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DVD title: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Productgroup: DVD
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - movie DVD cover picture
Drag Queens are people, too!

I love this movie more than I can tell. I currently own over 200 DVDs and I can honestly say that if there was a fire and I could only save one of them, this would most likely be it. I can't say exactly what it is about this movie. Maybe the exceptional performances by Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith, The Matrix), Guy Pearce (Memento) , who I love to death, or the great Terrance Stamp (General Zod, Superman 2). Other amazing attributes include hilarious Aussie humor, magnificent custome design (which I might add won Mr. Oscar), and a story that doesn't feel forced even though it's oddities. Granted, some may not enjoy (or get) the sense of humor that is laid out. There are even those that have a hard time understanding the dialog through the Aussie accent and slang. But, believe me once yo get it you will end up quoting it from time to time.
My favorite lines---
Bernedette - "What's wrong?"
Mitsy- "Nothing." (with face scrunched and lips pursed)
Bernedette - "Don't give me that, you've got a face like a cat's ass!"
: D

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Stephan Elliott
Hugo Weaving
Guy Pearce

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Incredible music, incredible effects, incredible film! Should be placed on list of greatest movies!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: The Count of Monte Cristo
Productgroup: DVD
The Count of Monte Cristo - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best films of 2002!

"The Count of Monte Cristo" is a lavish adaptation of the 1845 Alexander Dumas novel. The film stars Jim Caviezel as Dantes, a sailor framed for treason by his supposed best friend, Fernand (Guy Pearce). But why would anyone frame his best friend for treason? Well, poverty stricken Dantes has something rich and powerful Fernand does not; love. Fernand wants Mercedes (Dagmara Dominczyk); Dantes true love, for himself. Thus, Fernand concocts an evil setup, framing Dantes for treason. Dantes is then imprisoned on the cruel island prison of Chateau D'lf for 13 years, where he transforms from a lighthearted sailor to a bitter and angry man. While at Chateau D'lf, he plots revenge against those who betrayed him.
Richard Harris also puts forth a quality performance as Abb? Faria, another innocent prisoner. With the help of this strange old man, Dantes escapes the island and transforms himself into the wealthy Count of Monte Cristo after following an old treasure map to a load of treasure on the island of Monte Cristo (thus the "Count of Monte Cristo). Becoming rich and powerful is the first step in Dantes revenge.
"The Count of Monte Cristo" is such an enjoyable film mainly because of the sweet satisfaction involved in watching Dantes execute his revenge on Fernand. Revenge is always an exciting thing to watch! The audience is able to identify with Dantes and sympathize with him. You may even find yourself becoming as obsessed over exacting revenge as Dantes! My point is; you are really drawn into the story, more so that any film in recent memory.
"The Count of Monte Cristo" brings in some intriguing aspects of Dantes personality about midway through the film. When Dantes returns as The Count of Monte Cristo, he sees that he could have a perfect life if he wanted to. His love, Mercedes, still wants to be with him and he now has all the money he could ever need. Yet Dantes pushes it all away. He must complete his revenge. It has now become clear that Dantes has become obsessed and can no longer look at the world in a rational way. It's really quite painful to see what Dantes has become.
"The Count of Monte Cristo" boasts an intelligent screenplay, lavish sets and costumes, breathtaking cinematography, superb action sequences, beautiful music, superb directing and stellar acting.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video
Director: Kevin Reynolds
James Caviezel
Guy Pearce

DVD title: The Faculty
Productgroup: DVD
The Faculty - movie DVD cover picture
One of my favoritest

I fist watched this movie because they said Elijah Wood was in it. But he's just not in it, he's the best! I loved this because with each person being taken over by aliens, these six students have to form a tighter group of defence. Not to mention what a great plot because like Elijah said in the movie, "If you were going to take over the world, would you blow up the White House Independance Day style? Or would you sneak in through the back door?"

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Jordana Brewster
Clea DuVall

DVD title: Jersey Girl
Productgroup: DVD
Jersey Girl - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

It was totally fantastic. The dialogue was classic Kevin Smith. He has a unique style, and it shines through right from the beginning. ("They're all just coked-up whores!") Then the acting was absolutely INCREDIBLE. George Carlin, Liv Tyler, and Racquel Castro could not have possibly been any better. Then top it off with a nicely picked soundtrack (maybe not QUITE a Tarantino movie soundtrack, but hey, what is?), and it just makes for a really well done, really enjoyable movie.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Kevin Smith
Raquel Castro
Ben Affleck

DVD title: DC Talk: The Supernatural Experience
Productgroup: DVD
DC Talk: The Supernatural Experience - movie DVD cover picture
Supernatural Experience is just what it says - dc Talk is it

Wow. Just watched this insightful 75-minute video, which mixes impressive live concert footage shot in May 1999 on the trio's "Supernatural Tour," interviews with Michael, Toby and Kevin, and two music videos -- the strong "So Long" and the incredible "Consume Me." It's interesting to hear the guys talk about the video shoots - the reason behind the song and video for "So Long;" how the icy, sci-fi vibe of "Consume Me" wasn't created just from the camera's hazy, colored filters. Audio of the DVD, which I heard is a transfer of the videocassette of the same name, is a strong stereo signal, and the picture, somewhat surprisingly considering it originally was shot for videotape distribution, is very sharp and clear with lots of details and depth. Highlights include a rousing "It's Killing Me," a moving version of "Red Letters" and a fine, spiritual take on "Into Jesus." This visual journey is a great peek inside Christian rock's modern musical warriors who threw open the doors for later artists like Third Day, Kutless, Skillet and Delirious? Simply put, dc Talk made music that continues to beat the work of all secular artists under the age of 40 (minus Coldplay and David Gray). Also noteworthy on the DVD is seeing bassist Otto Price in action on the stage - he provided the gritty bottom end on the "Jesus Freak" and "Supernatural" LPs, as well as Pete Stewart's eponomously-titled CD in 1999. (Stewart played those ghostly, innovative guitars on the "Supernatural" CD, a collaboration which served as the embryo for Michael's solo band, Tait, in 2001.) Although it's far from the trio's hip-hop/rap origins back in 1989/90, "The Supernatural Experience" is a must-own DVD, especially for the low selling price, along with the "Jesus Freak" and "Supernatural" CDs. Watching the DVD will make you hope that Michael tours again with dc Talk in addition to balancing duties between his upcoming tour with Carlos Santana and work with his Tait solo band.

