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DVD title: Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York
Productgroup: DVD
Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York - movie DVD cover picture
Buy it, Watch it, Love it, Blow your mind...

This is a one-off killer effort by the band. The full dramatisation of their latest (1999) release, Scenes From A Memory (SFAM). While this is a concert in essence, it is also a fulfillment of the story set in SFAM. Hence there will be some bit and pieces thrown in with the show that will answer questions raised by the album itself.
Mike Portnoy (the band's drummer) has really out done himself in producing this DVD. Ok, it doesn't have 5.1 sound, or widescreen definition. But when you consider that there is 190 mins of recorded material (plus over 20 mins of hidden material) in this DVD, I'm sure one can understand the difficulty in having every single feature available in technology in this disc. But every single idea in presenting the band's talent and showmanship has been thought through and carefully executed. The concert-length Audio Commentary in the DVD is a definate plus (The band "watches" the DVD with you) This explains a lot in terms of concepts and ideas used in the writing of the album. The commentary is both fun and fulfilling to the audience and is an eye opener to those who are fresh to this band's efforts.
Dream Theater has lived once again to their true worth by being a fan's band, and sticking to what they believe in. No other band has fans this rabid or feverish about the band's efforts, and not other band has tried so hard and come so close to their fans. This DVD has been 9 yrs in the making, from the very 1st concept of Metropolis Pt 1 in 1992 till 1999 when Metropolis Pt2: Scenes From A Memory was released, and in 2001, this DVD.
Now fans of Dream Theater have a DVD with the heart and soul of the band's past efforts built into this release. This is an excellent answer to the band's legacy set from 1992 to date.
A Must Buy for all who are fans of the band, and for those who wish to be part of the band's past, present and future. This is THE album, and DVD to get.

Studio: Wea/Elektra Entertainment

DVD title: The Goonies
Productgroup: DVD
The Goonies - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is a classic for all ages! A movie children with watch over and over again!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Richard Donner
Sean Astin
Josh Brolin

DVD title: In God's Hands
Productgroup: DVD
In God's Hands - movie DVD cover picture

I loved the movie but i cant find the soundtrack anywhere! Does anyone know where to buy the soundtrack need help a.s.a.p.!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Zalman King
Matt George
Matty Liu

DVD title: The Simpsons - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Simpsons - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
Simply Amazing

ok, i LOVE the simpsons and have all three seasons on DVD, but the one question i have is this: if you notice one comes out every year so far, right? now, how many seasons are The Simpsons in now? 13, i believe. for all the people saying "i dont care how long it takes to release them all" or "i dont care how long i wait because i want them all done right" the math: one season per year comes out on DVD + 13 (or so) seasons = 13 years. Do you think im gonna be collecting these dvd boxsets for 13 plus years? I DONT THINK SO!!! the makers of this boxsets have to consider that, so they need to .... or get off the pot and BE QUICKER releasing these seasons.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Dan Castellaneta

DVD title: Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut
Productgroup: DVD
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut - movie DVD cover picture
easily the best movie i have ever seen

"Requiem for a Dream" was a movie that grabs you from the very beginning and doesnt let you go for months. If you asked me what was better, the acting, the story, the directing, or the music, I honestly couldnt tell you, because they are all absolutly amazing. Ellen Burstyn gives an absolutly stellar performance as Sarah Goldfarb, a woman addicted not only to diet medication, but to the pursuit of the spotlight. Watching this film, I had to wonder if she was really acting, that is how great she was. Jared Leto plays her son, Harry, a small time addict who will do anything for a fix, and along with his friend, played magnificantly by Marlon Wayans, finds a way to make it for himself, along with his girlfriend, played by Jennifer Connely. The film then follows each of these characters in their own personal journey and subsequent decay to addiction and dependency. Darren Aronofsky, the director of "Pi" turns out a brilliant film worthy of mountains of praise and accolades. Unfourtunatly, because this film is not rated, and is far too deep to be understood by "society," it will never get the praise it deserves. Do not let my words fall on deaf ears, get this movie yourself.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn
Jared Leto

DVD title: Tales from the Gimli Hospital
Productgroup: DVD
Tales from the Gimli Hospital - movie DVD cover picture
Not Eraserhead!

