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DVD title: The Truman Show
Productgroup: DVD
The Truman Show - movie DVD cover picture
Creative, thought-provoking, Carey should be proud!!

I loved this. It was creative, thought-provoking, and I can surely hope that Jim Carey is proud of himself. He was made to do this. Don't go see this movie with the expectations of a rubber-face comedy, any one who does will be P.O.ED!! It was a wonderful drama, and a gem of the movie business. It brought up a creative idea, and, might I say, the idea was so original. It was one of my favorite mobies of 1998. Two Thumbs up!! :)

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Peter Weir
Jim Carrey

DVD title: Battle of Britain
Productgroup: DVD
Battle of Britain - movie DVD cover picture
Death in the summer skies of England...

...and never has death in aerial combat been portrayed so dramatically, either before or since this movie's release in 1969. Graphic, visually stunning and emotionally powerful. Two scenes come to mind. The unfortunate German crew member who climbed up into his perspex gun mount atop his Heinkel bomber to get a better view of the battle. With the shatter of glass and goggles and the spraying of red, we know that he won't be seeing anything ever again. On the Allied side, we have an RAF pilot, his Spitfire shot up, smoke and flames licking at him in the cockpit, oil smearing his windscreen; now struggling, straining to free himself, gloved hands now on fire, panicking then screaming as he knows only seconds are left.
WWII buffs and aviation fans will appreciate the use of vintage aircraft in many scenes and models in others, with pretty good special effects that still stand the test of time. All this in support of dramatic scenes like those above, go together to make this movie a cinematic treat.
But let's step back in time to summer of 1940 for a minute. What was the Luftwaffe's plan of action for the Battle of Britain? Destroy the British radar installations, flatten the airfields, wipe out the RAF in the air, obliterate London? All of these strategies were employed at some point. The movie is true to history by accurately and realistically depicting, to some degree of detail, all of these events.
The Battle of Britain was about more than strategic targets though. It was about men. A few hundred young men, on both sides. Some crossing the cold, gray channel waters only to meet their deaths over England. Others from the grassy airfields of the countryside, alone in their small Spitfires and Hurricanes, rising to meet the enemy, and for many their deaths also.
An all star cast, although powerful and portraying their characters with passion, is only incidental to the movie. The plot is also of secondary importance. The acting and storyline are there only to serve as a launching platform. There to take the planes, the pilots and us, up into the English skies where the real story of the 'Battle of Britain' unfolds.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Guy Hamilton
Michael Caine
Trevor Howard

DVD title: WWE Survivor Series 2004
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Survivor Series 2004 - movie DVD cover picture
Surivivor Seris 2004 What happend

If I was Vince this is what I would do.

1.Randy orton(C)vs Y2J-world heavyweight title

2.Angle vs. Undertaker(C)-wwe championship

3.Christian(C) vs Edge vs Batsita vs Benjamin-IC title elimination match
winner Batista

4.RVD(C) vs Booker T vs Hass-Us title elimination match

5.Akio vs Spike(C)-cruiserweight title

6.Trish(C) vs Nidia-womans title
winner Nidia

Team Long vs. Team Bischoff classic SS match
1.Cena 1.HBK
2.Eddie Guerrero 2.HHH
3.Angle 3.Kane
4.Undertaker 4.Benoit
5.JBL 5.Y2J
6.Nick Dinsmore 6.Orton

This wouldbe a great main even with Angle, orton, Taker, and Y2J pulling double duty

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Strictly Ballroom
Productgroup: DVD
Strictly Ballroom - movie DVD cover picture
I've got my happy face on today, Les!

One of the most egregious and unforgiveable DVD absences is set right at long last. There are no tech details listed yet, so I can only hope the studio intends to handle this release like the jewel it should be -- including background on the original stage production and giving the film itself the full-tilt digital treatment.
If you're a 'Moulin Rouge' fan who's not yet experienced the gleefully malfeasant, candy-colored universe of the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Amateur Championships, you're in for a fabulous treat. If, like me, you've been anticipating this DVD release above many others, go us!! No, it's not cinematic rocket science or brain surgery or even really a gourmet meal, but from the opening 'documentary' to the final steps, unless your curmudgeon status is chronic and immutable, it's simply not possible to maintain a bad mood while viewing. For a movie like this, that's all you really need to know.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Paul Mercurio
Tara Morice

DVD title: My Dog Skip
Productgroup: DVD
My Dog Skip - movie DVD cover picture
You Have To See This Movie!

