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DVD title: Sling Blade
Productgroup: DVD
Sling Blade - movie DVD cover picture
Disciplined acting

As actors go, this film cultivated the creme of the crop. No slick effects or absurd sex scenes were relied upon to complete this remarkable film. Billy Bob Thornton created a masterpiece based on realistic personalities and a scenario that rings true. Such a rich, deserving film and "Look ma, no animated monsters!"

Studio: Miramax
Director: Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton
Dwight Yoakam

DVD title: Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe: An Evening of Yes Music Plus
Productgroup: DVD
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe: An Evening of Yes Music Plus - movie DVD cover picture
On Film... This is Yes at their BEST

It is interesting to note that the very finest film document ofYES' music was by a group that wasn't YES. They were called Anderson,Bruford, Wakeman, Howe and they recorded one album and this was their concert presentation of that album. Not calling the group YES was a tribute to a co-founding absent member: Chris Squire, Yes' bass guitarist who was presumably under contract some place else. The concert was billed as Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe. But we watch this to get a taste of YES. I remember watching the concert on live broadcast a number of years ago -- and there was speculation that they might not even perform YES songs. Well they did. And they performed them very well, even without Chris Squire. Another bass gutarist, with a background in Jazz, steps in he performs Chris Squires Bass parts very well -- no not as well as Chris Squire would have...but who can? Jeff Berlin - a star in himself - pulls it off and he knows it as you can see at the end.
What really makes this film special is that it is a good film. The sound is well recorded and they did a good job of photographing and editing it Live. And that is where YES happened -- LIVE in concert. Maybe there is something to be said for the film technique matching the method of musical presentation. It was all done live.
I saw them three times in the late 70's -- and on two out of three occasions, they were amazing. To experience a good YES concert-- and by that I mean: 1. to have the right seats, 2. to see them in an arena with good acoustics, and most importantly 3. to see them on a night where their music connects with an audience in a certain magical way, is to experience something very unique and inspiring. I have never seen anything quite like it before or since.
I saw Yes twice in the Bay Area at the Oakland Coliseum Arena and once in L.A. at the L.A. Forum. I saw them on Their Going For The One album tour and twice after Tormato. They had a way of connecting with a music loving Bay Area audience, and fortunately for us this was filmed in San Jose -- in the Bay Area -- where they were loved. And it was filmed by pro's -- the King Buiscuit folks -- who were in the habit of recording concerts on a regular basis and who knew how to capture a concert event. King Biscuit had a previous relationship with Yes. In the late 70's, they recorded in a concert, which, among other things, included the very best recoding of YES' signature song, Starship Trooper. Ant his was a song they had recorded many times. It was quite a feat. Previous attempts to film YES -- and there have been many -- have all been undertaken by amateurs, and no matter how good the band is...if you don't have a competently recorded don't have something worth watching. These guys are not Matin Scorcese or Jonathan Demme -- but they had what it took to capture these enthralling musicians performing live.
YES was always surprising it's audiences. Their music evolved from album to album. They would change their members -- work with different -- usually better musicians, and their music would grow well with the changes both on record, and especially in concert. Each concert was surprisingly different from the last, and this concert was no exception.
Unlike every other YES concert I have seen on film or live, here they start out slowly, bringing out one member at a time until Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe are all on stage. And the musical selections focus on the music that these individuals originally recorded together. And that is remarkable because Bill Bruford, the drummer in this concert, hadn't performed with them in about 15 years. And almost every song played here, he was the original drummer. Bruford always brought a looser, Jazzier style to the group. I always thought Alan White - who came along later with a faster, almost more YES-like approach was better. I though he tightened them up and helped them drive home the live presentation. But in this concert, Bill Bruford was fantastic and he showed that these were songs that he helped to shape and he know how to master their performance as well, not simply their creations.
This is not the best version of Roundabout I have heard, nor Heart of the Sunrise -- but they are the best versions I have seen on film. And for Close to the Edge -- maybe their greatest composition -- it is possibly the best version ever recorded. If you like Yes - you gotta see this.
The best thing about DVD -- is that you can skip the parts that aren't YES: all the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe stuff and get right to the meat. No fast forwarding, just a press of the button.
Encourage the producers of this performance to get it together and get this DVD reissued. With today's audiovisual technology -- it is very worth having. The best live recording of YES music yet: or should I say Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe. No...this is YES.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Rick Wakeman
Bill Bruford
Jon Anderson
Steve Howe

DVD title: The Devil's Rejects (Unrated Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Devil's Rejects (Unrated Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Insane, Sick, Twisted, Everything you Want in an Horror Movie

I'm a huge Rob Zombie fan even though I thought House of 1000 Corpses was awful I wanted to see this movie anyway. I was suprised at how good it really was and I hope it does better in the box office.