As much as I love both this film and Eraserhead, there is no real comparison. Both movies are black and white, have either drones or vintage sounding music for a soundtrack, and are very surreal, however Tales From the Gimli Hospital is in no way as depressing as Eraserhead and is more of a fun black comedy. Although Eraserhead may have also been an influence on Tales, I believe the similarities exist mainly because they have common influences, i.e. old silent movies, especially those by the German expressionists. There are long stretches in the film where there is almost no dialogue other than the narration, much like the cards occassionally flashed during silent movies. There is also a man in black face playing the traditional minstrel character out of 1920s movies which hopefully noone will take offence at. Even the titles and special effects are copied from old silent films.
The story itself is influenced by old Germanic and Scandanavian legends which often did tend to lean more towards surrealism than linear logic and were more concerned with making a more purely emotional point, and so it was only natural for the director to decide to film it in the style of old silent films which have a far more dreamlike quality to them than any style that has followed. Watching this tongue-in-cheek film with its amazing visuals depicting one interesting incident after another, is a fun and enjoyable experience for anyone who does not demand that stories always make sense.

Studio: Kino Video
Director: Guy Maddin

DVD title: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Productgroup: DVD
My Big Fat Greek Wedding - movie DVD cover picture
There's "reality entertainment" and then there's "real"

The movie is exceptional. The success of the movie did not extrapolate out for a tv series or other attempts to exploit the positive reception for the movie. The movie is positively wonderful - every cadence, every dialogue is interesting and divinely human. The temptation to succomb to "Hollywoodisms" refreshingly never seems to have been an issue. There is nothing here but creativity and raw talent manifested with exceptional plots and dialogue. If you haven't seen it yet - do - it's a wonderful, universally appealing movie.

Studio: HBO Home Video
Director: Joel Zwick
Nia Vardalos
John Corbett
Michael Constantine

DVD title: Murder on Flight 502
Productgroup: DVD
Murder on Flight 502 - movie DVD cover picture
Your security stinks!!

So barks iron-jawed Robert Stack at the end of this draining flight. This movie is almost more than a body can handle. Flight 502 leaves New York for London on a routine flight, routine that is until a letter shows up in the first class lounge. There will be murders on this flight.

But who is the killer? Who will be the victims? And why? Could it be the priest who wears fingernail polish? The Davy Partridge look-alike kid who likes to play with smoke bombs? The has been rock star? The bank robber? The mystery novelist? The doctor? Or could it be the lovely stewardess played by Farrah Fawcett-Majors?

I cannot give the ending away because it will blow your mind. Even Agatha Christie could not com eup with a plot with so many twists and turns. But I'll give you a hint. When the second stewardess spills her suitcase, look at the contents VERY carefully.

Studio: Direct Source Special Products
Director: George McCowan

DVD title: Soldier
Productgroup: DVD
Soldier - movie DVD cover picture
Stark and subtle tail

I loved this movie. This movie plot has been done before many, many times. Intimidating fighter is thrust into different culture and learns to value it and realizes what he has been missing all this time. What I liked about this movie is the programming the soldiers went through seemed realistic and very possible. I think most people that make movies with the same plot always make the mistake of have the main characters changing too much. This has always seemed unrealistic to me, and quite frankly a little insulting. This movie lets you see the changes in subtle little ways Kurt Russell acts. I would say subtle describes this whole movie. Instead of pounding points into the viewers face, it lets you make your own conclusions on how you would feel if you lived a similar life.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Kurt Russell

DVD title: I Spy
Productgroup: DVD
I Spy - movie DVD cover picture
Good movie!

It's a good movie with Eddie Murphy and Jessica Famk-Janssen. It's more funny than suspense movie. So, it's more a comedy than a suspens/polar movie. It's not the cr?me de la cr?me of movie but it's funny. I recommend this to the people who like suspens/comedy.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Betty Thomas
Eddie Murphy
Owen Wilson
Famke Janssen

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