This movie was so great. Being a teen,I thought this movie was awesome.Frankie Muniz,and the rest of the cast did a great job! I don't think there is really an age barrier to My Dog Skip. It's perfect for the whole family. It's entertaining and heart warming,and if you've never had a dog it might just make you want to go out and get one as loyal and obedient as Skip was! This would make an excellent Saturday night movie rental. This movie gets kinda intense,so make sure you have some tissues with you!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Jay Russell
Frankie Muniz
Diane Lane
Kevin Bacon

DVD title: Bed of Roses
Productgroup: DVD
Bed of Roses - movie DVD cover picture
"Everyone is entitled to a little too much perfection"

As a guy who prides himself on being a romantic and a true gentleman, I get tired of hearing that "all men are dogs." We have received this reputation deservedly though. And it hurts men like me who are just good old fashioned "nice guys." Anyways, my point is that this movie should be a requirement for all men to watch. Christian Slater portrays everything that a man should be: sensitive, caring, down-to-earth, respectful, and giving. Every time I watch this movie, I gain more strength and surety in being a man who knows how to treat woman properly. It's a shame that more of us men aren't the type of man Slater's character is. Slater's character alone elevates this movie to greatness, but there's more to this movie than just a great guy. It's a tremendous "feel good" movie that will encourage you and maybe even rekindle your flame of romance that may have begun to fade.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Michael Goldenberg
Christian Slater
Mary Stuart Masterson

DVD title: Pokemon - I Choose You! Pikachu! (Vol. 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Pokemon - I Choose You! Pikachu! (Vol. 1) - movie DVD cover picture

I love Pikachu! If he was real I would marry him! The only bad thing about this video is that it does not show the two best Pokemon of all time: Beatachu and Strokazar. I almost cried when Ash chose Pikachu because Pikachu works so hard. He deserves to be picked. When he shot his lightning bolts I laughed sooooo hard! I hope you have as much fun with this video as I did! I choose YOU!

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Bio-Dome
Productgroup: DVD
Bio-Dome - movie DVD cover picture
this film should've won an Oscar

Perhaps "Saving Private Ryan" and "Schindler's List" just didn't offer enough money to the great Pauly Shore for him to play the lead parts they had specifically written for him. What fools Tinseltowners be! Maestro Shore is most certainly an actor of the highest order, and all nonbelievers shall be proven wrong once they catch a glimpse of this highly underrated DVD.
Filmed on location at Shore's alma mater, Stanford University, "Bio-Dome" showcases a plot masterfully adapted from the eponymous novel by Charles Dickens, with stunning choreography to spare by Ang Lee. Though the screenwriter and playwright Tom Stoppard's complicated dialogue carries a bit like Shakespeare--no, more like Marlowe--there is not one viewer out there who will fail to grasp its lyrical brilliance. I cried the first time I watched this film in the dollar theatre; too bad my date left within the first twenty minutes, but she is all the less enlightened for it. Now I can relive the experience over and over and over and over again, as I have just resigned from my job so I can spend every day watching this colossus of a movie everyday, as often as possible.
Please do yourself a favor and buy this DVD. Your whole life will take on new meaning afterwards.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Jason Bloom
Pauly Shore
Stephen Baldwin

DVD title: First Time Felon
Productgroup: DVD
First Time Felon - movie DVD cover picture
A very well produced, directed, and presented film......

This movie is in one word, powerful. Omar Epps portrays a Chicago drug dealer who ends up in the infamous Cook County jail and is given a second chance by undergoing a military style Boot Camp.
There are so many lessons that can be learned by watching this film. There are so many sociological points of view with regards to the underground economy, unemployment, African-Americans and poverty, the poverty trap, and the psychological factors leading to fatalism. This movie is a must see. I would recommend this movie to not only interested viewers (who are of course objective), university students (especially, take your heads out of the books for a minute), and, of course, to professors (especially) and to all concerned parents and community members across our great nation.
Mr. Diego RodriguezChicago, Il

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Charles S. Dutton

DVD title: Big Business
Productgroup: DVD
Big Business - movie DVD cover picture

My best friend and I owe about half of our vocabulary to this great film. I can't believe it's not even made on VHS any longer, let alone DVD. ROSE IS ME! I know how you love to mix & match your syrups. This film is a classic, and the laughs won't end when the movie ends.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Director: Jim Abrahams
Bette Midler
Lily Tomlin

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