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DVD title: Sailor Moon R - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Sailor Moon R - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Blown away

this was a great movie.yes it have some nudity.come on it isn't real.i thought it had a great plot.anyone can see this movie.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara

DVD title: Ed Wood (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Ed Wood (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
What a Film!!!!

This movie, about Ed Wood, the director/actor/screen writer is very interesting and of course strange and odd (how could it not be with Tim Burton involved!?) I did not know who Ed Wood was before seeing this movie, nor had I heard of any of his movies. Now I want to know more about Ed Wood and see some of his movies... especially "Glen or Glenda" and "Plan 9 from Outer Space" which were both highlighted in this film ("Ed Wood"). The acting is excellent in this movie and the scenes are wonderfully filmed. This movie is a real treat for movie buffs and I recommend seeing it. Apparently Ed Wood, Jr. became known as the worst director of all time. In this movie you can see why. He only filmed scenes once and he ignored obvious mistakes ... thinking everything was "perfect." He did not even recognize poor acting! All in all this was an interesting movie, especially if you like to know more about Hollywood and the people who have worked there. Watch it soon and enjoy!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Martin Landau

DVD title: Smallville - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Smallville - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
My Name is Lois, Lois Lane

The WB has been the only network that my family and I could find atleast one television show every week to agree upon. In the past it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Popular, & Felicity. In the past few years (my high school years) it was Everwood & Smallville. But both of those shows started to go jurasically downhill in the 2003/2004 television season. I stoped watching Smallville during Season 3. But durring the summer of 2004 the tv promos promising the appearance of Lois Lane made me tune into the season premier, and from there I was hooked.

This season of Smallville is in my opinion, the best one yet. Not only does the introduction of Lois Lane add a factor to the show that hasn't been explored before but for the first time the characters really click (especially due to the fact of Lionel's downgraded stasus (he was only in 10 episodes). Episodes like Spell while on the surface don't do much to the overall arc of the season, add a fun, fluffy element to the show that was missing in seasons 2 & 3.

There is a fair share of mythology episodes in this season, but all of them are leading up to something bigger. For the first time the writers and producers are prepping Clark for college and his future life at the Daily Planet. It is really interesting watching Season 4 of Smallville and Season 1 of "Lois and Clark" at the same time. If the show is given another four years or so, I think that this will probably be one of the most comprehensive Superman legends! Not to mention that fact that I would like to see a high school school finish college.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Tom Welling

DVD title: Sarah Vaughan - The Divine One (Masters of American Music)
Productgroup: DVD
Sarah Vaughan - The Divine One (Masters of American Music) - movie DVD cover picture
Any Video With Sarah On It Is 5 Stars!!

Sarah Vaughn is amazing. I wish she was still alive. I also wish there were more 20 year olds who liked jazz. BUY THIS VIDEO!

Studio: Bmg Special Products
Sarah Vaughan

DVD title: Selena
Productgroup: DVD
Selena - movie DVD cover picture
selena was a very sad ,ovie but it was real good.

Jennifer shows pure talent in this movie. I cried so much and laughed too, i loved this movie and it has made such a big impression on me. This movie is for everyone from Selena fans to people who have never heard of her. Great movie! get it, watch it, love it.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Gregory Nava
Jennifer Lopez
Jon Seda
Edward James Olmos

DVD title: Horatio Hornblower - The Adventure Continues
Productgroup: DVD
Horatio Hornblower - The Adventure Continues - movie DVD cover picture
C. S. Forester Would Love It

Those already familiar with A&E's Hornblower series, which this set continues, know that it deals with the early days of a Nelsonian hero, drawn from the novels of C.S. Forester. Reading the series is best done young, before tackling the wonderfully more literary but still derivative works of Patrick O'Brien. (Alexander Kent, Dudley Pope, and Richard Woodman are also quite worthwhile.) And the Forester series, like all of its offspring, is best savored whole rather than piecemeal. One comes to care not only about the central figure but also about all of the others who surround him in successive books. This characteristic is well captured by the ensemble cast of the A&E series. In fact, their promotions through merit can be quite satisfying to the reader of the books. One should be warned, however, that the A&E series represents only the early days of Hornblower thus far, and thus the most compelling adventures, to my mind at least, are still ahead. By this I mean the episodes in which Hornblower commands his own ship, which should be of increasing size as the series progresses. "The Adventure Continues" contains two chapters of a unified story. Unlike the preceding four chapters, which were episodic and could be easily viewed independently of one another, this set requires one to watch them in order. The story is wonderful, and amply described elsewhere. We are already devoted to the principal characters such as Ioan Gruffudd, or we wouldn't be watching, would we? So I would like to single out the performance of David Warner as the once-great captain who has declined into madness, and who must be declared unfit in order for the "Renown" and its crew to survive. Warner occupies this critically central role superbly, and makes all else believable. Also notable to naval enthusiasts is that the "Renown" is a ship of the line, not a smaller frigate. There are more people in the battle scenes, and the great power of this class of ship can be sensed even at this remove. In sum, there cannot be any readers of the aforementioned series of novels of Napoleonic naval war who will not love the A&E series, and for those who come to it without prior interest in the subject but find themselves captured by the gripping storiesand fine acting, I can only say that I envy the pleasures that lie ahead in the many books that they now have before them.

