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DVD title: Angel - Season Four
Productgroup: DVD
Angel - Season Four - movie DVD cover picture
Epic, Expansive and Brilliant

Season Four of, as Tim Minear puts it, TV's Angel, is an exercise of brilliance as the result of necessity. Sometime before or during the beginning of Season Four, Charisma Carpenter came to the writers with some news that undoubtedly threw a wrench in their plans for the season: she was pregnant. After the intense events depicted the season before, what were the writers supposed to do? This was the season where Angel had to be brought back from his ocean-depth tomb, as well paying off Cordelia's "ascension" as a higher being. The results should be taught to aspiring students in film school as a how to on contigency planning. Season Four was action-packed. It was hair raising, suprising, edge-of-your-seat television. If Season Three was Angel's perfectly structured high point, then Season Four was the go for broke roller coaster ride. Joss Whedon shows are full of surprises but Season Four takes the metaphorical "holy crap I can't wait for next week!" cake. I know that "the couple" (that's all I'm gonna say, I don't want to be a spoiler for potential buyers) turned many stomachs, but the actors who played the roles were just brilliant. "She" showed a darkness that rivaled Alyson Hannigan's Darlene-a-thon in Season Six of Buffy, while "he" is often unfairly maligned but is really a great actor, giving us a complex, nuanced performace. The DVDs themselves are quite good, with a transfer that is lush and full-looking. And the extras are plentiful, with commentaries by both Alexis Denisof and Andy Hallett (that's more than Buffy's actor commentary count of one, ironically courtesy of the exited Seth Green). There are many other commentaries by the staff, including the always entertaining Steven S. DeKnight and Tim Minear (and, obviously, Joss). There a lot of information to digest this season for newbies, but if you're hungry for truly epic television, it's worth it to do the homework.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
David Boreanaz

DVD title: A Tale of Two Kitties
Productgroup: DVD
A Tale of Two Kitties - movie DVD cover picture
It's Purrrrrrrrrrrfectly Adorable!

This movie is just so cute! The animation is charming, the plot is easy enough for a preschooler to follow, and the humor entertaining enough for even a parent to enjoy! In the story, a shy town cat comes to visit two bored farm cats. In the end, our city kitty learns to stand up for himself, our farm cats are no longer bored, and everyone has made a new friend! This movie is happy, it's silly,it's fun, and it also contains some very cute and catchy tunes that my five year old just loves to sing along to! What more could you ask for?

Studio: Simitar Video

DVD title: Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Best Television Shows

This is one of my favorite old sitcoms. This show stars Bob Denver as Gilligan, Alan Hale as the Skipper, Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III, Natalie Schaeffer as Mrs. Thurston Howell III, Tina Louise as Ginger Grant, Russell Johnson as the Professor, Dawn Wells as Mary Ann.

There are 36 episodes and they are all great. The DVD extras aren't as good as the cover says they are. The only thing I liked was the Rare Pilot episode and the Tropical Tidbits Trivia. The ones that I didn't like were the Gilligan's Island Survival Guide and Before the Three-Hour Tour. But everything else is superb. The DVD package includes 3 discs. One good thing is that every disc has episodes on both sides, 7 episodes on each side. Except the first disc, side one, that side only has episode and all bonus features.

These episodes are filmed in 1964 and 1965. They are in black and white and the total feature running time in 916 minutes. They are presented in a fullscreen format. If you like Gilligan's Island, the first season has to be in your collection.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Bob Denver

DVD title: The Watcher
Productgroup: DVD
The Watcher - movie DVD cover picture
Superior offering

I saw "The Watcher" in September when it first came out, and found it to be an intelligent though not overly original thriller. The real highlight of the film of course is the charismatic James Spader, looking fabulous as usual, playing a substance abusing former cop. The premise of the film has been done before of course-serial killer becomes obsessed with the cop who wants to arrest him- but this movie is no "Kiss the Girls" but rather rises above its tired premise to new heights of suspense.
Reeves, not the greatest actor but surely as good as the overrated Ben Affleck, really gives a great and scary performance as the killer searching for connectionless young woman to prey on.
The film is interesting because it examines a phenomenon common in America today-lack of communication. It is very possible to get lost in the crowd and be a ghost in your own life.
The film was also deeply psychologically disturbing, and poses many questions. But above all, its a must see for Spader's performance alone.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Joe Charbanic
James Spader
Keanu Reeves
Marisa Tomei

DVD title: The Blair Witch Project
Productgroup: DVD
The Blair Witch Project - movie DVD cover picture

