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DVD title: The Station Agent
Productgroup: DVD
The Station Agent - movie DVD cover picture
Dwarves, train geeks, and other outsiders.

This was a sweet movie. I enjoyed the characters and the humor the first time around, but it was the third viewing that cemented me, when I finally noticed that certain scenes looked a lot like Edward Hopper paintings. A quiet movie, funny and interesting.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Thomas McCarthy
Peter Dinklage
Bobby Cannavale
Patricia Clarkson

DVD title: Where Eagles Dare
Productgroup: DVD
Where Eagles Dare - movie DVD cover picture
Worthy of Greatness

I love this movie. I can't say it enough. My dad introduced to me it when I was a boy. Most people can look at a book, a painting, or another movie and find inspiration. Where Eagles Dare was my inspiration to be a soldier. The story is smart and well written. The plot line moves well and is organized. The viewer is (at least me) never bored and the story develops at just the right speed. There are great twists in this story that will keep you entertained and intrested. Where Eagles Dare will not appeal to everyone. However, for those who are looking for an alternative to shallow and tiring WWII movies this is for you.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Brian G. Hutton
Richard Burton
Clint Eastwood

DVD title: Life of Music
Productgroup: DVD
Life of Music - movie DVD cover picture
Sarah McLachlan: Life of Music DVD

This is a wonderful DVD. Sarah McLachlan doesn't often allow people into her personal life. However, in this DVD, There is about a 20 minute interview with just her. In addition, there is a documentary style film that includes her hit songs, family, and friends. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who is a true fan of Sarah.

Studio: Musicrama, Inc
Sarah Mclachlan

DVD title: Picture Perfect
Productgroup: DVD
Picture Perfect - movie DVD cover picture
This is a pitcure purfect!

Well, this is my first review and when we watch a movie, do we just watch it or do we expand our minds to see how actors and actresses really keep the scene "tight" As in close with harmony and real life gestures? Not to be confusing and with my lack of right words and "Industry Language" I have to say, Acting my come easy for some but it seems one can maybe get a little sloppy when tired and relax but that's when the director says stop- do it over; with the encouraging correction. This is a fast and yes; fun and funny video that I feel has been directed really good. The words chosen throughout the movie and the theme of a working enviromnet came across in bringing us a modern office senerio story. The acting: Jennifer is just perfect and deserves a raise and more work. This was not an easy movie for her to do. She portrayed her facial expressions brilliently with her eyes, smile, her demeanor and charm througout the whole movie in keeping the scene as if it was real life! Watch her every "wink, and grin" And of course that lovely smile and she brought out the real story by her hard work. Jay Mohr was perfect and the director was good in picking up Jay as the "Easy going sweetboy" Who himself with his composure and sensitivity played his part well in his cotton docker work pants and soft office shoes and flannel shirt. He even yes, looks like the all american hero who saves a little girl from a falling out a window. Does Jay really look like the Jennfier type? Well, who knows! Not really, why should anyone care. These actors really get into by keeping the scenes "tight" In portraying a life situation. On trackand fun viewing. It's happening! Real life stuff here... Oh, and at the Goldens Dinner party...How Jennifer handled that... Spread what? Now, she's a woman who knows how to keep her job! And if I myself were there and after hearing the "Bigshots" say that to her; why I would have taken all their cocktail glasses and poured them over their heads. Poor Jennifer; she could have really used a boyfriend at that time! Yep, of course I laughed, it was really hot 'n crude, taking advantage of a beautiful hard working "office girl" "Rotten guys"! But heck it must have been tempting for them as when she gracefully entered the room with a perfect part in the music; well, she's stunningly perfect! Yep, she's dressed up alright. The Boss, who I forgot his name, played a great part. And his wife's laugh at the private party for Jennifer and Jay? Any cocktail glasses break in this one? Another supurb jobby the director. Heck, I have watched this movie over again many times just to wait til the end so I can see that great smile at the wedding.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Glenn Gordon Caron
Jennifer Aniston
Jay Mohr
Kevin Bacon

DVD title: Cat Ballou
Productgroup: DVD
Cat Ballou - movie DVD cover picture
Outstanding western parody. . . .

