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DVD title: Bicentennial Man
Productgroup: DVD
Bicentennial Man - movie DVD cover picture
Deeper than I expected, much better too!

I rented this DVD with the expectation that it would be the "typical" Robin Williams movie. I knew that the movie had been panned by some critics and did poorly at the box office, so I wasn't expecting much. Half way through the movie I actually paused it and turned to my wife and asked her: "were the critics watching the same movie?" This ended up being an incredibly thoughtful film, deep on many levels. In my opinion this was a film that suffered from poor marketing. The TV trailers implied a comedy, when in fact it is a thought provoking film. Transfer is excellent.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Robin Williams

DVD title: Memento (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Memento (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
one of the best of all time

this is one of the best movies ever. althouh when it first came out i rented it and watched half of it and thought that it was really stupid. But for the next few days i thought about it, so I ran all over town looking for a copy of the dvd and finilly find it at a grocery store. I watchedit five or six times since and can't wait to buy the new limited edtion that is choked full of goodies inbcluding a commentery by nolan and rumored altrenate version that unfolds chornilogiclly. If you don't like thinking movies your wasting your time you need atleast 110 to understand this, movie so everyone else go watch bubble boy again. The best and most underrated movie of last year. I have to love it am buying it twice and not even mad about it like i was with Almost Famous which is another great movie with a crummy and great version.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce
Carrie-Anne Moss
Joe Pantoliano

DVD title: Interview with the Vampire
Productgroup: DVD
Interview with the Vampire - movie DVD cover picture

it?s beautifull and interenting I like it

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Neil Jordan
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Cardcaptor Sakura - The Clow (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Cardcaptor Sakura - The Clow (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderfully cute anime, Pick this up if you're a fan!!!

If you're a fan of the show when it aired on KidsWB, then you'll love this undubbed, uncut, original version as it was seen in Japan. The voice actors and actresses portray these characters extremely well and Kereberos (Kero) is so kawaii, (Kawaii means cute in Japanese). The best part is that there is an option to display the English subtitles, so you can understand what the characters are saying. All in all, this is a must have for all anime fans out there.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Cardcaptor Sakura

DVD title: The Mole - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Mole - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Season 1 Analysis

It's finally happening, we get a chance to watch the episodes without having to tape them! This show excels at keeping you guessing. The premise is similar to Clue (who dun it) and if you give it the time of day, you'll get addicted instantly. I suggest starting out with a suspect in your mind, then alter it throughout!

Enjoy this DVD! I know I will!

Studio: Red Distribution, In

DVD title: Total Recall
Productgroup: DVD
Total Recall - movie DVD cover picture
A captivating motion picture

This film is able to conceive the credible future space voyage aboard Mars planet ! The scenario was perfect for Mister STRONG Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER who's atteined of momentary amnesia which disappear after an experience who's consist in a dangerous mental excursion for him .... So the confuseds transfered by the machine bring about a prodigy human (and alien) adventure !Thanks Mister SCHWARZENEGGER or also "DANKESCH?N" for an Austrian

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sharon Stone
Michael Ironside

DVD title: Yours, Mine and Ours
Productgroup: DVD
Yours, Mine and Ours - movie DVD cover picture
Sweet, Funny, and Warm-hearted Movie

I love this movie! Based on the true story of newlyweds with 18 children between them, this is a very enjoyable comedy with old-fashioned family values. Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda are wonderful as the couple who use humor, patience, and discipline to manage their big family, which then becomes even bigger. This movie can be enjoyed by all ages. There is no swearing, violence, or explosions...just love between husband and wife and parent and child. 5 stars.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Melville Shavelson
Lucille Ball
Henry Fonda

DVD title: Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Seventh Season
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Seventh Season - movie DVD cover picture
final season of Star Trek's greatest captain

So what if the story left open plot lines and never came together like in the ethereal final season of Deep Space Nine. That is not what this show was about. Patrick Stewart and his memorable band of space cowboys continued to have new and fresh adventures as in previous seasons, a few episodes including the last one were amazing, and the entire product, the season in general, was some of the best TV you will ever see.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Patrick Stewart

DVD title: Get Shorty
Productgroup: DVD
Get Shorty - movie DVD cover picture

John Travolta is hands down the most inconsistent leading man in America. For every bomb (Battlefield Earth, and the horrid Urban Cowboy) there's a hit (Pulp Fiction and Michael). Anyone other than he would be doing well to be sitting in the upper left hand corner of Hollywood Squares, yet we always forgive Joh his misfires and we let him rivive his career over and over.
His sparkling performance in Get Shorty is why we are so forgiving. His the wise guy with a heart schtick is never batter in this Elmore Leonard vehicle. The film, which is Barry Sonnenfeld's best work other than Men in Black, is s send up of showbiz, the mob, and showbiz and the mob.
Danny Devito plays what may well have been his last truly funny role, made all the more hilarious because his Brando-esque character takes himself almost as seriously as DeVito takes himself these days. Renee Russo plays her role perfectly as do the rest of the supporting cast.
But this picture belongs to Dennis Farina whose character is brilliant. Farina has more or less made an entire career playing this guy, and it all began with this truly funny movie.
Grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy this one over and over.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
John Travolta
Gene Hackman
Rene Russo
Danny DeVito

DVD title: Glory of the Kirov / Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Natalia Dudinskaya, more
Productgroup: DVD
Glory of the Kirov / Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Natalia Dudinskaya, more - movie DVD cover picture
An abundance of riches

