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DVD title: God's Army
Productgroup: DVD
God's Army - movie DVD cover picture
Entertaining, Honest & Accurate

God's Army is a spiritual journey made rich by the universal human struggles and strivings of the young people on that journey. Their questions, missteps, and mistakes make their yearning for, and grasping of the sacred powerful, and real. Although Richard Dutcher made this movie for a Mormon audience, I, a non-Mormon, loved it, as did a Muslim friend. God's Army has, in fact proved somewhat controversial in Mormon circles. While it's been very popular in Utah, with many finding the portrayal of Mormon missionary experience very true to life-- there is a minority who feel it's not proper to portray anything other than a sanitized picture of Mormonism to the outside world. Richard Ductcher, who produced and directed the film (as well as playing the part of ''Pops'' the oldest missionary) is a active Mormon who wrote this movie out of his own life experience--at different times he experienced the faith, doubt, joy, despair, miracles, etc. portrayed fictionally by the different characters in this film.

Studio: Tapeworm
Director: Richard Dutcher
Matthew Brown
Matthew A. Brown
Jacque Gray

DVD title: Say Anything...
Productgroup: DVD
Say Anything... - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie!

My favorite part was when John Cusack was holding the radio playing "In Your Eyes," the Peter Gabriel song... I am a huge fan of Peter Gabriel...

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Cameron Crowe
John Cusack
Ione Skye

DVD title: Peter Pan (Limited Issue)
Productgroup: DVD
Peter Pan (Limited Issue) - movie DVD cover picture

My brother, sister and I really like Smee. He's funny and we like it when he sticks out his tongue at the other pirates. The Lost Boys' house is neat aswell as their hike. The mermaids are dumb.

Studio: Disney Studios
Bobby Driscoll
Kathryn Beaumont
Hans Conried

DVD title: Felicity - Freshman Year Collection (The Complete First Season)
Productgroup: DVD
Felicity - Freshman Year Collection (The Complete First Season) - movie DVD cover picture
With long hair or short...FELICITY always ruled!!!

I loved this show so much! Every season got better and better. So I'm really looking forward to each subsequent season on DVD. I just really wished we all could have watched Felicity go into the real world, after watching her change so much in college. It's a shame the ratings tanked after Keri cut her hair (hello! it does grow back folks) and the "Winter Breaks" to TRY to give Jack&Jill a chance...but while it was on, I relished every hour. As well as the talents of the entire cast; both Scotts were just great in fact that I'd be happy with whoever she ended up with. Anyway, it's about time a truly great show get a rebirth. So everyone that stopped watching after "the cut" can take advantage of Felicity on DVD (by the way once out of the awkward stage of growing, in my opinion her hair looked way better...b4 it looked like it could attack and kill bystanders).Fans & the WB lost a lot when Felicity graduated.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Keri Russell

DVD title: Happy Accidents
Productgroup: DVD
Happy Accidents - movie DVD cover picture
Cheeseman's Theory of Emotional Energy

Rarely do I find a movie that I can watch twice, let alone in a week's time. But having seen it on the Independent Film Channel I subsequently bought a copy online and watched it again with the same delight as the first go around.
Vincent D'onofrio plays Sam, a man from the future (Dubuque, Iowa on the Atlantic Coast to be specific) who after some tragic events in the future has broken the time-space continuum and traveled back some 400 years to find his one true love Ruby, whose picture he found in a curio shop. After a "chance encounter" in a park in NYC where they strike up a conversation and Sam entertains her, he seeks to find where she lives to return a book that she has forgotten on the park bench. The love-shy Ruby, who has had her share of "losers" in the past, is aloof when he approaches her but all the same curious of who this strange man is. To skip giving away any of the plot-line and formation, they begin a romantic relationship. But as the eccentric time-traveller starts to display odd and suspicious physical and personality traits, the neurotic Ruby begins to think that he is playing her for a fool. She confides finally in a therapist and after many see-saw episodes between the couple she believes that she must leave him. To keep her love he slowly uncovers the truth about who he really is. From this the main thrust of the movie becomes encapsuled in a simple futuristic ideal: Cheeseman's Emotional Energy Theory, which holds that if you can concentrate enough emotional energy on a particular moment in time you can alter the past and create a new future. Thus Sam has come back to save Ruby and himself from their tragic lots in life.
The strange sci-fi aspect of this romantic comedy is what fuels it to excellence and keeps it from becoming the prototypical toothy-actor "loser" meets the Hollywood starlett "princess" which normally plagues the genre. D'onofrio, though sometimes an over-actor, is always believable and sincere in his performances unlike a Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford, who no matter what they do, we are cognizant of the fact that they are mega-stars playing a part. Sam is real and likeable and thus the storyline becomes engrossing and brilliantly devised. Marisa Tomei, who I have never really thought twice about, is equally supportive and performs well and to the extreme which obliterates anything hackneyed or cliched about the film. A must have movie.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Brad Anderson (II)
Marisa Tomei
Vincent D'Onofrio

DVD title: Arlington Road
Productgroup: DVD
Arlington Road - movie DVD cover picture
Not Another Arnold Schwart....

Finally there is an action/thriller type movie where the plot does not depend on a machine gun to do all the talking. This movie has an original and intelligent plot, and has a great cast. It is a very dark movie, and in the end leaves an almost depressing and hopeless feel to it, but the message that it leaves is very true and very real. The plot is full of twists and turns, all unexpected, and Tim Robbins exucutes the role of a truely twisted character very well. Although this is a great movie, i can see how some who like to feel that everything is alright, and like to feel a sense of closuer do not like this movie, however it is a great movie if you can take it.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Mark Pellington
Jeff Bridges
Tim Robbins
Joan Cusack

DVD title: Roots Rock Reggae - Inside the Jamaican Music Scene
Productgroup: DVD
Roots Rock Reggae - Inside the Jamaican Music Scene - movie DVD cover picture

Jaw-Dropping Classic Film with Lee Perry at work at the Black Ark+! Reggae captured at it's greatest moment.Wow!

Studio: Shanachie

DVD title: Tombstone
Productgroup: DVD
Tombstone - movie DVD cover picture
A fantastic movie and great performances by Russell & Kilmer

I don't really like westerns but this movie is fabulous. Val gives his greatest performance as Doc "I'll be your hucklberry" Holiday. I feel in love with it instantly. These guys look good in their western outfits and Val is working that horse will enjoy! Do you know Daisy?

Studio: Hollywood Pictures
Director: George P. Cosmatos
Kurt Russell
Val Kilmer

DVD title: Queer as Folk - The Complete Second Season (Showtime)
Productgroup: DVD
Queer as Folk - The Complete Second Season (Showtime) - movie DVD cover picture
QAF..The Greatest Show On Earth!!


Studio: Showtime Entertainme
Hal Sparks

DVD title: Spider-Man - The '67 Collection (6 Volume Animated Set)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man - The '67 Collection (6 Volume Animated Set) - movie DVD cover picture

As a die-hard Spider-Man fan who came of age in the 1980's, I only saw this show on reruns as a kid. However, I bought this set, and it's awesome! Really brings back those memories. The shows themselves look crisp and really nice...they obviously cleaned them up nicely. The writing and animation is as cheesy as ever, but if you ever watched this as a kid, you'll still love it. And it's complete...what more could you want? Snag this, the complete MTV Spider-Man cartoon from 2003, and hopefully they'll release the entire Fox 1990's Spidey series soon!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid

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