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DVD title: An Everlasting Piece
Productgroup: DVD
An Everlasting Piece - movie DVD cover picture

I dont believe this movie got to much theatrical hype,i have no idea why! This is the funniest movie i've seen in awhile laughing outloud several times which i rarely do this movie is also more than laughs it has a great story there's plenty of reviews here for you to read about the story,i would like to tell you though the dvd is great there is no special features really except cast and crew info but the picture is great and it does support dts to my suprise upon purchase.A+

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Barry Levinson
Barry McEvoy
Brian F. O'Byrne

DVD title: Man Wanted
Productgroup: DVD
Man Wanted - movie DVD cover picture
Very Good!

Here is an example of how to make an excellent movie without having a strong script. Loveable characters, great music, great action, great cinematography make this an excellent hong kong action thriller. simon Yam as an undercover cop, yu Rong Guang as the bad guy and Christy Chung as....the girl in between all give strong performances. Highly recommended.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Benny Chan

DVD title: The Big Lebowski
Productgroup: DVD
The Big Lebowski - movie DVD cover picture
man that lives alone ...on his last dollar

see him in his getto life enjoyed by loosers like me. ALL DUDES are loosers. being alone rules see the movie.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Joel Coen
Jeff Bridges
John Goodman

DVD title: Yoga Complete for Weight Loss
Productgroup: DVD
Yoga Complete for Weight Loss - movie DVD cover picture

This cool DVD contains many different yoga sequences -- ranging from 30 to 90 minutes of practice -- offering you lots of choices to match your mood and goals. The instructor, Mary Pappas-Sandonas, delivers clear, engaging explanations as well as inspiring encouragement. Her demonstrations of the poses (asanas) are flawless. She also gives modifications so everyone can move into the poses at their own skill level. What's great is that you can learn alot from looking at her demonstration; at the same time, her explanations are so clear that you can listen to her descriptions as you do the poses simultaneously. Although the title of this DVD mentions weight loss, I found the sequences to be incredibly useful for other goals as well, such as pursuing a balanced yoga practice, getting exercise (in general) and having fun (in particular!).

Studio: Bodywisdom Media, Inc.

DVD title: C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Buffy has no brains or taste! CSI ROCKS!

CSI is a fascinating show. The characters were hand picked from the finest of Actors. William Peterson is perfect for the role of Grissom. It is almost as if it were written about him. The other chacters do a fine job as well. Love it, Love it. I tape all the episodes I can on my TIVO! When will the Complete season five be available on DVD?

Studio: Paramount Home Video
William Petersen

DVD title: Tomorrow Never Dies (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Tomorrow Never Dies (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
One name, one number

Blasting on to the screen with undeniable charm is Pierce Brosnan in his 2nd and one of the best James Bond movies ever! When powerful media mogul Elliot Carver is anxious to get his media rulings all over the world he takes it to the extreme. His idea is to star WWIII between the UK and China so he can increase in his media popularity in China. Considered by many and myself to be one of the best villians in the series. He also has an array of evils working for him. First their is the Aryan bodyguard Stamper who brings back memories of the towering Red Grant, there is also the techno-wizard Gupta and the psychotic Dr. Kaufmann. The new girl is chinese agent Wai Lin, who finally equal to 007 in every single way. Paris Carver is Bond's old flame who is now married to Elliot Carver. This film really has the one-liners packed, especially from the villians like, "There's no news like bad news." and "Let the mayhem begin." This film is truly full of axction, like the fantastic car chase and motorcycle chase! This title song is majestically performed by Sheryl Crow and k.d Lang gives us "Surrender" an end-title song that brings back the days of Shirley Bassey. One of the most enjoyable films in the series and definitly one of my favorites!!!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Pierce Brosnan
Jonathan Pryce
Michelle Yeoh
Teri Hatcher

DVD title: Vertigo (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Vertigo (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely Hypnotic!

It is a funny thing about great movies, your favorite films, and polls of the greatest films every made. If you have a Top Ten, at least one Alfred Hitchcock has to be there with all the other masterpieces of the cinema. The ultimate story of obsession and guilt, Vertigo works on many levels. What really matters is that this film succeeds on every level. Visually gorgeously shot in and around San Francisco, this city has never looked so good as a background for a film. With its alternately bright days and lurking nights we see shifting moods and points of view. Lots of bright sunlight and dark shadows. The acting is superb. James Stewart, as the guilt-wracked detective, shows us his darker side and he has never been better. Kim Novak is a revelation in double roles. And the costumes. That gray suit! Watch movies such as Marnie, where Tippi Hedren has a gray suit on and blonde hair pinned up into a twist like Novak and you begin to think about Hitchcock's obsessions. There are so many "classic" scenes, the beginning (How in God's name did Stewart, dangling from the high building gutter, get to safety?) Was the rest of the movie his last thoughts and dream before dying? The spinning love scene that is sensual but ominous at the same time, the final remaking of Judy, slowly walking out of a greenish fog of fantasy, transformed back into Scotty's dead dream girl. And then all of this set to the haunting, beautiful music of Bernard Herrman, who was at the height of his music powers with Vertigo.It is also a brilliant study of place. Highly recommended in this wonderful restoration with footage showing how Vertigo was restored, with fascinating interviews with those intimately involved in the making of both versions of Vertigo. This is one of my favorite films, one of the best American flims ever made, and stands high with any made in the world. A true work of art.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
James Stewart
Kim Novak

