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DVD title: Mildred Pierce
Productgroup: DVD
Mildred Pierce - movie DVD cover picture
Crawford at her best---DVD features are great!

Wonderful DVD of Crawford's still-wonderful portrayal of "MILDRED PIERCE." She acts all over the place, earning that Oscar, scene by sumptuous scene! And this is what DVDs are all will enjoy not only assorted Crawford trailers from her years at the Warner Brothers studio, but the excellent documentary on "Crawford: The Ultimate Star." A real bargain! The only thing that is missing would be a commentary track by someone in-the-know about the making of this great picture.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Michael Curtiz
Joan Crawford
Jack Carson

DVD title: Blue Velvet
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Velvet - movie DVD cover picture
The horror beneath the surface

A shocker of a movie in which the innocent facade of an average American town is torn back to reveal a violent and frightening hidden world. (The opening scene with the bugs under the lawn depicts it perfectly.) One day college-aged Jeffrey Beaumont (played by Kyle MacLachlan) finds a human ear in a vacant field. He takes it to the police; the detective assigned to the case (George Dickerson) is Laura Dern's character's father. She overhears him talking about the case and passes on the information to MacLachlan, her boyfriend. He begins to investigate on his own and enters a world of perversion, kidnapping, drugs, and death. Dennis Hopper plays a character about as evil and frightening as you could imagine. Dern's high-school-girl innocence only adds to the awfulness of what's going on here. Emotions are expressed so powerfully, and they are so brutal and scary, that it becomes painful to watch at times. Although not necessarily an original idea, rarely has looking beneath the calm surface to discover a raging storm been done so engagingly and disturbingly. A David Lynch knockout. Worth a watch.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: David Lynch
Isabella Rossellini
Kyle MacLachlan
Dennis Hopper

DVD title: Shania Twain - Up (Live in Chicago)
Productgroup: DVD
Shania Twain - Up (Live in Chicago) - movie DVD cover picture
This concert is excellent.

Every time I put this DVD on I am reminded as to why Shania is the greatest female performer on the planet!
From start to finish, this is a high energy show that transitions perfectly between rocking/joyful/fun/inspiring songs to gorgeous, beautiful ballads. All of Shania's classic anthems and trademark songs are included.

Shania has a lovely, charasmatic singing voice and Godly stage presence, her band are awesome and never miss a beat and the overall production of this concert is excellent!
A fun 2 hours of great music and well worth the money!

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Shania Twain

DVD title: Jersey Girl
Productgroup: DVD
Jersey Girl - movie DVD cover picture
The best least publicized movie of last year

I'm not sure why I watched this movie because I certainly didn't remember seeing thousands of advertisements for it and I knew virtually nothing about it. But I'm so glad I followed my gut instinct and rented it because this was one of the best movies I watched all last year! The story was a typical one, but it was full of not-so-typical characters and events. George Carlin (who I'm not usually a fan of) was fabulous as the gruff father/doting grandfather, and Liv Tyler was wonderful as a kind of strange but good hearted girl-next-door. The girl who played little Gertie was oustanding - she could have made the entire movie by herself! But it was Ben Affleck I was most surprised by. Sure, he's cute and sure, he's made some decent movies, but I've never really considered him a good actor. This movie changed my mind, however. He positively glowed in this movie - his character went through so many metamorphases throughout the movie that it was remarkable that even he could keep up. The film was moving - the moral basic but completely true - and the very last line made me bawl like a baby. This was a moving film that deserves to be seen by everyone in America.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Kevin Smith
Raquel Castro
Ben Affleck

DVD title: Thief Of Hearts
Productgroup: DVD
Thief Of Hearts - movie DVD cover picture
sexiest movie I ever seen

Every since the first time I saw this move, I loved it.Ilove Steven Bauer. He's so sexy and handsome. I think every woman at one time had a "Thief of Hearts" in her life. I finally go my own video of it for Christmas. I really want the soundtrack. I know other people have asked about it. Can you let me know where I can get it? I love the end of the move when he looks back at her and the song plays.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Douglas Day Stewart
Steven Bauer
Barbara Williams

