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DVD title: Mark Twain - A Film Directed by Ken Burns
Productgroup: DVD
Mark Twain - A Film Directed by Ken Burns - movie DVD cover picture

Mark Twain was a master story teller, and Ken Burns does him justice. As for the racial overtones, this is the man that wrote Huck Finn. There was a racial under current in everything then, and almost everything now. Some people are naive.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Ken Burns

DVD title: The Sixth Sense (Collector's Edition Series)
Productgroup: DVD
The Sixth Sense (Collector's Edition Series) - movie DVD cover picture
"I see dead people..."

As a 13-year old I always believed younger kids were able to see ghosts, but later denied this due to a "more clear and critial thought". And you somehow lose that ability to see the dead because of disbelief. The idea has grown to me ever since. What if you grew up with the concept of ghosts being really real? Maybe M. Night Shyamalan had a somewhat same idea when making up this movie's premise.
M. Night Shyamalan is a brilliant director who just came out of nowhere and blew the competition away. (considering it openened up along with overrated box office hits like 'Blair Witch' and 'Runaway Bride') M. Night has this documentary style going on too and I really love that kind of filming cos it adds alot to the realism. For example; the scenes of Cole's mum walking around the house are quite impressive long shots - which gives a sense of real time shooting, hence you feel like you're really there with the characters and experiencing the same events they are.
The cast performs amazingly well. Haley Joel Osment does seem too intelligent for a kid his age, but maybe it's due to his "special powers" and isolated lifestyle that results into more deep thinking. Bruce Willis showed us once again he can be a more than decent actor, reclaiming his spot on my favourite actors list :o)
Toni Collette's amazing performance as Cole's mum impressed me the most. Why doesn't she ever leave her hair like in this movie? Looks so much better on her... Anywayz, I think Olivia Williams' exceptional performance is also overlooked too much. It's her ambiguous role that helped us believe the ongoing events for every viewing. Olivia coped with the pressure of that role just fine.
Another thing I like about M. Night Shyamalan is that he's put so much effort in this to make it work and see whether all the rules he set and is taught are correct. This is really a work of love and that was what I think made this film such a success. Look out for his cameo as a doctor btw...
The DVD contains a beautiful transfer. The picture is spot on. This movie relies more on dialogue so it doesn't have to benefit from the best ever soundtrack. Still, it sounds as natural as Toni Collette's performance - making it all feel so real. The deleted scenes give quite an enjoyable watch and the featurettes cover enough subjects to clear away most of your questions.
The worst part of this DVD is that, upon inserting it, it starts by showing some trailers from other movies. It's quite annoying stuff and really disturbs the mood by taking it completely out of context. Our European version doesn't suffer from that same problem though. But due to the multi-lingual subtitles we had to sacrifice the animated menus - which also spoils the mood. The Aussie version is the same as our's so there's no real perfect one without trailers AND with animated menus included. You decide which version would be best for you.
On a minor note: Don't EVER let anyone spoil the ending for you. I've made this mistake and can't help but think of how surprising and good the story's outcome could've been if I didn't know about it. So whatever you do, no matter how boring your new date is: DO NOT talk about plot twists you don't know about yet.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Bruce Willis
Haley Joel Osment

DVD title: Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby
Productgroup: DVD
Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby - movie DVD cover picture
A great sequel to a great film

I loved Freeway, & I was surprised & pleased to discover that Freeway 2 is every bit as memorable. Little connects the films except their similar tone, which is totally unique & almost beyond description. Equal parts violent, funny, sad, disturbing & (most surprisingly, perhaps) genuinely compassionate. The two female leads are tremendous; Natasha Lyonne in particular rises to the occasion w/ a ferocious performance as White Girl. Vincent Gallo has a brief but memorable role. Highly recommended.

Studio: Koch Full Moon Releasing
Director: Matthew Bright

DVD title: Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut
Productgroup: DVD
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut - movie DVD cover picture

Absoloutly must see. Arguably this is one of the most powerful pieces of cinema ever created. I would recomend this film to people of all ages. I know many people would say that is irresponible but hey this movie is about the truth behind not just drug addiction but about addiction in general. What make this movie so powerful is the amazing performance of Ellen Burstyn. Had she been omitted the story would of taken on a fantastical element, similar to Trainspotting. Jared Leto gives and amazing performance as does Jennifer Connely and Marlon Wayons. It is inspiring to see such a young director take on such an ambitious project and then succed in handling it brilliantly. I was not at all surprised to find out that Hollywood wanted no part of this film. Everything from the cinematogrpahy to the original score is an inspired work of art. And ofcourse hats of to the brilliant James Chindlund.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn
Jared Leto

DVD title: Ready to Wear
Productgroup: DVD
Ready to Wear - movie DVD cover picture
A wonderful evocation of Parisian fashionistas

