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DVD title: Engelbert Humperdinck - Live at the London Palladium
Productgroup: DVD
Engelbert Humperdinck - Live at the London Palladium - movie DVD cover picture
Engelbert at his very best !

I bought the "Live at the London Palladium" in VHS, to see with my VCR. Haven't gotten a DVD player yet.
Engelbert is GREAT ! Every song he sang, his band, and his daughter Louise, made for a really super show !
I have watched that tape daily for 2 weeks. Just cannot get enough of his wonderful voice, personality, and energy!
When he was younger he was fantastic, but as a more mature entertainer, HE IS THE BEST !The song selection was great, and each and every person on that stage, as part of his band, did a fantastic job.I hope to hear him for many years to come.Enge..... you still are the best!

Studio: Uni/Hip-O Records
Engelbert Humperdinck
Engelber Humperdinck

DVD title: 8 1/2 (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
8 1/2 (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Reconsider 8 1/2

There has been a lot written about 8 1/2 that I will not go into here. I have seen 8 1/2 about 8 times (give or take a few false starts where I gave up on the film). The film is essentially about itself: Fellini is creating a work that is completely self-reflexive. He does not hide the fact that Guido, the director, is very close to Fellini, the director. When I first saw this film about 10 years ago, I wondered what all the fuss was about. I had seen Amarcord a few years earlier and considered it a great movie, filled with sublime cinematography and wonderful dialogue. Amarcord is definitely Fellini's most accessible work after his neo-realist period ended in the late-fifties. I would recommend seeing it before this film. Having said that, I was confused by 8 1/2. I thought there was some structure to the film but I was not getting it. The black and white shots were beautiful but they weren't enough. I needed to be convinced that this was a work on par with the likes of Rashomon and Persona--two of my favorite films. This is probably the best Criterion has ever done from a content and packaging standpoint. It's almost like they wanted to convince the non-believers. I will let others talk about the transfer; it is much better than the video version. This is a good buy. Watch the movie first and be confused by it if you're like me on my first viewings and then watch it with the commentary from NYU prof Antonio Monda turned on. If you're like me you will gain a new understanding of this movie and consider it one of the best ever made.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Federico Fellini
Marcello Mastroianni
Anouk Aimée

DVD title: GoodFellas
Productgroup: DVD
GoodFellas - movie DVD cover picture
An instant classic

This film is one of the best films this century along with Taxi Driver and Casino. If there were a 100 star rating I would give it 200 stars. get this movie now. De Niro and Pesci are the greatest duo of all time, there vulgar language, and extreme violence just makes you laugh and love them more! get this movie now!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Ray Liotta
Joe Pesci
Lorraine Bracco
Paul Sorvino

DVD title: Frank Herbert's Dune (TV Miniseries) (Director's Cut Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Frank Herbert's Dune (TV Miniseries) (Director's Cut Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The best Sci-Fi movie I have seen in a long time

I've been a fan of Dune since I saw the first one on T.V. When I heard it was being re-released I jumped at it. When SCI-Fi channel was making a new one I waited. I was awe strucked when I saw the new movie. the scenes were great. I liked the way they concentrated on the story of Dune and not so much on the special effects and the actors. like the dvd versions documentry said "Dune is the star". I love Alec Newmans performance he was more beliveable as a dukes son than that prim and propper Kyle Mclauglin. Don't get me wrong I love the original version too but I think that this new version is even better. although I think Patrick Stewart made a better Gurney Hallek. If you love Dune and the book you will deffinatley love this movie.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
William Hurt

DVD title: The Long Kiss Goodnight
Productgroup: DVD
The Long Kiss Goodnight - movie DVD cover picture
Rock'em Sock'em

If you had a husband who was a film director, you'd probably make films that are more vanity pieces than ensembles, too. Sometimes it doesn't go so well for Geena Davis (Cutthroat Island) and sometimes it blows the roof off, as in this incredible actioner. "The Long Kiss Goodnight" is unbelievable, hokey fun, nonstop, brilliant action and a wonderful showcase for Geena Davis' charm and talent.
To reiterate the story, as every good reviewer should do, even when the previous 43 reviewers have already done so, Davis plays Samantha Caine, amnesiac schoolteacher. After a bizarre auto wreck (which never explains the fate of the other passenger, oddly enough) Sam begins behaving oddly, more agressive. Years ago, she had hired a string of PIs to help her discover her past. Only one, drunk Mitch Hennessey (Samuel L. Jackson)ever discovered anything useful - and it is this that triggers Sam's old company into action.
Turns out she was actually Charlie Baltimore, spy and assassin, for the US government. Now that Charlie's back, the "good guys" don't know what to do with her, so they decide to retire her, permanently. Their mistake.
This film is full of jaw-dropping, eye-popping scenes the like of which you've never seen. The most amazing sequence is Sam & Mitch's escape from a train station. The Charlie personality takes over, blows away the bad guys and she & Mitch fall three stories to certain death, except that Charlie has nabbed a machine gun and shoots away the ice covering on a nearby river so the two land reasonably safely. Implausible, sure, but beautifully shot, balletic and stunning. Who says action movies have to make sense?
Don't look for depth here, you won't find it. But the heroes are appropriately invincible, the bad guys ooze evil, the politicians are smarmy. It's all you want and more. Give it a shot.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Renny Harlin
Geena Davis
Samuel L. Jackson