DVD title: The Apple
Productgroup: DVD
The Apple - movie DVD cover picture
Taste It, Taste It, Taste It!

Very few movies can be so bad that they become good, The Apple is one of them. Pointless plot, terrible music, bad acting, costumes that even Elton John wouldn't wear and an excessive amount of glitter all converge creating a colossal piece of crap. My boyfriend took me to see this on our first date and I realized that I had found my soul mate.
I would not recommend this to anyone who is not a fan of camp, but for those of you who just love to laugh at terrible film making this is the god (Mr. Tops) awful musical extravaganza you have been waiting for. I have already pre-ordered my copy and I strongly recommend you do the same, since your DVD collection will never truly be completely without it.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Menahem Golan

DVD title: Queen of the Damned (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Queen of the Damned (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

It gets more difficult as time marches on to make a significant contribution to the vampire genre, whether the piece in question is a book or a movie, or (as is often the case) both. Anne Rice is one of the few living writers who did so with her first novel, _Interview With a Vampire_. _Queen of the Damned_ picks up her story with Lestat (played perfectly by Stuart Townsend) reawakening Akasha, Queen of the Vampires (played equally well by the late Aaliyah in an eerie, effective final performance.)
This is definitely an enjoyable if overwrought movie experience. The major criticism I have of _Queen of the Damned_ is its odd and quirky *excess*. Of course, Horror, Goth, and Romanticism all focus on excess in one form or another; but in the case of this second major big-budget release of a Rice text, it is a sloppy and misplaced form of excess.
The movie starts off wonderfully, with stylish scenes telling of Lestat's re-emergence as well as his rocky relationship with his vampiric mentor, Marius (Vincent Perez). Lestat, feeling the loneliness of ages and wanting companionship, decides to break the code of silence among vampires by proclaiming his damned state to a coolly sophisticated public rapt by his new status as rock musician-- in the process angering the hidden vampire community and awaking Akasha, whose unmatched malevolence and infinite appetite threaten both mortal and immortal, human and vampire alike.
The vampire rock star motif one would think the corny, goofy plotfall-- but it isn't, director Michael Rymer handling this part of Rice's vision admirably. His prime mistakes begin midway through the film, after a much-hyped Lestat concert goes awry, with rival vampires, former cohorts and smitten groupies vying for Lestat's love / destruction / allegiance all at once, until Akasha rises *from beneath the stage* (quick, pretend this is shocking and hasn't been done before) and starts flaming poor souls left and right. This, finally, is the movie's plunge into chaos, literally and metaphorically.
The most annoying trait of _Queen of the Damned_ is what could have been. The material is apt, even resonating, and the plot intriguing. Yet the overabundance of pretentious, speeding tracking shots over dark landscapes and the numberless seething, caffeinated, remorseless Lestat-hunters bring the promise of the script down to B-movie drivel. Yes, _Damned_ could have been a great movie. Take out the lame attempts at the grand and sinister (which are unintentionally funny), forgive the lack of good old-fashioned horror, pardon its ridiculous surplus of bloody neck biting, and perhaps even ignore the blaring, self-important rock soundtrack (some of it concocted by Jonathon Davis of Korn, who makes a cameo as a ticket scalper)-- and, well, you *may* have had quite a pic. As it is, _Queen of the Damned_ is a cute romp through Anne-Land, and a must for vampire aficionados-- but unfortunately, "damned" not to be ever taken seriously as an excellent vampire movie, and certainly not as a memorable horror film.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Michael Rymer
Stuart Townsend

DVD title: Primal Fear
Productgroup: DVD
Primal Fear - movie DVD cover picture
great acting from norton

firstly i would like to say that this is a movie with a very intelligent plot, what with all the twists and had the audience feeling sympathy for ed norton's character, aaron stampler, only to realise at the end that aaron is a victim, yes, but an extremely smart and psychotic one. the multiple personalities as acted by norton were extremely convincing, and i was completely wowed off my chair. great movie to catch, this one actually makes you think.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Richard Gere
Laura Linney
Edward Norton

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