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DVD title: Boat Trip (Unrated Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Boat Trip (Unrated Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Boat full of laughs!

I wanted to see this movie because Roselyn Sanchez was in it. She is one of my favorite actresses. So I couldn't find this movie for rental in the video stores so I think to myself the hell with renting it. I'll just buy it. And man I wasn't disappointed one bit. It is hilarious and Roselyn is hot in it and quite frankly that's a great combination for a movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. shows his comedic talent in this movie and Horatio Sanz is over the top funny. And the guy best known for replacing Sean Connery as James Bond (Roger Moore) shows his comedic talent as well without fail. Some of the funniest parts in this movie are when Jerry (Gooding) talks to his dog, when Nick (Sanz) freaks out about the cruise being a gay cruise, when Lloyd (Moore) is being a sicko at breakfast, when The Swedish tanning team coach says you're no gay homo man to Nick, the part when Nick tries to avoid The Swedish coach, the dance scene when Lloyd says cha cha ch-ch-cha to Nick, and the sky dive scene when Lloyd calls himself a bad ass mofo. LMAO! Classic comedy. Oh yeah and Roselyn Sanchez is muy caliente in this movie. I highly recommend this movie for people who love comedy and who are big Roselyn Sanchez fans. Worth your time and money!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Mort Nathan
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Horatio Sanz
Roselyn Sanchez

DVD title: Get Carter
Productgroup: DVD
Get Carter - movie DVD cover picture
Get Caine's best performance in this gritty film.

This little seen gem features one of Michael Caine's finest performances in a taught, dark, perfectly realized character study of a professional killer who seeks revenge --no matter how high the cost may be.
The film was obviously a direct influence on several latter British films such as Long Good Friday and Mona Lisa. Films that unflinchingly focused on character, rather than story and presented a full dimensional portrait without justification or apology to the audience. It was remade as a blaxploitation film called The Hit Man too.
You can see it's influence on recent films such as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and The Limey with their simple revenge driven motifs. Those films however add gimmicks and tricks to the mix. Get Carter trusts its material and it's actors and stays disturbingly quiet, and on the surface simple-though internally quite complex. It's a bit of a stretch but there are influences of Get Carter in Taxi Driver as well.
Get Carter remains a very English (as in British) film. It's a film which was undoubtedly influenced by John Boorman's 1967 classic Point Blank.
The way Michael Caine plays Carter will remind you of a darker, more cynical and somewhat more mature Alfie (the cheeky Casonova from the 1966 film that made Caine an international star). He's an over-confident, immoral, womanizing hit man who'll snap his fingers and demand a pint of bitter in a thin glass and then later have phone sex, while being observed with his mistress, Brit Eckland (a cutting edge scene in '71).
Some of the events in the film are inspired by real life events, but ones few Americans have ever heard of (concerning British gangsters). The film is purposely stripped of any visual poetry and shows us a drab, Newcastle. There are seedy pubs, run down row houses, sloppy construction projects and polluted beaches peopled by working class people who have little hope, few dreams and little money. You won't find noir influenced shots of shadows and light, fog or atmosphere. Director Hodges is being stylish by carefully avoiding a sense of style, observing methodically, like footage shot for some unimaginative city planning board study. It creates an underlining feeling of despair and takes us to places almost absent of any charm, whose only character is one of slow rot. Of course this makes a good analogy to what Carter is internally. He's crossed over all ethical and moral lines in his life too many times to remain untouched. And he can't ignore what he's become when it's caused his brother to be brutally murdered.
At times Get Carter is a brutal film. There are sudden explosions of violence in the film which are ugly as violence truly is. When we realize there is a bit of good in Carter, it means we also realize he's made choices which have doomed him to this life. As the film progresses we realize that several choices he's made have created an inner-turmoil and horror Carter barely lets us see.
The film is slowly, not manically paced and invites some degree of contemplation. It becomes a rich film experience, though not a pleasant and breezily entertaining one.
It's a film of shadows, of thugs and gangsters who are not glamorous, or romantic in any sense of the word. The humor comes from the desperate bitterness of the characters we meet. Characters played to perfection by Ian Hendry, Bernard Hepton and John Osborne (who wrote the play Look Back in Anger).
Caine, is superb. He refuses to remind us he's acting and wears his role effortlessly. He never forces a line or a look or tries for audience sympathy or understanding. Anyone who relishes great performances will find this one among the best on film.
So even if you have seen too many gangster films, and even if the prospect of seeing a rather bleak one doesn't interest you all that much, perhaps the fact it contains Caine's best performance will convince you to watch Hodges' 1971, GET CARTER soon.
--Chris Jarmick, co-Author of The Glass Cocoon with Serena F. Holder (- a steamy cyber thriller available January 2001. Please pre-order it today.)

