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DVD title: What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Productgroup: DVD
What's Eating Gilbert Grape - movie DVD cover picture
Characters make it charming

Gilbert is caring and giving. unfortunely his family doesn't agree. Great acting by the whole cast. Depp is a star !

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Lasse Hallström
Johnny Depp
Leonardo DiCaprio

DVD title: Stevie Nicks - Live at Red Rocks
Productgroup: DVD
Stevie Nicks - Live at Red Rocks - movie DVD cover picture
Stevie is Alive in Red Rocks! by Deb

This is a must see video.The music is live . My favorite moments were with the white winged doves, Stevies tears of joy, the drama and theatrical lights sounds, and cameras at the concert.Beauty and the Beast was by far intense and seemed to have more meaning to it than meets the eye. Stevie is what made Fleetwood Mac! Fleetwood Mac would of never made it without Stevie. She has a special magic about her! Wicca and a God consciousness about her.See the woman behind the voice.Don't miss this and the DVD for pure energy,magic,&power. by Deb

Studio: Image Entertainment 2
Stevie Nicks

DVD title: The Quiet American
Productgroup: DVD
The Quiet American - movie DVD cover picture
Beatiful film

I've always loved both Michael Caine and Brendan Frasier, but I was surprised when I saw them in a film together.
'The Quiet American' contemplates the effects of unbridled passion, jealousy, and war. The violence is not overwhelming, and not over-the-top gorey, but is honest, nonetheless. Besides the Vietnamese war that is omnipresent, the film focuses on the mental anguish that it causes, as well as the relationships that are the product of it.
Overall, a wonderfully acted film. I highly recommend!

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Phillip Noyce
Michael Caine
Brendan Fraser
Do Thi Hai Yen

DVD title: His And Her Circumstances 1-5
Productgroup: DVD
His And Her Circumstances 1-5 - movie DVD cover picture
Great Series, Minor Flaws

I don't want to make this too long, but I do want to get out a few reasons why i wish there was a vhoice to give His and Her Circumstances 4 1/2 stars rather than a full out 5:
1) Recaps: There's plenty of recap, at the start of episodes as well as in a two part recap episode. It's certainly more recap than any other anime I can recall having seen, and it does get a little annoying. Luckily, the fast forward key on my DVD remote worked like a charm, although kost of the time i didn't mind watching recaps and laughing at more than a few sceanes form the past.
2) Ending: I've started anime series before they're finished, ending on a DVD and wishing there was another coming since things weren't resolved. That's exactly how His and her ended. The only difference is that it was supposed to have ended. It really leads you up to a cliff and then just leaves you there. If rumors are true and there is another series comnig to wrap things up, I'd be very happy to hear it.
Now despite those two facts, His and Her was overall one the best, if not THE best, anime series I personally have seen. The secondary AND main charectors were all great, well developed and interesting. The plot went all around, never spending too much time on one thing I think, and the directors did a good job keeping things interesting for me. His and Her is at moments very touching, and at others uproaringly funny. The music is fitting for every sceane, the artwork is wonderful, and the DVD is well put together over all, with very well done dubbing. While there weren't a whole lot of extras, the interview with the actors and the director's commentary were both very interesting to see.
While this series certainly isn't for everyone (with a lack of blood and guts, and a plenty of angst and humor mixed together), it's certainly a recommend for those that love romantic comedy animes.

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Nell
Productgroup: DVD
Nell - movie DVD cover picture
Unforgettable; immensely powerful performances

"Nell" tells a parable of how we understand each other by standing in each other's places. In other words, it is a movie about healing. "Nell" shows us a three-way emotional dance between a "wild woman," a country doctor, and an academic psychologist. Nell is the "wild woman" whose self-sufficiency fascinates Dr. Jerry Lovell. Lovell, emotionally raped by a past marriage, approaches Nell with fear and trembling. But he is fascinated by the possibility of self-sufficiency. Into this situation marches Dr. Paula Olson, rendered hard by abandonment and academic medicine, armed with needles and nosology. In the most beautiful of forests they meet, in a healing dance subtly orchestrated by Nell, the person they imagined they would rescue. There's more to the story-but see it for yourself. Warning: "Nell" is not intended to be a clinically accurate picture of idioglossa (private speech developed in social isolation). It is a parable about the "different," the "backward," and the outcast person, who lives in a "far country" that every damaged child must visit.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment
Director: Michael Apted
Jodie Foster
Liam Neeson

