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DVD title: Doctor Who - The Talons of Weng-Chiang
Productgroup: DVD
Doctor Who - The Talons of Weng-Chiang - movie DVD cover picture
Doctor Who at his best

I do not have much to add to the great reviews her already but this is my favourite Doctor Who story. A sublime and heady mixture of Victorian Gothic with a science fiction story of time travel gone wrong. Mass murder in the future is combined with torture and the draining of vital essences in the sewers under London. This is a very rich story in many ways. The transformation of the savage Leela into Victorian lady is a masterpiece as is the implied vision of Tom Baker as Sherlock Holmes. Literary links abound such as the idea of an eastern society a la George Orwell's 1984. Using the odd image of a rat too was a masterstroke although at the time this was enough to cause uproar in Brtitain as the great and the good came out to condemn such scenes in what, after all, was a childrens show. For me, not only was this story the best of Dr. Who, but that particular season was the highpoint of the Doctor's career. If I could I would give the Talons 10 points!

Studio: BBC Video

DVD title: Queen of the Damned (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Queen of the Damned (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
not the vampire chronicles but not bad

had i never known that this film's intention of following anne rice's marvelous vampire chronicles in advance was thrown out the window, i would've been sorely disappointed as this film literally takes poetic license with virtually everything anne rice gave us in her beautiful yet horrific novels. i won't bother with going into great detail on this because those who haven't read the books will be completely lost from the get go. let me just say that if you loved the book, you may not enjoy the film. however, those who love this film really do need to pick-up the books and slowly digest them as there is a lot to digest. by the looks of this review thus far, you might have the logical impression that i don't care much for this film. let's just say this. as a film, i actually had a great time and am glad i caught this on the big screen as opposed to a smaller screen in my living room. to watch this film as a horror film and nothing more, you probably won't hate it and might actually have a good time. the music reminds me somewhat of what we've heard in the lost boys or perhaps the crow series which does work well with the given atmosphere here. (very much eighties goth with an edgy but sensual quality to the music here) i also must comment that stuart townshend makes a more sensual lestat than tom cruise on any given day. however, i don't see much of an acting range here with mr.townshend and maybe this will change after he has made a few films and had the chance to devlop his style. as far as aaliyah is concerned, we only see her in fleeting moments for the first hour or so and then she is on the screen for the last thirty minutes approximately. unfortunately, i won't be a great judge here on her acting abilities as the film script may not have offered her much to manipulate. or perhaps it was her untimely death which didn't allow her to finish the role originally created?(god rest her young soul)i've also been told the rumour that her young brother has actually contributed his dubbed voice as ms.aaliyah couldn't finish this film. there are relatively good special effects here and i like those artsy-fartsy segments in the opening credits a bit too much i think. i suggest seeing this one for yourself as my review obviously differs greatly from everyone's elses.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Michael Rymer
Stuart Townsend

DVD title: The Blair Witch Project
Productgroup: DVD
The Blair Witch Project - movie DVD cover picture
Best Movie of the Year

This movie was absolutely fantastic. It was a thinking person's scary movie, which is what made it so great and so original. The final scene still haunts me. I have never been as scared as I was after seeing this movie. Don't listen to the people who say they did not like it. I have come to realize that the people who didn't like it did not understand it. I will NEVER, EVER be able to go camping again.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Heather Donahue
Joshua Leonard
Michael C. Williams

DVD title: American Beauty
Productgroup: DVD
American Beauty - movie DVD cover picture

Spacey won one of the most well-deserved and above critcs OSCARS of all times !. He's magnific. But this is not the main factor. The main factor is: this screenplay is magnificent. Everything conspires to make the audience care and pay attentio to each single character that's shown across the screen. Amazing For those people who think "THE PATRIOT" is a great movie, watch this one...