Cat Ballou has everything you could ask of a western; gunfights, chases, train robberies, and a beautiful if occasionally bewildered heroine.
Jane Fonda is very effective as Catherine, then Cat, Ballou. The murder of her father transforms her from a mild-mannered schoolmarm into a notorious criminal. Her often unwilling and always inept gang includes an over-the-hill gunfighter named Kid Shelleen, played to the hilt by Lee Marvin in an academy award winning, and show-stealing, performance.
Regardless of current opinions, Jane Fonda was an excellent actress, and she has a field day in this picture. Cat Ballou is a mad-cap comedy that set the stage for such classics as Blazing Saddles, the Halleluiah Trail and others. Besides, when was the last time YOU saw a horse with a hangover?

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Elliot Silverstein
Jane Fonda
Lee Marvin

DVD title: The In Crowd
Productgroup: DVD
The In Crowd - movie DVD cover picture
Amazing thriller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like the equally terrible film "the skulls" this is another in a long series of teen movies that try to be sexy like "cruel intentions" but merely come off laughable and cheesy.
The film plays out like a soap opera, full of pregnant looks, beautiful clothes and bodies, but little substance. The "in crowd" itself is composed of really underdeveloped characters, and not an African American in sight.
Brittany Foster is just not that compelling, nor are her rich and shallow friends. The body count is really low, and your interest level will follow suit quickly.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Mary Lambert
Susan Ward
Lori Heuring

DVD title: The Pianist (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Pianist (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Film About the Holocaust

Shindler's List may be bigger, grimmer, more bloody, but The Pianist is better by far. Roman Polanski shares his own memories of German persection with Wladislaw Szpilman's riviting story of survival. Adrien Brody's performance as the detached, sensitive pianist is the core of this film. From the first moment of he appears on screen we understand his character - he plays on as bombs fall - music is more important than life. Contrast this with the numerous scenes Spielberg used to present Shindler's character. Polanski's ecomony is excellent. We understand relationships without interference, we live the anxiety of a throughly assimilated Jew forced into a nightmare of instant death.
Polanski's filmmaking here is perfect. I can't think of another film I've seen lately that is so well-shot, yet unobtrusive. The director understands the strength of the story and the strengh of Spzilman to carry the film, and Polanski steps out of the way.
As someone who is not only Jewish, but a decendant of Crackow Jews, I found Schindler's List almost too much to bear, yet I did not identify with any of the characters, and to be frank Rafe Fiennes Nazi steals the picture. In the Pianist, the focus is right where it belongs: on the character and suffering of Spzilman. The German animals who destroyed innocent lives are just that, animals, and the quiet dignity that Adrien Brody projects makes that quite clear.
At the climax of the film when Spzilman is finally discovered by a German officer after hiding for over two years, he must play to save his life, just as he has done in the Warsaw Ghetto many times. The officer Hosenfeld, played with cool compassion by Thomas Kretschmann, gives Spzilman his life by treating him like a fellow human. Watching Brody protray this ray of light soak through Spzilman's emaciated body is moving beyond words.
For once the Academy gives an acting Oscar to someone who really deserves one.
I loved this film so much I watched it twice, then bought it, then found the amazing book and bought that. Do I identify with Spzilman? You bet.
Watch this film. Read the book, which contains Hosenfeld's diary entries. Amazing work here.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Roman Polanski
Adrien Brody
Thomas Kretschmann
Frank Finlay

DVD title: The Ghost
Productgroup: DVD
The Ghost - movie DVD cover picture
I agree great acting by some of the older actors

Definetly one to watch if you haven't seen some of these stars for awhile. You will be pleased the action is quick and sharp.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Douglas Jackson

DVD title: Pokemon - Psychic Surprise (Vol. 7)
Productgroup: DVD
Pokemon - Psychic Surprise (Vol. 7) - movie DVD cover picture
The Ghost of maidens peak is the best one!

Psi surprise is my fave PKMN video! I just loooove "The Ghost of Maidens Peak" it's really funny!

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Minority Report (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Minority Report (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The perfect complement to A.I.

I choose to view both of these films as related pairs. Indeed from a pure cinematic viewpoint they have a lot in common - the subtle lighting, the differing viewpoints, the pace of the story and a logical, satisfying conclusion. The future has never been portrayed more terrifyingly or more acutely. It is a world of instant analyis, lack of privacy and "buy me now" commerce.
But it is also a lot like ours - people's homes are still their retreat, parents still love children and in our desperate times we turn not to objects but to people, to relationships. Tom Cruise gives one of his best performances as the distraught father who gains a glimmer of hope that his stolen son is alive. The mutant children are absolutely remarkable in their actions. Colin Farrel's everyday cop does the job but who can forget Max Von Sydow's stately, arrogant performance as the evil genius who almost pulled it off? This one deserves top honors.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Cruise
Max von Sydow

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