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DVD title: Beavis and Butt-head: The Final Judgement
Productgroup: DVD
Beavis and Butt-head: The Final Judgement - movie DVD cover picture
Eat it Paula Nechak!

HEY! I'm a 33 year old woman and I ADORE Beavis and Butthead! You people need to stop making stereotypical generalizations... and uh... stuff.

Studio: Sony Wonder
Director: Mike Judge
Mike Judge

DVD title: Dune
Productgroup: DVD
Dune - movie DVD cover picture
David Lynch's DUNE is the only DUNE.

Many people looked at Lynch's DUNE in a bad way uponit's arrival in 1984. It was afterall a science fictionadaptation of the one of the best sci-fi books ever written.It was tough to watch. But I watched it again. I have watchedit many times and have decided that it captured the bookbetter than any could have. Including the miserable seriesthat ran on the Sci-Fi network.Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides completely engulfed the role.He stated at the time that he had read the book many timesas a child. He "became" Muaddib. David Lynch mixed human emotions, heavy plot lines, and incredible effects, such as the Third Stage Guildsman, andI believe it was perfection in every way.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Lynch
Kyle MacLachlan
Virginia Madsen

DVD title: Drift
Productgroup: DVD
Drift - movie DVD cover picture
Canadian Cinema Great!

This movie was a favorite of mine for some time, and was pleased I purchased it. A storyline that moves at a comfortable pace. The way the characters all come together is realistic. I will not ruin it for those thinking about buying this one. Make some popcorn, your favorite beverage; and enjoy it!

Studio: Wellspring Media, In
Director: Quentin Lee

DVD title: The Wind Will Carry Us
Productgroup: DVD
The Wind Will Carry Us - movie DVD cover picture

Kiarostami constructs and uses space better than any living filmmaker. It is extrordinary, and subtle, in this film.

Studio: New Yorker Video
Director: Abbas Kiarostami

DVD title: Shaolin Soccer [IMPORT]
Productgroup: DVD
Shaolin Soccer [IMPORT] - movie DVD cover picture
Love Sports? Then Watch This Ultra-Funny Action-Comedy

In the summer of 2001, this hilarious comedy-action film was released in Hong Kong, and it immediately became the biggest hit there, even beating the previous box-office record of Jackie Chan's "First Strike." The craze went on, and when it was released in Japan in May, 2002, it again became an instant smash hit even though Stephen Chow's name, before that release, had been known only among the small number of devoted Hong Kong film fans. How the movie is received in US and other regions, I don't know, but as those facts testify, "Kung-Fu Soccer" is an incredibly funny movie.
[STORY}] You need one? OK, it is about a young man Sing (Chow) who wants to promote the usefulness of kung-fu he learned at Shaolin Temple, and an ex-star soccer player "Golden Leg" Fung (good supporting actor Ng Man Tat), who is now down and out, living in misery. However, when Fung meets Sing on the street of Hong Kong, and sees how he kicks an empty can miles away (literally), Fung realises that here is a golden opportunity for him to regain the dignity and pride he lost long time ago. Combination of Kung-fu and soccer! Invincible!!
So, Sing recruits the old pupils he knew when he was training at the temple to make a soccer team. They are no longer what they were; one is a businessman busy with a cell ohone, another totally unemployed, and so on.... And they seem to have lost the skills they had once until, of course, one day, suddenly, they come back in good shape, ready for fight, game for more. Meanwhile, Sing meets a girl named Mui (Vicki Zhao), and a romance (but very unusual one) starts to bloom. My overall impression is, in short, Austin Powers with sports and martial arts.
[WHO IS STEPHEN CHOW?] Chow has been very popular in Hong Kong since the year 1990, about two years he made his film debut, and he is 40 years old at the time of writing this, but looks much younger and very agile. His comedies are always filled with incredibly stupid and ridiculous things, often under the very unique situations. Some of his movies include "With Love from Beijin" (1994) "The God of Cookery" (1996), and many others, and I hope those titles would tell you what you see in those funny films. Always stupid and powerful, often with extraordinary parodies, his films give you dynamic gags with improvised atomosphere. Though the film often lacks a coherent story, and his character is not always amiable, finally you come to like him.
[ABOUT THIS FILM] As I said, "Kung-Fu Soccer" is a funny comedy, and it also uses first-rate wire-actions and CG images to create its original world. The soccer players jump (to the height of more than 10 meters), kick a ball (to make a hole in a concrete wall, or sometimes catches fire, becoming a roaring puma-like shape!), and ... well, about the rest you should see for yourself. Some of the CGIs are intentionally (and aptly) cheesy (see how villains fly in a browl), but some are surprisingly effective, especailly in the final game scene. Not "Titanic" class, but its use is well-regulated and most importantly, makes lots of funny scenes.
[AND ... TRIVIA] 1) As Stephen Chow is a great fan of Bruce Lee, he makes a reference to this legendary hero in the character of the goal keeper whose orange-colored uniform is that of Lee in his last film "Game of Death." 2) Vicki Chao is a famous, very popular idol singer/actress in mainland China, but she never shows her real face. Three time she appears, but each time she is wearing some make-ups. This is an in-joke for those who know her, but to some audience Chow's joke may seem to have gone too far. 3) If you're a Hong-Kong film fan, check out the special appearances of Karen Mok with a strange make-up (regular of Chow's films like "The God of Cookery" and also seen in Jet Li's "Black Mask") and Vincent Kok (also seen in "With Love" and director of Jackie Chan's "Gorgeous").
[AND FINALLY...] The film has first made with the running time of 102 minutes, and then two additional sequences are made to make it 109 minutes (I saw the latter one in Japan). However, it has been reported that for the US release Miramax decided to cut extensively the Asian version, so you may keep that in mind. But, though I hate those changes done to the films, I think, as far as this case goes, the cuts would not affect the total effect of the film very much (I admit some parts of the original version was, to me, a little unnecessary or ineffective) because the film itself is way too funny. Well, anyway, that's for the record.
I love the film. Hope you enjoy it.

