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DVD title: Cirque du Soleil - Cirque Reinvente
Productgroup: DVD
Cirque du Soleil - Cirque Reinvente - movie DVD cover picture
CdS is a hit!

It is pretty audacious for the 25-member Canadian troupe called Cirque du Soleil to claim they reinvent the circus, but after you enjoy this hour-long tape you will not be particularly inclined to disagree. Here is the traditional big-top assortment of clowns, wire walkers, aerialists and balancing acts that will remind you a lot more of modern ballet more than traditional Barnum & Bailey. You will see astounding feats and you will remember not only them but the great flair with which they are performed. If you do not get to see Cirque Du Soleil in person, then have the circus in your own living room by watching this or any of their other tapes. Enjoy this with your kids (even if you don't have any, you were one once, right?)

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Cirque du Soleil

DVD title: Amy's O
Productgroup: DVD
Amy's O - movie DVD cover picture

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The characters were believable, the actors well-cast, and the script, though sometimes a bit contrived, well thought out.What some reviewers have seen as an overcomplicated mish-mash of psycho-babble, and artificial contrivances, was actually quite clear, and to the point. The point is - that life and love, are at heart - simple, direct, and emotional. The movie was about the modern malady of over-analysing every situation. Everyone wants a simple answer to every question, thus the huge popularity of self-help books. The truth however, as pointed out in this movie, is that there are no simple answers to life. Life is complicated, confusing, messy, and if you're having a good one - surprising.It's only when the lead character (and her friends) stop analysing their relationships and just FEEL them that they succeed in finding happiness. In other words - love and relationships are like fingerprints - no two are alike, and no two can be written about, or analysed, using the same set of standards. We just have to learn to get out of our own way.

Studio: Sundance Channel Home Entertainment
Director: Julie Davis
Julie Davis
Nick Chinlund

DVD title: Thirteen Ghosts
Productgroup: DVD
Thirteen Ghosts - movie DVD cover picture
Highly Entertaining

When I first saw this film in the theaters,I wasn't exactly won over,but the DVD inclusion of the "Ghost Files",helps A LOT! An initial problem with this film,is you don't really get a good perception of the ghosts,visually or background-wise.(Quick cut views,and snippets of information.). But on the DVD,you get F.Murray Abrahams,doing his best Rod Serling impression,with the Ghost Files,containing great images,sketches,explanations,and the missing information that would've made the film less tangled.
That said...the film is good,but not great. Tony Shalhoub,always puts in a brilliant performance,and is no less a presents here as the widower,who suddenly inherits a haunted house from a rich dead uncle,F.Murray Abraham.( quite the scoundral.).Eddie Lilliard is the standout performance as the man who can sense the ghosts,and knows what's really going on in the mansion....or so he thinks.Embeth Davidtz,coming quite a ways since "Army of Darkness" is the activist who believes in the rights of the undead. ( You laugh,but in this day and age,you can bet there is one somewhere out there!)and Shannon Elizabeth is the teenage daughter,whom gets to scream alot.( Necessary for all horror films.)
The film works,for the most part. Although it isn't anywhere close to the original William Castle film,aside from the basic plot. The upgrades are creative,the writing is good,and of course visual effects have come a long way since 1960. But I feel the producers missed the big picture.( As they did with the updated "House On Haunted Hill"). William Castle was all about entertaining the audience,sure he loved to scare us,but he also loved to tease us too. He loved cheap gimmicks and audience participation.He set up "shock chairs" for "The Tingler",or handed out "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" audience voting cards for "Mr.Sardonicus". He also wasn't opposed to showing up suddenly,mid-film,and taunting the audience,breaking down the 4th wall. Basically,he didn't take it all too seriously. I think the minor complaint I have,is the new version wants so much to scare,it forgets to tender it a bit,like Castle did. We love Castle because he was,cheesey at times.
The only bad part of this film,and I am frankly amazed it even exsists,is the character played by Rah Digga.Her character is not only an added character,but a bad idea as well. Portraying the nanny/babysitter,she is nothing less than a cross between Jar-Jar Binks,Stephen Fetchit,and Whoopi Goldberg.With lines like, "I don't do windows" & "Crazy white people",it's a wonder why any actress,black or white,would've taken this role. Her character is secondary to the story,and doesn't do all that much,other than recite "ethnic" lines. Shame on the writers for this.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Steve Beck
Tony Shalhoub
Shannon Elizabeth