Studio: A & E Entertainment
Director: Andrew Grieve

DVD title: Angel Heart
Productgroup: DVD
Angel Heart - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of those movies you can't watch just once (or twice or three times)! Excellent performances by Mickey Rourke, Robert DeNiro, and, most especially, by Lisa Bonet. Lisa Bonet's earthy sensuality, incredible beauty, and spell binding screen presence seal this as my favorite movie of all time!!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Alan Parker
Mickey Rourke
Robert De Niro

DVD title: Tarzan
Productgroup: DVD
Tarzan - movie DVD cover picture

I never thought I would ever utter such a profanity! This DVD is packed to overflowing with behind the scenes info. Detailed character development, Phil Collin's demo tape, the treatment, film-to-storyboard. After an hour I gave up! I realized that I didn't like this movie enough to know so much about it. This is excellent news for devout Tarzan fans though, and it's only $29.99! A Bug's Life is still $39.99, so it looks like Disney is coming down a little on the price. Still, this should have been available with the original release so people wouldn't have to buy it twice. Now the big question, how about Tron, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty & the Beast, The Black Hole, The Lion King, Toy Story 1&2 Collector's Editions?

Studio: Disney Studios
Tony Goldwyn
Minnie Driver

DVD title: Singin' in the Rain
Productgroup: DVD
Singin' in the Rain - movie DVD cover picture
when the dancing added to the storyline---gene did this

Who cannot like Singin' in the Rain. It is a musical masterpiece, a love sotry set up against a time of change in movie production. Modern musicals like Moulin Rouge and Chicago have lost the magical touch, they are simply novelties that will die, but Singin' in the Rain will never die. It is purely a classic and should remain untouched and ruined in any way. The story takes place in 1920's, when the "talkie" movies where becoming more and more popular. And, of course, the actors have to look good, right! Well, Don Lockwood, played by Gene Kelly, looks and sounds pretty good, but what about his co-starlette, Lina Lamont. Lina has no talent and her voice sounds like a pull string that was run over by a car. How could the studio use such a bad actress. Fortunately, Don encounters a pretty young lady named Kathy. Kathy has the talent and the perfectly elegant voice that Lina lacks. When the picture the studio is currently working on is turned into a talkie with Lina's bad acting and a ton of terrible sound problems, it is a diaster. Meanwhile, Kathy and Don fall in love and Lina's jealousy is arosed. Kathy, Don, and Cosmo then decide to make the film into a musical with Kathy's voice used to represent Lina's voice. When Lina discovers what is up, she is furious and almost ruins the premier of the new musical. However, there is a happy ending. The music and dancing in this movie is absolutely amazing. The songs are catchy, I sing snatches of them quite often. Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds are absolutely perfectly cast in this movie. My mother, my sister, and I all love this musical. Give it a chance, and maybe you may end up singin' in the rain yourself, with your prasies for this musical.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Gene Kelly
Donald O'Connor
Debbie Reynolds

DVD title: I Am That I Am: Experience the Teaching of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Productgroup: DVD
I Am That I Am: Experience the Teaching of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - movie DVD cover picture
The Absolute

This is a unique and all too scarce presentation on video. Stephen Wolinsky delivers a vivid account of his remarkable experiences within the presence of a great enlightened teacher in modern times. Nisargadatta spoke from and about The Absolute. He did this from his own realizations and did not quote from other sources, nor was he a scholar, but an ordinary family man. Stephen leads an excellent guided meditation early in the program and later defines many Sanskrit terms with articulation and even clarifies the statements of the Master. One can begin to sense the state of the ineffable awareness which is that the substrate of all form and non-form is pure conciousness. To better put this in context the viewer should have some familiarity with Advaita. I recommend firstly to see the VHS "Awaken to the Eternal" featuring N. Maharaj. Also the three books edited by Jean Dunn, one of which is "Prior to Conciousness". Very well done. Enjoy.

Studio: neti neti films
Director: Maurizio Benazzo

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