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DVD title: The Big Lebowski
Productgroup: DVD
The Big Lebowski - movie DVD cover picture
Cut the crap

The Big Lebowski is a comedy of errors. If not for a simple case of mistaken identity, The Dude would have kept on rolling. Instead, he gets caught up in a huge debacle regarding a kidnapping and tries to get repairations for his carpet. "That carpet really tied the room together"
The casting in this movie fits just right, and the story is a good one. The Coen brothers have turned the story of a bum into a winner. The lackadaisical attitude of The Dude really makes this movie. Most other characters would have made themselves pro-active to solve thier dilema, while The Dude just strolls through. It adds a nice element that Bridges plays well.
The Dude's attitude is well offset by John Goodman's potrayal of Walter. He's the over-the-top Vietman vet, who seems like he could just snap at any second, and on a couple occasions, does.
The middle of the road in this trio is Donny, who is a subtle guy that seems like he is the odd man out between Walter and The Dude. While Donny is in the movie, he' not really part of the story, and this throws a few laughs in for the audience.
The most powerful character in this flick is the one with the least time on screen. That would be Jesus. John Turturro does a superb job of adding a lot of laughs in a small amount of time by playing a bowler with an overt attitude, and a nice surprise that makes it even funnnier.
The plot is nice and simple, but The Dude can't seem to keep up with it until it's too late. This adds to the entertainment as he tries to get his goal accomplished, but is hampered by his lifestyle and by Walter.
Some will say this movie is a waste of time with no story, but don't let others keep you from a winner. If you don't like it, or didn't like it the last time you saw it, you need to try it again as it gets better with time.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Joel Coen
Jeff Bridges
John Goodman

DVD title: Control Room
Productgroup: DVD
Control Room - movie DVD cover picture
Important as Americans to Understand..

I think that Control Room is an important piece of film that shows the Arab world's side of the Iraq invasion....It is important as Americans to understand this point-of-view...Control Room leaves you begging for more than just the first 30 days of the Iraq Invasion...All this footage we never see is important to see..There is more truth and honesty in this documentary from the Al-jazeera network than what is shown on American television about this "conflict" from CNN or FOXnews...When you see the conversations between Hassan Ibrahim (former BBC now Al-Jazeera journalist)and Lt. Josh Rushing (US Army officer) it is some of the most enlightening moments and at the same time sad to watch this American like you and me see the other side of it all.....I hope enough people see this film..I love it because it is not a American bashing documentary...It is no more slanted towards the Arab World than CNN is in the U.S.....The difference is in the fact that the Al-Jezeera network gladly allows Western point-of-view on their network to explain their actions....see for yourself at what this network really is: ...We as Americans, the strongest force in the world need to understand the Arab World, for our own good and for theirs...

And please remember Tarik Ayoub, the Al-Jezeera journalist that died from an obvious deliberate airstrike from the U.S....

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Jehane Noujaim

DVD title: The Green Mile
Productgroup: DVD
The Green Mile - movie DVD cover picture
The Green Mile is a good movie.

This is a must see for any Tom Hanks fan. CAUTION! - This movie will make you cry.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Frank Darabont
Tom Hanks
Michael Clarke Duncan

DVD title: Sex and Lucia (R-Rated Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Sex and Lucia (R-Rated Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Sexy, playful, complex, accessible, moving

An overwhelmingly beautiful movie, Sex and Lucia has a fairly straightfoward plot, but the non-linear way it is told makes it pure magic. If some details confuse you (as they did me), there are plenty of explanations on internet message boards to help interpret the film, but overall the film can stand alone as a fantastic tale for the viewer to unravel.

The scenes, the actors, the sets, everything in this movie is gorgeous. There are erotic scenes, but they aren't gratituous, and the camera focuses as much on the skin and the energy and the heat of the moment as much as it does on anything graphic.

Director Medem leaves it to the viewer to sort out fiction and reality. This movie is often mentioned in the same light as Swimming Pool, another foreign erotic film that mixes fiction and reality in the life of a writer. The director of Swimming Pool, however, sets out to purposely confuse and frustrate the viewer, with no resolution to what is "real," while Medem weaves a complex yet playful and likeable story that the viewer can easily get a handle on. For this reason, Sex and Lucia is a far superior (and more enjoyable) film.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Julio Medem
Paz Vega
Tristán Ulloa
Najwa Nimri
Daniel Freire
Elena Anaya

DVD title: Maria Rita
Productgroup: DVD
Maria Rita - movie DVD cover picture
Made in Brazil: Elis' kid delivers!

