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DVD title: Me, Myself & Irene
Productgroup: DVD
Me, Myself & Irene - movie DVD cover picture
C'Mon People, Lighten Up

Anyone who sits down to watch a Farrelly Brothers movie should be ready to be shocked. That is the fun in it, and Me, Myself and Irene delivers with an outstanding performance by Jim Carrey. He pulled no punches and I'm left wondering how much of it was improvised.
Those people who are critical because it made light of multi-personality disorders need to lighten up a bit. No one is making light of the disease, but think of when we were children. The behavior made us laugh, and we were innocent then, let's try and find that part of ourselves again. The movie was shockingly funny and I was surprised by the original humor.
Keep 'em coming Farrelly Brothers!!!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Jim Carrey
Renée Zellweger

DVD title: The Graduate (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Graduate (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
"Would You Like Me To Seduce You?"

I knew the basic story of "The Graduate" even before I saw it. Well, actually I knew about Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson's relationship, as does everyone by now; I just didn't know how it ended.
When we first meet him, Benjamin Braddock(Hoffman), having just returned home after finishing college, is trying to steal some time for himself away from his graduation party so that he can figure out what to do with his life next. Who should come knocking but Mrs. Robinson (Bancroft), who with the question, "Would you like me to seduce you?", proceeds to put him in the most uncomfortable position he's ever been in his life, literally and figuratively. After Benjamin tries unsuccessfully to first have an intellectual conversation with Mrs. Robinson and then to break off the affair, his parents decide to set him up for his first date with the Robinsons' daughter, Elaine. Mrs. Robinson expresses her disapproval and threatens to tell all if he dates Elaine a second time. Ben finally goes to Berkeley, where Elaine is attending college, and convinces her to marry him on the spot---right up to the day when she's scheduled to marry someone else The final climatic scene would be parodied and reproduced some twenty-seven years later in "Wayne's World 2."
I took note especially of the cinematography in this movie. In particular, whenever "The Sounds of Silence" or "Scarborough Fair" is heard, the images on the screen become surreal: images of reality mixed with what is going on inside Benjamin's imagination. The effect takes hold of you and makes you feel what he's feeling. And I know for sure that I won't ever listen to Simon and Garfunkel the same way again.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Mike Nichols
Anne Bancroft
Dustin Hoffman

DVD title: What Lies Beneath
Productgroup: DVD
What Lies Beneath - movie DVD cover picture
One of the scariest d*mn movies I've ever seen

Saw this last night for the first time. I was literally on the edge of my seat through the entire second half of the movie. Even though the trailers (regrettably) give much away, this movie shows us Hitchcock isn't the only master of don't know if Pfieffer is crazy or onto something...I hate horror movies, but I'd recommend this to anyone.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Harrison Ford
Michelle Pfeiffer

DVD title: Robin Gibb with the Frankfurt Neue Philharmonic Orchestra - Live
Productgroup: DVD
Robin Gibb with the Frankfurt Neue Philharmonic Orchestra - Live - movie DVD cover picture





Studio: Red Distribution, In
Robin Gibb

DVD title: Seinfeld - Seasons 1 & 2
Productgroup: DVD
Seinfeld - Seasons 1 & 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Seinfeld DVD Collections - 9 seasons

It would be great to have all the Seinfeld episodes on DVD. I currently have all the episodes on VHS. This will be a big seller because there are a LOT of Seinfeld fans out there!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Jerry Seinfeld

DVD title: Minority Report (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Minority Report (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
An Intelligent Thriller With Big Budget Fun!

