5/5 - I thought they could've done more with the exorcism idea, however this remained an interesting and stylish episode.
EPISODE 15: The Prodigal - 4.5/5 - Extremely interesting back-story on Angel and a heartbreaking current story. One of the season's best episodes.
EPISODE 16: The Ring - 4/5 - I dug the idea and really got into the fast pace and neat stlye of the episode.
EPISODE 17: Eternity - 4/5 - Angelus' brief return is a very interesting one. This episode succeeds thanks mainly to the amazing performances of David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter.
EPISODE 18: Five by Five - 5/5 - An incredible episode, full of story developments that will be brought up later in both shows Buffy and Angel. Best episode of Angel ever if you ask me.
EPISODE 19: Sanctuary - 5/5 - Faith is on the road to redemption, but its not going to be easy. Buffy's visit to LA is necessary for her and Angel's conflict and the alliance between Faith and Angel was very interesting.
EPISODE 20: War Zone - 2/5 - This episode was deeply boring though it had some good drama and the introduction of Gunn.
EPISODE 21: Blind Date - 4/5 - Very interesting character development made on the part of Lindsey and his alliance with Wolfram and Hart.
EPISODE 22: To Shanshu in LA - 4.5/5 - A scary and exciting finale with lots of hints for the coming seasons.
There were some great episodes, but too many duds. However, I'd say this is a necessary package if you want to start an Angel collection of DVDs, you'll get good use of this set because quite a few episodes are rewatchable.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
David Boreanaz

DVD title: The Rugrats Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Rugrats Movie - movie DVD cover picture
A Fun Movie for Kids & Parents


Studio: Paramount Studio
Elizabeth Daily
Christine Cavanaugh

DVD title: King Kong vs. Godzilla
Productgroup: DVD
King Kong vs. Godzilla - movie DVD cover picture
Bubble gum for the eyes.

This is the second best Godzilla film in the entire series.The first has always been Godzilla vs. The Thing.This is the kind of movie that is best enjoyed on a cold winters night and a huge bowl of popcorn. It is far one of Toho Studios most ambitious productions. The set designs, costumes and miniature effects are superior for that time period and have a great look.The film offers great action sequences, interesting characters and just the right touches of humor,slapstick and fun.This is the kind of monster movie that was made at a time when studios didnt have to dump millions of dollars on special effects and actors salaries.The simplistic look to this film only adds to its charm and that is why this film has endured now for over 40 years.

Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Director: IshirĂ´ Honda
Tadao Takashima
Kenji Sahara
Yu Fujiki

DVD title: X2 - X-Men United (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
X2 - X-Men United (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Pleasantly Surprised!

the writersof this should have actually read teh comic they were makinga movie for in the comidc he can fly and has supar strenth he is a "supar man" but in this he has claws and drinks beeer did teh suparman let himself go? also he his from space and huge jackman is Patreck Swayzeewas great in this as teh wizard, 2 harry potters and one neo up.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Bryan Singer
Patrick Stewart
Hugh Jackman
Ian McKellen
Halle Berry
Anna Paquin
Brian Cox

DVD title: La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast - Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast - Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Robby Benson
Paige O'Hara

DVD title: Ninja Scroll
Productgroup: DVD
Ninja Scroll - movie DVD cover picture
Ninja Scroll

I see that this movie has been reviewed by 295 people and the movie has a star rate of 4 1/2. That explains a lot. This movie wasn't ground breaking, but not everything is. This movie had everything i like about animation: great blood, great fighting scenes, and a great story. I think this movie is great in every way.
This movie is a must see for those who love their movies with lots fighting and blood.