DVD title: Sleepy Hollow
Productgroup: DVD
Sleepy Hollow - movie DVD cover picture
This is a keeper

This is one of the better movies I have seen in the past 6 months. From the story line to the effects it is well done. There is a good blend of humor with terror. It did the classic tale justice indeed.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Christina Ricci

DVD title: What's Up, Doc?
Productgroup: DVD
What's Up, Doc? - movie DVD cover picture
a classic comedy

My mother took me to see this movie when I was a kid and I had always remembered it as one of the funniest movies I had ever seen. So it was with some trepidation that I picked it up in the video store when looking for a movie with my daughter. A lot of the funny movies I had seen as a kid didn't quite have the same magic when I saw them years later on video. I was afraid that this movie wouldn't be nearly as good as I remembered it.
I laughed so hard that I was drooling. Everything about this movie is very well done. Plot, dialoge and most of all acting. The cast is superb. They all play it exactly right. Especially Streisand. I really wish she hadn't gotten all serious as she progressed because she is pure genius when it comes to comedy. And as a bonus, this is a movie that you won't be afraid to show to a nine year old kid. Both because it is clean and because nine year olds find it as funny as us old folks.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Barbra Streisand
Ryan O'Neal

DVD title: Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
For the prize, and maybe the Oscars.

For months I had anticipated the coming of, "Master and Commander, the Far Side of the World" and this was not a movie in which I left dissappointed. Captian 'Lucky' Jack Aubrey is the Captian of the HMS Surprise, and he is the one surprised in the first battle scene, right at the start of the film. Aubrey has the Surprise in search of the French Vessel Acheron, which has found him, and lays into the Surprise a wallup of a battle. Of note in the film is a young actor, Max Pirkis, who plays Lord Blakeney. In the initial battle waged upon the Surprise, Blakeney is wounded in the arm and subsequently looses said arm. This is a fairly dramatic scene in which his arm is amputated, a bit to close to home for me. Pirkis' ability at the young age of 13 to act against Crowe and not be swalowed up and disappear was superb. Paul Bettany in his role as Dr. Stephen Maturin was quite brilliant, I could almost feel his child-like at at the all to brief but glorious beauty of the Galapagos Islands. Someone wrote they thought some of the scenes looked cropped, as I am not a photographer, I could not tell, so I truly enjoyed the Islands scenes. One of the more dramamtic scenes was seeing Bettany's Physician, after being shot and needing surgery, performs the surgery on himself, *shudder*. All of the actors in Master and Commander fulfilled there roles with utter amazement. You get a very good idea of the feelings that were clustered into the Man-O-Wars (ships) back then. The ships were of close confinement and thus caused many fights, tifts, cliques and losses amongst fellow shipmates.
As I have not read the books by Patrick O'Brian, so I can not attest to how closelynthe movie morrors the books. But I do understand from people who have told me they read the books and saw the film, there are discprepancies, but most still quite enjoyed the film. I will admit some scenes were not quite believable, but were not so far fetched as to seem ridiculous and loose believability in the film. Overall it was extremely enjoyable by myself and my party,one of whom is a history buff. I believe anyone who watches "Master and Commander" will walk away pleased. I also think it will give renewed interest in Napoleonic History, especially in British ships and ship warfare.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Peter Weir
Russell Crowe
Paul Bettany
James D'Arcy
Billy Boyd

DVD title: Bad Girls - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Bad Girls - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Great Drama

I was surprised by this show. My brother was adamant that I give this show (his favorite) a shot. My first thought was---"does anyone need to see another women in prison series" (I know, I know--all you men out there are screaming "YES!"). In any case, this show has great plot lines, characters you really end up caring about, GREAT villans and (yes, boys) a few girls in love.

I can't wait to get the DVD and see the entire series as a whole (I've missed a few episodes from the first season). My brother was right (again)---Bad Girls is a fantastic show.

Studio: Capital Entertainment Ind.
Jack Ellis

DVD title: Friday Fresh New Line Platinum Series Pack (Friday / Next Friday)
Productgroup: DVD
Friday Fresh New Line Platinum Series Pack (Friday / Next Friday) - movie DVD cover picture
FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These movies are 2 of the most funniest movies i have ever seen. These are a must buy!!!! I can't wait for the third one sometime next year.

Studio: New Line Studios
Director: Steve Carr (III)
Ice Cube

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