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Mike Hodges
Michael Caine
Ian Hendry

DVD title: Stepmom
Productgroup: DVD
Stepmom - movie DVD cover picture
Very touching story...funny and emotional!

Well, the good news is that Sarandon and Roberts are such appealing and affecting actors that they are able to carry this fairly predictable film on their backs as long as they can. Sarandon's character is so relentlessly mean to Roberts through the first hour and a half that the ultimate kissy-huggy life enhancing experience we are all supposed to have towards the end defies belief (I mean, if Sarandon's character is such a perfect mom, wouldn't she be at least a little kinder and a lot less selfish/obsessively rude to Roberts, considering that her kids *will* be spending time with Roberts and Harris). Sarandon is such a -- well, you know -- that whatever shortcomings Roberts' character has as a potential mother, you forgive simply because she is so mistreated (Roberts also looks strangely like Barbra Streisand several times; maybe it's the bangs). And compare the kids' "bye mom, we love you" scenes with the comparable Debra Winger Terms of Endearment (incomparable, actually). But it's a big wallow and lots of autumn leaves and Ed Harris' blue eyes and the two women -- be sure to watch this in widescreen/2.35 as I think it will lose a lot in a pan and scan version.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Chris Columbus
Julia Roberts
Susan Sarandon
Ed Harris

DVD title: From Russia With Love
Productgroup: DVD
From Russia With Love - movie DVD cover picture
"My orders are to kill you and deliver the Lektor." 2

Sean Connery returns to what he (and many others) consider to be the best James Bond movie ever! SPECTRE has assembled a ruthless team to kill James Bond in a most humiliating way. Rosa Klebb, Kronsteen, Morzeny and Red Grant cause 007 so much trouble and bait it with a Lektor decoding machine and a beautiful girl. The new Bond girl is Tatiana Romanov, that 007 eventually wins over to the side of good. The movie has helicopter and boat chases, a gypsy camp battle, a classic train battle and the most loveable 007 characters of all- Kerim Bay. Matt Munro sings the title song and Terence Young directs. A stunning masterpiece that no 007 collection should be without!

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Terence Young
Sean Connery
Lotte Lenya
Robert Shaw

DVD title: Cats & Dogs (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Cats & Dogs (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Dog Meets Boy

Really just trying to get the average review up here. This is an almost great family dog movie. Silly. Dog spys protect mad scientist as he developes sure to allergies. Mad cat tries to take over the world in alliance with mice making everyone allergic to dogs. Very well done. Not quite spy kids but a great family spy movie.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Lawrence Guterman

DVD title: Backstreet Boys - Homecoming: Live in Orlando
Productgroup: DVD
Backstreet Boys - Homecoming: Live in Orlando - movie DVD cover picture
Their best concert before their millenium album.

This video is wonderful. They really show their musical talent. If you are any fan what so ever, you will get this video. They sing solo and together. It is great. I got it and I am not sorry. GO OUT AND SPEND THE MONEY.