Studio: Palm Pictures/Manga Video

DVD title: The Last Days of Patton
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Days of Patton - movie DVD cover picture
Patton's Last Battle

Actor George C. Scott delivers an encore performance of his most famous character: Lt. Gen. George S. Patton Jr. Just as the original "Patton" was based in part on Ladislas Farago's biography "Patton: Ordeal and Triumph," so too is the sequel based on Farago's second installment of the same title.It is ironic, perhaps that Scott seems tired in this follow-up role and does not deliver a tour de force comparable to his original performance. Then again, the real life Patton was also tired: relieved of command of his beloved Third Army for not being what today would be termed "politically correct," and instead placed in command of a "paper army" whose mission was to write the history of the Second WorldWar. Disgruntled with the turn his military career had taken, Patton was to return home, hang up his ivory-handled pistols for good and write a tell all memoir. A day of pheasant hunting in Germany was all that seperated Patton the soldier from Patton the civilian. The out-spoken general never made it. He suffered a broken neck en route in a silly fender-bender with an army 6 x 6 and died of complications twelve days later. In spite of Scott's subdued portrayal of Patton II, the scenes are superb; the supporting cast top-notch; and the story-line, including the usual amount of dramatic license, holds true to the facts. Throughout the film, the viewer is treated to flashbacks memories of Patton's earlier life as a child, as a young junior officer, and themes the first "Patton" dared not touch, such as Patton's supposed wartime affair with his wife's niece, a woman half the general's age. Unlike the first "Patton," these flashbacks give the film a true biographical feel. I was touched with the strength his wife Beatrice exhibited by her husband's side, reading to him from his favorite books by the likes of Napolean and other great captains while her injured husband lay with a head brace and fish hooks embedded in his scalp in an effort to support his shattered neck. If Scott gave us the mythical "Patton" in his first role, he also gave us the human "Patton" in his second. This DVD should be appart of the collection of anyone interested in this truely complex individual we have come to know simply as Patton.

Studio: Bci Eclipse Company
Director: Delbert Mann

DVD title: The Sand Pebbles
Productgroup: DVD
The Sand Pebbles - movie DVD cover picture
It's Not About Vietnam, It's About Every War

A slight correction to the reviewers who've linked this film to the Vietnam War. The novel and the decision to make the film occurred in the early sixties, before our Vietnam intervention spun out of control. The reason why this film resonates with our Vietnam experience is because it is true to life. You meddle in the affairs of other nations, and this is the mess you get.

If it resonates today with our experience in Iraq . . . well, isn't it funny how universal truths can be universally applied?

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Robert Wise
Steve McQueen
Richard Attenborough

DVD title: H.G. Wells - Things to Come
Productgroup: DVD
H.G. Wells - Things to Come - movie DVD cover picture
Things to Come: Fantastic Movie at Many Levels

Every non-war decade seems to produce a for me a definitive Science Fiction Classic. The 20s-Metropolis, The 30s- Things to Come, The 50s- Forbidden Planet, The 60s- 2001, The 70s- Close Encounters, The 80s- Blade Runner. That's the level this movie reaches in my mind. It's a visually stunning movie and with all of it's flaws its a chance to see the great H.G. Wells put his own stamp (and not Hollywood's) on his writing. Actually, the flaws (o.k. it gets "preachy" and "wordy") add to its interest. Because this makes you think. Isn't this what science fiction is about anyway? This movie gives you a vision of the future through the past.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: William Cameron Menzies
Raymond Massey

DVD title: Transformers Armada - Season 1 Part 1
Productgroup: DVD
Transformers Armada -  Season 1 Part 1 - movie DVD cover picture
where it Bigun and ended.

it begun when i was 14, it's really emotional and it has a lot of action and adventure.
i like starscream & hotshot, cauz they have been my fav voice actors since they started transformers.
Michael & Brent have a reallity kind of thing feels like it's real.
Anyway, the shows original thing is the Battle between the autobots and the decipticons, they all are behind some mini-cons who could give them power and control over the universe.
decipticons want the mini-cons for bad reasons, when optimus prime and the team wants them for world peace.
and now the battle begins, and this is rockkie, someone is the real enemy, and now, the bots and the cons have to work together.
so congratulations Mini-cons cauz no more fights.
in Energon congratulations Gary & David cauz your roles are back.

Studio: Wea Corp

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