This is one of my favourite films.
Many of the critics of this movie missed the point. This movie is not about plot or characters. Robert Altman does what movies are for; he takes us to another place.
What Altman does is give us a vivid impression of the incestuous whirl of the fashion world. His world is populated by both real designers (as ever spotting them is half the fun). and wonderful performances such as Richard E. Grant as a male Vivienne Westwood.
The movie also effectively transports us to Paris. And yes, Paris really is covered in "Dog Poop" (they were Paris jokes, not Poop jokes).
I think that many of the jokes about Paris, may have gone over the heads of US movie critics who have not set foot outside LA and New York.
One of the reviews of this movie described the fashion shows as "pointless". They were pointless in the same way a Monet is pointless; they were in the movie because they are beautiful.
To summarise, if you love Paris and you love fashion, you will love this. The closing credits of a montage of Issey Miyake and other fashion shows set to Grace Jones' "La Vie En Rose" is worth the price of admission alone.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Robert Altman
Marcello Mastroianni
Sophia Loren
Julia Roberts

DVD title: Pixote
Productgroup: DVD
Pixote - movie DVD cover picture
A shocking experience

This films is one of the saddest I've seen. The degree of brutality and human degradation is unbelievable. I think no one in the movie deserves their fate, contrary to some other reviewer's opinion. It's just a terrible circle from which there is no escape, it seems. I am grateful that such movies are produced still, since it's hard to stomach it. Naked truth indeed.

Studio: New Yorker Films
Director: Hector Babenco
Fernando Ramos Da Silva

DVD title: Bubble Boy
Productgroup: DVD
Bubble Boy - movie DVD cover picture
Suprisingly intelligent yet Goofilicious!

Too many times are funny movies, comedians, ect... sacrificed to the alther of Political Correctness. I think this movie is one case. The main character in this movie, played extreamely well by Jake Gyllenhaal is a victim of an auto immune disease that makes him unable to live outside his artificial plastic room his parents of built for him. Sounds depressing? Well it isn't, his mother, a neurotically clean, religeous, uptight lady played by Swoozy Curtz and his father are the perfect foil to the main characters naive charm and goofy attitude. When he first meets the sexy neighbor girl that he has been staring at for years he thinks that the proper way to greet her is as "The Whore next door" since thats all he's ever heard her called.They slowly become friends and there are several great scenes as when he dresses up as a gold fish swimming in a bowl for Halloween. You also start to get the idea that she is attracted to him. However, she eventually starts dating a motorcycle riding tough guy who has no redeeming qualities and goes off to Niagra falls to get married.
this is where the road film takes off. The main character gets into his bubble suit to try to prevent the wedding, I won't go into ever great joke, situation, or character actor, although I could spend several minutes on the hilarious scene when he is picked up by a cult. He eventually makes it to niagra falls but the journey was the great part of this filmSuffice it to say that if you liked something about Mary, The Big Lebowski, and Rat Race, you will love this film.
If you didn't like those movies, then by all means, agree with the PC police, make a comment such as "How can they make a film about this, that is terrible" and do not see this film.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Blair Hayes (II)
Jake Gyllenhaal

DVD title: Colossus - The Forbin Project
Productgroup: DVD
Colossus - The Forbin Project - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is the bomb! I mean if you like to go to the internet and use a mouse , this is the movie for you! The movie is about this guy, he is a scientist, and like, he is really, really, really smart. He walks down the hall and people say "hey you are that smart guy!" Well this guy builds this HUGE computer, and it can talk! It acts just like Mr. Spock, though, without any type of emotions. Well, this computer, along with a Russian computer (computerski?) think they know better then anyone else, so they threaten to kill everyone if the world does not obey them! Well, thats were the movie ends!. I would have sent in the special forces to blow that thing to #e11! I know one thing: whenever I'm not playing Halo 2, I keep my Xbox UNPLUGGED!!!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Joseph Sargent
Eric Braeden
Susan Clark

DVD title: Face/Off
Productgroup: DVD
Face/Off - movie DVD cover picture
Most Entertaining!

Credit given to both Travolta and Cage for their superb performances. I found the "character swithing" most original and how well it was executed. The film has Woo's traits all the way through. This film had me on the edge of my seat!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: John Woo
John Travolta
Nicolas Cage

DVD title: Hanson - Tulsa, Tokyo & the Middle of Nowhere
Productgroup: DVD
Hanson - Tulsa, Tokyo & the Middle of Nowhere - movie DVD cover picture
Omigosh, Sears is having a sale!

This video is flat-out awesome. Those Hanson boys do some crazy things! From the footage of touring around the world ("in Frahnce, haha!"), to clips of them interacting as a family ("We love each other!")it is so much fun to watch. Also, the two music videos (MMMbop and Where's the Love) are excellent. You will not be disappointed with TTAMON.

Studio: Uni/Mercury

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