Studio: Bmg/Jive/Silvertone

DVD title: Calle 54
Productgroup: DVD
Calle 54 - movie DVD cover picture
They wrote the book!!!!!

This film is a master's work put together by a truely gifted film maker. The artists performing are the parents of the art form. I cried almost all the way through the film. The performances by Paquito, Chano & Michel are simply magnificent! Then as if that were not enough, Chucho & Bebo Valdez will simply throw you on the floor. This is a collector's item especially with the passings of Tito & Chico Farrell. Remarkably absent is Arturo. Even so this is a must have!!! "Tito will be see this film is a miracle". I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Fernando Trueba

DVD title: Marnie
Productgroup: DVD
Marnie - movie DVD cover picture

To think that this is Tippi Hedren`s second film is a miracle. A model with such acting recourses? None of his other cool blondes had what Tippi had. I`m sick and tired of the comparesings with Grace Kelly. Kelly was great in her own way, but so was Hedren. Indeed Hedren had greater depth in her expressions(as Hitch also pointed out). The score, production design, photography, co-stars and STORY makes this one of the most intriguing films ever made; its theme? - decades ahead of its time. But most of all. It`s a beautiful match between artist and performer; Hitchcock and Hedren. Unfortunately Hedren`s releationship with Hitch stranded on this film after he made several clumsy sexual turns against her and became a VEEEEEEERY obsessive man. In Hedren own words: "After Marnie, I was hot". But he kept her on her contract and refused to lend her 2ther producers AND she collected her little salery. In "the making of" on this DVD she never discusses this, but it was revealed on a 1999 documentary about Hitch. Well in 1967, she co-starred with Brando and Sophia Loren for another master, none other than CHAPLIN. The film was the ill-fated "A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG". But this is MARNIE. Hitch`s greatest female vehicle... A must see.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Tippi Hedren
Sean Connery

DVD title: Sharpe's Collector's Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Sharpe's Collector's Edition - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful Series!

Expensive? Sure. But if you're not impatient, you'll find a good price. Is the wooden crate important? No, of course not. But you'll probably love it even if it doesn't fit on your DVD shelf.
Price and production values are not what Shape's about. There are heroes and terrible villians, high lords and lowlifes, horseguard and rifemen, buffoons and ballads. It's about the stories! Wonderful stories you'll enjoy seeing again and again. Follow Sharp's climb through the ranks, through dangerous, impossible missions, and you'll end up caring about every ragtag rifleman in his company, even Isaih Tongue. And every time you hear these lyrics, you'll be so glad you bought it:
Ore the Fields, and Ore the MaineThru Flanders Portugal, and Spain,King George commands, and we obey.Over the hills and far away

Studio: Bfs Entertainment/Mu
Sean Bean

DVD title: Persuasion
Productgroup: DVD
Persuasion - movie DVD cover picture
This one really grows on you!

Persuasion has never been my favorite Austen novel. It's very short, rather sketchy, and involves a heroine, Anne, with whom I have very little in common. When I first saw this adaptation of the film, I'd just hopped across the lobby of my local theatreplex from a happy screening of the 1995 Sense and sensibility adaptation. The opening scenes of this film apalled me. The projectionist was probably to blame for much of this, but even if it were projected flawlessly, i don't think i could have forgiven the director for not being Ang Lee. ;o) The opening is dark...overcast...the camera angles are shaky. Amanda Root's Anne is small, mousy, and meek - the complete antithesis of my beautiful, spirited Marianne Dashwood and my energetic, naive Emma Woodhouse. Since that first viewing, my opinion of the adaptation has completely changed. This story is remarkably satisfying if you give it a chance...much like Anne, who is a little too easy to dismiss when you're enraptured by Marianne. It has a quiet strength and an understated elegance you'll come to love, as the scenes and those in them become brighter, steadier, and more wonderful to watch as the film progresses.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Roger Michell
Amanda Root
Ciarán Hinds
Susan Fleetwood

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