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DVD title: Psycho II
Productgroup: DVD
Psycho II - movie DVD cover picture
Can you say PSYCHO????

PSYCHO PSYCHO PSYCHO PSYCHO other words it ruled. I loved the is scarry and unpredictable. Buy it today!!

Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Director: Richard Franklin
Anthony Perkins
Vera Miles
Meg Tilly

DVD title: Half Baked
Productgroup: DVD
Half Baked - movie DVD cover picture
Funniest of the Decade

This is by far one of the funniest teenage-humor movies I've ever seen. I watch this movie over and over and it still remains hilarious. I recommend this movie for all easy-going teenagers and twenty-year-olds. I'm not so sure that older folk will really appreciate the comedy expressed in this movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Tamra Davis
Dave Chappelle
Guillermo Díaz

DVD title: Escaflowne - Betrayal & Trust (Vol. 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Escaflowne - Betrayal & Trust (Vol. 2) - movie DVD cover picture
Escaflowne is truly amazing

Let me just start by saying that Escaflowne (Visions of Escaflowne) is not your typical anime TV series. If you have not yet seen the original uncut version and are only watching the FOX version, you are really missing out. This series has drama, incredible action sequences, and the music that will pull you completely into the story. Oh yes, and the animation is better than most other TV series, especially during the mecha battle sequences. The characters are extremely interesting, and they seem to display emotion and react as real people would in their various situations. This series is also very deep and sometimes may seem a little confusing to you. The plot has many secrets and surprises in store for you. However, trust me, no matter how confusing the series may get, everything will come together in the end. This is the second DVD release for Escaflowne which will continue the excellent story, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. This is the original uncut version with all of the video and music in its right place. And it's on DVD, which means that it will last you a lifetime, and you will get to see the crisp animation as it is meant to be seen with sharpness that only DVD can display. If there has ever been a reason to buy a DVD player, this series is it. I would reccommend Escaflowne to any anime fan, and especially fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam Wing, or other mecha series. I think that fans of those series will love the medievel spin put on the mecha in the Escaflowne series. So, do yourselves a favor and make sure that you have some money reserved for this DVD when it is released.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Kazuki Akane

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
And, so it begins.....

It's Bilbo Baggins' (ian Holm) 111th birthday and everyone has come to celebrate. Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen) has come specially to set off an amazing set of fireworks. But, Bilbo has a secret. He's spent too many years at Bag End and now he wants to have one last adventure.....

Like some, I haven't been a lifetime Tolkien fan. I read "Fellowship of the Rings" just before the movie came out in 2000. I usually like the book better. From the beginning, I was lost. If New Zealand's scenary doesn't take your breath away, the set enhancements, acting, effects, and musical score should.

It's rare that casting is so spot on that the actor's face is stuck in my mind as I continue to read the books. Yet, this film actually brings what I imagined to life.

I'm not a person who owns a lot of DVDs because I find I don't want to repeat view a lot of things. "Lord of the Rings" is one set I can watch again and again. Every time I've seen the films, there's some different detail I've missed from previous viewings.

This is definitely a must-have for fantasy fans.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: La Ley - MTV Unplugged
Productgroup: DVD
La Ley - MTV Unplugged - movie DVD cover picture

I've been a La Ley Fan for about 4 years and I've had the pleasure to meet the group at their X-mas concert in LA in 2002(Cool Dudes!). I 've only seen the videos for El Duelo, El Hombre, and Mentira. Now that I've seen the whole performance, I can tell you that this is a total great performance. The trendy appearance and voice of Beto Cuevas is remarkable.His voice is REAL and it sounds straight from all the original CDS.Just perfect!! The subtitles are great because I have some friends who don't speak Spanish. That allows them to feel what the group is all about.I've made fans out of my non-speaking spanish friends.Pick up the new CD LIBERTAD.That is a must have.

Studio: Wea Corp
La Ley

DVD title: Hackers
Productgroup: DVD
Hackers - movie DVD cover picture
A classic!!!

A nice part of my collection , People below explained it better than i could , i just wanted too stress how much i love this movie and Angelina Jolie ...

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Iain Softley
Jonny Lee Miller
Angelina Jolie

DVD title: Go
Productgroup: DVD
Go - movie DVD cover picture
Pulp Fiction w/o the violence

Though not as widely loved as Swingers, this is also a classic film of a similar genre. Like Pulp Fiction, it weaves several different plot lines into a coherent story (the interesting director's commentary helps explain the nuances). The end result is a hysterical film for for 20-somethings -- I guarantee you will be quoting lines from this film when you're out drinking.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Doug Liman
Sarah Polley
Scott Wolf
Jay Mohr
Taye Diggs

DVD title: Titanic
Productgroup: DVD
Titanic - movie DVD cover picture
It's a wonderful movie

Titanic unaccurate? The only reason Titanic wasn't accurate was because Cameron intentionally used his fictional characters to effect the real ones.
[...] But go watch Titanic and see for yourselves. [...]

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet

DVD title: Shaolin Master Killer (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Shaolin Master Killer (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The 36th chamber of Shaolin

I remembered this movie from when I first saw it in the Late 80's on TV one saturday afternoon. It was called "The 36th Chamber" then. I rank this film amoung my top 2 Shaw Brothers releases (I can't decide if it's better then 5 Deadly Venoms).
Master Killer has an excellent story and the fighting sequences are enthrawling. However, the main reason I love this movie is because of the training scenes within the Shaolin Temple. It was the aspect of the movie that captivated me when I first saw it years ago. Gorden Liu is the perfect fit for the role. Purchase this film if you don't have it. You wont be upset.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Gordon Liu

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 2
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Kill Bill is a killer!!!

this is one of the best action movies I've ever seen (if not the best), Tarantino YOU ARE A GENIOUS, this is a movie that has it all, and every actor was perfectly selected for his role! Guys this is a MUST SEE movie!

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
David Carradine
Michael Madsen
Daryl Hannah

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