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DVD title: What the Bleep Do We Know!?
Productgroup: DVD
What the Bleep Do We Know!? - movie DVD cover picture
Cure for cynicism and hopelessness.....

As children we believe in all possibilities...if we will it,and want it enough, and believe it's for our good, then we'll get it.
As we 'grow up' adults tell us that's unbecoming...unrealistic, and we conform to the normative paradigm. This film gives us permission to tap into our pursue our highest good in all think the best thoughts, and to pursue them daily. That by so doing, we can change the physical energy around us. I've always believed's true. A wonderful,reaffirming film. Much needed for these times.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Marlee Matlin
Elaine Hendrix

DVD title: Alexander's Ragtime Band
Productgroup: DVD
Alexander's Ragtime Band - movie DVD cover picture
A joyous musical

Alice Faye has never been better. Ethel Merman shines in a supporting role. Don Ameche shows why he should have been a lead, and then there's Tyrone Power who simply ravishing. The music is superb, and the script is solid. This is one of the best musicals. A real treat. Don't miss it.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Henry King

DVD title: A*Teens - DVD Collection
Productgroup: DVD
A*Teens - DVD Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Best of the Best

The A*Teens are the best band in the wolrd and I am soo happy that they finally came out with there first FULL dvd. It is really the best. It has all there music videos (some that were not shown in the U.S) It has Sugar Rush, halfway Around the World, Bouncing off the Ceiling (Upside Down), Dancing Queen, gimme! gimme! gimme!, Super trouper, and mamma mia. They also have a pictures page where you can see some old and recent photos of the A*Teens. They have a discography page where its has clippets of songs from Teen Spirit, Abba Generation, Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Upside Down and then they have an unrealeased songs page where you can here never before heard songs from Teen Spirit...except for dont even know your name (well unless you live in the U.S) Cant stop the pop, and give it up (personally my fave A*Teens song). Then to top it off they have a really cool interveiw with the A*Teens. So I think that this is a great item for any A*Teens fan and i think that even pop music fans should by this great item.

Studio: Universal Studios

DVD title: Strangers on a Train
Productgroup: DVD
Strangers on a Train - movie DVD cover picture

This is Bruno Anthony's response on seeing Guy Haines' cigarette lighter as they talk in the lounge car of the train. Then, a little later, Bruno orders lamb chops, french fries, and chocolate ice cream for lunch...hilarious juxtaposition....
There is very much to like about this film...and some of the reviews here have pointed out the flaws. One reviewer pointed out the most glaring unbelievability...but it is the one which throws the carousel into chaos and that non-stop
churning action scene. Guy Haines runs onto the carousel at the end of the film to catch Bruno, and one of the policemen fires a gun at him (is Guy at that point a deadly threat?), but the bullet hits the carousel attendant holding the lever which controls the speed of the carousel...he falls over...taking the lever downward...thus throwing the carousel into over-drive.
But there is so much visually and psychologically to like about this film. The three best visuals for me -- for their composition and style -- are of Guy arriving outside his up-scale apartment house at night in a cab...there is a tree beside the curb... and a street light...the tree and the street and the building are wonderfully haunting in the position of the camera and the light and shadow effect. The second visual follows shortly thereafter...Bruno is waiting in the shadows across the street...he calls to Guy from out of the dark...Guy crosses the street and finds Bruno lurking near an iron fence and gate... Guy winds up on one side of the gate with Bruno on the other...the camera looks into Guy's face between the iron bars...this is the time in the film when the actor Farley Granger's face is at its maximum of good looks...the effect of light and shadow on his attractive face is very pleasing... the third visual occurs when Guy goes into Bruno's mansion at night on the supposed errand of killing Bruno's father...the dark interior of the mansion...the pacing...the slow climb up the stairs...the silent, enigmatic great Dane dog waiting at the top of the stairs...oh, what the heck, why not also throw in the night scenes of the lights and the lake at the carnival in Metcalf...
Since I am a strong fan of the visual beauty and style (if not the themes) of the film version of "The Talented Mr. Ripley", it is instructive to watch that film and this one in sequence...much of the similarities will come through the novelist's writing of course, since they were written by the same author...but the visual similarities and executions in the two films are extremely interesting to study as well...
"Strangers on a Train" is a film I can watch over and over again...only the tennis match, I think, would become possibly tedious to rewatch multiple times... Dimitri Tiomkin's musical score is haunting, but I detect some very similar themes in it which remind me of pieces from "The Thing From Another World", also released in 1951 with a Dimitri Tiomkin score...
The things which repel me about the film are the beginning with Bruno's "loud" shoes getting out of the cab...and the music with its jazzy hint of mockery at the implied gay character...just like that mocking scene in "The Maltese Falcon" when Spade and his secretary smirk over the gardenia scent on Cairo's card...Guy's wife, of course, is as repellent in her abrasive manipulation and plotting maliciousness as Frankie is in "The
Talented Mr. Ripley" with his smirking, sarcastic mockery of Tom...
The clarity of the images on this DVD is excellent... and the black and white imagery is liquid and lucious...of all the actors and actresses in the film, only Ruth Roman seems somehow visually not right for the role of Guy's fiancee...all in all, this is an excellent film for repeated viewing, close scrutiny, and multiple enjoyment...

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Farley Granger
Robert Walker

DVD title: The Black Cauldron (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
The Black Cauldron (Disney Gold Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Disney Movie Ever!

If you're looking for a typical Disney movie then this isn't the one to see. It's the only Disney with a PG rating and is very dark. For those who don't like Disney, this is the movie to see. If you're looking for it to be like the books... sorry, but that's not necessarily what movies are about. This is an excellent show! A "spell-binding saga of swords, sorcery, and magic!"

