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DVD title: East Is East
Productgroup: DVD
East Is East - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Movie

OK I'm biased, for my cousin, Damien O'Donnell directed this rather excellent movie...Funny as hell...I lived in the north of England for a while in similar areas as are depicted in the film.
Buy it and laugh....
Carl J. Dempsey

Studio: Miramax
Director: Damien O'Donnell
Om Puri
Linda Bassett

DVD title: Band of Brothers
Productgroup: DVD
Band of Brothers - movie DVD cover picture
Great Pricing!!

I ordered this product after checking out the same item at other stores and this was by FAR the lowest price anywhere!!
The quality was also great...I received it in perfect condition and in good time!
I would reccommend AMAZON to purchase items to anyone!!

Studio: HBO Home Video

DVD title: Ice Age (2-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ice Age (2-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Very good movie!

Ice Age is an impressive attempt from 20th Century Fox to enter the world of animation (it should be worth noting that Ice Age is 20th Century Fox's final animated movie, since their animation studios has been shut down due to financial difficulties), and they succeed with flying colors. The story is very ingenious and centers on the importance of friendship as the three mammals (a sloth, a mammel, and a sabertooth tiger) return a lost baby to his tribe. The friendship between Mandfed the mammoth and Sid the sloth is very similar to that of Donkey and Shrek in "Shrek," and I enjoyed the scene where the mammals are chasing the baby through the ice caverns. And let's not forget Scrat--he definitely steals the show throughout the movie, and all because he wanted to find a place to bury his acorn.Ice Age is fabulous, but even this movie, Shrek, and Monsters, Inc. can never top the animation in the movie Toy Story. Still, I do plan on buying the DVD of Ice Age when it comes out later this year (I'm guessing the DVD will be released during the Christmas holidays).

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
John Leguizamo
Denis Leary

DVD title: Pink Floyd: Still First in Space, The Crew's Story
Productgroup: DVD
Pink Floyd: Still First in Space, The Crew's Story - movie DVD cover picture
Great documentary of Pink Floyd Tour

This DVD is the best documentary of Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour.
Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour in 1987 and 1988 of PINK FLOYD is famous for having stored a global success.
This DVD has the situation of the tour in New Zealand,Australia and Japan.
He shot the scene of making Pink Floyd stage,sound check,a rehearsal and more.
I think that he have created this DVD since Bobby Hickey is Sound Engineer,
If you see this DVD, you will think that it has participated in the tour of PINK FLOYD.
Of course, a picture and sound are the highest.

Studio: Make Big Pink Laugh Productions
Bob Hickey

DVD title: Rancho Deluxe
Productgroup: DVD
Rancho Deluxe - movie DVD cover picture
the west- like it or leave us alone

I'm one of the people who has seen this movie numerous times and loves it. I first watched it with a friend who grew up around the Crazy Mts and knew exactly what was being shown. I guess if you don't know the rural west and have no sense of humor beyond the Adam Sandler fart joke level this will not be a movie for you but if you appreciate nuanced acting, great locations and a natural story flow you will enjoy it.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Frank Perry
Jeff Bridges
Sam Waterston

DVD title: Troubles
Productgroup: DVD
Troubles - movie DVD cover picture
The Major's Story

Troubles is a moving, extended meditation on the British presence in Ireland, in the years just prior to that country's independence in 1922. Part comedy, part tragedy, this beautifully filmed drama follows a shell-shocked Major (Ian Charleson) from the trenches of WWI to a crumbling hotel situated in the Irish countryside. In the wake of his betrothed's sudden death, the Major stays on, beguiled by the hotel's bombastic owner, Edward Spencer (Ian Richardson). Soon adopted by an eccentric gathering of staff and guests (all expertly played), the Major is rescued from his isolation, and is ultimately entranced by Ireland itself.
Although the political significance behind much of what transpires between the English and Irish characters will likely be lost on a North American audience, Troubles can still be enjoyed simply as the Major's story, as we chart his gradual transformation from embittered war veteran to lover, confidante and friend.
The British military contingent is the least sympathetic element in the film, as it is surely meant to be. This undisciplined platoon, led by Sean Bean in a minor role, sparks two of the film's dramatic crises, and confirms all our suspicions regarding the evils of colonial domination.
It seems unfair that Ian Charleson, who died in 1990, did not receive more prominent billing in the current DVD release of this superb film. By replacing his cover image with those of Ian Richardson and Sean Bean, the studio has misled the public as to who is actually the star of Troubles, and who are the supporting players.

