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DVD title: Three's Company - Season Two
Productgroup: DVD
Three's Company - Season Two - movie DVD cover picture

This release includes all 25 episodes from Season 2, plus one of the unaired pilot episodes:
Unaired Pilot #1 (starring John Ritter, Valerie Curtin, and Suzanne Zenor)"Ground Rules""Jack Looks For a Job""Janet's Promotion""Strange Bedfellows""Chrissy's Date""Alone Together""Roper's Car""Cyrano de Tripper""Chrissy's Night Out""Stanley Casanova""Janet's High School Sweetheart""Jack's Uncle""Helen's Job""Three's Christmas""The Gift""The Rivals""The Baby Sitters""Home Movies""Jack in the Flower Shop""Jack's Navy Pal""Will the Real Jack Tripper . . .""Days of Beer and Weeds""Chrissy, Come Home""Bird Song""Coffee, Tea or Jack".
The extra's include:
Never Before Seen Pilot Episode #1: Made Before Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers Were Cast...
"John Ritter-Always Leave Them Laughing": An All-New Documentary Featuring Interviews With Joyce DeWitt...
"Eight Years Of Laughter: A Tribute To John Ritter": Showcasing His Funniest Three's Company Moments...
Audio Commentary For "Days Of Beer And Weeds" with Chris Mann, Author of Come And Knock On Our Door...
Best Of Janet: Season Two...
Best Of Chrissy: Season Two...
Best of the Ropers: Season Two...
Blooper Reel...
Trivia Game...
Photo and Still Gallery... Memorabilia Gallery... Talent Bios...
WOW!!! This looks like a great DVD!!!!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
John Ritter

DVD title: Die Hard
Productgroup: DVD
Die Hard - movie DVD cover picture
cousinpaco's top action: #2

Every so often, a movie comes along that creates its own "sub-genre."
Bruce Willis stars as a guy (who happens to be a New York cop) stuck in a Los Angeles high-rise full of terrorists. Pretty simple formula.
What sets this movie apart is the sheer intelligence of the script, the rock-solid performances of the cast, and the staggering action sequences.
Willis proved nay-sayers wrong with his ability to carry this picture, and rightly so. His John McClane is vulnerable, tough, and funny as heck. His over-the-radio comraderie with Sgt. Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) provides a nice amount of male-bonding.
Hart Bochner, Alexander Godunov, and Paul Gleason also contribute quality performances.
Plus, you get an appearance by Al Leong, one of the best supporting bad guys in Hollywood, as a snack-hungry villain.
However, no discussion of "Die Hard" is complete without focusing on Alan Rickman. As the mastermind of this hostile takeover, Rickman portrays the most charismatic bad guy in movies. Ever. His performance is seamless--switching from smooth, sly evil to threatening charm without skipping a beat.
The plot is never dull, perfectly structured, and packs a wallop of a twist.
The only minor story flaw: the "surprise" reappearance of a fallen bad guy. This ain't "Friday the 13th" - it doesn't NEED to be.
That's just nit-picking. The movie as a whole overcomes this misstep.
This movie appears on television almost constantly. Ignore it--buy the DVD and experience the room-shaking explosions in their purest form. The DVD is fully loaded with bonus features, but it doesn't need them. The movie would be worth owning all by itself.
You've heard other films described as "'Die Hard' on a _____." It's easy to see why everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: John McTiernan
Bruce Willis
Alan Rickman

DVD title: 311 - Enlarged to Show Detail #2
Productgroup: DVD
311 - Enlarged to Show Detail #2 - movie DVD cover picture
A 311 Necessity.

Let's face it, if you're a fan, you've probably already ordered the video and decided to read the reviews as an afterthought. It's full of the unexpected, and since I haven't seen a 311 show in 3 years, it gave me a much needed 311 fix.
It's 2 hours long, and there's at least a few scenes that could have been left out, but that's what DVD is for.
The Milk Challenge: 2 Dozen guys downing a gallon of milk each as fast as possible. I didn't find this entertaining but maybe you will.
The band goes to Japan, and watching a Japanese fan that doesn't speak English sing "Come Original" is just amazing. The band describes them as politely obsessed. There's also footage from the old days in Omaha -- Good stuff.
Shaq is airlifted in to play a song live with the band. While he may not be the most talented artist, he is still fun to watch. And yes, he crowd surfs.
Lots of Videos and Live footage, and some great behind-the-scenes. I had to get this on VHS, but I highly recommend the DVD so you can skip the milk challenge.