DVD title: Go
Productgroup: DVD
Go - movie DVD cover picture
More from the Tarantino-Train

Doug Liman did a WONDERFUL job of this movie. Although finding his way to step in the footsteps of my personal favorite director, Quentin Tarantino, he did it in his own unique way, focusing well on three different lifestyles of modern America. Maybe I'm overpraising to you, but I mean every word of it. Every single performance is an entertaining one. From Simon (Desmond Askew)the British grocery clerk who goes to Vegas for the weekend, to Ronna(Sarah Polley) and her friends Claire(Katie Holmes) and Manny (Nathan Bexton) and other great performances by actors like J.E Freeman, Taye Diggs, and an especially entertaining performance by Breckin Myers, this movie is definately one for the ages. I own it, and suggest you all give it a shot.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Doug Liman
Sarah Polley
Scott Wolf
Jay Mohr
Taye Diggs

DVD title: Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture

Besides the cost, how does the Mulan Special Edition differ from the Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection)?

Studio: Disney Studios
Eddie Murphy

DVD title: Flatlanders - Live from Austin, TX
Productgroup: DVD
Flatlanders - Live from Austin, TX - movie DVD cover picture
Well worth the purchase!

Not having seen any live performances of the group, this DVD gave me that opportunity. I wish there were other performances that were available to buy. I love the sound and especially Gilmore's voice. Can't get enough!

Studio: Red Distribution, In

DVD title: Oscar
Productgroup: DVD
Oscar - movie DVD cover picture

I thought my wife was nuts for bringing home another one of those "comedies" by an action movie actor. Boy was I ever wrong! Stallone's performance as a mafia-type crime boss trying to go straight was comfortable and funny as hell. The magic wasn't just from an excellent supporting cast (starting with Kirk Douglas as his dying father) but from Sly himself who did not try to force a comedic role. His acting was natural and flawless, with perfect timing and perfect responses as a straightman in a nuthouse. This flick is an underdiscovered gem!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: John Landis
Sylvester Stallone

DVD title: Running Free
Productgroup: DVD
Running Free - movie DVD cover picture
A Triumph of Spirit

An inspiring tale of a young colt named Lucky who endures much tragedy -- separation from his mother, war and isolation-- before gathering the courage to roam free in the grueling African desert. Anyone who has ever pondered an animal's point of view will greatly appreciate Lukas Haas' narration as the inquisitive voice of Lucky. The pure and, ultimately, triumphant views of this sensitive equine are truly thought-provoking in a world where animals are often discarded. The sweeping cinematography of the African desert is stunning and, at times, reminiscent of "Lawrence of Arabia". The supporting cast is outstanding, especially Chase Moore as the young boy who strikes up an everlasting friendship with Lucky. Overall, "Running Free" is a beautiful film which touts the triumph of good over evil, and the persistence of will which allows the underdog to prevail. A word of caution to parents: a frightening war scene and a pair of violent horse fights may be too intense for young children. Otherwise, a highly recommended movie.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sergei Bodrov

DVD title: Sade - Lovers Live
Productgroup: DVD
Sade - Lovers Live - movie DVD cover picture
Good stuff, of course

If you are on this page looking at DVD's of Sade, you are probaby a fan already and know what you are in for. If you are new to the music of Sade, then this DVD is a must have; especially if you havn't seen any of her concerts.Sade sings a lot of signature songs like "Cherry Pie", (my favorite), "Smooth Operator", "Your Love is King", "Love Deluxe" and many more. Recent songs of course, from the cd "Lover's Rock" are just as amazing and true to Sade style. When I say "Sade Style" what I mean is that; soulful, eloquent and most of all, love songs that could make you feel as if you were on cloud nine. She embraces her fans as she would her own child, with tenderness, care and sweetness. A classy DVD concert, from the classy band "Sade"put it in your DVD player, light some candles and turn off thelights, and get ready for the emotional high of a lifetime!!!

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: Dance With Me Henry
Productgroup: DVD
Dance With Me Henry - movie DVD cover picture

Charles Barton does fine job directing the team's swan song to the big screen. The boys play the owners of an amusement park, who get mixed up with notorious gangsters. The film teams the duo up once again with Mary Wickes, who co-starred with them in their classic film "WHO DONE IT ?" . Look close and you'll notice actor Robert Shayne. Best known for his role of "INSPECTOR HENDERSON" in the "ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN" TV series.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Charles Barton

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