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DVD title: El Che - Investigating a Legend
Productgroup: DVD
El Che - Investigating a Legend - movie DVD cover picture
El Che Perfecto

Che Guevara was a true idealist Marxist who saw firsthand, unlike many of us Americans, the sheer brutality and injustice of US imperialism in South America. He stood up for his people much like our US forefathers stood up for their country - using rhetoric, intelligence, politics and violence towards their cause. After quite a search, this is far most the best and most complete video piece I have found on his life. The interviews are rare and filled with information. The footage - especially of the Cuban Revolution - is alone worth the price for those of us who have never seen it. It is a documentary in the truest sense of the word. It draws a few conclusions for the audience but always delineates between fact and interpretation. Weighing in at 150 minutes you can't go wrong. Viva El Che!

Studio: Kultur
Motorcycle Diaries
Che Guevara

DVD title: Stitch! The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Stitch! The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Lilo and stich

This movie is not as good as the first one. But this one is really funny. It is short but good. If you liked Lilo and Stich you will like this one.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Daveigh Chase
Chris Sanders (III)
Tia Carrere

DVD title: Half Past Dead
Productgroup: DVD
Half Past Dead - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie

This movie is just terific. And steven seagals moves are superb.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Don Michael Paul
Steven Seagal
Morris Chestnut
Ja Rule
Bruce Weitz
Matt Battaglia

DVD title: Trigun Vol. 1 - The 60 Billion Dollar Man
Productgroup: DVD
Trigun Vol. 1 - The 60 Billion Dollar Man - movie DVD cover picture
Victory for Vash

The very first episode is just plain hilarious. The cover and introduction have you beliveing that Vash is the coolest of them all, like a Heero Yuy or Spike Speigal....boy are you in for a surprise.
The fact that this guy just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time makes it an absolute scream.(be warned, it's best suited for ages 13 and up, maybe a little younger) The rest of the episodes are just as funny, but with more of a plot. The animations of his face change so rapidly that you just have to laugh. And when they do, you laugh even harder. He screams like a girl, and runs like a monkey. How could you not like that kinda guy? (he does have a weakness for girls, which makes him all the better ^^)
You have to watch it over and over again! BUY IT NOW!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Satoshi Nishimura

DVD title: Gummo
Productgroup: DVD
Gummo - movie DVD cover picture
Science fiction or fact?

A terrifying and hilarious vision of the future.If you have lost faith in cinema please go see this movie. Forget all the claims that this movie has no plot. If you want plot, go see some crappy Ron Howard movie. This film is absolutely brilliant. It makes you want to grab a camera and make your own film. If you have a sense of humour and do not need the director to hold your hand and explain the movie to you, this is your film. Gummo is a triumphant science fiction and documentary film. This movie will forever change your expectations of what a film should be and you will never be satisfied again. This film is a turning point in American cinema, we can only hope it will change everything.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Harmony Korine
Nick Sutton
Jacob Sewell

DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture

Firefly will go down in history as the example of how the race for ratings can end a splendid show. The writing, the acting, the plotting, the entire package is there and it excels. The show never fails to thrill. I have lent out my copy and referred many to rent it and without exception the response is always "Why did they cancel this show?". Buy this set for your collection and hope that the movie being developed causes a resurgence of interest in this splendid series.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: 12 Monkeys
Productgroup: DVD
12 Monkeys - movie DVD cover picture

12 Monkeys is about a convict from the future. Earth's air is infected with a deadly virus that has wiped out something like 99% of the population. Those who are alive live underground. The convicts "volunteer" to help the scientists collect data on the surface with special suits on. Some of them even have to travel back through time to collect information. This convict, played by Bruce Willis, is the star of this story. He is supposed to get sent back to the year that the virus is released, but he is accidentally sent back five years before the virus is supposed to be sent. Everyone thinks he is a raving lunatic including a very pretty psychologist (Madeline Stowe, who does a fabulous American accent). There, he meets fellow nutcase Jeffery Goines (I hope that's spelled right) who really is crazy! Anyway, he travels through time, and gradually, the story unfolds. A sad romance also grows between him and the psychologist. There are many unanswered questions. You may find the answers to them if you watch it more than once, though, and pay very close attention. This sounds very confusing, and it is. But it is ever so cool.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Terry Gilliam
Bruce Willis
Madeleine Stowe
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Gasaraki - Revelations (Vol. 5)
Productgroup: DVD
Gasaraki - Revelations (Vol. 5) - movie DVD cover picture
The Apocalypse is now!

This is an awesome sci-fi robot anime from Sunrise. Nothing is as it seems as the mysteries compund in this volume of "Gasaraki." It's an perfect combination of futuritic mechbattle and mystical power. A masterpiece like all the other chapters from Gasaraki. Let me say its an combination of Battletech + Lost M?bious + Macross. If you like Mechas and Animes you must have Gasaraki

Studio: A.D. Vision
Director: RyƓsuke Takahashi

DVD title: Billy Elliot
Productgroup: DVD
Billy Elliot - movie DVD cover picture
Flippin' wonderful!

Billy Elliot
Score: 88/100
One of the most critically accepted movies of 2000, Billy Elliot is a real charmer of a movie that gets better with every minute. It certainly deserves all of its success, and should've been a Best Picture runner-up at the Oscar's 2001, but unfortunately, all it got was 3 nods. Oh, well. At least it got that, or else I would have been pouncing on the Academy!
1984: In a northern England mining town, miners are on strike and the atmosphere is tense. Eleven-year old Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell), whose father (Gary Lewis) and brother (Jamie Draven) are participating in the strike, whose mother has died quite some time ago and whose grandmother is not completely aware of what's going on, doesn't like the brutal boxing lessons at school. Instead, he falls for the girls' ballet lessons. When his folks find out about this unusual love of his, Billy is in trouble. Being supported by the ballet teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson (Julie Walters), he keeps on training secretly while the work situation as well as the problems at home get worse. Finally, Mrs. Wilkinson manages to get Billy an audition for the Royal Ballet School, but now he also has to open his heart to his family.
There are heaps of shining stars in the movies that make it all worth while: Stephen Daldry, director, nominated for his extroadinary effort this year, Gary Lewis, who brutally and brilliantly displays his anger and Julie Walters who stuns our emotion every time she peeps a word. But, the film belongs to the amazingly talented Jamie Bell, he is Oscar-worthy and very natural in his role as Billy, and it hasn't been since Haley Joel Osment's performance in The Sixth Sense 2 years ago that we have seen such an engaging child actor. The film is also able to mix comedy, drama and a slight touch of romance into a very acceptable running time, and do it completely relaxed and with style.
Billy Elliot is simply not to be missed! A wonderful achievement!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Stephen Daldry
Jamie Bell
Julie Walters

DVD title: The Count of Monte Cristo
Productgroup: DVD
The Count of Monte Cristo - movie DVD cover picture

This is an excellent movie. Even though it is "a typical Holly Wood production", it didn't mutilate the plot so much you couldn't even recognize the title of it. Edmond Dantes is protrayed perfectly but Mercedes' actress doesn't look like the real Mercedes. The film shows every thing that gets the theme of the book across, and the changes made fall into place. Even though I had my hands clutched in terror during parts of it, I still laughed and cried. It was a wonderful movie and the ending is so sweet. Even though the book's ending was sweet, this one has the 'happily ever after' part added to it. And all the subplots were eliminated, so were many characters so it is much easier to follow. And even though the film goes by so fast, the actions of the characters results in a lot of development.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video
Director: Kevin Reynolds
James Caviezel
Guy Pearce

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