Director: Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow
Vicki Zhao

DVD title: Black Jesus
Productgroup: DVD
Black Jesus - movie DVD cover picture

I met Black Jesus on an acid trip once. This book is right on!

Studio: Mvd
Director: Valerio Zurlini

DVD title: Kiss Me, Guido
Productgroup: DVD
Kiss Me, Guido - movie DVD cover picture
a movie to watch over and over again

i love this movie. i think for the most part it portrays our life(gays) in a positive light.i rent this just about every trip to the video store. it's a must see movie nick scotti is a babe

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Tony Vitale
Nick Scotti
Anthony Barrile

DVD title: Girl, Interrupted
Productgroup: DVD
Girl, Interrupted - movie DVD cover picture
Best female bonding movie since Thelma and Louise

Criticism has been aimed at Girl, Interrupted for several reasons. One is the accusation that the mental institution it is set in is couldn't have existed in the real world, but I don't agree. Another is that the illnesses the girls suffer from are not clearly defined. I don't think that that's relevant because very few viewers have much understanding of the definition of any mental illness, despite all the pop journalism TV shows that profess to give us knowledge of such things. What I do think is that Girl, Interrupted may be the strongest major American movie about the female psyche since Thelma and Louise. As such, it's appeal is mainly to women and to enlightened men.
The movie begins in 1968, which for America was not so unlike the present. We were a polarized country, torn apart by ethical and moral differences. The external forces were different from those at work today, but the feelings and responses were often the same. Much of America was again trying to disprove the axiom that money doesn't buy happiness. Youth in general was alienated, and the general consensus was that some power apart from the family needed to fix these kids. So when young Susanna Kaysen [Winona Ryder] gets overwhelmed by despair and attempts suicide, the solution is a typical one for her times. She is sent to a mental institution. It is true that there were plenty of mentally ill people in 1968, but it can also be argued that in crazy times, some people go crazy in response. These people are what is known as borderlines, neither crazy nor sane. Susanna, whose story is a true one, is an example of this problem, and she is but one of millions of people.
In the institution, Susanna meets a fascinating set of characters, most of whom are certifiably mentally ill. These are people against which she can weigh her own real or imagined problems. One of them is her room mate Georgina [Clea Duvall], a charming girl who is an admitted pathological liar. There is Daisy [Brittany Murphy], a victim of one of society's greatest taboos, and there is Lisa [Angeline Jolie], someone so disturbed that many patients steer clear of her. After a few weeks, Susanna bonds with many patients and especially with Lisa. They become extremely close. Bonds are difficult to hold together in the 'sane' world, and within a mental hospital, things can fall apart quickly and unexpectedly. This is a setting where an especially intense drama can unfold, and this is exactly what happens in Girl, Interrupted.
Ryder and Duvall, as well as Elizabeth Moss as Polly, give remarkable performances. This is Ryder's best work in several years. As Nurse Valerie, Whoppi Goldberg is finally back at the top of her form. As for Jolie, she is among the top five actresses of her generation and was awarded the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in this movie. She is one of those beautiful people who don't think twice about how they look, if, as in Girl, Interrupted, the character needs to look dreadful at times. As a result, much like the young Bette Davis, audience members often have mixed emotions about Jolie. Ultimately, her brilliance should win them over.
Girl, Interrupted is strong stuff and pulls it punches far less often than is usual in a main stream picture. For reasons which escape me, some people seem to be made uncomfortable by movies which have female bonding as a central theme. For those of you who are like this, not to worry. There's certainly no lack of male bonding movies.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: James Mangold
Winona Ryder
Angelina Jolie

DVD title: Settlement
Productgroup: DVD
Settlement - movie DVD cover picture
Dead Funny

The Settlement is a gem of a black comedy, darker than darker, with a rich script full of sharp Mamet-like dialogue and a sensational cast that keeps this noir-thriller bubbling along with unexpected twists. It's the kind of video store rental that you make almost accidentally, yet find yourself calling friends to recommend. Full of recognizable faces--John C. Reilly, William Fichtner, Kelly McGillis--the movie's dry sense of humor and dead-on cast combine to form a perfect evening's entertainment. You'll notice I've avoided any description of the plot--the less you know, the more fun you'll have. Suffice to say that it involves two schemers with a viatical life insurance company who end up employing desperate measures to insure their own financial security. Great performances, solid writing, stylish direction--The Settlement is the kind of I-Never-Heard-About-This-Flick-Before-Bu t-It-Sounds-Interesting experience that pays off bigtime. Take a chance and enjoy!

Studio: Mti Home Video
Director: Mark Steilen

DVD title: Ed Wood (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ed Wood (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Hi, I'm Edward D. Wood Jr...

I just watched this movie for the first time last night at 22 years of age and was amazed. I like it even more thinking about it the next day. Quite a stunning film about Ed Wood, who I was honestly unaware of in Hollywood history. Great performances, great characters, story-line was generally good for a biography type piece.
Okay, yes, Johnny Depp proved that he has acting abilities that no actor should be capable of having. I could barely...barely, find an ounce of him in this part. What is interesting is that you can still "see" Johnny when he takes on his roles like they ARE him, yet they aren't like him. But essentially they really are him. Difficult to explain this feeling but this movie truly made me see that.
Truly great performances by the other magnificent actors too. Bill Murray held his natural sense-of-humor without acting like he has one, didn't even recognize Vincent D'Onofrio as Orsen Wells, and admired Bela aka Landeu's perfromance tremendously(sp?)

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Martin Landau

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