The movie starts out in the fmaous Firefly house where buisness is going as usual as the police pull up the Firefly's grab their weapons and prepare for the fight. Otis and Baby run off to meet Captain Spaulding to escape the renegade cop bent on destroying the family that killed his brother. The movie revolves around the escape of Otis, Baby, and Spaulding and the victims they meet along the journey.

I was really suprised how good this movie was and I recommend you see it if you like horror movies. The soundtrack is great but if you hate gore violence or excessive swearing this is not the right movie for you to see.

Studio: Lions Gate
Bill Moseley

DVD title: Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles - The Pluto Campaign
Productgroup: DVD
Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles - The Pluto Campaign - movie DVD cover picture
put it back on tv

The firtst time I saw starship troopers, I could not believe my eyes. The artistry of animation is truly impressive. A dream come true for any animation artist, to see the future of cartoons become reality. The story exceptional. The caracters realistic. And the bugs; the bugs are vicious and every horror lover's dream. How sad it is not on television anymore. Truly a big mistake.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios

DVD title: 24 - Seasons 1-3
Productgroup: DVD
24 - Seasons 1-3 - movie DVD cover picture
Better than watching on TV

This three (3) season set of 24 was worth every cent. I bought them for my son to watch. He's on his third tour in Iraq and because he does not have cable in his stateside base he has never seen the show.

Entertainment is not that easy to come by in Iraq....especially when you never know when you have to go out on a mission. Now he has something to help him mentally escape from the stress.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment
Kiefer Sutherland

DVD title: Baby Einstein - Baby Neptune - Discovering Water
Productgroup: DVD
Baby Einstein - Baby Neptune - Discovering Water - movie DVD cover picture

Our 16-month old son was captivated by this newest Baby Einstein video from the moment we turned it on. He LOVES water and is especially enchanted with all the sea animals. He points to the TV, saying, "Ooooo! Ooooh!" or asking "Wa zat?" He always imitates the moving crab toy you see at the beginning of the video and just laughs and laughs at the puppets. We took the video to his private day-care setting and the kids there LOVED it -- even the older ones! Now, it makes a regular appearance in his diaper bag. They lady he stays with during the day just raves over this video in particular, and we have a few in our collection.
This video is beautifully filmed, is visually captivating, is highly educational, and is so much fun to watch. Even I can't resist watching it from start to finish!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video

DVD title: Follow the Fleet
Productgroup: DVD
Follow the Fleet - movie DVD cover picture

Fred and Ginger star, and Irving Berlin writes the songs, including the really good "Let Yourself Go," the lovely "Let's Face the Music and Dance," and the swell "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket." How could you not enjoy this film?

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Mark Sandrich
Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers

DVD title: Seinfeld - Season 3
Productgroup: DVD
Seinfeld - Season 3 - movie DVD cover picture
The show about nothing is nothing to sneeze at on DVD

These are absolutely terrific episodes, but you already knew that, right? Okay, so let me tell you a little about how they're organized in this DVD collection. What's really great is that each episode (well, most of them, anyway) are followed by a one-to-five minute "Inside Look" bonus feature, each of which is essentially a short "making of"/behind-the-scenes piece that discusses the themes of the episode in question and how they were developed. It's really fun getting a little dose of that sort of thing while the episode is still fresh in your mind. And, of course, there are lots of other extras on the final disc. A particular favorite was a nice sampling of extended Seinfeld stand-up routines, using lots of material that didn't make it into the stand-up segments used in the episodes. I'm betting that other TV collections on DVD will emulate the excellent presentation of episodes and extras seen on these "Seinfeld" DVDs. Kudos to all involved for putting together such a great product, especially since everybody must have known they'd still make a fortune even if they just sat back and released bare-bones DVDs of these TV classics. Thanks again... and bring on Season Four!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Jerry Seinfeld

DVD title: The Nutcracker Prince
Productgroup: DVD
The Nutcracker Prince - movie DVD cover picture
Best Animation Movie

I love this movie even though I'm 12 now and getting older I still love it. It was on Toon Disney and the Disney channel last year I hope it comes on next year.every year on Christmas it comes on. so peoples I recommend you get it. it is such a good animated movie.

Studio: Good Times Home Vide
Director: Paul Schibli
Kiefer Sutherland
Peter O'Toole
Megan Follows

DVD title: Sailor Moon R - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Sailor Moon R - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture

Finally, US fans can see something other than the terrible DiC dub. Sailormoon subtitled is the best thing that could have happened to North American fans. The movie is a bit predictable and fight at the end goes on forever, but I love the Japanese voices for the characters. Minako-chan is sooo cool!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara

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