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DVD title: National Treasure (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
National Treasure (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

What's with all the critical carping about Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones? After all, who did Dan Brown crib from, to say nothing of the Lucas-Spielberg boys. Basic plots and conundrums go back as far as unrecorded history / storytelling. The real points are elsewhere, not in the vehicle (which is only a conveyance, after all).

Here's a nice adventure yarn which wears its cinematic/literary influences one way or the other depending on your personal taste and preference. I took it as a well done, tongue-in-cheek if not particularly deep bit of popcorn entertainment.

Yes, the music is overcooked John Williams. Yes, the historical elements are skewed, to say the least, when they aren't outright inaccurate. Read Walter Isaacson's wonderful biography of Benjamin Franklin, and also his companion volume of Franklin's writings - including the infamous Silence Dogood letters, and you'll see just how easy it is to take a few facts, turn them inside out, and then come up with a thoroughly preposterous tale. Franklin, by the way, was sixteen years old when he wrote these pieces as part of his early adventures in the printing business to which he was then apprenticed.

But, then again, how many people who don't live in Philadelphia understand anything about either the city's revolutionary period history, or of its most famous citizen?

Just enjoy the film for the fluff it is - then go and do your homework. You're bound to wind up learning more about American history than you know at present - and that's worth it by itself.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Nicolas Cage
Diane Kruger
Justin Bartha
Sean Bean

DVD title: Ah! My Goddess - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Ah! My Goddess - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
This is a must have DVD for any Anime fan!!!

This is a fantastic movie. It has a beautiful story, outstanding plot, and a nice supply of mini surprises to keep the story moving:) I would recommend this fantastic movie to anybody. Not really sure why they rated it 13^ but I think it would be suitable for the whole family to watch. Definitely a must buy for Anime hobbiests :)

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Hiroaki Gôda

DVD title: Two for the Road
Productgroup: DVD
Two for the Road - movie DVD cover picture
Can't Do That Anymore!

I can't believe this film is not more famous. I had never even heard of it until I came on amazon to buy her other movies and saw it listed. I came upon it the other day in the video store and had to rent it. I was so impressed. This is now one of, if not my favorite Audrey movie. This is a movie like no other Audrey had ever made. The only downs to the movie are the poor editing job in one scene where Audrey is running from the side and is suddenly cut into the middle of the frame. The other is Audrey's other romantic interest half way through the film, the directors should have found someone better. These minor mistakes, however, do not take away from the overall movie. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when she said "bastard" to Finney in the most loving way. I have noticed in many of her contemporary romantic films she says one word in just the perfect way, she says it softly as she exhales and it just comes out wonderfully. Look for the words, you'll find them. This is a movie any Audrey fan must see!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Stanley Donen
Audrey Hepburn
Albert Finney

DVD title: Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Th series comes to an end

This has to be the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I have been a Starwars fann since longer than I can remeber, and after an ending like that I just can't stop reading the books and writing some amature stories myself to share with freinds. If you didn't see it in theaters you've missed out and you've got to buy it as soon as it comes out.(Which I'll do anyways!) If that doesn't explain enough to you than I'm wasting time writing this Review. That's all for now.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: George Lucas
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman
Hayden Christensen

DVD title: My Neighbor Totoro (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
My Neighbor Totoro (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A beautiful slice of life

I _love _ this movie. There is no evil monster trying to ruin the children's lives, the father is not abusive, the mother doesn't _what_ is it about, you ask?
It's about 2 little girls, sisters, making a new friend and living their lives - going to school, playing, visiting their mom in the hospital. It's about their wild and wonderful friend Totoro and the games they play.
This is a wonderful movie for the whole family, from the tiniest tykes to the old grumpy folks - it will bring a smile to your face. It is beautifully animated, warm and thoughtful and would make a great addition to your animation collection or as a gift for some one who likes animation.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Noriko Hidaka
Hitoshi Takagi

DVD title: Conspiracy Theory
Productgroup: DVD
Conspiracy Theory - movie DVD cover picture

this was a great movie i love the action packed film. Knowing the gov. is hiding meny things. I think if you like this move/dvd you should read the novel 1984

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Richard Donner
Mel Gibson
Julia Roberts

DVD title: Urban Menace
Productgroup: DVD
Urban Menace - movie DVD cover picture
go and see it

this is a good film see i

Studio: Studio Home Entertainment
Director: Albert Pyun

DVD title: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I want to see it again

This is one of the few movies that I have heard my wife say that she would like to see at the theater again. She is usually very happy to wait for movies to come out on video; but this movie is an experience that she enjoyed so much, that she wants to go again. She especially enjoyed Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.
I enjoyed the sword fights, which I would put on par with the sword fight in "The Princess Bride" (Maybe even a little better for the fight in the smithy). The effects were very well done as well.
On the whole, it was a good, fun adventure.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Gore Verbinski
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Jonathan Pryce

DVD title: Sin City
Productgroup: DVD
Sin City - movie DVD cover picture
"Sometimes you have to kill a whole lot of people."

Sin City is the first movie of 2005 to actually get excited about; it follows the source material 99.9%(which is astounding for it's extremely violent content). I've heard comparisons ranging from Pulp Fiction to Star Wars but really the film stands all on its own. An amazing and altogether unique moviegoing experience that reawakens us to the incredible possibilities of film.

I'm not surprised that we have Robert Rodriguez (and of course, Frank Miller) to thank for this. The guy knows how to make movies like no other. I was impressed with Guillermo Del Toro's fanboy fueled Hellboy last year and with Sin City we get an equally impressive and awe inspiring realization of an underground comic brought vividly, and brutally, to life.

Sin City is comprised of three books, The Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill, and That Yellow Bastard. I could almost swear that for some minor deviances due to film constraints and the insecurities of Jessica Alba (really, it wouldn't have killed you to be topless as Nancy the stripper for cryin' outloud!) the movie is a frame for frame reenactment of the comics. It helps to have read the books first, just to fully understand what is being done.

In 1990 Warren Beatty did a superb job of bringing Dick Tracy to the screen and now, in 2005 we have Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller wholly deserving of praise for their new noir masterpiece. It's visceral, it's raw, and it's entertaining from start to finish.

The casting is top notch, Bruce Willis as Hartigan; the truly underappreciated Mickey Rourke as Marv; Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Nick Stahl, Brittany Murphy, Rutger Hauer, Powers Boothe-they all do fine jobs. But it's Benicio Del Toro who has the standout part as Jackie Boy. He's funny, vicious, and unsettling all at the same time.

If you're looking for hard boiled, white knuckle action with insane violence (we're talking gleeful overkill here) look no further than Sin City. The first must see movie of 2005 and a beacon of hope for the future of film. I'm hoping this makes a killing at the ol' box office because there are more Sin City books ready and waiting for the big screen.

Studio: Dimension Home Video

DVD title: Mortal Kombat
Productgroup: DVD
Mortal Kombat - movie DVD cover picture
Let Mortal Kombat begin!

Motal Kombat is a perfect example of how a movie based on a video game can be a success. Everything in the movie pretty much follows the story of Mortal Kombat and has plenty of action. Christopher Lambert does a great job of playing Rayden! I recommend veiwing this film on DVD.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Christopher Lambert
Robin Shou

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