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DVD title: Baby Einstein - Numbers Nursery
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Einstein - Numbers Nursery - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent DVD

We love the Baby Einstein videos and this is no exception. My two year-old calls it the "Tiger 1-2-3" video. He already could count but didn't recognize the numbers when he saw them. That changed after day one of watching Numbers Nursery. We bought this for him and he watched it over and over and over the first week. Now we watch it once every other day or so. He loves it and counts along with the children. His favorite parts involve the animals, of course. I do wish they had used the numbers 6-10 though. He learned 1-5 so quickly. I think even taking it to 20 would have been good. Otherwise, great video.

Studio: Walt Disney Video
Director: Jim Janicek

DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The first rule of Fight Club: Must watch Fight Club

From the opening credits, that take place as you are zooming out of a garbage bin, to the very final blast of the movie, you are hypnotized into the world of its lead Edward Norton who flawlessly plays the down, dull, depressed and lonely insomniac. His disoriented thoughts leads you through a trail of helpless explorations in the world of dark dumbing depression. People with insomnia are bound to find bliss watching Norton carry out his hallucinative journey. He begins attending sessions for terminally diseased patients speaking out. One day, he meets this very well dressed, well spoken, and handsome man named Tyler Durden. He sells soap for a living. The two hit it off and literally hit it off every night in the streets. Other dysfunctionally miserable men of society join in and the two form an underground cult they call fight club. Okay, I'm not going to get into details as to what happens next...but the story's got so much hidden secrets. The movie will end leaving you in complete awe and you'd want to watch it again!
The fight scenes are brilliantly choreographed. And the stylish directing of David Fincher, the genius behind Se7en, brings back the noir-ish grizzly theme of his previous and present films back to your own viewing pleasure.
This movie is highly recommended. This DVD is a must-have.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Heist
Productgroup: DVD
Heist - movie DVD cover picture
Like a good wine, Gene Hackman gets better with age

I was set to enjoy this one, I really was- I'm a huge fan of "The Spanish Prisoner," I love Gene Hackman, and I have a bit of a crush on Rebecca Pidgeon. "Heist" was a let-down, though, mainly due to a far too predictable script. I had one minor surprise during the film, and everything else seemed fairly cliche. Is it really necessary to have six or seven plot twists, most of which have been used to greater effect in other, better movies? If you want a good double-cross movie, try "Spanish Prisoner," or the grandaddy of them all, "The Sting." And there are better Gene Hackman films out there. This one's only for Mamet completists.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: David Mamet
Gene Hackman
Rebecca Pidgeon

DVD title: Fathers' Day
Productgroup: DVD
Fathers' Day - movie DVD cover picture
I couldn't stop laughing.

FUNNY! Williams and Crystal are great together, as always. Their cross-country chase to find their 'son' is hilarious. Look for a funny cameo by Mel Gibson as the 'pierced' guy. One more thing to add... Don't miss out on seeing the original French version, LES COMPRERES, with Girard Depardeau... Equally hilarious.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Ivan Reitman
Robin Williams
Billy Crystal

DVD title: E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Never has a motion picture uplifted you in a magical and heartwarming way than "E.T.THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL!" Here is indeed a close encounter of the memorable kind! HENRY THOMAS, DREW BARRYMORE, DEE WALLACE and PETER COYOTE fill the film with love, laughter, sadness, and the human spirit that outshines the most demanding experiences! They captivate with a youthful exhuberance the touches the very HEARTLIGHT of your soul! Filled with dazzling spectacular enchanced special effects, and powerful and moving music score by JOHN WILLIAMS, "E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL" takes your heart a magical journey ACROSS THE MOON and beyond your wildest dreams of flight, fantasy and imagination! STEVEN SPIELBERG directed, what is in my opinion, THE GREATEST FANTASY since "THE WIZARD OF OZ!" Whether it be the original edition from 1984, or the new special-edition 2002 version, "E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL" will touch you, and forever capture the magic, the wonder, ther beauty, and timeless friendship of a liitle boy from earth, and a little lost lonely lovable alien from outer space! Though the emotions ran high, and took a vertial rollercoaster ride, that touched our hearts, nothing was more moving to me than the farewell of our two little friends, when the mothership came to take E.T. back home! The embrace of the two, was the emotionally charged moment of the film that literally "left me in tears!" "E.T." is a film to be cherished and one of greatest motion pictures of alltime! I would most definitely highly recommend this copy including the extra footage. (The scene of E.T. and Elliot home alone, getting to know one another is side-splitting!) In all "E.T." is indeed a magical experience that will not only touch your heart, by will uplift you with a youthful exhuberance that will outshine your greatest childhood memory, and in fact make you feel young again! The film will leave you in a peaceful, wonderful mood filled with hope and wonder! I recommend it 100%! Add it to video collection as a keepsake to treasure always! I will always see "E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL" as a the BOY ON THE BICYCLE FLYING ACROSS THE FACE OF THE MOON! It's wonderful, heartwarming and indeed timeless!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Henry Thomas
Drew Barrymore
Peter Coyote