Studio: Emi Distribution

DVD title: The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I am without words...okay, maybe not.. 5++++++++ STARS!!

I cannot even fathom the idea of a single movie being as good as this one. I am still struggling to figure how ONE movie could be better than all the movies I have seen in my life. This is EASILY way better than the stage version, YES, I have seen it ('94. Colm Wilkinson as Phantom). Gerard Butler TOTALLY rocks as Phantom.. ESPECIALLY IN THE FILM'S FINALE. I think the movie allows you to grasp the Phantom's character so much better than a stage version ever could. He seems like such a bully in the stage show right up to the end, but the EMOTION that Gerard put into the character lets you feel total pity for him right to the last note he sings. I mean, the Lloyd Webber version makes you want the Phantom to win.. no other version does that. Movie or otherwise. He seems like a total c*ckmaster in all the other interpretations (Lon Chaney's especially). This movie version harnesses the idea of feeling sorry for the Phantom ONE MILLION TIMES OVER!!! The stage version didn't acheive this feeling as great as the movie did... okay, I could go on for the rest of the year about how great this movie was. Go see it, don't judge, and for all the people who gave a negative review... you probobably walked into the wrong show.. like Blade Trinity or something.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Joel Schumacher
Gerard Butler
Emmy Rossum
Patrick Wilson

DVD title: Emma
Productgroup: DVD
Emma - movie DVD cover picture
Beautifully Made

I enjoyed this movie throughout, and I thought the acting was splendid, if you want to say superb. I am 14, and was not bored through this witty movie, and I'm sure many other teens may like this movie also. Excellent!

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Douglas McGrath
Gwyneth Paltrow

DVD title: WWE WrestleMania X8
Productgroup: DVD
WWE WrestleMania X8 - movie DVD cover picture
Icon Vs. Icon

Okay, I live in a country where wwe programming is nowhere to be found on tv. So I occassionally pick up a dvd of a big event. This one, I just had to have.
RVD/Regal: great opener. crowd was pretty much into it (big heat for Regal, and... the crowd does the 3-count, which you don't see that often anymore) Watch the wrestling moves by Regal, wow! RVD also high flying, of course...
DDP/Christian: Was pretty okay... Good action. But hey: bit of a crazy storyline>> Christian spits on Toronto here... >>and now he's a proud UnAmerican again... Things can happen [-:
Goldust/MavenCome on... so glad wwe got rid of this hardcore B.S. title!
Kurt Angle v KaneI must say I really enjoyed this match. Go, Kurt, go! Angle throws around the 300-pounder. Pretty impressive.
Flair/TakerToo long, too slow, but a few great spots (the super-suplex, Arn interfering, chops from hell)
Booker/EdgeGreat match... okay the story line [stunk] big time, but the wrestling was good. Of course Booker shoulda won! (Crowd goes wild for the Spin-a-roony)
Scott Hall/Stone ColdDamn! This coulda been a great match... I hoped we got to see at least a Razor's Edge and a Jackknife Powerbomb. Instead we get a boring stunnerfest.
Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz v APA v Billy & ChuckCool match. Crowd was dead. Some great moves of the Hardy's. The song "get the tables" was completely out of place. Come on, one table... Next year maybe a TLC?
Hollywood Hulk Hogan v The Rock
Super-main event! This is wrestlemania, baby! Great comeback for Hogan. I never expected such a good match out of him. Rocky puts on a great show, too. Two Rock bottoms and the elbow mark the end of Hogan... and the resurrection of Hulkamania.
Jazz v Trish Stratus v LitaI don't like women's matches. By the way the crowd was totally dead after the Big event of Hogan-Rock. Trish looks good, but gets thrown around like a rag doll. Not the worst match, just no fantastic moves...
Crippled H as a babyface... Y2J as a heel. Jericho pulls out the standard tricks (Lionsault, big dropkick), but doesn't impress. Too bad, cause I'm afraid it will be a long time b4 this great wrestler will be in a main event again..... HHH plays (or is) the poor man in pain. Pedigree here and there.. and we've got a new champion. Yawn.
Extra: Warrior/Hogan (from WrestleMania 6) Great match between the two biggest babyfaces of 1990. Champion vs Champion. Hogan passing the torch for the first time. Very cool comments by Bobby the Brain and Gorilla Monsoon (RIP).
Over-all: not a superb WM, but Hogan-Rock is one for the ages... plus: Warrior-Hogan and some other great extra's! Worth a watch.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Ghost
Productgroup: DVD
Ghost - movie DVD cover picture
My first "chick" film

Oh yeah, for all you guy who can cuddling your girlfriends or date while seeing this picture go right ahead. Great supporting casting from Whoppi Goldberg. She deserved to recieve her Oscar.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Jerry Zucker
Patrick Swayze
Demi Moore
Whoopi Goldberg

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