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DVD title: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Productgroup: DVD
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter - movie DVD cover picture
Dave Campos loves this movie!

At first glance you have to admit that the concept of this movie is hilarious. Jesus Christ? Fighting vampires? With mexican wrestler El Santos? Defending lesbians? It really does sound great. However, the key to enjoying this movie is not expecting too much from it. It was cheesy on purpose and they pulled it off pretty well. Once you get past a somewhat slow beginning (and a somewhat poor audio and video quality)and into the fighting scenes that's when the real fun begins. The park fighting scene and especially the junkyard fighting scene are both horrible. In that it's so horrible it's funny kind of way. The acting isn't very good but once again as long as you don't take it seriously it only adds to the humor of the movie.
Also make sure to watch this movie with a group of people. As with any bad movie it's always more fun to watch it with a group of friends. Heckling and and even laughing is always better with others. This movie never takes itself seriously so, don't take it seriously. Laugh at the bad acting, laugh at the errors and laugh at the bad fight scenes. Just laugh, you'll enjoy it. Don't pick it apart, unless you intend to well... hmm... what was it? Oh yeah, laugh about it. If there's one thing that'll stay in your head it's the song "Everbody gets laid tonight". God, that song is catchy. Pun intended.

Studio: Music Video Distribu
Director: Lee Demarbre

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A Musical Masterpiece

I have always loved musicals, and "The Sound of Music" is my favorite, so when the first song in "Moulin Rouge" was "The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music," I knew I was going to love it. The music spoke to me about love and hope. Just listening to it makes me happy. I was amazed at the singing talents of both Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, who until now I had only known as excellent actors. This movie brings to life the Moulin Rouge in all it's overdone magnificence, from the costumes to the brilliant musical numbers. I've seen this movie twice already, and I can't wait to see it again. If you like musicals, or just movies in general, I would recommend that you see "Moulin Rouge."

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: Boogeymen - The Killer Compilation
Productgroup: DVD
Boogeymen - The Killer Compilation - movie DVD cover picture
Off the Hook

THis DVD was so good. I enjoy all the scary scenes. It was a wonderful creation of how they (producers) pulled from the best horror clicks ever made. The best part is mid-way of the movie. I don't want to give it away, but you MUST SEE if for yourself. Definitely ***** stars. I recommend this movie to all of the viewers, get it for you DVD library, call up the crew and get SCARED!!!!It's TOO DIE FOR!!!!

Studio: FlixMix
Flicks Mix

DVD title: Unbreakable (Vista Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Unbreakable (Vista Series) - movie DVD cover picture
What you need to know about Unbreakable

Yes, it has something to do with superheroes, but so does The Odyssey or any similar myth or epic. Unbreakable is not a "superhero" movie in the vein of Superman or Robocop or even in the vein of Die Hard and other action films that are essentially superhero movies. Unbreakable takes itself extremely seriously, and many people fault it for this, but The Iliad and The Odyssey, to name a couple, also take themselves seriously despite the fantastic occurrences which take place in them, don't they? Unbreakable is meant to be a modern day myth; a legend. Another reason for all the disappointed reviews is that people were expecting Unbreakable to be a thriller, so realize before watching it that it's a very slow moving, very melancholy and brooding drama. If you're the type of person who likes to talk a lot or rummage around in the kitchen during movies, or who often refers to the "cool parts" of movies, you probably won't like Unbreakable. If, on the other hand, you're a film snob like myself and can sit down in front of the TV and analyze every camera angle, you'll at least enjoy it. I relish it.

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Bruce Willis
Samuel L. Jackson

DVD title: The Taming of the Shrew
Productgroup: DVD
The Taming of the Shrew - movie DVD cover picture
Taming of the Shrew

Two great stars in a great story,the style is a bit "Hollywood" but Shakespeare's comedy is timeless.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton

DVD title: That's How We Build A House
Productgroup: DVD
That's How We Build A House - movie DVD cover picture
This is a fun DVD!

I loved this DVD! My husband and I watched it first, to make sure it was appropriate for our children (ages 5 and 7). It was! Our son and daughter watch it at least 3 times a week and share it with their buddies. My son is really into tools and dresses up like the workers in the show. The main characters, Gwen and Danny, talk at a concept level that children can understand, yet it was interesting to me, too. There is a lot of information packed into a half hour, so children will definitely not be bored. A winner!

Studio: Big Kids Productions
Danny McCarthy

DVD title: Cardcaptors - Power Match (Vol. 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Cardcaptors - Power Match (Vol. 2) - movie DVD cover picture
Cardcaptor Sakura: an otake's dream!

This DVD is just awesome! It can be watched with or without subtitles. It has the beginning and end songs at the end of each episode, and even has a bonus where Kero gives his commmentary about Sakura's clothes. It's neat to hear all of the character's voices (Kero has the cutest voice ever!) I recommend this DVD to anyone! For all you CCS fans, this DVD has it all!

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Creepshow
Productgroup: DVD
Creepshow - movie DVD cover picture
creep #1

this movie is wicked awesome.i saw the second one and i loved it. so i got the first one and it is creepely cool. i loved the comic book style. i watched it a milliom times . if you like fun ol horror flicks youll love this one.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: George A. Romero
Hal Holbrook
Adrienne Barbeau
Leslie Nielsen
E.G. Marshall
Ted Danson

DVD title: Sleepy Hollow
Productgroup: DVD
Sleepy Hollow - movie DVD cover picture
What Weardness

After viewing this on dvd, I feel a strange sence of a "pain in the neck". Its well made, with a storyline to keep your eyes on the screen for the whole lenth of the film, witch (hint, hint) as some parts horror and others full of storyline...... feel sorry for the tree though.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Christina Ricci

DVD title: Angel - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
Angel - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
Angel Season 1 Rocks

This box set is way overdue for North America. This show has grown up so much that in my opinion I believe that it has passed Buffy. David Boreanz has matured so into the role as Angel the vampire with a soul.And, Charisma Carpenter keeps the levity of humor on hand as the vally girl Cordelia.Also, Glenn as Doyle the half human half demon Doyle with his visions from the Powers To Be is missed a lot in the future seasons.But,Alexis Densnoff as Wesley Wyndman Pryce definitely made a wortthy replacement. This six disc set has some cool features and commentary from the cast and creators.Buffy,Faith,Spike,Oz,and the introducton of Gunn can also be seen on this set.This was well worth the wait and definitely lookiing forward to season 2.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
David Boreanaz

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