THIS MOVIE WAS EXCELLENT.Such a nice change from the hack and slash movies of today.there is nothing more scary then not knowing what's out there.i,ve certainly been in a few creepy places,and i know if i was in that position,i would be as scared as they all seemed.great acting done by these newbies.hope to see them in the future.ONCE AGAIN ... AN EXCELLENT FLICK

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Heather Donahue
Joshua Leonard
Michael C. Williams

DVD title: Mr. Wong Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Mr. Wong Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Can't go Wrong with Wong

A fine series of whodunits that I had never seen before. Karloff is excellent. He makes no effort to fake a Chinese accent, but he does come across as an intelligent detective. His foil, Grant Withers, sometimes overdoes it as the brash, no-nonsense police captain forever dependent on Wong to solve crimes for him, but overall his interplay with Wong and a number of female leads is fun. I found several of the mysteries really engrossing and the quality of the images excellent. The last entry, with Keye Luke, either as a younger Wong or an offspring of the character Karloff was playing (though Withers is still approximately the same age) is a bit weaker. While there are plenty of suspects, the mystery itself did not keep my interest and the plot twist at the end was only mildly diverting. A good deal is instead made of Wong's budding relationship with a somewhat mysterious Chinese woman who had been working for the deceased. Nonetheless, putting this whole set in one package was an excellent idea. I found it very entertaining and look forward to watching the series again.

Studio: Roan Group
Boris Karloff

DVD title: King Kong (2-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
King Kong (2-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Directorial and Editorial pacing make this a masterpiece

Ever wonder why different movie makers can take the same story and come out with 2 entirely different movies? The 1933 version of King Kong, a parody of 'Beauty and the Beast', is a riveting example of movie making at its finest. No wasted frames, no excessive side plots, perfect atmosphere, timing and cinematography make this film a must. If you own even one other taped movie, then you need to buy King Kong.
Fay Wray has to be the sexiest scream queen ever. Her performance here outshines all other sex goddesses of her day, (Harlow, Garbo, etc.)
Although you'll hear praise for the colorized version of Kong, nothing will replace the forbodding atmosphere of the darkly toned original black and white. Kong island has to be the one of the most evil looking places ever. Couple that with one classic scene after another and you have the perfect movie.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: The City of Lost Children
Productgroup: DVD
The City of Lost Children - movie DVD cover picture

I had the great honor of seeing this film a few years ago when it was on it's first run in American theaters. I was captivated by the very surreal and dark look of the sets as well as the plot. The look and feel of the movie remiend me of the works by former Monty Python brain, Terry Gilliam (12 monkeys, Brazil, Time Bandits, Baron Munchausin). This movie is definatly worth your time and money, but only see the subtitled version. If you like this, I also recommend Delicatesson (By the same directors), it is kind of hard to find, but if you find a copy buy it, or rent it.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Ron Perlman
Daniel Emilfork

DVD title: Snow White: A Tale of Terror
Productgroup: DVD
Snow White: A Tale of Terror - movie DVD cover picture

I am amazed this movie didn't hit it big. I suppose that just goes to show the stupidity of the populace..... But this movie is wonderful. Everything about it was fantastic. I am a rough movie critic, but I must admit it had great costumes, a magical setting, fantastic actors.... The skill of these is evident as you begin to notice the slight changes in the facial features of the Queen, for example, as she begins to resent her stepdaughter. This is no conservative fairy tale. And I must say, Snow White, called Lilyana in the film, is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I hope to see her more in future films. If you cannot buy this film directly, at least rent it. It is truly a work of art.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Michael Cohn
Sigourney Weaver
Sam Neill

DVD title: Dawn of the Dead - U.S. Theatrical Cut (Anniversary Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Dawn of the Dead - U.S. Theatrical Cut (Anniversary Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
* 2* disc DVD set coming later this year

Judging from the sales-rank, many of you (like myself) have pre-ordered the Dawn of the Dead single disc coming this March. From what I've gathered, it represents only the THEATRICAL version with little or no special features. Whether this is a way to spur interest in the re-release or just..uh, well squeeze as much from the market as is possible, is unclear.
NONETHELESS, a 2 disc set is due for sometime in 2004 (apparently prior to Halloween). According to a Fangoria report, the multi-disc set will include both theatrical and director's cut editions as well as audio commentary by producer Richard Rubinstein and possibly new tracks with Romero and Tom Savini. There will also be a sizeable still gallery with additional features yet to be announced.
I'm more excited about the 2-disc set and curiously peeved at the single-disc version. But it's Dawn of the Dead, what'a'ya gonna do, they've got the good stuff and I need it.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: George A. Romero
David Emge
Ken Foree

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