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DVD title: Red Scorpion
Productgroup: DVD
Red Scorpion - movie DVD cover picture
Dolph Lundgren great again

This movie is the worst piece of clap trap that I have ever seen. Built in the mold of the Rambo series, the film tries to play off of the West's fear of the Soviet Union. You'd be better of watching a "How to pour milk" instructional video, than watch this film that will make you less smart!

Studio: Simitar Video
Director: Joseph Zito
Dolph Lundgren
M. Emmet Walsh

DVD title: Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 5
Productgroup: DVD
Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 5 - movie DVD cover picture
The best season

Faith- Hercules and Iolaus try to save Nebula from Dahak.

Descent- Herc and Nebula try to bring Iolaus back.

Resurrection- First Ireland episode. The assasin, Morrigan is sent to kill Hercules.

Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My- Salmoneus and Autolycus release a genie and get three wishes.

Render Unto Ceasar- Ceasar attacks Ireland.

Norse by Norsevest- Herc is tricked into killing the norse god, Balder. Thor, Loki and Odin also in episode. First part of a two-part episode.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge- The continuation of the previous episode.

Darkness Rising- Back in Ireland (Eire) Herc and Morrigan find the rest of the Druids all killed by Dahak, Hercules and Morrigan return to Sumeria where Nebula lives only to find Dahak in Iolaus's body. First part of a three-part episode

For Those of You Just Joining Us- The 'writers and producers' of Herucles gather at a retreat to discuss further episodes of Hercules.

Let There Be Light- the continuation of the episode, Darkness Rising. Hercules and Nebula and Morrigan followed Dahak to Greece, where Dahak, in Iolaus' body, had made himself out to be as a savior. Hercules, Zarathustra, Nebula, Morrigan and Jason went to Dahak's fortress in the hopes of performing an exorcism.

Redemption- Continuation of previous episode. Dahak showed Hercules how he had gotten to Iolaus after he died. Hercules and Iolaus then fought Dahak in a spiritual realm.

Sky High- When a volcano was about to erupt, Hercules figured out that blowing a hole in the side of the volcano would make the lava to flow into the sea saving everybody. Ephiny (the amazon), Kurth (a man about to be exucuted), Nagus (A Centaur, and the father of the boy Kurth killed), and a few others joined Hercules in the effert to haul expolsive crystals Hercules got from Atlantis up the volcano.

Stranger and Stranger- Hercules find the parallel universe doubles of himslef and Iolaus in the vortex between the two worlds, and goes to the other world to find Nebula's evil double in charge.

Just Passing Through- Hercules was getting used to be friends with Iolaus #2. To illustrate what Iolaus #1 was like he told Iolaus #2 about when the two of them had to save Autolycus from a stone panther that was going to come to life and kill him for stealing a ruby. The ruby had to be put back on the panther before dusk, but Autolycus had swalled it, and it wasn't easy trying to get it out of him. Meanwhile Hercules convinced Iolaus #2 to stay with him.

Greece Is Burning- Herc helps his former dance partner, Althea put on a fashion show with help from Titus and the Widow Twanky.

We'll Always Have Cyprus- Hercules and Morrigan discuss her moving to Greece when a former priestess named, Havish rises from the dead to take revenge on an Oracle.

The Academy- Herc and Jason visit their old school to find the students out of control.

Love on the Rocks- Iolaus (#2) meets this world's Afrodite, who wants to help him find love. Iolaus does with Nautica, who is really a mermaid that Discord gave legs to. However, if Nautica didn't return to the sea, it would turn to ice.

Once Upon a Future King- Way off into the future Merlin sends the future King Arthur and his evil advisor back in time to the time of Hercules. Herc, Morrigan, and a much younger Merlin have to stop them from taking over in their time and send Arthur back to his own time.

Fade Out- To save others Hercules had to crush a cursed rock, which caused him to slowly fade out of existence.

My Best Girl's Wedding- Nautica, given legs once more was being forced to marry Lysaka, who had stolen Nautica's father's trident. Hercules runs into Serena, who he was married to before time was changed, who is looking for her husband.

Revelations- The four horsemen of the apocalypse are released to destory the world. Iolaus (#1) manages to sneak away to warn Hercules about it.