DVD title: The Royal Tenenbaums (The Criterion Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
The Royal Tenenbaums (The Criterion Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
Wes Anderson's parallel universe expands again

Did you ever sit stone faced while those around you were roaring with laughter? I certainly have. Aside from the fear that everyone is looking at me funny and might soon direct their laughter at me, the worst part is not knowing why they get it, and I don't. This problem has a flip side, of course. When I saw "The Royal Tenenbaums", I found myself among the minority that was laughing. This suggested to me that a) the rest were laughing inside, or b) many audience members were having a bad day, or c) this movie is not for everyone. Guess I'll go with "c".
Come to think of it, director Wes Anderson and co-writer Owen Wilson [yes, the movie star] always create films that are quirky and not easily accessible. Some critics think that their two previous movies, "Bottle Rocket" and "Rushmore" were better, but I found "The Royal Tenenbaums" to be their best work. All three movies have a degree of sadness lurking underneath the jokes, and this element is what some people can't relate to. Should they should be laughing when such awful things are happening to these characters? To me, the situations are humorous because I can relate to them. They are part of the human comedy and are portrayed in a whimsical, "you must be kidding" manner rather than in a cruel way.
The poor Tenenbaum family! Its members are beyond dysfunctional. All of the siblings were child prodigies. Charles [Ben Stiller] was a Wall Street financier while still in high school. As a kid, Margot [Gwyneth Paltrow] won a $50,000 prize for a play she wrote, while Richie [Luke Wilson] was a star tennis player. Since those glory days, life's been down hill for them. All of their lives are a mess. One by one, they wind up back home with their very odd mother, Ethel [Anjelica Huston], who is less than thrilled to see them. All hell breaks loose when their deadbeat Dad, Royal [Gene Hackman], who walked out of their lives years ago, announces that he, too, wants to return to the roost. He says it because he has a terminal illness. This isn't true. He just needs a place to crash because he's broke. If his real purpose it to make amends, he can never bring himself to say so. Not that anyone in the family cares what he does. He's probably the reason they are all totally neurotic today. Forgiveness is easier thought about than done, and I doubt even a saint would find it easy to forgive a self-possessed rascal like Royal.
The cast performs this outrageous tale of family values turned upside down with finesse. Hackman has a field day with Royal, one of those people who always says the wrong thing, never apologizes for it, and then leaves the listener to figure out if he meant what he said or not. Huston is perfection as Ethel, a woman who has never really listened to anybody in her whole life. Paltrow, Stiller and Wilson are colorful as the children, all of whom are of that peculiar breed that experiences great success very young, then spends the rest of life wondering where it went. The excellent supporting cast includes Owen Wilson, Danny Glover and a very funny Bill Murray.
A key to enjoying a movie by Wes Anderson is knowing that it takes place in a fantasy world. If you look closely at the setting for "The Royal Tenenbaums", you realize that, while it may look like New York City, it isn't. The family lives on 375th Street. No such street exists. Even the house itself is somehow unreal. It's the same throughout the movie. I think this is Anderson's way of showing that it's all a joke. Either you get it or you don't.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Wes Anderson
Gene Hackman
Gwyneth Paltrow

DVD title: Michael Jackson: HIStory On Film, Volume II
Productgroup: DVD
Michael Jackson: HIStory On Film, Volume II - movie DVD cover picture

This guy has got the best videos in the world. And the music is even better. What else can I say, just buy it.