This compilation truly has an abundance of riches from the Kirov Ballet's archives.
The first selection, Natalia Dudinskaya and Konstantin Sergeyev's Black Swan pdd is somewhat disappointing. The music is radically rearranged and shortened, and this was filmed rather late in Dudinskayas career. She's still a lightning fast turner but other than that there's little in the way of characterization.
Things immediately get better with some truly rare film of the legendary Tamara Karsavina warming up at the barre. This film is interesting in many ways: although Karsavina is shaped very differently from today's ballerinas, her technique does not seem at all out-of-date: her developpes are surprisingly high and lightning fast.
The third selection is truly a treat: Irina Kolpakova and Vladinen Semenov in the Raymonda pdd. To see Kolpakova is truly to see the famously aristocratic, pure, Vaganova style of dancing. The beautiful way her leg bends ever so slightly in arabesque, her gorgeous posture, these are all a joy to watch.
More eccentric is "Vienna Waltzes" choreographed by Leonid Jacobson and performed by Ninel Kurgapkina and Boris Bregvadze. The choreography seems more Fred-and-Ginger than Mariinsky, although the utter effervesence of Kurgapkina is lovely to watch.
On the opposite end of the spectrum is Jacobson's Reflection, danced by the long-limbed Alla Osipenko and Anatoli Nisnevitch. This was strangely filmed in a barre classroom, but is quite dramatic and passionate. Osipenko has gorgeous lines and extension. In her, you can see the trace of the modern ballerina: tall, long-limbed, dramatic.
Alla Sizova and Rudolf Nureyev's graduation performance of Le Corsaire's pdd is next. Here, you can see Nureyev and Sizova's incredible potential. You can see Sizova's famous athleticism. You can see Nureyev garnering enthusiastic applause as the slave. In the West, he would make this a trademark piece. But watch the original here!
Another film of Nureyev (in Laurencia, with Kurgapkina) isnt quite as exciting. Nureyev has a rather weird wig. Kurgapkina;s turns are very exciting though. Nureyev here already is showing his life-long weakness of knowing how to start pirouettes but not knowing how to end them.
The next selection is rather odd -- The Tale of the Serf Nikish. It seems more of a dramatic piece than a dancing piece. Its chief interest is that you get to see the young Mikhail Baryshnikov dance.
Next up is Natalia Makarova in a horribly soupy (along with a chorus -- I kid you not) version of The Dying Swan. Makarova doesnt measure up to the gold standard (Maya Plisetskaya) but you can see traces of the great Russian ballerina's famously lyrical, tender style.
I'll skip comment on the Pas de Quatre because this selection inevitably annoys the crap out of me. Just my personal prejudice.
"Syrinx" is a solo piece, music by Debussy, danced by Alla Osipenko. Again, she shows her very modern style. In fact, I dare say some of her off-center balances and style would have made Balanchine drool!
I'm going to again avoid comment on the next two pieces, both Jacobson's Spartacus. Basically, this ballet and music doesnt much interest me. This is different from Grigorivich's more famous Spartacus. You do get to see a young Olga Moiseyeva though. Moiseva would later achieve great fame coaching Kirov superstars like Altynai Asylmuratova and Svetlana Zakharova.
The next selection puzzled me a bit. It's a solo with Nikita Dolgushin of Romeo and Juliet. Although Dolgushin dances well why not include one of the many famous pas de deux from this ballet?
Alla Osipenko once again dances in the "Ice Maiden," here partnered by John Markovski. Once again, a very modern style from Alla Osipenko. She's a ballerina that intrigues me greatly now. This piece really shows off her gorgeous classical line and flexibility.
The Les Sylphides waltz with Gabriella Komleva and Vadim Budarin again shows off the best of the Kirov style: pure, lyrical, with exquisite use of arms and back to convey movement and emotion. That being said, Komleva isnt a dancer that excites me the way Kolpakova, Kurgapkina, or Osipenko do. She seems to lack the last bit of star power.
Speaking of Kurgapkina, she's next in the Corsaire pdd with Vadim Budarin. Budarin doesn't have the sheer animal virility of Rudolf Nureyev, but once again Kurgapkina is a joy to watch. It's interesting to compare Sizova/Nureyev with Kurgapkina/Budarin. The Sizova/Nureyev performance was their school graduation performance, and it shows rough spots as well as great potential. Kurgapkina and Burbarin are much more polished, but you dont get the same thrill as you get with Sizova/Nureyev. Burdarin, by the way, is saddled with a truly hideous baseball cap. Kurgapkina does a beautifl 32 fouettes.
Next is probably this video's most beautiful clip. It's Galina Ulanova before she left for the Bolshoi dancing the White Swan pdd with Konstantin Sergeyev. You can see why Ulanova is still held as a standard of pure, beautiful movement. Some elements of her technique look outdated today, but her tenderness and purity are timeless.
After the divine Swan Lake pdd, yet another Dying Swan (this time with Olga Moiseyeva) seems almost anti-climactic. Again, Moiseyeva is beautiful in her own way, but once you've seen Maya Plisetskaya, all other versions seem, well, not as impressive.
And so that's it. Overall, I'm thrilled to have this diverse, wonderful compilation in my ballet collection. There are of course some pieces I could have lived without, but I am still so grateful that dancers I had heard of but never seen (such as Osipenko) are here on this great compilation. The glory of the Kirov, indeed.

Studio: Kultur
Kirov Ballet

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