The best episodes of this season: Once Upon A Future King, Resurrection, Stranger and Stranger, My Best Girl's Wedding, Render Unto Ceasar, Love On The Rocks

The worst episodes of this season are: Greece Is Burning, The Academy

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Kevin Sorbo

DVD title: WWE Backlash 2002
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Backlash 2002 - movie DVD cover picture
WWE Backlash 2002

WWE Backlash 2002April 16,2002Kansas City,Missouri
WWE TitleTriple H vs Hulk Hogan
Undertaker vs Stone ColdRic Flair Ref
WWE Tag Team TitlesBilly & Chuck vs Maven & Al Snow
WWE Intercontinental TitleRob Van Dam vs Eddie Gurrero
Edge vs Kurt Angle
Brock Lesnar vs Jeff Hardy
Bradshaw vs Scott Hall
WWE Womens TitleJazz vs Trish Stratus
WWE Crusierweight TitleBilly Kidman vs Tajiri

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Triple H

DVD title: Mysterious Skin (Unrated Theaterical Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Mysterious Skin (Unrated Theaterical Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A MUST have in your DVD collection

The story, the acting, the cinematography. This is a piece of ART! And Oh my God Joseph Gordon-Levitt acting is SUPERB!, besides he's so Sexy! DO buy this one. It will make your brain work and will expand your vision.

Studio: Tla Entertainment Gr
Director: Gregg Araki
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Brady Corbet
Elisabeth Shue

DVD title: Heavenly Creatures
Productgroup: DVD
Heavenly Creatures - movie DVD cover picture
Splendid true crime tale, with a shocking real "sequel"...

The first time I saw Heavenly Creatures I didn't like it. Afterall this IS a true story about two teen aged girls who commit a terible crime. I've since seen it several times and each time I like it more. Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey give incredible performances and Pauline and Juliet. Melanie Lynskey is especially good as lower middle class Pauline/Yvonne,Gina. The use of music and the fantasy sequences effectively show the over the top emotional states these girls were in. The relationship starts out innocently. In fact, Pauline is so miserable, it seems like Juliet is the best thing that has ever happened to her and then everything spirals out of control.
The final and best sequence has almost no dialoge--just the delicate music of the Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly as Pauline's plodding, simple mother walks unwittingly to her death like a cow to the slaugher house. The scene starts out with beauty and ends with hideous cruelty and sums up the story of Pauline and Juliet perfectly.

Studio: Miramax Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Melanie Lynskey
Kate Winslet
Sarah Peirse

DVD title: DiG!
Productgroup: DVD
DiG! - movie DVD cover picture
What a Rockumentary Should Be

This was a great film, one of the best music documentaries I have seen in quite some time. They really capture a lot about the music business and the lives of the two bands. Anton (singer for the masacre) is hilarious, and it makes for some great scenes. If you are a music fan, or are just fond of documentaries this is a must buy.

Studio: Umvd/Visual Entertai
Director: Ondi Timoner
Anton Newcombe
Courtney Taylor-Taylor

DVD title: The World According to Garp
Productgroup: DVD
The World According to Garp - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Robin Williams is such a great performer, and really gets to show his range in this one. I cry and fall off the couch laughing every time I watch it.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: George Roy Hill
Robin Williams
Mary Beth Hurt
Glenn Close

DVD title: Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
As Good As It Gets

This boxed set is a wonderful gift considering its beautiful script and spectacular cast. This really was a great trilogy and its a perfect gift with its unique thriller genre to the cast that makes you hollar and cry. Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox Arquette are wonderful actors who are the only people who fit the roles of these movies at their cinematic best. The Scream Trilogy boxed set is as good as it gets.

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Neve Campbell

DVD title: Band of Brothers
Productgroup: DVD
Band of Brothers - movie DVD cover picture
Become one of the...'Happy few.'

Band of Brothers is the best pure war movie ever made. In terms of bringing combat to its viewers, Band of Brothers has little or no competition. The dirt, death and despair of real fighting are vividly portrayed in an aggressive but accurate manner. It covers the actions of E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, from their beginnings at Camp Toccoa, through western Europe and finally to victory over the Nazi regime. Historical detail was a key interest in the making of this ten part series. Many first hand accounts were used to support the on-screen drama. Some complained that the section involving E Company's seizure of Hitler's Aldershorst was inaccurate. It is true that E Company was not the first allied unit to occupy the Eagle's Nest. But this small discrepancy is one of a very few that I found in the film. So overall I rate its accuracy highly. If you want an engrossing, heroic and epic story about the allied triumph in World War Two, then Band of Brothers is your film.

Studio: HBO Home Video

DVD title: The Last Detail
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Detail - movie DVD cover picture
Much underrated, very close to Five Easy Pieces in punch.

True compassion in the face of tragedy, a coming-of-age film both delicate and harsh in its treatment of life and loss: Innocence punished, but love not denied. Two sailors try to make the last days of freedom of a third into a lifetime of love and lust, and, unavoidably, the result is loss. Five stars fer-sher. Nicholson has never been finer.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Hal Ashby
Jack Nicholson
Randy Quaid

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