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Sam Mendes
Kevin Spacey
Annette Bening

DVD title: The Evening Star
Productgroup: DVD
The Evening Star - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Movie

In most cases, I dont enjoy sequels to other movies, but in this case, I truly enjoyed this movie, The Evening Star, which is the sequel to 1983's Terms of Endearment. Shirley MacLaine lights up the screen again, playing the role of Aurora Greenway. The movie takes place years after Aurora's daugher has died, and all of the deceased mother's kids have grown up. Growing up hasn't been easy, and the movie focuses on the relationships between family and friends, the good times and the bad times. The movie focuses on rediscovery of life, and finding new purpose for each character. The movie both entertains and tugs at your heart strings with its dramatic plot that will bring tears to your eyes, but also will make you laugh in more comedic scenes. I highly reccomend this movie if you are looking for a movie that touches your soul, and makes you think about life in general, or if you just enjoy good movies, period.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Robert Harling
Shirley MacLaine
Bill Paxton
Juliette Lewis

DVD title: Frequency (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Frequency (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Changing Time

The real focus of this movie is the impossible reunion between father and son. But what makes it stand out is the way their dialogues change the past. The creators of this film did an excellent job of portraying how significant even a tiny change is in the grand scheme of things is. Also, at no point do they compromise their premise; everything is very consistent and the effects that the two of them have on time are believable. An excellent film.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Dennis Quaid
James Caviezel

DVD title: Light It Up
Productgroup: DVD
Light It Up - movie DVD cover picture
bens thoughts

I thought it was brilliant,my favorite charachter has to be Usher was amazin acting!back in my hood all my peoplez think the same!usher is my hero,he's the best.By the wayi'm 18.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Craig Bolotin

DVD title: Malcolm X
Productgroup: DVD
Malcolm X - movie DVD cover picture
Highway robbery!

Hey, I like Kevin Spacey, and God knows I love a good Pacino flick, but Denzel Washington has been straight robbed by the Academy two times. Once for The Hurricane, and more notably for this film, Malcolm X. I think it's safe to say that Denzel is the preeminent actor of the last 50 years (yes, even beyond Brando, Olivier, and everyone else). He most certainly should have won for Malcolm X. I remember back in 1993... I was flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. I turn on one channel, and it's Malcolm X. It happened to be at the point where Malcolm was giving a news conference, so I thought it was a documentary, I watched for a minute and turned it off. It wasn't until I flipped back about an hour later and the credits rolled that I saw it was a movie, and Denzel was playing Malcolm X. That's how good he was. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who wanted free acting lessons... except maybe a Klan member.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Spike Lee
Denzel Washington
Angela Bassett

DVD title: The Sound of Music (Five Star Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
The Sound of Music (Five Star Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
The Sweetest Sound

in a single word....Maria...." Wrong musical but the description fits. In 3 words this time. This is one of those movies that gets better and better every time. This is one of those films that is so jammed full of...stuff...that it never tires you. I remember the first time I saw it when I was 4, and for some strange reason I was scared of it. Now I think I can understand, it's an epic and it overwhelmes you in all the good ways.
It's not just a good musical, it's a good movie. There's the very serious threat of WWII, and before this family can overcome that deadly danger, it must overcome it's own problems within itself; Maria must find what she is searching for, and they all have to find where they fit into the equation.
There are scenes that make me uncomfortable and play on your nerves. When Maria is caught singing over and over again. Her music causes her embarrassment, but in the end it provides a strange salvation for the family.
Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews work magic with the snappy script and the score, as do the rest of the cast. The music is timeless, especially the "Do Re Mi" scene. Probably the most famous song in musical history and it never gets dull. It's a scene of pure joy.
The colors, choreography, and cinematography are flawless, yet don't have that museum effect of pristine untouchableness and look as if they belong in this world. Anyone who's been to Austria would see that it's that beautiful.
But more than anything, this film celebrates life and love and where music falls into the equation, and it never fails in chill making and tear producing. It's a beautiful testament to the simple joys and the sound of music.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Robert Wise
Julie Andrews
Christopher Plummer

DVD title: Bellyfruit
Productgroup: DVD
Bellyfruit - movie DVD cover picture


Studio: Vanguard Films
Director: Kerri Green

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