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DVD title: Lost - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Lost - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Enjoy it now, this is probably its peak

This is a superb first season, but the show is a continuing mystery/thriller. Unless the producers and the network decides to establish a finite lifespan for this series, things can only stall out from here. For the successful mystery/thrillers that came before it, there are two paths to mediocrity: the "X-Files" approach of leaving the continuing story arc unresolved until the audience drifts from the show or the "Twin Peaks" approach of finishing the primary arc and the subsequent story being so weak that interest wanes. One could argue that two successful mystery/thrillers, "24" and "Buffy", avoided these pitfalls, but these series have less restrictive concepts than "Lost" or "Twin Peaks", and their creators wisely structured those shows so that a complete story arc is told in a season and the next season becomes a new adventure. There is no obvious way that "Lost" can do that. This doesn't mean that I haven't loved "Lost" thus far, but the creators just need to plan a true resolution.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Matthew Fox

DVD title: Alien
Productgroup: DVD
Alien - movie DVD cover picture
Terror personified- a true classic!

The first movie in the legendary Alien series is by far the best of them all. No other movie captured the feeling of utter terror or suspense. The other movies were action movies. This was horror at its best. Aliens would introduce the series to the action genre, but Alien will remain the most terrifying movie of them all.
From start to finish, you will be on the edge of your seat. H.R. Giger's creation comes to life with flawless perfection. Sigourney Weaver's career launchpad and excellent performances from Tom Skerrit and Yaphet Kotto.
It begins with the commercial towing vehicle Nostromo drifting through space. Crew compliment 7. Returning to Earth from a successful mining operation. The ship picks up a very strange signal. Law requires that any transmission indicating intelligent life MUST be investigated. This may have been a terrible mistake... The ship lands on the planet, much to the dismay of a few of the crew members. Captain Dallas leads an exploration to the source of the distress beacon. Unfortunately, while the team is away, the signal is deciphered by the ship's computer, as a warning...
It is too late. Kane, one of the crew members who went with Dallas finds a compartment of egg-like objects. Upon investigating one of them, the egg open, and the being inside lashes out, attaching itself to his face. And the terror begins shortly thereafter...
Frightening in every sense of the word, from the birth of the Alien to the final confontation, you will be staring at the screen, open-mouthed and frozen in terror. Even if you have seen the movie a hundred times, you will always feel a chill down your spine. Some of the most tense moments in movie history are in this movie. Air Duct scene anyone? The music helps to create the mood of suspense, fear and desperation. One of my all time favorite movies and clearly the best in the series. Unfair to compare Aliens to this movie, because Aliens was a different genre: action. However, Aliens also has its share of suspense and fear. In my opinion, Alien and Aliens are two of the best movies ever made, by far. Ridley Scott pulls off a magnificent work of art once again! It is a shame that he still has not won an award for best director. With movies such as Alien and Gladiator in his background, he is, again, in my opinion, one of the greatest directors of all time.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt
Sigourney Weaver
John Hurt

DVD title: Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country - movie DVD cover picture

Sentiment over whats ostensibaly the last of the Startrek films, nicely rounded off with the crews signatures. The film has everything, from excellent special effects to emotion. Not only do we see Klingon blood hanging out in a gravity lacking environment, but we also see ourselves in tears at the end of the movie, when the long and remembered friends leave the big screen after 25 years of the Star Trek Saga.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Nicholas Meyer
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley

DVD title: Macon County Line
Productgroup: DVD
Macon County Line - movie DVD cover picture
cinema type excitment

Macon County line is a sure thriller.It leaves you with the feeling of "Could this happen to me". Out of his role of Jethro Bodine,Max Baer is truly convincing as the sheriff every small town seems to have. The story is based on fact .Two teens are senselessly murded and another is scarred for life, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.A true classic,Macon County Line Is a roller coaster ride of thrills and suspense every minute. You WLL ENJOY this film.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Richard Compton
Alan Vint
Cheryl Waters

DVD title: Dead Poets Society
Productgroup: DVD
Dead Poets Society - movie DVD cover picture
Carpe Diem Everyone!