DVD title: The 10th Kingdom
Productgroup: DVD
The 10th Kingdom - movie DVD cover picture
The Tenth Kingdom (t10k) is magical!!!!

I love it! Recommend this to all my friends and aquaintances!The best ten hour film I've ever seen!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Kimberly Williams

DVD title: Showgirls
Productgroup: DVD
Showgirls - movie DVD cover picture
Magnificently bad

This might have been just another young-girl-follows-her-dreams-to-the-big -city-only-to-lose-everything-yet-discov er-her-true-self story. But Eszterhas and Verhoeven ensure that "Showgirls" is at least more memorable than that. Violent over-acting, jaw-droppingly bad dialogue, and a narrative radiantly free of plot will have these 131 minutes of celluloid burned agonizingly into your cortex for all eternity. Others have defended this film as a brilliant satire of American culture along the lines of "Starship Troopers". But the battery of ludicrous sex scenes, flailing pudenda, and languorous lesbian kisses give the game away: perhaps the crowning achievement of the Hollywood erotic-thriller sub-genre, "Showgirls" unwittingly exposes it for what it always was - an excuse to fill the screen with a few dozen pair of admittedly shapely and extremely well-lit breasts. What I want to know is how they all did it without laughing - especially Eszterhas, who apparently got paid $2 million for his "work". Can I have that job? Please?!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Elizabeth Berkley
Kyle MacLachlan
Gina Gershon

DVD title: M*A*S*H (Five Star Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
M*A*S*H (Five Star Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
This wickedly funny political satire still bites.

Although this wickedly funny satire on political culture during the Vietnam War has enduring value, this reviewer finds another aspect of M.A.S.H. to be a quite amusing comment on contemporary culture. The movie, when originally released, was rated P.G. With the rising tide of conservative intolerance in the land, this fine flick is now rated R. The leftist satire still has a bite, and the young must be protected from it, lest they come to question increasingly the dominant political culture the way a minority of their parents did!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Robert Altman
Donald Sutherland
Elliott Gould

DVD title: The House of Mirth
Productgroup: DVD
The House of Mirth - movie DVD cover picture
A Brilliant Performance by Gillian Anderson

I thought this movie was exquisitely done. The performances, all of them, were magnificent. I could feel the love and tenderness between Lily (Gillian Anderson) and Selden (Eric Stoltz). There too few moments together were some of the most tender and magnetic moments on the screen. This movie is a fine adaptation of Edith Wharton's novel about early 1900's society life, when young ladies were groomed to marry wealthy husbands, rather than educated or taught useful skills. Lily's descent from high society independence to useless working class anddrug dependency is worth the watch.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Terence Davies
Gillian Anderson
Dan Aykroyd

DVD title: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Platinum Collection 1
Productgroup: DVD
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Platinum Collection 1 - movie DVD cover picture
No transfer complaints here!

I originally had the series on VHS, and the first DVD in the series is no worse than the tape, transfer wise. If I was upset over anything, it's the limited bonus materials on the disc. I'm just glad I can finally have my EVA on a non-degradable media AND in the original soundtrack w/ subtitles. I haven't seen the region 2 disc that everyone keeps raving about, but I'm still very happy with my purchase. The show itself is wonderful, very exciting and intelligent. Your emotional investment definitely pays off in later episodes. Highly recommended for any anime fan.

Studio: A.D. Vision
Megumi Ogata
Megumi Hayashibara
Kotono Mitsuishi

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