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Grant Bardsley
Susan Sheridan
Freddie Jones

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set) - movie DVD cover picture
The ultimate LOTR film

Just a couple things...first, the whole LOTR experience was awe inspiring, and I've loved the books for over 30 years. I think PJ did the most amazing job with such a huge story. December 14 cannot come soon enough- expecially now that we've seen the snippets on line!
To address Walt's review- PJ did 'sneak in' Tom Bombadil, in the EE TT during the entdraught scene, Treebeards dialogue IS Tom's poem.
To P Janssens about the happy ending(s)- The Gray Havens was about the least happy part of the whole trilogy. Frodo is leaving his life and friends forever.
But until the EE ROTK comes out, I will spend my time reading and rereading the books.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Peter Jackson
Elijah Wood

DVD title: FLCL (Fooly Cooly) - Vol. 2
Productgroup: DVD
FLCL (Fooly Cooly) - Vol. 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Revealing more about this insane corner of the universe...

After a brilliant first DVD, Gainax, I.G. and Synch-Point makea second that is just incredible to house the 3rd & 4th episodes of this 6 episode OVA series. While the stories through episode 3 provide fun little scenarios with some of the most brilliant, crazed action and music in any anime, they really just boggle the audience while delighting them. But, like any decent story, the writer will put out the pieces, then tie them together, which they do into episode 4 as Hara-haru's history shows up as a human boyfriend working for a central intelligence organization dealing with aliens on earth. Into episodes 5 & 6, on the 3rd DVD are most all of the answers needed to rope up a great excuse to make fantastic anime fun.
Each episode of FLCL has a very strong motif. In episode 3, it is predominantly about 'Puss In Boots' while episode 4 is a great nod to baseball. There is something fantastic to watch in every scene of FLCL. This is not an anime to ignore.

Studio: Broccoli Intl Usa, I
Director: Kazuya Tsurumaki

DVD title: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors
Productgroup: DVD
Doctor Who - The Three Doctors - movie DVD cover picture
Three Doctors + 10th anniversary = Winning celebration

The first major anniversary celebration was a success. Ten years for a TV show was quite a feat, with three actors in the lead role, each actor boosting the ratings and popularity of the show, and what better way to celebrate it by having all three Doctors appearing?
The story? A strange sort of stellar energy arrives on Earth, having the alarming habit of making people vanish, such as Mr. Ollis, a game warden, and Professor Tyler, who is studying the energy. It ends up that the energy is hunting the Doctor, as evidenced by the kidnapping of Bessie, the Doctor's yellow Roadster. Well, the energy steals a lot more than that as the show progresses.
The bigger picture, however, is grim. The energy is coming from a black hole in the universe of anti-matter, and even the Time Lords are powerless to stop it. The Chancellor comes up with the brilliant idea of breaking the First Law of Time and having the Doctor help himself. Back on Earth, the current Doctor is puzzled when he sees a familiar looking recorder materialize, promptly followed by its owner, namely his previous self. The recorder later plays a crucial role in the story, by the way.
The perpetrator turns out to be a Time Lord legend, Omega, who was presumed dead, but turned up in his world of anti-matter. However, his eons of solitude has left him thirsting for revenge against the Time Lords, whom he thinks betrayed and abandoned him, and nothing would be better than draining them of their power completely.
Jo has a nice outfit in this story, miniskirt, boots, and a bluish fur coat (false fur, I hope). Jon Pertwee teased Katy Manning on her outfit, remarking that he didn't remember this story having a blue Yeti. Okay, so it isn't a sensible thing to wear on an alien planet, but part of what makes Jo my favorite companion are those her 60's-70's costumes.
The interplay between Pertwee and Troughton is what keeps this story afloat. They argue like little kids throughout the story, and it takes the stern and sensible First Doctor as well as Jo to keep them working together.
The part where the Second and Third Doctors try to explain who he is to a very confused Jo leads her to misquote "I Am The Walrus." The exasperated Third Doctor says, "Look Jo, it's perfectly simple. I am he, and he is me." Poor Jo chimes in with "And we are all together. Googoo gichoo." Third Doctor: "What?" Jo: "It's a song by the Beatles." Second Doctor: "Really? How does it go? Maybe I can play it on my recorder."
The Brigadier and Sgt. Benton are the only human links to the show's past. Both worked with the Second Doctor in The Invasion, and the show's continuity only adds to the effectiveness of the celebration. Stephen Thorne, whose booming voice is familiar as Azal in The Daemons and who later was the male Eldrad in The Hand Of Death, plays Omega here. He is anguished when he removes his golden KKK-like mask to reveal... nothing. But his explosive reaction is a bad case of overracting and even here, I have to wince.
As for the limited appearance of William Hartnell, come on! The poor guy was a year away from death, had to read his lines from giant cue cards, and did all his filming in one setting so he could get back home, so let's not criticize this story for that. It's a miracle he was able to make so that there WOULD be three Doctors.

Studio: BBC

DVD title: Pokemon - Poke-Friends (Vol. 4)
Productgroup: DVD
Pokemon - Poke-Friends (Vol. 4) - movie DVD cover picture

Its da BOMB! If you thought the show was good BAM this whups it thunder attack style!

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Earth Girls Are Easy
Productgroup: DVD
Earth Girls Are Easy - movie DVD cover picture
great flick

Okay, I've never thought Jeff was hot, at least not until I saw this movie! I thought it was a great romantic movie, than I remembered what the plot was! and I couldn't help thinking, what happened when they went back to his planet and, well, Genna's char. was the only chick without colerful furry hair? Anyone else feel that way?

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Julien Temple
Geena Davis
Jeff Goldblum
Jim Carrey

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