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DVD title: Elvis - One Night With You
Productgroup: DVD
Elvis - One Night With You - movie DVD cover picture
Black leather clad Elvis belting out his classics unplugged.

Elvis never looked or sounded better. Reunited with his original band from the Sun Studio days, Elvis sits in an informal "unplugged" style setting and rips through some of the classics that made him a star. He reaches back to his country/blues roots to bring out the raw power of the kind of rock and roll he created. He's at his best when he has to improvise, especially when he wants to stand but the mic is too low. Elvis is like a fighter trying to unleash the musical fury inside.

Studio: A Vision
Elvis Presley

DVD title: 12 Angry Men
Productgroup: DVD
12 Angry Men - movie DVD cover picture
The best jury room scenes I ever saw

I don't know if this is a "colorized" version - for heaven's sake, find the black and white original. Don't insult yourself and the film. As for the movie itself, I doubt many modern filmmakers would dare attempt something like this - nothing but raw human drama IN ONE ROOM for the entire film. And the script, the acting, and the direction really make it work - this is as gripping as it gets. Wonderful to behold. Psychology professors might consider showing this to their classes if they are studying motivation and persuasion.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Sidney Lumet
Lee J. Cobb
Henry Fonda

DVD title: Twin Peaks - The First Season (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Twin Peaks - The First Season (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I now have the pilot and the First Season on DVD and I couldn't be happier with it. How people can find something to be upset over is beyond me...especially one reviewer's gripe that they don't have a widescreen option!?!? It's a TV show, it was filmed for TV not a movie screen. If you're a fan, you'll love this set.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: David Lynch
Kyle Maclachlan

DVD title: Depeche Mode - One Night in Paris (The Exciter Tour 2001)
Productgroup: DVD
Depeche Mode - One Night in Paris (The Exciter Tour 2001) - movie DVD cover picture
At last the next DVD from the 80's cult band!

/ = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = \DVD PICTURE QUALITY .... 4 STARSDVD SOUND QUALITY ...... 5 STARSDVD EXTRA MATERIAL ..... 4 STARS- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -MY PERSONAL RATING .... 5 STARS\ = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = /
PICTURE QUALITY: Good overall quality and far better than the "Singles 86-96" DVD but some aliasing is present at the live concert; NOTE that this is a complete Widescreen presentation - no fullscreen format!
SOUND QUALITY: Good Dolby Digital 5.1 mix - you think you are really there; even the Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix is much better than the sound of the first DVD (Singles 86-96)
EXTRA MATERIAL: 2 DVDs mean enough extras to please everyone
GOOD REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THIS DVD:- MUST HAVE for DM fans- MUST HAVE for lovers of live good performances- Band and fans interviews
Great material for everyone who loves Depeche Mode and live performances! Many interviews and interesting facts!

Studio: Universal Music Video
Director: Anton Corbijn

DVD title: Triumph of the Nerds
Productgroup: DVD
Triumph of the Nerds - movie DVD cover picture

The last review of this epic video was five years ago (see below) and I'm just getting around to discovering it. I saw it listed with The Pirates of Silicon Valley and just had to buy it. Better late than never!

Wonderful stuff.

I love reading and viewing anything I can get my hands on about this lovely Valley I call home. I'm fascinated by stories about these adventurous young nerds/geniuses who spawned the personal computer. The only one of them I truly know is Steve Wozniak and I think he's a genius AND a fine human being, very devoted to children and a generous contributor to the Silicon Valley community.

As the director of this video says, The Woz has a wonderful sense of humor. I found that out when I asked him for permission to use him as a character in my novel THE TOONIES INVADE SILICON VALLEY. So cool of him, and as a result my book is unique among books.

And now THE PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY is out, giving us the serious inside story of what really happened in the early days of personal computers, infighting and all. And for comic relief, there's THE TOONIES INVADE SILICON VALLEY.

What a fun place to live!

Director: Robert X. Cringely
Paul Sen
Bob Cringely
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak

DVD title: A Room With A View
Productgroup: DVD
A Room With A View - movie DVD cover picture

I first fell in love with this film as a teenager back in the 80s. Coincidentally, I finally took a long-planned trip to Florence just before buying the DVD version. Not having seen the film for many years, I had forgotten its it was an unexpected bonus to see how exceptional the film was in capturing the beauty and romance of that amazing city. Apart from the gorgeous an adult, I can appreciate the themes of being true to oneself & embracing life's passions so much more. Wonderfully written & acted, this film is a true that inspires, uplifts & reminds us that true love fosters freedom within.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: James Ivory
Maggie Smith
Helena Bonham Carter

DVD title: Inu-Yasha - Season 1 Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Inu-Yasha - Season 1 Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
The Complete First Season, The Awsome Start To A Great Story

All I can really say about this is that Inuyasha is probably the best anime out there, the story the characters and their interactions are all great. It has humor, action, and romance all wraped into one. Inuyasha is the best, if you like any of the ones that you might have seen on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network late at night then you should definately buy this dvd set. It explains everything that you might not know about from the ones you saw on TV. A+


DVD title: Chappelle's Show - Season 2
Productgroup: DVD
Chappelle's Show - Season 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Censored vs. Uncensored

For all of those complainers out there whining about the so-called censorship on this "uncensored" Chappelle Season Two DVD set, read seems the biggest tirade is about the pixilated breasts during the Rick James sequence at the China Club. Well, there is good reason for that pixelation...the pixelation is to give the viewer the idea that there were bare breasts there when there really was not...they were really covered up! If you watch the "outtakes/blooper" reel, you'll see clearly (and UN-pixelated) that the women at the bar have dark covers over their breasts, but the pixelation made them look bare.

Had they not had these covers on, this DVD would NOT have censored it. And ask yourself why they pixelated that when, during the Oprah sequence, Dave was painting a VERY NAKED woman who was NOT pixelated at all...and was 100% in the buff. Think about it!

It's really a shame when reviews have to resort to something like this, but I felt I owed it to Dave, Neal and their genius comedic talents to let everyone know what they were complaining about was really absolutely nothing! So, instead of WRONGLY complaining about pixelated breasts (which you were wrong about anyway), spend your time watching this hilarious set for the sole reason it was created for - making us laugh!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Dave Chappelle

DVD title: The Notebook (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
The Notebook (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
A Must- See from 2004

This movie touched me in so many ways. It was beautifully made, mastered, and acted. The people who acted in it really made the characters come alive; they became those characters. If you missed it when you were in the theatre, rent it. This is one movie that for me was the best movie of 2004. There are so many things that I could tell you about this movie; but then that would spoil it for you. I will only say this: It's flawless in every way. As you watch it, you feel like you are watching a true story of someone's life unfold; you feel passionate, you feel sadness, and at other times in the movie, you feel gladness. My recommendation is that you rent it, and make sure you have a box of tissues near by, and a friend to hang on to. Don't see this one alone; much better to have a loved one with you as you watch it. You will love this movie each time you see it, and you'll want to pass it on to your next generation. It's a love story that you will not tire of seeing over and over and over. It's a beautifully - woven story painted by a wonderful author Nicholas Sparks.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Gena Rowlands
James Garner
Ryan Gosling
Rachel McAdams

DVD title: The Green Mile
Productgroup: DVD
The Green Mile - movie DVD cover picture
"They died because of their love to eachother!"

i highly recommend this is funny and sad buy it

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Frank Darabont
Tom Hanks
Michael Clarke Duncan

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