One reviewer nailed it when he said the message of the movie is: "Live life to the fullest. Leave your mark during the very short term you exist. There's so much to explore, and so much to be. Look at life from all aspects."
Another important message is that there is too much conformity in the world, and people need to dare to be creative and express their personalities. There is too much "marching in line." I enjoyed one of the exercises that William's professor character engaged in which stressed individualism as they danced on the college grounds, much to the chagrin of the conservative and anal professors looking on. It was tough to watch the young man who played "Huck" in the Shakespeare play who later was chastised by his father who didn't understand the way he needed to express himself. Too often we squelch individual expression if it is seen as inappropriate or not politically correct. Children listen to your children!! Another big message of this movie is tolerance of differences and helping people grow in their individual ways.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Peter Weir
Robin Williams
Robert Sean Leonard
Ethan Hawke

DVD title: Three Kings
Productgroup: DVD
Three Kings - movie DVD cover picture
Another great war/anti-war movie

When I first saw the previews for this movie I rolled my eyes as it looked like a mediocre reworking of "Kelly's Heroes". First impressions can be (and often are) quite wrong.
Though not as terrifying as "Saving Private Ryan" or lyric as "The Thin Red Line", "Three Kings" does a fantastic job of focusing the camera eye on the horrors of modern war. However the movie does maintain a sense of humor and does not get to heavy, even when criticizing U.S. strategic choices at the end of the Gulf War. There are great performances from all of the actors and the cinematography is...unique to say the least. A great addition to any war-film buff's collection.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: David O. Russell
George Clooney
Mark Wahlberg

DVD title: The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Golden Girls Are Simply Golden

The Golden Girls are simply golden. Its is the best television show of the 1980's. The best friendships were formed and stories created with all 4 women living together. They have such a special bond. Besides the friendships and chemistry and family orientation of the shows, its a clean family show for all ages to watch. Besides that its extremely funny and brilliant, hours of clean family comedy fun for everyone.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Betty White

DVD title: The Best of Primetime Glick
Productgroup: DVD
The Best of Primetime Glick - movie DVD cover picture
Short is finally Funny

I had always found Martin Short's over-expressive antics and routine comedies rather annoying and far from humorous. When Primetime Glick first came on Comedy Central, I had no desire to watch it. But then I kept seeing commercials where Glick (Short in a hideous fat suit) ripped into real celebrities during interviews. The clips were hilarious and I found myself tuning in.How glad I was when I did.Primetime Glick makes constant fun of Hollywood and the simple-minded morons who worship everything Hollywood does. The entire Entertainment industry is shredded by this mock talk show, and Short, as Glick, is the wonderfully obnoxious center of it all.The interviews are the best part of this underrated show, where huge stars get insulted, interupted and even assulted by Glick who half the time doesn't know who the guest is nor does he care about them.It's as if Glick speaks for the cynical at-home-viewer who always rolls their eyes in disgust when someone like Julia Roberst comes on TV and starts babbling about her latest movie. Glick simultaniously makes fun of Hollywood phonies (himself being one) and points out other Hollywood phonies for the insipid blowhards they are. And when he has a good guest on he still rips into them, all in good fun.
This DVD comes out right alongside the joyously surpirsing release of a third Season on Comedy Central. Just when everyone thought this show was dead and buried, it comes back with guests like Steven Spielberg, Ice Cube, Mel Brooks and Brandon Frasier.
Guests of this show have to have a good sense of humor and be a little masochistic, because Glick is ... relentless ...; fans of this show have to be a little hostile towards celebrity worship to truly get the humor of this.
For a great look at what makes the show so original and so excellent, pick up this reasonably priced collection. I'll get it as soon as possible, but I'll also be hoping for season sets.

Studio: Wea Corp

DVD title: Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes
Productgroup: DVD
Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes - movie DVD cover picture

I'm a diehard Zappa fan from way back and had this on VHS. I'm so thankful it was released on DVD. They did an incredible job. Not only is the transfer excellent but their are lots of extras. Just seeing Frank at his peak with this phenomenal group of musicians is enough, but it doesn't stop there. You'll fall out of your chair laughing at ex-Mother Roy Estrada and Ms. Pinky, his inflatable lover. Mind blowing claymations and behind-the-scenes mayhem abound. Even if you're a casual Zappa fan, this is a MUST for your DVD library.

Studio: Red Distribution, In
Director: Frank Zappa

DVD title: Friends - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Friends - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture

this was the greatest season in friends history, i loved it especially that dialogue.
Monica:Why don't i take my clothes off and have a nightmare.
and this one the funniest
Chandler:Oh, come one dora. don't be mad, i know that we had said some things that.... we didn't mean, but this doesn't mean
that we still don't love each other. you guys i feel like i have lost her, (paa!) and he walks away.
i love almost, i mean everything everything there is in season1 i love it.
i just do.
now thatz what i call, a bomb of laughter.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lisa Kudrow

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