It seems contradictory to use the words "blockbuster movie" and "intelligent story" in the same sentence, mostly because the big budget movies that fill the summer season's screens lack any kind of real depth and instead feature dazzling special effects and characters that are dazzling, but completely unbelievable. So it is interesting to note that, while "Minority Report" dazzles the audience with a future that is slick, cold and high-tech, it also delivers a story that is engaging, challenging and even thought-provoking.
Set in the year 2054, "Minority Report" is the story of a new form of law enforcement, an agency called "Pre-Crime" that uses pre-cognative telepaths to hone in on murder victims and murderers before the actual crime takes place. By forseeing the future, these officers can prevent murders from occurring. John Anderton (Tom Cruise) heads up this department until the pre-cognatives have a vision that depicts Anderton committing the act of murder.
Anderton, confused by the vision, and desperate to clear his name, runs and goes into hiding until he can figure out the meaning of a vision that one of the precognatives shares with him that somehow has to do with his own future actions.
I was too, initially. The movie, which is far more intricate than my synopsis above suggests, is not a film to be viewed casually. If you are looking for mindless entertainment, this is not the film for you. Instead, this film builds layer upon layer, with complex and interesting dialogue between completely developed and believable characters.
Anderton, who became an officer of "Pre-Crime" did so because his son was abducted from him, and much of the story surrounds not only the physical events that are occuring to him, but also the emotional impact and ramifications that one, single event had, and how it changed him forever. Mixed up in a conspiracy that reaches to the very heart of "Pre-Crime", Anderton must deal with his own guilt, anguish and fear, while trying to determine the cause of the actions that are playing out, leading up to the murder he will ultimately commit.
The movie has a very cold look to it. Spielberg, whose films are known globally, took a very definite approach to this film. The colors are drab, done largely in blues and greys, and the film itself has a very grainy feel. The camera work too is shaky, consistent with the type of footage seen in documentaries and shows like "COPS", giving the film a gritty and dismal look that is far from the glossy images so commonly seen in Spielberg's works.
The soundtrack, by John Williams, whose music is heard in most of Spielberg's films, provides a soundtrack that is erie, haunting, beautiful and dark, again, adding a dimension to the stories abysmal feeling.
The action sequences are elaborate, and the effects first rate. So many films today, especially those that rely heavily on CG animation, tend to look animated, artificial. The world created here by Industrial Light and Magic is completely convincing, and the effects blend beautifully into the film, even with the grainy look that was achieved by Spielberg while shooting.
As a whole, this is a complex, intelligent thriller, with a storyline that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. I think that the primary reason this film didn't achieve larger success in the theaters was its marketability compared to many of the other films that were being released at the same time. Because of the darker tones, this film is not for everyone, but it is definitely a worthwhile experience, and a film that should be viewed multiple times to attain the full experience of the story Spielberg has created.
Scott Kolecki

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Cruise
Max von Sydow

DVD title: Da Hip Hop Witch
Productgroup: DVD
Da Hip Hop Witch - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is the funniest thing I ever seen. It stars hip hop stars: Eminem, Rah Digga, Spliff Starr. And you have to see the comedy to believe it.

Director: Dale Resteghini

DVD title: The Boondock Saints [IMPORT]
Productgroup: DVD
The Boondock Saints  [IMPORT] - movie DVD cover picture
time to kill

this movie was just awesome. i am a big fan of vigilante movies and so someone recommended this to me. i was surprised at how much of this i liked. willem defoe playing as a gay FBI agent. that was unusual and he did a pretty good job especially for such an original role.

this movie is bloody, graphic and hillarious if you find this type of context funny. just when these 'saints' chewed off a little more then they could handle they get a helping hand. i liked the whole thing about the reporter lady asking what everyone thought about the duo. it added to the realism.

overall, don't watch this movie if you dislike graphic movies. a cat dies, many people die, and gay people get made fun of by a gay. if this sounds like your type of thing like it was for me then check this out if you haven't already. it was enjoyable from beginning to end

Studio: Pid
Director: Troy Duffy
Willem Dafoe
Sean Patrick Flanery
Norman Reedus

DVD title: Romeo & Juliet
Productgroup: DVD
Romeo & Juliet - movie DVD cover picture
The Best

I don't care how much that statement dates me--I make it after buying that one and saying "ouch". This one was a trailblazer in that it was the first to cast young people in the main roles rather than thirtysomething types. Can you imagine a bunch of thirtyish single men running about the streets getting into duels over the wrong facial expressions or tones of voice? None of whom has ever been married? Or a thirtyish woman still needing a nurse/ governess? That's how it was with this play before this production of it. But the trouble is that you can only make the same breakthrough once. After that, it's been there/ done that. The other way this one beats earlier productions is that the characters have actual personalities--they don't orate as in stage productions. Somehow, the scene where Mercutio makes an off-color pun about what time it is comes off better, as does the nurse's quickly suppressed laughter--she's supposed to be offended, after all. There's one strange note later on that would come off as funny if it didn't involve death. When Romeo, enraged by Tybalt's killing of Mercutio, runs Tybalt through, Michael York's Orson Welles-style basso makes Tybalt's cry of anguish sound more like a roar. He does Tybalt's arrogance perfectly before that, though. Not to mention Milo O'Shea's protrayal of Friar Laurence in the manner of the standard Irish parish priest. Plus, Olivia Hussey does Juliet as the signature sweet young thing in a way that, despite her husky Marina Sirtis-type voice, works perfectly.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Leonard Whiting
Olivia Hussey

DVD title: Ninja Scroll
Productgroup: DVD
Ninja Scroll - movie DVD cover picture
Simpily Amazing Anime.

A lone ninja named Jubei goes after a army of evil demonic creatures and dismembers them into pieces. entertaining, brilliant and stunning yet very gory. a Must have in any Anime collector's collection alongside Akira and Ghost in the Shell.
Recommendations: The Patriot ( Mel Gibson), Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Fist of the North Star.

Studio: Palm Pictures/Manga Video

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