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Welcome To Sunnydale!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer was originally supposed to be a box office smash. However, due to complications on the set, the movie was not at all succesful. When the concept was revived in the mid-90's the creator, Joss Whedon, took Buffy into a completly different direction.
The WB had just begun and decided to take Buffy as one of it's main show components. The WB was looking for television shows that would appeal to the youth and didn't realize the wealth Buffy ultimatley would bring them.
The first season of Buffy (well all 12 episodes of it, it was a mid-season replacement) depictes the young female Buffy Summers moving and transfering in to a new high school. However, this high school isn't like any other, neither is the town of Sunnydale. For they both sit on top of a Hellmouth (a portal that unleashes Hell. It also attracts a lot of supernatural activity.) On Buffy's first day she meets Giles, her Watcher (they train "the Slayer"), Willow, Xander, Cordelia, and a soon to be love interest Angel.
During the Season we are watching The Master (a really old and powerful Vampire who is trapped underground) repeatedly attempt to open the Hellmouth. We also find out that Angel is a vampire who had his soul restored by Gypsies (after he killed one of their own). We also see a nice handful of strange enemies throughout the Season.
Highlight Episodes: "Welcome To The Hellmouth", "The Harvest", "Witch", "Angel", and "Prophecy Girl".
My only complaint about the DVD set is that the episode transfers could have been better. At times the picture is very fuzzy.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Sarah Michelle Gellar

DVD title: Show Me Love
Productgroup: DVD
Show Me Love - movie DVD cover picture
An encouraging movie that does not lie to you!

This is definitely not just another trashy movie about discovering your own homosexuality and how it feels to be an emotional unsecure Teenager; although "Show me love" treats theese topics in a very sensible and honest way, I think it would be a mistake to reduce the story of Agnes and Elin with its quite unconventional way it is told by Lukas Moodisson on the homosexual aspect. The film also can be watched as a story about going your own way despite of the popular opinion. Amal is everywhere!
On the European CD-cover they try to tell you this were the swedish answer on "American pie". No, that seems definitely wrong - its much more than that, because watching this movie, you will be able not to laugh about, but to suffer (and finally: laugh) with the charakters. "Show me love" does not just take its charakters serious, but (important as well) even the audience. There is no false political correctness, there are no inhonest solutions, masked behind a soundtrack, deniing the existence of real problems.
Agnes and Elin find the courage to listen to their feelings, to use their brains, to respect each other - which message could be more encouraging and honest at the same time?

Studio: Strand Releasing Home Video
Director: Lukas Moodysson
Lukas Moodysson

DVD title: It's In The Water
Productgroup: DVD
It's In The Water - movie DVD cover picture
Leaves you wanting more!

I enjoyed this movie because it pulls you in to their lives and keeps you there with laughter. This movie is a must see because the people are very real to our every day lives and so are their struggles for acceptance.

Studio: Wolfe Video
Director: Kelli Herd

DVD title: No Looking Back
Productgroup: DVD
No Looking Back - movie DVD cover picture
real life movie

a fragile sentimental situation, the cold and damp atlantic NE weather, the feeling that your future hangs on someone's else decision, a small town...

I've been there, and this movie captures all the above perfectly. With the help of a haunting soundtrack rediscovering (discovering?) unknown classics like Patti Scialfa dishing out rumble doll just like if it was one of Bruce's gem. A movie to watch alone, on a late Sunday afternoon

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Edward Burns
Edward Burns
Lauren Holly
Jon Bon Jovi

DVD title: Celtic Woman
Productgroup: DVD
Celtic Woman - movie DVD cover picture
Celtic Woman

This is beautiful music that is relaxing, soothing, and refreshing. The young women are excellent vocalists and present a concert that is from the heart. The orchestra and other singers are supurb. This is the best CD I have purchased in a long time. Hope they do another one soon!

Studio: EMI Distribution
David Downes
Chloe Agnew
Meav Ni Mhaolchatha

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