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Michael Jackson

DVD title: Reality Bites
Productgroup: DVD
Reality Bites - movie DVD cover picture
Criticized for originality

I read the very lengthy review that I saw first, and I must say I was appalled. I don't know if your from a different generation, thats fine, but no need to criticize the generations that follow. This has been one of my favorite movies for years. We find Winona Ryder, valevictorian of her university working as an assistant for a cocky talk show host. Finally she retaliates against her position working for the man when she is overqualified for the job. Janeane Garofalo, however, is the hippy of the movie. She enjoys 70's music, and 70's apparel, working at the Gap. Ethan Hawke is a genuis who feels that anything he does is almost a waste of his time until he gets a family wake up call. Steve Zahn is a man who is coming to terms with his sexuality. This is not a movie of losers, this is four people graduating from college, and dealing with the problems in life. Everything is scary once you graduate, and your parents give you the freedom to go without any more assistance. I think this was a great movie with a great soundtrack and an excellent cast getting their start.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ben Stiller
Winona Ryder
Ethan Hawke

DVD title: Crash (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Crash (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Crashing Into Racism and Cultural Clash in Los Angeles.

Crash is a very intense and powerful movie and it's interwined stories is as well-paced/edited as Magnolia without being three hours long. It really dealt with racism and cultural clash in Los Angeles, and it ultimately makes the viewers realized that in a city filled with so many different ethnic backgrounds, that acceptance is the only tool to overcome discrimination regardless of the individual's skin colour and status in society. This film explore the various harsh and violent situations the characters endured and how they are changed by the aftermath of those events.

Sandra Bullock has obviously chosen to play against her sweet and cute roles, and it's refreshing to see her play an angry and arrogant snob and overt racist wife(Jean) to her nervous and insecure D.A. husband(Rick Cabot/ Brendan Fraser). She prentends to be scared and grabs her husband's arm when she was passing by two black guys(Peter Waters/Larenz Tate and Anthony/Ludacris) on the sidewalk, and they instantly gave her a bad reaction by hyjacking her car. Jean clearly felt more superior and there's no such thing as equality in her eyes. She loudly suggested that by the way the locksmith(Daniel/Michael Pena)dressed and the tattoos that he was deemed dangerous and possibly steal the keys and gets his friends to come and gangrape her! She would eventually go from angry to mellow....

Graham Waters(Don Cheadles) is not proud of his own colour and neglects his mother and treats his fellow detective girlfriend(Ria/Jennifer Esposito)disrespectfully by labeling her as Mexican when she was part Puerto Rican and Salvatoran. He's lost touch with his brother who was misbehaving on the street and steals cars and ran over an elderly Asian man...

Matt Dillon was impressive as the corrupted racist Sgt. Ryan who made a habit of abusing his authority at innocent folks. A sussessful TV director named Cameron(Terrence Howard) and his beautiful and emotionally volatile wife(Christine/Thandie Newton) had a nasty encounter with Ryan on the road. They were pulled over by him, and he sexually assaulted her after verbally attacked the couple. Ryan's innocent rookie sidekick Officer Hanson( Ryan Phillipe) was shocked to see the misconduct. Thandie Newton's performance in this scene as well the near-fatal accident scene was by far the most striking in this film. Her rage, fear, and breakdown was so memerizing, just think best supporting actress nomination. I was very touched by the spiritual and emotional changes Dillon's character had undergone later on, even though I really hated him at first. Loretta Devine(Shariqua Johnson) stole a few scenes when she had verbal disputes with Ryan...

Shaun Toub played a Persian immigrant/grocery store owner who was obviously having some hard time "blending" his old ways into the American environment. I thought his segment was kind of like House of Sand and Fog, and I was reminded of the characters played by Ben Kinsley and Shorheh Adahshloo. He simply takes matters into his own hands and violence was the only solution to a bad situation....

The Asians in this film had small parts and they are depicted as alienated and angry at the more superior Whites, and even the Blacks looked down on them. The most sterotype of discrimination was to make fun of their English skills, which was so inappropiate, since most Asians speak at least two languages and English is often their second or third.

This film is very worthwhile for everyone to watch and it will change the way you treat other people of a different race. Nobody should be more superior based on their race, it's what they do that matters the most.

Studio: Lions Gate
Director: Paul Haggis
Sandra Bullock
Don Cheadle

DVD title: Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best horror movies ever!!!

I loved this movie! It was bloody and gross, all the things you need for a horror movie. This remake of the old Dawn of the Dead was exellent! I highly recommend this movie. That is if your not chicken!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Zack Snyder
Sarah Polley
Ving Rhames
Jake Weber
Mekhi Phifer

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