I have to confess: I only got Maria Rita's first album after watching the cover of the CD and noticing she looked very much like her mother,the wonderful late brazilian singer Elis Regina, but after the first few bars of the first song I discovered that Maria Rita's music is very enjoyable and really it doesn't matter the obvious references to other brazilian historic music figures.

This DVD is a perfect complement of the album, and shows the mood of a typical Maria Rita gig: a very festive atmosphere underlinded by the undeniable charisma of the singer.

The material in this DVD includes the live performance of all but one of the songs on the album plus 2 extra tracks: "Tristesse" and "Vero". Also includes a feature that allows you to play each track with an intoduction by Maria Rita, a separate interview with the singer, biographies of her band members, a "making of" feature and the beautiful video clip of "Cara Valente"

The future looks very bright, from jazz to samba to bolero, this lady really delivers!

Studio: Wea Corp
Maria Rita

DVD title: Anne of Green Gables
Productgroup: DVD
Anne of Green Gables - movie DVD cover picture
This series is true to the books - beautifully adapted.

You will pack your bags and head to Prince Edward Island after seeing this series. It is beautifully filmed and the performances are excellent throughout the entire cast. I wasn't sure how they could be really true to the Anne-Girl in film - her appeal is in her extensive dialogues - but they managed to do it. Anne is such a worthy heroine for young girls - she is intelligent, independent, curious, resourceful, creative, and very strong in her beliefs and the goals she sets for herself. You will both laugh and cry - I highly, highly recommend these videos. Signed...a "kindred spirit".

Studio: Uav Corporation
Director: Kevin Sullivan
Megan Follows
Colleen Dewhurst

DVD title: Farinelli
Productgroup: DVD
Farinelli - movie DVD cover picture
The best foreign film I've seen in a long time

I can't say enough about this film. I happened upon it by accident, and was blown away. The music, the story, the performances, the costuming... all of it over and above your average film. I was never a fan of opera, and still am not overly fond of it. This film goes beyond musical taste. I was a little confused at first by all the "dream" sequences, and the significance of the horses, but it just took a second viewing (not a hardship at all!) to clear it all up. Dionisi, as Farinelli, a handsome man in his own right, looks oddly gorgeous in an almost feminine way. His performance is phenominal - down to the difficult lip-synch, which I thought he carried off with a minimum of noticable mistakes. And the costumes - the stage sets - wow. Beauty beyond compare. The distinctive castrati voice, by the way, was a digital combination of a female soprano and a male tenor. This is a beautiful period piece,with wonderful performances by the entire cast. I can't recommend it enough. And if you don't know who Stefano Dionisi is, you'll be a fan by the time the film is over.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: GĂ©rard Corbiau
Stefano Dionisi
Enrico Lo Verso

DVD title: Elmo's World - Flowers, Bananas & More
Productgroup: DVD
Elmo's World - Flowers, Bananas & More - movie DVD cover picture
so cute

okay, I am a 100% Disney lover and fan. But I thought I give this a try. My daughter, now 23months, loves Elmo and I thought this would be a nice one to try out. It is so cute and really fun to watch. The segments are brief,fun and loaded with information and humor. WELL DONE. If you like the muppets, you find yourself smiling and giggling at these segments,jokes and puppets. The child will love it as well.;-)
Elmo is a great master of ceremony in all his DVD's. I am very impressed and can recommend it. I need to mention the first one I bought was drawing and singing and it does encourage your child to try it yourself. That is actually the magic about all those tapes. The interest and curiosity is being awoken through them. Yes as a parent we do a great job already but isn't it fun to learn with a little friend like Elmo?
I can recommend these Elmo's world DVD's.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Sesame Street - The Alphabet Jungle Game
Productgroup: DVD
Sesame Street - The Alphabet Jungle Game - movie DVD cover picture
GREAT learning video!

I love Sesame Street - The Alphabet Jungle Game. I run a home daycare. My kids love this video. I love that they learn all their letters. This video takes all the letters one by one and shows a little clip on the letter. This video is a must have

Studio: Sony Wonder

DVD title: Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In Love
Productgroup: DVD
Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In Love - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best DVD movies available

All I can say is...THX Certified! This movie will astound you both picture and sound quality. The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is superb, the scene with Washu's time machine and everyone is circling around makes you feel like you are in the center of the room. This was an excellent transfer and I have yet to see another movie, animated or live action, that can beat the quality of this one.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Hiroshi Negishi

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