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DVD title: The Mission
Productgroup: DVD
The Mission - movie DVD cover picture
Calm and elegant

How can a movie about hitmen and bodyguards be calm and elegant? I'm not really sure, but watch this great film to see how it's done.
The scene in the closing-down mall is the finest shootout ever put on film. No OK Corral movie can touch it. You have to look to ballet to find more grace, power and wit. But it's still very tough, very edgy. There are a couple of purely visual moments that describe the evolution of the bodyguards as a team better than any dialogue could. In particular, the casual office football practice is brilliant.
The acting and characterizations are strong and never flashy.
The music is retro to an American ear, but it suits the film just fine.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Johnny To

DVD title: Fever Pitch (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fever Pitch (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Pleasantly surprised!

The only reason I wanted to see this movie is that as a life long Red Sox fan, I was looking forward to seeing the ending. Based on the previews I did not know if I would like or appreciate the love story of Lindsey and Ben.

I was quite surprised how much I loved this movie! The love story was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Lindsey and Ben's first "date" when he arrives at her door to find she has food poisoning and he takes care of her while she is getting sick all over the place, was funny and cute. What woman wouldn't like a guy like that?

Of course I identified with Ben's strong love for the BoSox, and laughed at Ben and Lindsey's fight over it. It reminded me so much of "discussions" my husband and I have had. He taking Lindsey's position of it being "only a game" when I would get upset over Red Sox losses and my taking Ben's position of it being one of the most important things to me ever and being upset with hubby for not getting it.

Lindsey's mad dash across Fenway Park with security chasing her near the end of the movie is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! The only quibble I have with this version is that the ending seemed rushed. It just went boom, boom, boom, Red Sox overcome the Yankees, and then win over the Cardinals. It seemed to only take a few seconds.

I would have preferred that more time would have been taken showing game 4 of the WS and the celebration of the win. I understand that the Red Sox collector's version of this movie has an extended ending so am purchasing that one as well. Despite my quibble with the rushed ending, this movie is still great!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Drew Barrymore
Jimmy Fallon

DVD title: The Invincible Pole Fighter
Productgroup: DVD
The Invincible Pole Fighter - movie DVD cover picture
Classic Kung Fu, a MUST for any true fan.

This DVD is one of the best Kunf Fu flicks around. If you only own 2 Gorden Liu DVDs, it should be this one and Master Killer.
This film is a pleasure to watch from start to finish, having superb action, a good story, great costumes, and women who can fight as well. Gorden Liu's superb skills show, especailly while he trains in the pond at Wu-Tang mountain.
The costumes and sets give this film a higher visual standard, putting it a different arena than other old school Kung Fu films.The fights in this film are designed beautifully, filled with plenty of traditional kung fu, incredible staff(pole) handling, and a few wire tricks as well.
There's even a fight where Gorden Liu takes on a dozen spearmen while his sister is tied to his back. Sounds almost hokey, but its done in a flawless fashion. The final battle is truly phenominal, but I don't want to give a way the ending...go see it for yourself, for the 14 bucks you'll spend, this one's a must buy.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Director: Chia-Liang Liu

DVD title: The Big Hit
Productgroup: DVD
The Big Hit - movie DVD cover picture
song search

hey i loved this movie, when smiley had the gurl on the table and was about to kiss her, does anyone know the name of the song that was playing then? It doesnt seem to be on the sdtk.ty :)

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Kirk Wong
Mark Wahlberg
Lou Diamond Phillips

DVD title: The Best of Mister Ed - Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
The Best of Mister Ed - Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture
mr ed

I always loved watching Mr Ed when it was on tv so it's nice to be able to watch it anytime I want to. I love it.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Alan Young
Connie Hines
Allan Lane

DVD title: All About My Mother
Productgroup: DVD
All About My Mother - movie DVD cover picture
Refined, Outrageous and Still Almodovar

To like this movie requires understanding the world of Pedro Almodovar. His world is poetry, tragedy, and comedy, with a very particular and twisted way to see and interpret life. Some black humor, and the ability to laugh at life's situations and overcome them.
This movie brings us twists in the fates of all the characters which are finally linked by one or more situations or persons. In this case, Manuela the lead character is the glue that touches everyone else.
This film embraces compassion, love, loyalty, will and strenghth; it starts with a woman looking for answers as she retraces her past. It ends with that same woman being more wise, and with a second chance for motherhood.
The acting is superb, the filming, the colors and the story has no equal.This is a movie where you are crying and laughing at the same time, and let yourself feel vulnerable. It is easy to relate to Manuela's passion for living and caring, Agrado's joy of living and making herself more than "likeable", Sister Rosa's softness and warmth,and Huma's superficiality that blooms into loyalty and friendship.
This "family" of actresses work together like a clock, no one out shines the other and each has a unique quality that makes Pedro Almodovar a genius in his time.
Personally my favorite film.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Cecilia Roth
Marisa Paredes

DVD title: Wild Things
Productgroup: DVD
Wild Things - movie DVD cover picture
exelent whodunit movie with a twist

i thought it was a very, good entertaining movie. you never now what will happen next or who will befriend who. neve campbell did a wonderful job of acting. it had an all star cast. this is a MUST SEE if you like thrillers with a twist

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: John McNaughton
Matt Dillon
Kevin Bacon
Neve Campbell

DVD title: The Devil's Nightmare / Messiah of Evil
Productgroup: DVD
The Devil's Nightmare / Messiah of Evil - movie DVD cover picture
The way horror should/used to be

Messiah of Evil is the creepiest movie I have seen in years. The acting is only slightly subpar, but the movie manages to tell a decent story, and the poor quality of the film somehow makes it seem more realisitc. This is a shining example of the 'golden age' when horror movies were actually scary. Not the like the watered-down, effects laden garbage you see today.

Studio: Diamond Entertainment
Devil's Nightmare
Messiah of E

DVD title: The Point
Productgroup: DVD
The Point - movie DVD cover picture
It's Nothing Like Yellow Submarine, People

With the exception of The Pointed Man character, who is extremely reminescent of Jeremy Hillary Boob of YS fame, this film doesn't in any way resemble Yellow Submarine. The drawing style, use of more muted watercolors than the Peter Max glow of YS, and many other visual differences are plainly obvious. The two should not be lumped together just because a Beatle, Ringo, and friend, Harry Nilsson, of solo Beatles (Ringo and John) are directly involved.

It is utterly fantastic and required viewing for all humanity.

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI
Director: Fred Wolf
Harry Nillson
Ringo Starr
Dustin Hoffman

DVD title: Donnie Darko
Productgroup: DVD
Donnie Darko - movie DVD cover picture
One of my new favorite movies

Despite the fact that I now have to check behind my shower curtain everytime i go into the bathroom, making sure that damn bunny frank isn't there.........this is possibly one of the bestest movies ever. i want to thanks the casting people, as they took jake gyllenhaal and let him expand as this totally great character.......despite the fantasy feel of the whole picture, jake's performance made the whole thing totally comfortable. gotta love that evil grin! and jena malone was pretty good too! so, don't see this movie if you are you might not get sleep for a while (not that it is SCARY, but that damn rabbit is so creeptastic!)......but everyone else should see it. it's going straight into my staff picks. (i also like the fact that it takes place very close to where i live)

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Richard Kelly (II)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mary McDonnell
Jena Malone

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