Studio: Bmg/Volcano/Capricorn

DVD title: Young Frankenstein (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Young Frankenstein (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
This is good!

A slightly weird movie, but I highly recommend this to anybody who likes a good laugh.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Mel Brooks
Gene Wilder
Marty Feldman
Madeline Kahn

DVD title: Hope Floats
Productgroup: DVD
Hope Floats - movie DVD cover picture
Great acting and a touching film

I loved this movie. I cried in the beginning, middle, and end. It did a good job of portraying a real life struggle that opened people's eyes to what others are going through.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Forest Whitaker
Sandra Bullock
Harry Connick Jr.

DVD title: The Year Without a Santa Claus/Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey/Rudolph's Shiny New Year
Productgroup: DVD
The Year Without a Santa Claus/Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey/Rudolph's Shiny New Year - movie DVD cover picture
So fun and cute!

I loooove the Christmas clasics! The Year Without a Santa Claus is my favorite Christmas movie ever! You won't regret buying thos movie! I watch it even when it isn't Christmas time! The other movies on here are good too. Baby New Year is so cute (in Rudolph's Shiny New Year). Ok have fun!

Studio: Warner Studios
Shirley Booth
Mickey Rooney

DVD title: Ronin
Productgroup: DVD
Ronin - movie DVD cover picture
A DVD review

This film is one of my favorite thrillers. The picture and sound are excellent. The alternative ending is better and makes more sense. Although it has just a few seconds added to the original ending it makes a big difference. The commentary is by the director is very good giving a lot of interesting trivia on the actors and the filming. The 'stunning' 8-page booklet isn't that stunning. Only 4 pages of text and not much more information than the director gives in the commentary. An excellent DVD to have in your collection especially if you like thrillers.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: John Frankenheimer
Robert De Niro
Jean Reno
Natascha McElhone

DVD title: American History X
Productgroup: DVD
American History X - movie DVD cover picture

I just saw this movie and instantly fell in love with it. The acting was fantastic and the plot wonderful. I congradgulate the cast and crew. Wonderful acting and directing. I reccommend this to anyone who likes a good intense film.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Tony Kaye
Edward Norton
Edward Furlong

DVD title: Stanley & Iris
Productgroup: DVD
Stanley & Iris - movie DVD cover picture
DeNiro's finest work

This is a very sweet, sadly overlooked gem of a movie. Robert DeNiro, in a sharp departure from his typical tough-guy role, plays the shy Stanley, who doesn't know how to read. He meets Iris, played by Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane is not my favorite, but she is superb here) who teaches him reading as their friendship and love blossom.
It is refreshing to see a film about people instead of explosions and elves and monsters. I wonder why DeNiro didn't get an Oscar nod for this one.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Martin Ritt
Jane Fonda
Robert De Niro

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 2
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Tarantino's masterpiece is complete

Do not care what anyone says,this is the shiznit right here. People thought the first one was better. It was only because of its array of anime sprinkled in with blood squirting action. This one is more of a layed back, fill in the blanks movie. You dont have to sit threw this one then watch the first one to get it, its like its complete all on its own. Flashbacks to the past with Bill and Beatrix Kiddo fill the blanks.Pie Mei is a hoot as the white long bearded,small, old chinese guy. Subtitiles and foreign language get to be boring after awhile but once the action kicks in, in the final 2 chapters it's worth it all. The final climax with Elle and Budd is great, as Michael Madsen(in a role fit for him) gets venom from a snake in him. The plucking of the eyeball part and bitch-fight scene between Daryl Hannah and Uma Thurman was a highlight. The final chapter is longer then the rest, being the final chapter. David Carradine plays Bill to the maximum. Folks, Tarantino loves to create story and long pieces of dialouge, he knows what he is doing. Loved Bill's speech about all the superheroes. Loved Thurman all dirty and sweaty. Loved everything about this movie. A movie too good for itself. Samuel L.Jackson has a small cameo in the wedding scene. Though no one can beat Charlie Brown in the first one, he ruled. The Kill Bill scene where she pokes him in the chest was a little let down but still, great movie.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
David Carradine
Michael Madsen
Daryl Hannah

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