Studio: Bfs Entertainment & Multimedia
Director: Christopher Morahan

DVD title: Trespass
Productgroup: DVD
Trespass - movie DVD cover picture
Down wit da syndicate fool.......

Oh yeah, Ice T be up on da screen, and he be mean. He's King James, ruler of East St. Louis. When two honky firemen come by to take a treasure, hidden there for years, Ice T sticks it to da Man.
You got a stone cold playa with a sniper rifle, a crucified crackhead bolted to da door, Ice Cube proclaim da name without shame that King James ain't no gang. Record it all on video. But the best character of all is the gold expert, the homeless bum, the bringer of peace and destruction. He is the reason the film was made, not the fancy white man's vehicle or black St. Louis cops who don't like public urination.
It's a good thing whity one brought a pistol or this would have been a real quick movie, like five minutes.

Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Director: Walter Hill
Bill Paxton

DVD title: Resident Evil - Apocalypse (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Resident Evil - Apocalypse (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Thrilling sequel!

Set after the events of the original movie, Alice ( Milla Jovovich)has came out of the hospital in Raccoon City to find the entire population of the city has been sealed off and contaminated by the T-virus. She meets up with survivors including Jill Valentine and Carlos whom are part of the S.T.A.R.S. alpha team of the police station, they together must escape the city of horrors or end up dead by zombies, mutants and a powerful new foe called "Nemesis".

Well made and super scary sequel that probably surpasses the original movie in every way since i am a major fan of the video games and enjoyed the first movie, i would have to say this one is great. It's more faithful to the video games than the original movie ever did, but what's cool about this movie is that it's got a better story, more gore, more zombies, more mutants, humor, better action, scares, thrills and chills abound with terrific special effects.

The 2-Disc special edition is awesome just like the movie itself! it's got literally killer extras such as deleted scenes, three audio commentaries, previews, Cast outtakes, six-part making of this movie, featurettes and poster gallery. Oh! there's also perfect picture and awesome surround sound with your choice of widescreen or fullscreen versions.

Also recommended: "Lifeforce", " Nightmare City", "Cannibal Apocalypse", "Resident Evil", "Zombi 2", " Demons", "From Dusk Till Dawn", " Shaun of the Dead", " Hell of the Living Dead" ( a.k.a. Night of the Zombies, Virus, Zombie Creeping Flesh), " Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror", "Dead Heat ( 1988)", " Bio-Zombie", " The Matrix", " The Terminator 1 & 2", " Aliens", " The Thing ( 1982)", " Evil Dead 1 & 2", "Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 and 2004 versions)", "Night of the Living Dead ( 1968 and 1990 versions)", " Day of the Dead", "Re-Animator", " Bride of Re-Animator", " Beyond Re-Animator", "House By The Cemetery", " The Return of the Living Dead Trilogy", " Zombi 3", " Cemetery Man", " Battle Royale", " Versus", " The Stuff", " Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" and " The Beyond".

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Alexander Witt
Milla Jovovich
Sienna Guillory
Oded Fehr

DVD title: Joy Ride
Productgroup: DVD
Joy Ride - movie DVD cover picture
oh! candy cane!

this movie excels into the roadtrip from hell. even though they cast a bunch of unknown actors this movie is worthy of hitting the nail on your head. what started as a prank became a nightmare and when they try to get out of this mess it only got worse. joyride is a movie with hilarious dialogue with steve zahn and the looks that can carry a movie to capture the essense
of a scary film. the ending was odd but most scary films end like that. i give this movie high marks for its entertainment value rather then its script which by the way wasnt that bad.this movie should be seen cause of its overall liking good movie to watch around 2:00am when nobodys home.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: John Dahl
Leelee Sobieski

DVD title: The Virgin Suicides
Productgroup: DVD
The Virgin Suicides - movie DVD cover picture
Mesmerizing and beautiful

The Virgin Suicides is the kind of story that makes you come to the realization of the just how beautiful life is. Everything is wonderfully crafted and puts you into the charater's mind. You begin to feel for these deprived and overprotected girls. You come to realize that with their restraints that it was inevidable for them to keep their sanity. This darkly exquisite movie is a timeless masterpiece set to entertain and purely touch your life with every emotion, esspecially for teens.I would recommend this film to anybody though the intensities of the plot may strike your heartstrings with a shock and your eyes with a couple of tears.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Sofia Coppola
Kirsten Dunst
Josh Hartnett

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